Wildz Casino BONUSES


  • Available on Desktop, Tablet & Mobile
  • Interesting Loyalty Program
  • Easy 1 Minute Registration
  • Fast Payouts


  • All Prizes & Rewards Require 35X Wagering
  • No deposit free spins not available in some countries

Wildz Casino Details

Casino summary

Deposit & Withdrawals

  • Maximum Withdrawal


  • Withdrawal times E-wallets

    9-24 hours

  • Withdrawal times Credit Cards

    4-7 days

  • Withdrawal times Cheques

    Not offered

  • Withdrawal times Bank Transfers

    4-7 days

Contact information

  • Live Chat


  • Support email


Wildz Casino Review

Innovation, games, bonuses, and prioritizing player experience over anything else. The Wildz Casino is a relatively new website that has been around since 2019, but the owners have already shown that the page has what it takes to go head-to-head with some of the industry’s most prolific casinos.

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The market for online casinos is not short on websites. In fact, there are so many online casinos that it’s safe to say that the market is as overcrowded as it gets. That means that every new website that comes to the picture needs to offer something different to the rest if they truly wish to become a competitive force in the modern gambling market. Even then, it’s not easy to establish yourself in such a competitive environment.

With that said, it’s safe to say that the Wildz Casino has come to stay with the statement of intent that they’ve so nonchalantly given. They entered the market with a burst of power that not many other casinos have managed to match on their first year on air. As such, you’ll find some amazing games and promotions at the site, and a willingness to give away free spins like no other website on Earth.

Wildz Casino

Our Experience at Wildz Casino – How the Casino Feels

The Wildz Casino has one of the slickest websites that we’ve come across. Right from the get-go, you notice how the site offers great customer service by allowing you to register as quickly as possible. You only need to enter a few pieces of information and you’ll get your Wildz verification message directly on your phone. Simply register and enter the code that you get as an SMS on your screen and you’ll be good to go. You can register at Wildz in under a minute unless you don’t know your ZIP code.

Right from the start, you know that your experience at Wildz is going to be one to behold. Browsing through the game gallery is just so easy that it feels unreal, and the games are all as well organized as they can be. The category breakdown is nothing short of fantastic at Wildz. The site doesn’t have many unique games, but those that they have (such as the Wildz Blackjack) are super fun to play, and even more so with the hilarious Wildz mascot looking over you.

We love the fact that games load quickly, and the background in which you play them doesn’t feel invasive (it’s mostly a cyan screen with other Wildz tones on it). Once you’re done playing your game, simply press the X button at the top-right part of your screen and you can get back to browsing the menu. The page is meant to work as one, and it truly feels like it when you play on it.

Deposits and withdrawals work as intended (deposits are processed almost instantly) and bonuses are also credited quite quickly because of the Rootz platform. The only “main” bonus that Wildz offers is their welcome bonus, but you can also get rewards on the site in many different ways, which we’ll further below in this article.

Wildz Casino Features – An Overall View

This amazing online casino has only one thing lacking, and that’s a sportsbook. Everything other than sports betting can be found on the amazing Wildz casino, as they have made sure to have one of the most complete online casinos on the planet. However, you’ll find that many of the features on the Wildz Casino can be found in other sites. What makes you choose Wildz over other sites, you may ask?

The main reason why we love Wildz is that they like to give players free spins on various occasions. They’re not only waiting for you to win a promotion or anything like that to reward you. The owners of the Wildz casino seem to legitimately care for their player-base and they give away spins even when you’re losing on some games.

Furthermore, the casino offers free spins on great online titles, not only on titles that you don’t really want to play. As such, free spin rewards on the Wildz casino are not a chore but a great reward that you’ll love to try out. The site has a VIP program, countless games, mobile compatibility, and one of the funniest online casino mascots that we’ve encountered so far.

The site offers fair wagering requirements, even though the free spins that they give away are all subjected to them. You can simply enjoy the best games and promotions on the site with the bonuses that you’re rewarded and you’ll eventually fulfill the requirements to claim them.

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Wildz Casino Games – Hundreds of Titles

Wildz Casino has a very clear rule – they will prioritize quality over quantity in terms of games. As such, the site doesn’t have as many online casino games as other websites, but you can rest assured that the games you’ll find here are the best online casino games that the industry has to offer. Variety still isn’t an issue either, as the Wildz Casino has a gallery comprising over 500 casino titles amongst which you’ll find some very entertaining online slots to wager your money on. We know the selection if rather underwhelming, but don’t worry! We’ve also picked our favorite Wildz Casino games for your comfort.

As you might imagine, the Wildz Casino is provided by some of the best casino game developers in the industry. As we’ve said, they don’t have a section dedicated to sports betting, but anything other than that can be found on this website. You have all the games that you’d expect to find in a land-based casino adapted to your screen and available to be played at any given time.

Wildz Casino Games

The site mainly specializes in slots, as most online casinos tend to do. However, they also have a large selection of different titles available for players who want a bit of variety in their lives. If you’re a fan of table games, then you will be greatly pleased when you visit the Wildz Casino for the first time. Fans of video poker might also want to pay a visit to this newcomer casino.

We do recommend the Wildz Casino mainly to players who want to try out new slot games, though. Fans of live casino titles might also love what the site has to offer, but it’s quite clear that live dealer support is not the main forte of this online casino.

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Wildz Game Browser – Finding Specific Games Has Never Been Easier

There’s something about the Wildz Casino game browser that really caught our eye, and it might seem like a small addition at first, but it does wonders for improving your online casino experience. Games are divided into various categories, but it’s not only that you’ll find them categorized as “Slots; Live Casino Games; Table Games”. Each section is also divided into various sub-sections, which make it easier for you to find specific games even when you don’t know what to play.

Let’s say that, for example, you’re taking a break from your favorite low-volatility slots and you wish to try something new and spicy. However, given that you’ve spent most of your time playing low-volatility games, you’re unsure of which games on the website offer higher volatility or even which of these games is good.

With the Wildz game browser, you’ll be able to check out these sub-categories with much more ease than you would in any other online casino. You’ll also be able to check out which games are new at Wildz as soon as they come up on the website.

You can see which games have higher volatility, which ones offer sticky wilds, or even how many games are themed around seasonal events. There are enough categories for you to make an informed decision on what to play and find exactly what you’re after – even if you don’t know what that is at first!

Wildz Casino Design – So Good that It’s Worth a Mention!

We don’t usually tend to review online casinos for their design. We mostly talk about their design rather briefly in our overview. However, the Wildz Casino has a design that merits a specific section of our review. It resembles the design of some online casinos that try to keep things simple, but the Wildz Casino is very successful at it.

The site presents everything on a clear and well-made screen. You don’t even need to scroll to find certain menus as everything is as accessible as it could possibly be. You can easily get accustomed to the visual arrangement of the items, even though this website has opted not to have an upper menu. You won’t experience annoying loading times or anything, because you usually stay on the same page, and even when you change, transitions are super smooth.

In fact, the sidebar that the Wildz Casino has opted to implement makes the website look so much cleaner when compared to other online casinos that you’ll be absolutely surprised to see how it looks when compared to other sites. Innovation comes in various shapes and forms, but it’s safe to say that the Wildz casino has achieved greatness in terms of overall design innovation.

The Wildz Mascot – A Face that Unites Gamblers

We’ve come across our fair share of casino mascots before, but Wildz has taken a completely different and unique approach to the rest. The Wildz mascot is just a woman with a Wildz suit, and it’s absolutely hilarious. The site catches you completely off guard when you first visit it and you’re greeted by this smiling and colorful woman on the screen of your device. She really grows on you the more you spend time at the Wildz Casino, and the unique selection of a mascot truly makes us love Wildz even more.

If you dig her already, then we really encourage you to check out the crazy videos that Wildz makes with her. In fact, one of the weirdest and surprisingly great promotional videos that we’ve come across is made by Wildz, and it’s simply the mascot woman with a crazy flamethrower shooting it all over the place. It’s super weird and incredibly hilarious.

The Wildz mascot plays a great part in making the Wildz Casino an even greater place. You’ll see her at most pieces of promotional art that get released by the casino, so you’ll probably get used to watching her in no time. The only thing that you’ll love more than the mascot of this website is the casino itself!

Wildz Casino – Live Dealer Casino Games

Fans of live dealer games are sure to have a field day in the Wildz Casino. They have a wide selection of games available, all of which are powered by the amazing Evolution Gaming software. If you’ve been gambling online for a while, you’ve probably heard of the fact that Evo Gaming is one of the best live casino developers on Earth, and if you have, you’ve heard well.

Evo Gaming has made sure to provide online casinos with some of the highest quality dealers that there are in the online casino industry. The software used to power the Wildz Casino live dealer section fully belongs to Evo Gaming. You’ll notice how most of the newest online casinos are looking to offer Evo Gaming services above anything else, and the payoff usually is that players tend to prefer Evo Gaming dealers and games above the competition.

Play at Wildz

However, it’s also very clear that the Wildz casino isn’t focused on offering the best live dealer games alone. The site mainly revolves around slot games, which is why their promotions are often associated with free spins and not with free play money. You can also see how some of the thumbnails available on the Wildz website are just fillers and not official Evo Gaming ones in the live dealer section.

Don’t be fooled by this, though – if you’re looking for a great selection of live dealer games, you’ll find it here at the Wildz Casino. Just know that the site doesn’t have live dealer gambling as its number one priority, so newer titles might take longer to get here than in other sites. In any case, this might be the best site to put into practice our reasons why we think you’ll be better off playing poker than blackjack.

Exclusive Live Dealer Games at Wildz!

Wildz does have a lot of games created by Evo Gaming, but as you might now, many of these games can also be found in other online casinos. This is a common practice in the industry, though, as providers like Evo Gaming tend to offer similar dealers and games to many casinos without having to spend extra money on exclusive content. This can be also offered by online casinos if they choose to do it, though, and Wildz has never refused a chance to give more to their players.

You will find the exclusive Wildz Blackjack slot if you browse their live casino section, and things only go up from there. We’ve tried their blackjack and it’s actually a really fun game. It doesn’t offer any exclusive features, but you’ll see how the game was crafted to be offered in the Wildz Casino and nowhere else (see the Wildz mascot at the right side of your screen!).

This, as you can imagine, is Wildz most promoted live dealer game. The dealer of Wildz Blackjack is usually very friendly and works swiftly, as you would expect from any title developed by Evo Gaming (they have some of the best dealers for live casino games in the industry).

You can put some of our basic roulette strategies to test and see how well you do on the site’s tables, or you could surround yourself with world-class blackjack players and try to beat them with our blackjack guide. It’s not difficult to make a fortune in blackjack if you know how to play.

Who knows? You might be the next one to make it to the list of the highest-rated poker players in the world!

The only thing that seems to be missing from Wildz is a larger selection of exclusive live dealer games. Worry not, though – most of the best Evo Gaming titles are there to be found at Wildz, it’s just that exclusive titles go a long way to show how a casino cares for player experience. More are sure to come in the near future, though!

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Wildz Casino Bonuses – Rewards Aplenty for the Prolific Gambler

The Wildz Casino knows how to keep players happy with its large selection of bonuses. The site is known to offer some of the internet’s best free spin bonuses, but there are also other bonuses in store for players that are willing to make large deposits on the site. For starters, they offer a good welcome bonus that makes every player enjoy the first few weeks that they spend on the Wildz Casino.

Furthermore, the loyalty system of the Wildz Casino is also one that you’ll want to keep an eye out for. We could also tell you all about their lucrative timed promotions, but let’s take things slowly first, though – let’s review the Wildz Casino best bonuses and why you might want to try them out before enjoying anything else on the casino!

We know that these bonuses canbe quite tempting, so be sure to take full advantage of the Wildz Casino reality check feature. Keep your gambling under control.

Wildz Welcome Bonus

The Wildz welcome bonus is the site’s leading offer and the one that players will first see when they join the services of this awesome online casino. The offer consists of a match deposit bonus that goes up to €500 with a 100% match rate, as well as an added 200 free spins to play the site’s most popular online casino slots.

The Wildz Welcome bonus has one main advantage over other welcome bonuses that you’ll find on the internet – it offers the entire €500 reward with a single deposit, which means you won’t have to make various deposits to claim the full rewards and you’ll only need to fulfill the wagering requirements once. Gone are the days of you having to make multiple commitments to a single website – just deposit whichever amount of cash you want and rack up those rewards and free spins!

The welcome bonus is easy to claim, all you must do is:

  • Create a new account at the Wildz Casino
  • Open up the menu on the left-hand side of the screen (click those three horizontal bars at the lower-left corner)
  • Click on the “Rewards” tab
  • Click on the “Welcome Bonus”!
  • Make a deposit of at least €20 and get rewarded

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Wildz Spinback Bonuses

Spinback bonuses are not always available at the Wildz Casino, but when they are, you’ll be able to wager freely and without fear. These bonuses are called spinbacks because they grant you one free spin after losing 5 times in a row in any selected slot game that the site is currently offering as part of the promotion.

You’ll often find Spinback bonuses in some of the world’s best online slots, as the site makes sure to keep players happy by offering them rewards in games that they truly want to play and enjoy. Spinback bonuses are a new type of online casino bonus that the Wildz casino has recently implemented, and it’s one of the only casinos in which you’ll be able to find these bonuses.

You may only claim free spins obtained by Spinback bonuses after accumulating five of them. Once you have 5 free spins on your account, you can access the “My Rewards” tab and claim them. They are subjected to wagering requirements, though.

Just keep in mind that even when other online casinos offer Jammin Jars in their selection of titles, the spinback bonuses are only meant to be used in the Wildz Casino. You may only use these bonuses here, and you may only fulfill the wagering requirements of the bonus in titles available at the Wildz Casino.

To win Spinback bonuses, you must:

  • Play Book of Dead
  • Don’t get any wins for 5 rounds in a row
  • Use your free spins at the Jammin Jars slot!

Wildz Double Speed Bonuses

Double Speed bonuses are also exclusive offers that you’ll only find at the Wildz Casino the site has a reward bar that fills up with each time you play any slot game. This bar is part of the LEVELZ feature of the Wildz Casino, one of the most unique and amazing parts of this site!

With double speed bonuses, each spin and each win will grant the bar twice the progress that it would normally earn, making you obtain rewards much quicker than normal.

The reward bar is always available on the site, and it’s part of the loyalty program that we’ll be discussing further down in this piece. Keep an eye out for it!

Unlike the rest of the rewards that the Wildz Casino offers, double speed bonuses are not subjected to wagering requirements or anything else. You can just claim them as you play! These are the two ways in which you can earn double speed bonuses at the Wildz Casino:

  • Get rewarded with a double speed chip. These chips are randomly given to players, and you’ll need to make the best use of it when you get it. When you use it, you will earn twice the amount of progress in the bar for an entire hour!
  • Obtain a promotional chip. Promotional chips last more than one hour, but they can only be found when the Wildz Casino is sponsoring a special campaign.
  • Play a Double Speed game. Sometimes, when games are part of a special campaign or offer, they will have a double-speed bonus attached to them regardless of when you play it. Focusing on playing that particular game is sure to net you some juicy rewards!

Other Bonuses

Apart from all of these incredible offers, the Wildz Casino also releases deposit bonuses from time to time. Keep an eye out for your notification wall and any news that the site might make available to players. The news section of the website is there to inform you of any new games that might become available as well as bonuses that the site is currently offering.

You’ll often find the chance to earn twice your deposit on certain weekends, or you might be lucky enough to claim extra free spins after depositing your cash!

Keep in mind that most bonuses on the Wildz Casino are subjected to a wagering requirement of 35 times the amount of money that you receive. In case of free spins, you’ll need to use them all and see with how much money you’ll end up. The money that you get must be wagered 35 times before you can cash out your winnings!

How to find new bonuses at Wildz:

  • Log into your Wildz Casino account
  • Click the three bars at the bottom-left corner of your screen
  • Click on “Rewards”
  • There you’ll see whenever you get a new reward on your account
  • Be sure to check daily, as Wildz often makes new campaigns to reward players!

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Big Jackpot Wins at Wildz?

Are you keen to win a lot of money, but you don’t want to spend that much? Then you might find some of the games at Wildz to be among your favorites. Games with in-game free spin features are found in abundance at the Wildz Casino, and those free spins can see you earn a LOT of money with just a little bit of luck.

Take Jammin Jars, for example. A lucky player managed to earn over €3500 after using one of the €0.20 free spins at Jammin Jars, which make his win one of the most impressive in the recent history of Wildz. Check out how to win big at Jammin Jars below – the staff at Wildz managed to salvage the video of the lucky player’s win!

Why is to easy to win big at games like this? Well, it’s quite simple – games like Jammin Jars allow you to earn in-game free spins (usually worth €0.20 each, but it’s free money nonetheless). The Wildz Casino has a few of these games available and you can check them out at their slots section.

In the specific case of Jammin Jars, you’ll notice in the video how the small Jars act as wild symbols that trigger a cascade of wins like not many games can offer. Each time a win occurs, you get one additional spin for free. This can well and truly escalate into a massive number of spins, as it happened to the lucky player below, and rewards simply multiply like crazy (notice how each Jars’ numbers grow with each winning row that involves them).

Level Up with Wildz Levelz and Earn Better Rewards!

Speaking of amazing features that are exclusive to Wildz, let’s talk a bit about the Levelz. You’ll notice how there is a small progress bar on the left side of your screen, just above your name on the menu of the casino. Well, this bar fills up as you play games, as we mentioned earlier in the article. As the bar fills up, you will gain access to new levels. Some sites do this as part of their loyalty programs by simply awarding users rewards as they level up, but Wildz takes it one step further.

Whenever you level up at certain points in the casino, you will gain access to a game called Levelz, which is a sort of mini-slot game that entitles you to earn better rewards as you play it.

What’s so cool about this? Well, the rewards that you get with Levelz are CUSTOM-MADE FOR YOU! Depending on which games you’ve played at Wildz, you will get different rewards. Levelz is basically a slot machine that has free spin prizes for your favorite games. Each time you level up, you will earn one free spin at Levelz, which will in turn give you free spins for your favorite games. It’s awesome, and it’s all thanks to the Rootz platform, which will explain below!

Wildz Casino Software – The Industry’s Finest in One Place

As you know, the live dealer section of this website is provided by the Evo Gaming software. Evo Gaming also has a ton of other titles available for every player to enjoy in the regular sections of games on the site. However, there are many other software developers that also offer their services to the Wildz Casino.

One common practice that many of the world’s newest online casinos are employing is the use of lesser-known companies to provide games to their site. As such, many new websites like Wildz, N1, and the One Casino, are places where you can find some casino games that you would otherwise not find in many of the world’s leading casinos.

This makes for the Wildz Casino a place where you can try out games that not many other websites can offer, created by companies smaller than Evo Gaming and Net Ent but with a level of quality that everyone loves to see.

Even so, you’ll also find games provided by leading software developers like Net Ent as well, but if you’re looking to play games made by other software companies, you’ll love to see what the Wildz Casino has in store for you.

Rootz Platform and How it Makes Everything Tick at Wildz

The Rootz platform was developed in the early days of the Wildz Casino. The owners of the site knew that they would need to create something different if Wildz was to stand out, and safe to say, they did one hell of a job at it. The Rootz platform enables online casinos to automate many more tasks than they did in the past, which in turn allows the casino staff to focus less on the technical aspects of running a casino and more in making an experience unforgettable to users.

In fact, the Wildz Casino is the first casino ever launched with the Rootz platform running most of its interface. This platform is what allows the casino to offer unique promotions like the Levelz game which gives you custom rewards, and it’s also the main reason why the casino runs smoothly from top to bottom.

Rootz allows the casinos to provide users with better bonuses and rewards by automating processes that weren’t possible to be automated just three years ago, and that’s the main reason why the Wildz casino has made such a massive climb to sit among the best online casinos in the industry – even though it was launched in 2019!

Wildz Casino Loyalty+ – A VIP Scheme to Behold

The Loyalty+ program is one of the best VIP programs that you’ll find on the internet. You can see how new casinos are innovating and trying to come out on top of competitors by offering features that you’d otherwise be unable to find on other sites. This time, the Wildz casino innovates with a unique VIP scheme that truly differs from the norm with awesome rewards.

You can earn loyalty points by simply playing most games on the site. Once you sign up, you’ll instantly join the Loyalty+ program and you’ll be getting better and better rewards the more money you bet on the site. The thing that differs in the Wildz Casino is that the rewards that you get on the loyalty program are absolutely wager free.

As such, you can earn some amazing free spin bonuses while being a member of the Loyalty+ program, which you’ll be able to claim and spend the money as you see fit. You don’t need to worry about the free spins being subjected to the same wagering requirement as the rest of the free spin on the site.

Furthermore, being a member of the Loyalty+ program entitles you to have access to a personal account manager. A member of the Wildz Casino will always be at your disposition whenever you need any help or assistance related to your account. You can always contact them via the site’s chat or via email.

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Wildz Casino Security & Responsible Gambling

The Wildz Casino is secured with SSL encryption as most modern online casinos tend to be. The site has everything it needs to offer users the highest quality level of protection available, so you can rest assured that your data will remain safe while wagering on this site.

Even though the site is quite new, it’s still impressive that we haven’t found any complaints about the site’s personal information handling. People tend to be very satisfied with the way the Wildz Casino deals with their data and keeps it from being stolen by hackers. Be sure to use secure passwords in any case, as one can never be too careful in this regard.

The site is also home to some of the best Responsible Gambling features on the planet, which aim to keep every player in check and forbid them from becoming addicts.

Wildz Casino Payments and Withdrawals

The Wildz Casino offers the most traditional payment and withdrawal methods available to players from all over the world. They don’t support PayPal transactions, nor they have licenses to deal with Bitcoins. In fact, given how difficult it is to get a gambling license with a good reputation if a casino deals with cryptos, it’s a good call by the Wildz Casino not to deal with any sort of cryptocurrency.

In any case, the Wildz Casino does deal with easy payment methods such as Paysafecard, one of the world’s easiest cards that you can get. You can also opt to use the most traditional methods like Visa and Mastercard, if you wish to stick to regular banking.

However, if you’re one of those players who would rather deal with virtual cash, there are PayPal alternatives that you can select as methods of payment and withdrawal in the Wildz Casino. Skrill and Neteller are two perfectly safe options that you can use as virtual wallets if you wish to move your money as any other eCommerce site would do.

Transactions in the Wildz Casino aren’t processed as quickly as they are on other websites, but they also don’t take longer than 10 days to be completed. You just need to have a bit of patience with the Wildz Casino payment processing times and your cash will be diligently delivered to you as quickly as possible.

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Wildz Casino Mobile Gambling – Take Your Gambling with You

Yes, you guessed it! The Wildz Casino is also a mobile website where you can enjoy the best online casino games while you’re far away from home, or simply when you don’t feel like sitting in front of your computer to play. You can simply access the site and play most of the games that they have available for you with no problem at all.

This can be done thanks to the fact that the casino is built with the latest mobile browser technology taken into consideration. Most game developers use this technology as the base build for most online casino games, which doesn’t only make them compatible with regular browsers but with mobile browsers as well. With all of this, it’s hard not to see why this is thought to be one of the best mobile casinos in for British players.

If you’re a fan of online slots and playing them away from your home, then head straight to the Wildz Casino on your phone and enjoy the best variety of casino slots on-the-go!

Conclusion: Hop into the Newcomer’s Wagon!

This is the best time for you to join the Wildz Casino. The website is filled with amazing promotions for new players and, given how new the site is, they are also constantly giving away bonuses to those who remain loyal to the site. If you want to play the best online casino games and do it in a stylish page, then don’t waste any more time and visit the awesome Wildz Casino!

Be entertained on the go, get the best bonuses, become a member of the Loyal+ family, and enjoy your time at the Wildz Casino!


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