Our Noob-Friendly Guide to Online Casino Table Games

Our Noob-Friendly Guide to Online Casino Table Games

Sitting down at a virtual table and playing some card games, or even some roulette, can be one of the most exciting and thrilling activities that you can experience at an online casino. With hundreds of table games available and a handful of titles being the most popular out of the whole bunch, it’s easy to get lost when looking for the best ones out there. Betsson-Casino-House-Edge-Blackjack-1200-675 The world of casino table games might not be as big as the world of slots, but you’ll still have access to dozens of high-quality titles that will allow you to play one of many games that usually involve cards. You may, however, also find other popular games like Dice or Sic Bo, as well as multiple variations of the world’s most popular table games. We have created this article to guide you through the iGaming table world, so you can get a better idea of which games you can find, who develops the best titles, and where you can play them all. Stay with us and prepare yourself for the adventure of a lifetime!

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What are Table Games?

Casino table games are virtual games that can be influenced by your strategies to increase your RTP, making them the favorite games of the world’s most veteran casino players. Unlike slots, table games come with a base house edge (which takes into consideration the worst outcome possible) and a base RTP, both of which can be modified by maximizing your odds with quality plays. For example, let’s imagine that we’re about to sit down at a blackjack table with no prior knowledge of how the game works. In that case, a regular blackjack table will offer an RTP of around 92%. However, should you know a few tips and tricks about how to maximize your odds, or if you’ve read a quality blackjack guide before, you can increase the RTP to be as high as 99.5%! When we use the words “table games” to describe iGaming titles, we’re often referring to games that would be played in an actual table if we were playing in a land-based casino. Since we’re playing online, the table is all but virtual, which allows us to imagine ourselves playing in the halls of a real casino but without having to leave our home.

If you’ve been to a brick and mortar casino before, then you know that the most popular table games are poker, baccarat, blackjack, and roulette. These are also the main types of games that you’ll encounter at the world’s best online casinos, all of which can be played using your real money and even bonus money (which means you can play them for free). However, when it comes to online casinos, you may also find other types of table games when you visit the live dealer section of any of these sites. Here, we’ll explain the basics of these games and help you get a better grasp of who develops the best titles, both for live dealer casinos as well as for regular casinos.

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Blackjack is one of the world’s most-played table games and the second-most popular type of casino card game, just behind poker. Blackjack puts players in an extremely competitive environment against the dealer (it cannot be played against other players), where the objective of the game is to get a hand as close to 21 as possible. Being one of the world’s most popular games, you can actually find countless variants of blackjack and play them in the world’s most popular online casinos. The most prominent game developers have created tons of different blackjack variants that allow players to try different things in the game, like faster hands, different payouts, in-game jackpots, and more. If you were to ask us who develops the best blackjack games in the world, we’ll have to tell you that it’s Microgaming. However, when it comes to live casino blackjack, then Evo Gaming takes the cake. Regardless of which type of blackjack or live blackjack (you can learn how to play live blackjack here, if you want) game you prefer, you can rest assured that the best Evo Gaming casinos, as well as the finest Microgaming casinos, will present you with all you need to enjoy these fantastic games.  


Poker is one of the world’s most popular betting games, and the world’s most popular casino game. The popularity of poker has been extremely bolstered by the fact that poker tournaments are often broadcast on TV, which has created a cult following for the game that spans across all continents.

However, poker does not necessarily need to be played against other players in order to keep it entertaining. You can also play poker against the dealer in a live casino or in a regular casino. You’ll be able to find variants of traditional poker games in any world-class casino in the iGaming industry.

From Texas Hold’Em (read our full Ultimate Texas Holdem Strategy if you want to know how to play online poker)and Omaha against the dealer to different variants like 3-card poker and Caribbean Stud, this game is one of the most played casino games in the entire world. The concept of all poker games is pretty simple: you need to get a better hand than the dealer (or your opponents) to win.

As such all traditional hands in a card game are available on a poker match, ranging from a simple pair to a royal flush. Playing poker in an online casino is not as popular as it is to play blackjack, but the world’s best providers still create different variants of this game to enjoy. Evolution Gaming and NetEnt provide the best live poker games on the planet, with NetEnt also being the main provider of quality virtual poker games in the industry. You can master the art of playing poker with the world’s best poker guide for beginners, or you can try your own luck and learn by yourself. We do not recommend the latter, though!

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Roulette is the world’s go-to betting game for beginners and pros alike, as it provides everyone with a different chance to tweak the odds and adjust their play according to what they prefer to do in an online casino. In roulette, it’s up to you to choose the odds of each bet depending on how lucky you’re feeling. You can place bets with an outcome as low as 3% or as high as almost 50% - it’s in your hands! As you’ll be able to see as soon as you visit any online casino, roulette games tend to be the most played out of any table game section in the iGaming world. This is because players really enjoy roulette titles with how easy they are to understand, and companies have caught on and developed some of the finest variants of roulette in the industry. Now, whenever you visit an online casino, you’ll be able to find French, American, and Europeanroulette, with other variants of the game being widely available in the live casino section of each site. Some of these variants are Auto Roulette, which features much faster playtimes, and one of our favorite games in Lightning Roulette, which is a hybrid of roulette with contest games that brings the thrill of jackpots and huge wins to a regular roulette table. Most of the world’s best roulette games can be found at any Evolution Gaming Casino, but Pragmatic Play and NetEnt don’t fall behind in the quality of their live roulette games. We also suggest you choose NetEnt roulette if you want to play virtual roulette instead. Don’t do it without using the best roulette strategy guide in the world, though. This will help you maximize your winnings and get the best out of your playtime as a new roulette player!


Bet on the banker or on the player in Baccarat, one of the world’s most popular online casino games. Baccarat is a game that involves chance as much as any game in a casino, but it has developed a massive cult following of people who have gone to thoroughly believe that past hands influence the outcome of future hands, which has made developers create in-game tracking statistics for all of their baccarat games. These statistics are often seen as baccarat scorecards, which allow players to keep track of what’s been happening in the entire game. No hand is related in Baccarat, but using these tables has become part of the fun of baccarat, though, which thoroughly benefits online casinos. That’s why they’ve become so popular. Just be sure to use them for fun and don’t believe in anything other than what we’ve written in our baccarat guide. No matter what you do, try not to bet on the draw, though! Pragmatic Play develops our favorite virtual baccarat games, but if you’re looking for the best live baccarat games in the world, we’ll have to insist on our suggestion of trying out Evolution Gaming’s baccarat. Pragmatic Play themselves and even NetEnt are also some of the most reputable developers of baccarat live games in the world, so you can check out their games if you’re looking for a change of air.

Contest Games (Live Casinos)

Contest games are not necessarily table games, but you can find some fantastic table games within an online casino’s selection of contest games, as well as variants of popular non-gambling table games like Monopoly (there are Monopoly slots, too). For the sake of understanding table games better, we’re going to categorize games like Live Football Studio as contest games, to differentiate them from the traditional baccarat, blackjack, poker, and roulette titles. These types of games often provide something different, although not many casino developers are able to provide their players with as big a selection of these games. It is Evolution Gaming the world’s leading developer of casino games and variants of table games that aren’t poker or blackjack, such as the aforementioned Football Studio.

How Can You Play Table Games?

There are multiple ways in which you can play table games, as the world’s best online casinos provide you with dozens upon dozens of games that you can play and enjoy. One thing you do need to keep in mind, though, is that online casinos will never provide you with a selection of table games bigger than the same casino’s selection of online slots. Online casinos will always prioritize online slots over any other type of game, as these are the most played in the world as well as the games that provide the casinos with the biggest profit. That also means, however, that table games are the most common type of game in which you, as a player, can walk away with a profit. If you really know your stuff when playing a game like blackjack, it is much easier to take money away from the house than it is to do it in a traditional slot game. Depending on your own personal preferences, though, there’s a couple of ways in which you can enjoy these fantastic games.

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Live Casinos

Live Casinos provide you with the thrill of playing against a real, flesh-and-bone dealer without having to leave the comfort of your home. You can play in live dealer casinos and enjoy games like baccarat, blackjack, poker, roulette, and the aforementioned contest games without having to stand up from your comfy chair. The only thing that you’ll need, should you really opt to play at a live casino, is a very solid and stable internet connection. You will not be able to enjoy the world’s best live casino games if your internet connection is not good enough. This is because these games stream the gameplay directly to your device, which means that a slow connection could turn your experience into hell on Earth. In any case, live casinos provide you with much more immersive gameplay in exchange for a slower pace. Live casino games aren’t operated by a computer but by a dealer themselves, which means that the games won’t happen as quickly as they would by simply clicking a button to reset everything to its current state. If you love to experience something akin to what you see in a real land-based casino, live casino table games will be your best choice to do it.

Virtual Table Games

Virtual table games are as popular as things can get, with these games offering players the chance to try out exclusive titles and play anywhere they are thanks to the best type of gameplay that we’ve ever come across. Virtual table games, when played on a normal computer or device, tend to run extremely smoothly and don’t require too much of your device’s processing power. However, depending on the developer of your choice, these virtual table games can still provide you with a lot of immersion even when you don’t get to see the dealer in flesh and bone. The main advantage of a virtual table game is the pace of each game. It’s not that they’re extremely fast, either; it’s just that you get to choose how fast you want to play. Virtual table games don’t depend on any external factors but their pace is simply dictated by your own ability to keep up with it. If you want to relax and play a handful of rounds every 10 minutes, you can do it. However, if you’d rather spend a ton of cash in a short period of time with auto-play rounds, you can do it as well!  

Table Games Versus Slots – Why Sitting on a Virtual Table Might Be the Way to Go

There are many reasons why playing table games is a better bet than playing slots, but we’re going to overview all of these facts to help you get a better grasp of why that might be. Just keep in mind that we’re not trying to diminish the importance of slots, as we still really love playing them, but we just want to put into perspective everything to let you make up your mind as to what you prefer to play. It’s also important to understand that each game offers different benefits and comes with different cons. If you wish to thoroughly understand which game you might be better off playing, it’s better for you to try them out on your own and make up your mind by yourself. However, we’re going to offer you the best overview we can about table games and why they’re better than slots for the average player!

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You Can Influence the RTP for the Better

Table games allow you to do something that no other casino game does – you can influence the RTP and have it in your favor depending on the type of gambling strategies that you use. Games like blackjack and poker, for example, can be played in a certain way that helps you reduce the house edge and maximize the RTP. Other games, like roulette, allow you to make specific bets that change the odds depending on how you place them. If you’re a proficient player of any table game, chances are that you’ll have an RTP of around 99.5%, which makes them much higher than any slot game in the industry. However, there’s a catch. If you’re not a proficient player and you don’t know the stats and probabilities behind each play (particularly in blackjack), the RTP would be around 92%. That’s even lower than the world’s best online slots! Master the arts of any table game and you will have access to exclusive return rates, but play recklessly and you’ll be putting your profits into risk. Go all in and win big!

Volatility Becomes a Non-Existent Issue on Table Games

Given that the tempo of table games is different to that of slots, volatility also become practically non-existent when playing at the world’s finest tables. Table games always share the same outcome and every bet represents the same profit, which also means you simply cannot suffer under the concept of different volatility as you do in other slots. If you place a bet, you always know what’s going to happen, how much money you can win, and how much money you can lose. You’re not affected by RGN but rather by the outcome of a round of cards or the placement of a roulette ball. Some players like the thrill of slot volatility, but those looking for a more calmed experience with predictable outcomes will be better off playing table games.

Strategy Plays a Much Bigger Part on a Table Game

Table games can be influenced by strategy. Notice how here, at The Casino Wizard, we’ve never spoken about slot game strategy. We don’t do this because online slots don’t really have much of a strategy that you can use. All you can do is spin and hope to get the best rewards in return. However, when it comes to table games, there are multiple things you can do to positively influence the outcome of a game and get the best results possible. Strategies play a huge part in determining how much cash you can win or lose at any given game, so be sure to make the best of them!

You Participate Much More than in a Slot Game

Slot games are always the same, except during the rounds in which you unlock a bonus or a special feature. In most cases, you will be spending the better part of your time spinning slots and hoping for the best, whilst things are completely different when playing table games. At any point in time, whenever you decide to play a table game, you will be participating much more actively with the game and defining its outcome than you would in a slot game per se. It doesn’t matter if you’re good at the game or you’re still getting the hang of it – you’ll be able to determine the outcome depending on your choices. That, alone, is why many people prefer table games to slots!

Tables are Easier to Beat!

Table games are easier to beat because you can utilize strategies to maximize your profits and learn tables of odds to learn to predict the outcome of each game much better. If you have the time, patience, and skill required to learn the ins and outs of a proper table game, then you’ll be able to become an expert and beat the house more often than it happens in slots. With that said, it’s still important to understand that you cannot flip the odds completely in your favor. What you can do, however, is thoroughly understand how the systems work and study which bets provide you with the best odds of winning, which in turn provides you with the easiest way to reduce the amount of money that you lose in the long run. In any case, everything comes down to probabilities and odds. With an RTP of 99.5%, you’re far more likely to walk away with a profit on a lucky day than you would be with an RTP of 96% on any of the world’s most popular online slots.

You Get to Play with Others

Even though this table-exclusive feature seems due to change in the near future with the introduction of live slots, live casino table games still offer the most effective way to meet new players from all over the world while playing in an online casino.

Visit the Best Table Game Casinos and Play Today!

Are you eager to play any of these fantastic games but you don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, we have a list of the best online casinos where you can play table games, as well as a special list of the world’s finest live dealer casinos to visit and enjoy any of the titles that we’ve mentioned today. Most of the online casinos that we feature on The Casino Wizard are provided by the world’s finest game-makers, which means that live dealer casinos found here will provide you with all you need in order to have a world-class table game experience.

Table Game Bonuses – Are There Any Good Bonuses for Table Games?

Thankfully, there are. We’ve come across some of the best online casino bonuses in the world, all of which provide players with the chance to enjoy free money in the best casinos and their table games. There’s only one catch, though. Casino bonuses that come attached to wagering requirements tend to offer table game playtime but your winnings in table games don’t contribute as much to the completion of requirements as much as they do in other games like slots. This is because table games are easier to beat, as we said before, which makes it easier for the player to cash out the money and it increases the chances for the casino to lose it! In any case, the world’s best casino bonuses will work on most table games. Just don’t be too keen on walking away with a ton of cash, should you opt to claim one of them.

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