How to Win at Slot Games? The Gamblers Guide to Slots Success

How to Win at Slot Games? The Gamblers Guide to Slots Success

Online slots might be one of the oldest types of casino games out there, but they’re still the most played type of game in the iGaming industry. In fact, slots, in general, are some of the most popular games played at land-based casinos and the favorite type of gambling game for newcomers and veterans alike.

That’s because online slots are easy to pick up, and the best online slots in the world can be played anywhere. The best mobile casinos are home to the best online slots, and they host amazing casino bonuses to play them for free.

Winning in online slots, however, is an art - and it's very different from learning how to trick a slot machine to win. Some people think that it doesn’t take much strategy to win and, to a certain extent, they’re right. Luck needs to be on your side whenever you intend to go on a winning run playing online slots. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t a series of tips to follow to increase your odds of winning at slots. Tips might not be enough for the most experienced of players, either, or those who are looking to actually make a killing playing these fantastic games. That’s why we’ve created the most complete slot guide on the internet to help you maximize your slot wins!

How to Win Consistently at Slots – Is it Really Possible?

Before we begin with our complete guide and tell you how to get started at online slots, we want to answer one of the most-asked questions in the world of iGaming: is it possible to consistently win at online slots? In all fairness, it is possible to win consistently. However, it is very unlikely.

You need to have a lot of luck to win consistently at online slots for the sole fact that the odds will always be against you. Just like it happens in any other aspect of life, it is possible to overcome the odds. It’s difficult, but it can be done. To maximize your odds of winning, though, the best thing you can do is learn how to pick a winning slot machine.

Choosing machines with high payouts will almost guarantee better odds than any other machine in an online casino (or in a land-based casino, for that matter). Your odds of winning will always be below 100%, which is represented in the RTP of a game. RTP goes hand-in-hand with volatility; two concepts that you MUST understand before we go on with our guide.

Before We Continue – RTP and Volatility

Arguably the two most important concepts that you’ll read when playing in online slots, RTP and volatility define both how much money you can expect to make from a game and the consistency with which you can expect to win. RTP is a much more important concept than volatility, as the latter has more to do with player preference, but both concepts are what shapes an online slot into what it is. Games like Book of Dead, which you can play with Book of Dead free spins bonuses, which is thought to be among the best in the industry, offer a decent RTP and medium to high volatility, which is a combination that most players seem to love. However, playing these popular games is hardly the way to go if you intend to make a killing in monetary rewards.

What is RTP in Online Slots?

RTP stands for “Return to Player”, which is why we refer to it as the Return to Player rate. It’s a number, often reflected as a percentage, that determines how much of your money you can expect to get back from each €100 that you bet. The best way to illustrate this is with an example, so let us show it to you more clearly. Say that you pick an online slot with an RTP of 96% (the average RTP of a high-quality slot game). That means that, from every €100 that you bet, you can expect to get back €96. This is why RTP is so important; the higher it is, the easier it will be for you to overcome the odds of losing money because you’ll be playing a game that gives you a better chance of earning it all back. Of course, games with 100% RTP don’t exist for the sole fact that the online casino always needs to have the edge, but slots with 98% or more do exist, and those are the ones that you’ll want to be playing.

What is Slot Volatility?

Volatility, unlike the RTP, doesn’t really influence the amount of money that you can expect to win from a game. Volatility represents the consistency with which you can expect to win, and it is related to the RTP because the combination of both defines how lucrative the game’s rounds are. Games with a high RTP and low volatility will give you less consistent but higher payouts per each line won, whilst games with high RTP and high volatility will payout consistently, but they’ll pay smaller sums of money. At the end of the day, what truly matters is for you to play online slots with high RTP. Volatility represents what you like the most of a game. If you like to be paid less often but in higher sums, go with games with high volatility. If you’d rather get paid more consistently, pick games with lower volatility. It’s up to you.

Getting Started at Online Slots

There’s nothing more important when playing online slots, than following the proper steps to get started. The games that you pick to play, as well as the online casinos that you choose to visit, will define your experience and make it either a very pleasant one or one of the worst that you can imagine. It’s pointless to dive blindly into the world of online slots without some advice from the experts, so we want to tell you a couple of tricks to pick the right online casino and choose the best online slot machine to spend your money at.

Picking a Reputable Casino

Before even thinking about which game you want to play, the first thing that you need to do is define which online casino you want to visit. The best online casinos in the world are home to countless types of games and online slots created by the iGaming industry’s most prominent developers, so those are all a good place to start your search. There are other factors that come into play when picking an online casino, though. Your location is crucial when choosing a quality casino, as not all online casinos are available worldwide. The best casinos in the UK are not necessarily the best Canadian casinos, and maybe they aren’t even the best online casinos for Americans to visit. Browse our site and look for the best online casinos available in the country at which you reside and don’t miss out on any bonuses available in each of them. Betsson_Mobile

Play at Betsson

Claiming a Bonus

Just as important as selecting the right online casino, claiming an online casino bonus could turn an average experience into one of the best slot experiences out there. You can learn how to win at online casinos and slot games completely for free and make money without spending a single dime out of your own wallet, provided that you choose the best casino bonuses to do it. There are thousands of online casino bonuses out there, which means that selecting the right one can prove to be quite troublesome if you don’t know where to begin your search. Now that you know that you want to play and win in online slots, you know you can focus on finding casino bonuses that can be spent in online slots. Most online casino bonuses are meant to be spent in them, but you can choose an even more specific approach and look for free spin bonuses instead. Bonuses sound good and look good, but are they really as good as they seem? These are the pros and cons of using bonuses when playing slots: Pros of using bonuses:

  • You will be playing any slot for free, provided that the online casino allows you to use the bonus money to play
  • Bonuses come when making deposits, which means that you’ll get the chance to spend them without batting an eye or making an additional effort
  • You can win real money by playing with bonus cash
  • Bonuses give you the chance to play games that you might’ve not cared for if you were using your own cash to play them

Cons of using bonuses:

  • You’re limited to playing certain games that online casinos make you play with the cash
  • Games with high RTP are often restricted to be played with the bonus cash

The Importance of Developers

Looking for the right developers to play their games is just as important as picking games per se. World-class developers create some of the finest slots on the planet, many of which come with amazingly high payouts that we know you’ll love. Playing the best NetEnt slots in the correct online casinos will give you access to a selection of quality games by one of the biggest names in the industry. Playing these games wouldn’t be the same if you didn’t have access to the best bonuses out there, and some online casinos have them. The bottom line is that it doesn’t matter which is your favorite game provider; just be sure to look for quality online casinos that host their games before diving blindly into a website just because it’s home to the best Microgaming casinos or Quickspin Casino games.

Selecting Your Slot Machine

Now that you know all about the best casino bonuses, the best game providers, and the best online casinos to visit, it’s time for you to pick a winning slot machine and not just one of those slot machines that looks pretty or that it’s “featured” in the front page of an online casino. In fact, some people might not think of this when playing online slots, but the “featured” games that you see in most online casino front pages aren’t the ones that give you the highest payouts. Online casinos don’t really want you to win too much money, so popular online slots often have an RTP of 96% or below. If you truly want to win money, you’ll want to do the research yourself. Near the end of this article, we’ve listed 5 casino games with an extremely high RTP so you can use them as guidelines to determine which titles to play. Let’s overview 3 pieces of advice on how to pick a winning slot machine:

  • Choose slot machines with an RTP of 97% or higher
  • Avoid popular slot machines and do the research yourself to see which ones payout the most
  • Determine whether you’d rather play jackpot games or non-jackpot slots

10 Useful Tips to Play Online Slots

Now that you know all of the basic stuff that you need to know before getting into the actual gameplay that you so thoroughly want to try out, we’re going to give you 10 additional tips that will maximize your chances of winning and avoid you losing any unnecessary money in the best online slots in the world. Bear in mind that these tips work for any online casino and any type of slot that you wish to play. All you need to do is thoroughly understand them and put them to practice in the best way you can.

1. Get the Best of Casino Bonuses

We’ve told you the pros and cons of online casino bonuses when playing online slots, so now it’s up to you to decide whether you want to use them or not. If you choose to use them, you’re going to need to read their rules and make the best out of all of the bonus cash that you’ll get from playing with them. Do not underestimate the importance of using them right, as spending the money unwisely could be the easiest way to get frustrated while playing online slots. Don’t just spend the money for the sake of it for the sole fact that you’re getting it for free! Be sure that you’re using payment methods that allow players to claim bonuses, too. Even the best PayPal casinos tend to restrict players from claiming bonuses with e-wallet deposits.

2. Play the Games for Free and Try them Out First

We can go on and on about how RTP is the most important aspect of online casino games and tell you all about the games that have the best RTP in the world, but if you don’t like one game, in particular, you’ll be better off staying away from it - even if it does offer good payouts. The best way to know whether you like a game or not, or how the RTP and its volatility feel, is to play the game for free. Almost every single online casino offers players the chance to try out any game that they have in store completely for free, with the exception of live dealer games. Most online slots available in the world’s most reputable online casinos come with a “free play” option, which allows you to play the games for free and not risk your money. Get a taste of these games before actually committing your cash to them to ensure that your experience will be exactly like you’re imagining. Just remember – you might get lucky while playing for free and your luck may run out while playing with real money, or vice versa!

3. Fully Understand RTP

Get a strong grasp of RTP and understand why it’s important to pay attention to these rates before heading into the world of online slots. You also need to make your research to determine the RTP of some games, as many online casinos choose not to disclose the exact RTP of their online slots and make it harder for the player to determine which one to play. We’ve picked up a few tricks to determine which games have the best RTP in an online casino, and the most useful one is to head to the bonus section of the site and see which games arebanned to be played with free spins or free bonus money. Banned games often have better payouts and online casinos do not allow you to use the bonus cash on them! You can also scroll down to the bottom of your chosen online casino and see whether the RTP of their games is disclosed. Some casinos have a section where they list all of their games and show you the specific RTP of each one of them.

4. Try Out Themed Casino Slots

We want to make a distinction here betweenbranded slots and casino-themed slots. Branded slots, which are games like the Guns N Roses slot or the Vikings slot, lure players by providing them with the chance to enjoy characters and people from their favorite franchise and pop culture while playing the games. These titles are fun to play, but they don’t always have the best RTP. They do come with decent return rates, but not the ones you’d like to see when you’re chasing a big win. Casino-themed slots, on the other hand, are games that are created with the theme of a casino in mind. Since these games are exclusively found in certain online casinos, they tend to have good RTP rates to keep people from going to other sites and playing other exclusive games. Many online casinos have partnered with the world’s biggest game developers to create special titles that are exclusive to each website, whilst branded slots can be found in many casinos at the same time. You need to find the best casino-themed games and make the best of them, whilst avoiding branded slots if you want to chase a profit.

5. Check Out Minimum Jackpot Bets

One of the reasons why we think it’s so important for players to read the rules of an online slot game is to determine the minimum amount of money that you can bet in order to activate its jackpots features. Most online slots have jackpots, but not all of them are shared on a network. Just because you’re not playing Mega Moolah doesn’t mean that Starburst doesn’t have a jackpot of its own. Some games require you to bet a minimum amount of money if you wish to be able to claim their rewards. Even if the minimum bet allowed at a certain game is €0.10, you might need to bet at least €5 per spin if you wish to activate the jackpot feature (or have the chance to activate it, anyway). Winning jackpots might be a long shot, but if you don’t bet enough money, you won’t even have the chance to try your luck. Give it a go and win big!

6. Stick to Your Budget

One of the most important parts of the iGaming world is to have a budget set up before you start wagering money in any online slot. As such, you’re going to want to create one before you begin, based on how much money you’re planning to spend while playing online. If you have a lot of money to spare, you might want to make a larger budget for yourself. If you’re a bit short on cash (please consider not betting money to get rich - do it for fun only), you might want to make a smaller budget for yourself. The one thing that matters is that you respect your budget regardless of how much money you win or lose. You can set up a budget based on your winnings, a maximum amount of lost money, or a budget based on a set amount of money that, once bet, you won’t touch anymore. Knowing when to stop is one of the most important parts of the world of iGaming. A player that shows signs that you need to stop playing slots and actually acknowledges it and stops is a player that will avoid falling into a world of addiction.

7. Avoid Games with Low RTP

Arguably the most important part of this list, avoid games that have an RTP lower than 97% if you truly want to maximize your chances of winning money in online slots. Games with high RTP give you a better chance of making money in the long run, even though the house always has the edge over your chances of winning. In most cases, finding games with a high RTP can be rather difficult. We wanted to save you the trouble of looking for them on your own, so we’ve listed the most lucrative slots at the end of this article. We’ve also listed online casinos with the best welcome bonuses to help you play these games for free!

8. Branded Slots Are a Double-Edged Sword

Every newcomer to the world of iGaming often gets tempted to play at branded slots from franchises that they’re familiar with. The Vikings and Guns N Roses slots are some of the most played slots in the world precisely because of this reason. You’ll be hearing Welcome to the Jungle and Sweet Child O’ Mine while aiming to make a killing in rewards – what’s not to love about that? However, as we’ve said before, we want you to keep in mind that these slots often have RTP rates of 96% or lower. They are super fun to play and provide players with the chance to enjoy their favorite franchises in the form of games, but you might be better off playing other titles if you truly intend to win money while playing slots. Check out the RTP of every branded slot before playingit or you might be setting yourself up for a short gaming session.

9. Use Max Bets on Progressive Jackpots

If you’re really one of those high rollers who makes the best of max bets on online slots, the best thing you can do is use the bets on progressive jackpot slots. Normal slots can be played with regular bets or even the minimum bets and you won’t really notice much of a difference in the amount of money that you’ll win (equivalent to the sum of cash that you bet, of course). However, online jackpot slots are different. In these games, with each extra euro that you bet, you’ll be increasing your chances of activating the jackpot feature of the game. A €100 bet on Mega Moolah is much more likely to help you activate the jackpot wheel than a normal €1 bet is. You need to have the budget to do it, of course, but if you’re a high roller, placing max bets on the best jackpot games could be your ticket to fame.

10. Slot Volatility – Choose Right!

AS we said before, slot volatility doesn’t really play a huge part when it comes to the amount of money that you’re going to win. However, if you want to play with large bets and you intend to use a limited budget, you might be better off choosing games with low volatility to make sure that you won’t run out of money too quickly. If you intend to play regularly, with a decent budget and small bets, you can choose whichever type of game volatility you like. In such cases, the only thing you need to do is check the game’s RTP to make sure that you’re playing a title that is likely going to let you walk with a profit. Keep in mind that volatility doesn’t directly influence your winnings – RTP does! We can’t stress this enough.

Traditional Slots or Jackpots Slots – Which to Play?

One of the first things that you’ll notice when playing in an online casino is that jackpot slots and traditional online slots are divided into two categories. Even though these games do seem to work quite similarly, they have crucial differences that make them better for some types of players and worse for others. Jackpot slots tend to have much lower RTP rates, which is far worse for those chasing a monetary gain. However, jackpot slots do offer players the chance to win a lot of money with a single spin by activating their bonus rounds. The problem is, of course, that these rounds are very rarely activated and people can struggle to actually make a killing in rewards without first losing a ton of money. There has only been one Mega Moolah winner that managed to get the major jackpot without spending a small fortune on it, so you shouldn’t trust your luck too much or you could lose a lot of cash. Traditional slots, on the other hand, also come with jackpots that you can win but they aren’t as large as the ones you get in a jackpot slot. Traditional slots are the best ones to play if you’re chasing a win, as these are the types of games that come with larger RTP rates and provide you with better chances of winning big without breaking the bank.

Network Jackpots versus Local Jackpots

If you’re going to choose to play jackpot slots even after our explanation, we want you to be fully aware of the types of jackpots out there. Network jackpots are jackpot games that share their jackpot worldwide, which are the types of games that tend to offer ridiculously high payouts. Games like Mega Moolah or Mega Fortune are two of the most popular network jackpot games on the planet, with rewards that exceed the millions of euros (Mega Moolah’s minimum guaranteed big jackpot payout is of at least €10,000,000!). Local jackpots are jackpots tied directly to each online casino, which means that winning a small jackpot on a certain game while playing at Wildz would make you the winner of that jackpot at the Wildz Casino alone, not at other online casinos that host the game as well. Some network jackpot games that are famous for their large payouts also offer smaller jackpots that work as a sort of local jackpot for each casino that hosts the games. Mega Moolah is a perfect example of this: the game has 3 different jackpots, two of which are local and easier to win than the multi-million jackpot that we all want to get our hands on top of.

Can You Win Money with Online Slots?

Even though the casino is always on advantage with each online slot that you play, that doesn’t mean that you can’t make a killing in rewards if you’re lucky enough. The general norm is that players in the long run always lose money, but there are times at which players can actually win a lot of cash while playing in online casino slots if they are lucky enough.

Say that you manage to hit a jackpot, for example, then you’d be set when it comes to the amount of cash that you can win in an online casino. If you don’t win jackpots and you only play normal slots, odds are against you all the time. That’s just the way it works when gambling online, though; so be sure to visit online casinos that provide you with quality RTP rates and play in nothing but the best online slots on the planet to make sure that you aren’t compromising your cash in an unsafe casino.

Are Online Slots Rigged?

If you know where to play and you choose the right online casinos, no; online slots aren’t rigged. But, are online casinos rigged? They aren't either! However, if you visit shady online casinos that don’t have reputable licenses, chances are that you will come across online slots that are either rigged or provide you with the worst odds that you can imagine. In general, online slots are not rigged but they are in favor of the house.

You need to understand that no online casino in the world will provide you with the chance to play online slots at which you are at an advantage. You will always have a bigger chance of losing than you’ll have a chance of winning. That old saying that goes “the house always wins” is as true as things get when it comes to all sorts of casinos.

The RTP percentage of each game determines how much cash you can expect to win or lose at each title, but if you play enough, you will always lose in the long run (unless you become really good at managing your bankroll). Regardless of what you choose to do, chances are that you’ll lose money if you’re not careful. This isn’t just a problem with online slots, either.

All online casino games are in favor of the house, much like they are in land-based casinos. It’s up to you to decide how much money you spend and keep an eye close to your budget to make sure that you don’t go over the top and to ensure that you’ll keep your bankroll safe.

Slot Games with High RTP – Our Top Picks

We know that your main goal, after reading this guide, will be to look for games that have a decent RTP. Finding a quality game with a high RTP is very difficult, and players often settle for much less than what they should settle for because they can’t seem to find the right games. We don’t want you to struggle and, instead, we want you to dive straight into the action and make a killing in rewards from the get-go. We’ve collected the best games with the best RTP rates for your playing comfort – all you have to do is visit online casinos that host these games to play them promptly. We’ve listed games that have an RTP higher than 97%, but we have a disclaimer to make before we go on. Keep in mind that your experience will be fully tied to the attention you pay to the following disclaimer and how closely you follow our advice.

Disclaimer: Game RTP Varies in Some Casinos!

Before we go on and list all of the best games with the finest of RTPs, we have to tell you something that should become the thing you prioritize when looking for a new game. Every online casino has the ability to after the RTP of each game to suit the individual needs of each site. That means that games that could be highly lucrative in some sites could turn out to be rather underwhelming in others. That’s one of the reasons why we think that you should always look for online casinos that disclose their RTP rates or, at the very least, online casinos that are heavily regulated by the world’s most prominent gambling entities. If you go and visit online casinos with licenses that aren’t among the most reputable in the world, you’ll have a hard time finding legit games to play.


Jokerizer is a game with a potentially very high RTP, but it depends on the online casino in which you play. You can find Jokerizer with an RTP of 88%, but some online casinos host it with one as high as 99%. That makes it one of the highest-paying online slots in the industry, keeping it along the lines of some of the most played games in the world. The game has fantastic 3D graphics and massive volatility (one of the highest volatility levels that we’ve ever encountered), so you can expect the game to provide you with many rounds in which you won’t win any money until you come across a combination of symbols that bolsters your account balance with an unreal sum of cash.

1429 Uncharted Seas

As one of the money hunter’s favorite games, 1429 Uncharted Seas is an awesome title with an RTP of 98.5%, one of the finest in the iGaming industry. The game will take you back to the times where the seas weren’t as explored as they are today, to regions where the sea monsters where thought to lay. With free spins galore and a ton of multipliers ready to be activated, this is one of the best games that the industry has to offer in terms of bonus rounds and return rates. Scatters and expanding wilds are what fills this game with as much thrill as it has!

Mega Joker

With an insane RTP of 99%, this game is the most popular high-RTP title on the market. The RTP of this game is, of course, its main selling point; however, the title comes packed with in-game jackpots that make it an even more appealing game and turn it into one of the most played titles in the online casino industry. The game offers a maximum win of up to €30,000, but the title is crafted to suit the needs of high rollers and low rollers at the same time. You choose how to play Mega Joker – the money is in your hands.

Jack Hammer 2

With a great RTP of97.1%, Jack Hammer 2 takes the classic NetEnt title to the next level and puts the second iteration of the game as an even better and more popular game than the one that released so many years ago. The feel of the game is the same as the original, but the rewards that can be won are much bigger. The only thing about this game is that it has a maximum win potential of just 500 times the amount of your initial bet, but other than that, Jack Hammer 2 is one of the best slots out there.

Blood Suckers

Blood Suckers is that one game that seems to be banned from every welcome bonus, as online casinos are eager for players to not use their free spins and bonus cash in such a lucrative online slot. It still has you on a disadvantage against the house, of course, but chances are that you can walk away with a profit after fulfilling the wagering requirements of any bonus. Created by NetEnt, this world-class game has an RTP of 98% and stans as one of the most played online slots in the iGaming community. It has a fair payout rate that all players truly love.

What is the Best Online Casino to Play Slots? Visit Them and Win!

Here, at The Casino Wizard, we have reviewed dozens of online casinos that are home to many of the amazing slots that we just mentioned. Many of the best titles in the world are created by NetEnt, Thunderkick, Yggdrasil, and Microgaming, which means that browsing our site to find the best online casinos for each developer will help you find the best games as well. We have made a list of the best online casinos to play these games here, and provide you with a small summary of each casino so you can know what each of them offers. Choose wisely!

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1 100% up to €200 + 11 Free Spins Wager-Free Claim bonus
2 100% up to €500 + 200 Free Spins Claim bonus
3 Up to $500 / 5 BTC + 180 Free Spins Claim bonus
4 Up to Free 5 BTC + 300 Free Spins Claim bonus
5 100% up to €1,000 + 200 Free Spins Claim bonus

Videoslots Casino

If you’re a fan of online slots, then the Videoslots Casino will not disappoint. This website is home to a staggering number of slots that go over 3,900. There are bonuses to play these games for free as well as amazing tournaments in which you can participate if you wish to compete against other players in the best online slot games. The number of slots available here is possible thanks to the massive selection of game providers that supply this website with games.

Play at Videoslots

BitStarz Casino

Online slots are even more fun to play if you use your bitcoin balance to enjoy them, which is why we’re recommending you visit the BitStarz Casino to try out these fantastic games. This site is one of our favorite bitcoin websites and it is home to dozens of the world’s best online slots. Enjoy the magic of a high RTP alongside dozens of bonuses and one of the world’s most lucrative welcome prizes, which allows you to claim up to 5 BTC in free cash by simply registering on the casino and making a few deposits on its premises.

Play at BitStarz

Wildz Casino

With special promotions and unique tables available for all players, the Wildz Casino is the one site to visit if you want to play slots and something else. This site is thoroughly complete and is home to one of the best live dealer casinos on Earth, hosted by the fantastic staff of Evolution Gaming. You’ll find thousands of fantastic games here. Most importantly, though, this website will allow you to play all games using the best Wildz casino bonuses, which you can find by following the link on the button below!

Play at Wildz

Betsson Casino

Betsson is one of the flagship names of the iGaming industry. It is the leading online casino of the Betsson Group, a company that operates over a dozen online casinos that serve to please players from different parts of the world. Apart from having the best online slots fully available within its digital premises, this website is also home to a fantastic sportsbook where you’ll be able to bet on sports and eSports competitions from every corner of the planet.

Play at Betsson

mBit Casino

The mBit Casino is another fantastic bitcoin website that completely revolves around bitcoin gambling – there isn’t an option to make deposits with other types of currency here; you’ll only be able to play with bitcoins and other types of cryptos. Regulated forms of cash aren’t accepted here. Apart from being home to some of the world’s best casino games, it’s also one of the few cryptocurrency exclusive websites that hold reputable licenses. A non-scammy, world-class gambling environment with amazing welcome bonuses and constant tournaments awaits within the virtual halls of the mBit Casino.

Play at mBitCasino

Last updated  May 22, 2024
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