How to Win at Online Casinos Every Time (Tested & Easy)

How to Win at Online Casinos Every Time (Tested & Easy)

10 Ways to Win at the Casino that ACTUALLY Work

Can you really win at online casinos every time that you play in them? Statistically speaking, that would be impossible.

In truth:

There are many techniques that you can put into practice to maximize your chances of winning. In this article, we'll explore the most effective ones!

1. Take Advantage of Casino Bonuses - They Work!

Online casino bonuses can be turned into real money and do a fantastic job at "reversing" the house edge by giving you free cash to play with.

Welcome bonuses are generally fairer than other casino rewards, hence why we always advise readers to take full advantage of them.

no deposit bonus to beat the online casino
No deposit bonuses are incredible rewards to help you beat the casino odds!

Ensure that a casino bonus is safe by checking:

  • Wagering requirements are fair (it's much easier to turn a bonus into real cash if it has a wagering requirement of 50x or less);
  • The bonus cash can be spent before fulfilling the wagering requirement. Don't sweat it if you can't find bonuses like this, though: generally, you need to spend your own cash first and you'll get access to the bonus cash once you lose your own;
  • You can spend the bonus (or fulfill the wagering requirement) playing games with a fair RTP (97%+);
  • There's enough time to fulfill the wagering requirements of a bonus based on the usual max bet of €5. We'd say the best bonuses give you at least 7 days to fulfill wagering rules.

Be sure to avoid offers like the Winaday Casino no deposit bonus or the Sunrise slots no deposit bonus and stick to playing in legit casinos.

2. Only Play in the Best Online Casinos

Ensure that you're playing under fair circumstances by only visiting safe online casinos. Forget about visiting rogue sites or even legit casinos with unfair terms; there are far too many options out there for you to settle with a bad casino.

When we tell you to play in the best online casinos, we mean that you play in sites that have these features:

  • A valid casino license from a reputable jurisdiction like Malta or Curazao;
  • Games provided by renowned industry names such as Play'N Go, NetEnt, Evolution, or Pragmatic Play;
  • Bonuses with fair bonus terms (like the ones we mentioned earlier in the article);
  • Safe payment methods and quick withdrawals that won't leave you longing for your money;
  • Compatibility with your preferred platform (mobile, desktop, tablets, etcetera).

Here are the safest online casinos where you can play and claim massive bonuses that can be turned into real money:

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1 125% up to 1 BTC + 150 Free Spins Claim bonus
2 25 Free Spins No Deposit on Registration Claim bonus
3 Up to 10 BTC + 1,400 Free Spins Claim bonus
4 Up to 5.25 BTC + 250 Spins Claim bonus
5 Up to $500 / 5 BTC + 180 Free Spins Claim bonus

3. Don't Place Big Bets if They'll Drain Your Budget

The smartest way to play online slots is to bet small sums of money - especially if you have a low budget.

Here's a pro tip:

icon Casino Wizard Tip
Opt to play games with high volatility where odds remain the same regardless of bet size. This is a fantastic way to give yourself a good opportunity to make a good sum of money if you're going to play slots.

4. Develop an Understanding of Wagering Requirements

Wagering requirements need to be fully understood before you move to enjoy the best casino bonuses out there.

A wagering requirement is a sum of money that you will need to wager before you can make a withdrawal of a casino bonus, and it’s imperative for you to read the rules thoroughly or you might lose all of the bonus money that you’ve received.

We're dedicating an entire point to wagering requirements because they can make or break a casino bonus.

icon Casino Wizard Tip
It's better to claim a €100 bonus with a 25xb wagering requirement than a €10,000 bonus with a rollover of 60xb

5. Use Strategies to Your Advantage

If you happen to prefer table games over slots, then your best bet to win as much money as possible will be to strategize. Use betting tips for games like poker or even read a specialized guide to become better at blackjack.

Playing slots may not require gameplay strategies per se, but casino bankroll management could go a long way in helping you get an edge over the standard odds of a casino game.

how to win at gambling using martingale
Martingale explained: A simple way to understand how the system works

Now, if it's table games what we're talking about, here are some key pieces of advice regarding strategies:

  • Systems like the Martingale or LaBouchere may work in the short term, but in the long run, you'll always end up losing all of your money;
  • Perfect blackjack strategy (which simply means making the optimal play when possible) cuts the house edge to just 0.50%!
  • There's no way to trick a slot machine to make hits more frequent, but some slots give you better odds when you place max bets.

6. Practice and Keep Practicing as Much as Possible

Whenever you play in an online casino -particularly so if you’re playing table games-, you’ll want to be sure that you practice as much as possible.

betsson poker best ways to win at a casino
Betsson offers some of the best online poker rooms we've ever visited

There’s no other way to become better at a game than to practice – even if you keep losing. This is especially true for blackjack and poker, two of the biggest skill-based games in the casino world.

7. Shake Off the Idea of Superstitions

If you happen to read anything that tells you to spin the reels in some way, or to place certain types of superstitious bets on roulette, you’ll be better off ignoring it.

Gambling superstitions play against your peace of mind when playing in online casinos and they will only break your otherwise successful strategies. Here are some common superstitions to distance yourself from:

  • Slot machines are rigged - Slot machines, or online slots, aren't rigged at all if you play in licensed casinos. You may get luckier or unluckier than other players, but the odds remain the same;
  • Live dealers can mess with winning streaks - Not true either. Dealers of companies like Evolution and Pragmatic Live are professionals that can't affect the outcome of games in any way.
  • Jackpots can't be hit twice in a row - A common misconception that has no statistical backing. Odds of something like this happening are low, but it can happen!

8. Understand How Jackpot Games Work Before You Play Them!

We know that playing online casino jackpots can be extremely tempting for a player, but here are some key facts that you need to know before playing a game like Mega Moolah or another big jackpot:

  • Jackpot slots have a very low RTP, often below the 90% mark. This is especially true for the biggest jackpot games on the planet, like Mega Moolah! It's more difficult to make a profit than in average online slots;
  • There are different types of progressive jackpots - even within the same game! Mega Moolah slot has its legendary Mega jackpot, but also smaller jackpots that could be worth €10,000 or less;
  • Be wary when you see a progressive jackpot game with a high RTP. Some casinos include the weight of jackpot wins to make it seem like the game has higher return rates than it actually has (Mega Moolah's RTP would be of around 96% if you add jackpot wins to the equation).
can you really win money on online casinos mega moolah
Four jackpots: The legendary Mega Moolah slot boasts four progressive prizes!

9. Play Games with Low House Edge

Playing games with low house edge ensures that you have the biggest chance to make a profit and that the house is, statistically, going to end up keeping less of your money than it would in other games.

Naturally, the house will always have an edge, but you should aim to play games that have a house edge of 3% or lower, which translates to an RTP of 97% or higher.

  • High RTP slots like 1429 Uncharted Seas, Book of 99, and Mega Joker are fantastic games to play if you love slots. They all less than 2% of house edge;
  • Blackjack and French roulette boast high return rates of more than 98% and stand out as the best types of table games that you can play online;
  • P2P games such as poker don't have a house edge. If you're a good player, these are the best types of games that you can play online.

icon Casino Wizard Tip
Games with low house edge ensure that you have the biggest chance to make a profit when playing online

10. Know When to Quit!

Do you really want to know the trick to not losing cash when gambling online? This is the best way in which you can ensure making a profit: quit when you’re winning.

Too many times we’ve seen successful casino players continuing to wager their winnings, which ends up in those winnings turning into losses and them spiraling down towards the end of their money by breaking their own budgets.

If you ever have a problem trying to quit, please refer to organizations like BeGambleAware and seek help immediately.

Use Our Online Casino Tips to Win More Often!

You’re now aware of our top 10 fantastic tips that will help you make the best of your time while gambling online.

Use our list of recommended online casinos to ensure that you only play in the world's best sites and get to know the world of online casinos in full force. Claim your favorite bonus and begin your journey now!

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1 125% up to 1 BTC + 150 Free Spins Claim bonus
2 25 Free Spins No Deposit on Registration Claim bonus
3 Up to 10 BTC + 1,400 Free Spins Claim bonus
4 Up to 5.25 BTC + 250 Spins Claim bonus
5 Up to $500 / 5 BTC + 180 Free Spins Claim bonus

Last updated  January 18, 2024

Frequently asked questions

The best online casino game to bear the house is blackjack. Its house edge of just 0.50% makes it the most profitable casino game when playing an optimal strategy.

The house edge cannot be overcome, but it can be reduced to a point in which short-term wins become much more likely, making it easier to make a profit.

It's not possible to guarantee winning money every time you visit the casino, but you can employ optimal playing strategy to ensure that you maximize your chances of winning in the short term.

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