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5 Best Countries for Online Gambling - An International iGaming Overview

Best Countries to Gamble Online in 2023

The world of iGaming is certainly one to behold. There are countless fantastic online casino games that come packed with fantastic features, in-game bonuses to blow your mind, and a plethora of amazing rewards that could bolster your account balance from the ground to the sky. However, not all countries in the world allow their citizens to enjoy this fantastic endeavor. Some countries are very restrictive in regards to online gambling and they won’t allow their citizens to enjoy their money in some of the best games in the world. As such, some online casinos can be particularly difficult to access, even though they would like to widely available in all parts of the world. It’s not much of an issue, though. There are certain ways to avoid casino blocks and ways for you to play online even if your country is not eligible to claim certain bonuses and rewards in online casinos. We’ll look into the 5 best countries to play online casino games and overview why they are the best at what they do.


The Canadian government has been long regarded as a beacon of freedom in the West, as well as in the entire world. It comes as no surprise to us that Canada is also one of the first-world countries with the most lenient gambling laws, allowing citizens to perform all sorts of tasks and activities within the country’s territorial domain. Oddly enough, the country does not issue any license for online gambling, which means that players need to visit online casinos hosted abroad if they are to spend their time in the world of iGaming. This is not an issue at all, given that Canadian players are freely able to spend their time at the world’s finest online casinos without getting in trouble. In fact, the government even encourages it. Players can visit casinos from abroad if they like. Canadian players tend to have little problems with payments as well. Even though online casinos rarely make direct deposits to players’ bank accounts, Canadian players can rest assured that their money can be moved with the world’s most popular credit cards. You can also visit online casinos that accept PayPal, as a Canadian, seeing as the service is fully allowed to be used in the Northern country. The best casinos in Canada tend to be known for their extensive game availability, bonuses tend to be among the best in the world, and online casinos are free to visit as long as you live in Canada. It’s a great place to be if you’re keen to spend your time playing online!

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is one of the world’s most prominent countries when it comes to online gambling. British gamblers are among the most passionate and dedicated in the world, with iGaming having become a large part of British culture in recent years. With online gambling being so prominent, it comes as no surprise to see the emphasis that the government puts on the safety of its citizens when playing online. This is clearly seen in the international relevance of the UKGC, or the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, which has become one of the main regulatory entities in the world of iGaming. In fact, if you want to know whether an online casino is reliable or not, check its licenses. If you see a license given by the UKGC, you can play on that site with your eyes closed. Reliability will not be an issue if the British government allows you to play there. As such, online gambling is completely legal and regulated by the UKGC itself. You can visit many of the world’s most prominent casinos if you live in the UK. In fact, the popularity of the world’s best online casinos is often extremely big within the United Kingdom, making the best British casinos some of the overall best in the world. Did you know? Microgaming has its headquarters in the Isle of Man, in the United Kingdom. One of the world’s most prominent casino game developers is residing in the UK! Online-Casinos-UK-Laptop-Dices-Chips-1600-1131


Sweden is one of the world’s most prominent gambling markets. In fact, Swedish casinos are often among the best in the world, with many of the leading casino developers residing within Sweden itself. As one of the freest places in which you can play casino games, Sweden has a thriving gambling industry that is regulated by national authorities. However, since June 2020, gambling in Sweden has seen a few restrictions put in place. The world pandemic has caused the government to enact new laws to protect Swedish citizens from overspending in online casinos, and this also applies to bonuses. Starting from 2020 itself, Swedish players are no longer available to claim bonuses that surpass the value of €10. They may also make deposits of only €500 per week, as higher deposits have proven to lead to higher levels of addiction. Even with these changes, Sweden remains one of the world’s most important gambling markets and players that reside in the country can still play in the world’s best online casinos. That probably gives you an idea of how free the Swedish market was! Sites like Betsson are hosted in Sweden itself, and they've proven to be among the best casinos in the world. The culture of gambling in Sweden dates back to centuries ago, and it won’t be going anywhere. Now you just need to take a bit more care if you wish to play from the Nordic country!


German online casinos have never ceased to be among the best in the world. All online casinos that are available in Germany which have also been reviewed here, are among the top-rated casinos on our site. With that said, Germany has quite an odd situation going on. Online gambling tends to be frowned upon and, in fact, it’s mainly illegal in the country. However, German authorities do not care for enforcing the law as it is mostly open to interpretation and no player has ever really gotten in trouble for playing in online casinos. As a German resident, citizen, or national, you will be able to place bets on many of the world’s biggest online casinos without having to fear for breaking the law or getting in trouble. The main issue that online casinos tend to have in Germany is that they aren’t allowed to be hosted within the country itself, or that some online casinos are outlawed to offer their services to German players. This has caused legal battles to ensue within the country, but no player has ever gotten in trouble as a consequence of this. It’s mostly an issue between the legal authorities of Germany and the iGaming sites per se. In fact, Germany has one of the largest gambling markets in the world. Thousands of German players are very active within the online casino community itself, and thousands more join every year. Culturally, gambling is extremely important for Germans, which makes the country a hub for the best online casinos in the world.


Finnish online casinos are extremely popular and widely visited by Finnish nationals. The country does have a fair share of regulations that do not allow anyone to place their bets as freely as they can be placed in other countries, but players from Finland often find that many of the world’s biggest casinos offer fantastic bonuses for them, and even offer Finnish translations if they wish. The country actually has a monopoly, controlled by the state, that is imposed upon all forms of gambling and all sites in the country. This makes Finland a very difficult market to get into for online casinos, and it also makes the availability of some games a bit more limited for players. With that said, many of the world’s biggest online casinos have obtained licensed to operate in Finland. Finnish players can enjoy claiming exclusive bonuses and trying out some of the best games in the industry using the free ash obtained from them. Every Finnish player has the right to claim the best casino promotions in the world. Just be sure that the online casino that you’re visiting is allowed to operate within Finland. The worst scenario is that you will simply have to look for another site that suits your needs. Some only block bonuses from being claimed, while other online casinos are stricter and do not permit players to register and play from Finland. Even with these restrictions, Finland is one of the best places to wager online in the world.

Special Mention – Malta

We know that we told you that we’d only mention 5 online casinos, but it wouldn’t have been fair to ignore the massive gambling influence of Malta in the iGaming world. Malta provides the finest casino licenses in Europe, provided by the Malta Gambling Authority, and the country is home to some of the finest casinos in the world. In fact, thanks to the country’s leniency to allow operators to work there, the world’s most important online casino companies and operators are all hosted in Malta. With that said, you cannot underestimate the importance of Malta online casinos. Living in Malta doesn’t only give you access to working for one of the best iGaming companies in the world, but you’ll also gain the chance to play in some of the finest casino games on the planet thanks to them being approved by the MGA. Many of the best bonuses in the world, including exclusive bonuses and the best casino bonuses ever created, can be claimed from Malta. Be sure to make the best of your time as a Maltese player and discover the world of rewards that awaits on this fantastic casino environment!

How Do Country Restrictions Work?

As we mentioned, citizens from certain countries are not eligible to visit certain online casinos. Some are not allowed to visit online casinos at all, so they have to resort to other methods in order to satisfy their need for online gambling. This can be quite an issue if you’ve been recommended to play at a certain online casino and your country doesn’t have access to it, but you might have to settle for another one if that’s the case. Don’t worry, though. Even if you visit an online casino that doesn’t allow players from your country, there will always be an online casino that does. If you can’t find one, we suggest you check out our list of the best bitcoin casinos in the world. Most of these sites tend to be very lenient when it comes to using VPNs and even payment methods, considering that you can use your e-wallets to make deposits and withdrawals.

Can You Use a VPN to Play in an Online Casino?

In theory, most online casinos forbid the use of VPNs to connect to their services. They often do it to protect their own players from being prosecuted by their countries’ authorities, as the unavailability of an online casino often means that playing in that site is simply not allowed by the country’s authorities and players that do it can incur in fines worth thousands of euros. Don’t you worry, though; some online casinos don’t mind as much. In fact, if you’re looking to play at the best online casinos in the world with a VPN, it’s perfectly possible to do it. We advise you to visit bitcoin casinos to do it because of two reasons:

  • You can use your bitcoin wallet to make deposits and withdrawals from one of these casinos. This means that you get to make untraceable monetary movements between your wallet and your bank account, which means that you don’t have to worry about the bank reporting you to any state entity
  • Some bitcoin casinos, like mBit, allow you to finish up the registration process quite quickly. This means that they don’t ask you for too much of your personal information, which means that a VPN could be enough for you to play there without getting in trouble

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Creating Our List – What We Prioritized

In order to create the most complete list of countries in which you can play world-class casinos, we have decided to prioritize certain aspects that make or break an online casino and the country at which you can play the games. The features that we’ve selected have been carefully picked after years of collecting information from the best sites, which has allowed us to create a complete list of the best gambling countries. Keep in mind that you can use these features yourself to judge how good is an online casino, but use our list as a reference if you don’t know how to filter out and tell which results are not good enough.

Bonuses per Country

Unbeknownst to a large number of players, not all casino bonuses of an online casino can be found in every country in the world. For example, you might be connecting at an online casino from Germany and you’ll see a bunch of bonuses available to be selected. However, if you connect from Canada, you might see more (or less!) bonuses, depending on the site’s policies. As such, the countries that we’ve selected here often see the best casino bonuses in the world’s most prominent and important online casinos. You will not struggle to find quality bonuses if you visit online sites from any of these countries.

Games per Country

The same principle of the bonuses also applies to online casino games. Not all online casino games are equally available worldwide and, in fact, some casino providers are not allowed to operate in certain countries. For example, you might play Pragmatic Play games from Germany, but you may not access them in other countries in Europe. This depends on national laws and licenses. In some cases, you might access an online casino and wonder why aren’t there more games, when in fact the casino does have a ton of games but you cannot see them because most of the site’s providers are barred from allowing players from your country to enjoy their games. The countries on this list have access to the best casino games in the world, and you should be able to play most of the titles regardless of where you live. This comes as an extremely convenient feature for those who tend to swap games quickly, as they’ll have access to a larger range of titles and games.

Casino Accessibility

Perhaps the most important and defining feature of countries in this list, we’ve taken into consideration the availability of the world’s best online casinos in every country that we’ve mentioned. Some of the best sites in the world might still not be allowed to be accessed in certain countries, but the general rule of thumb here is that you’ll be able to select from a plethora of online casinos in any of these countries. You will be able to play the best casino games in any of these countries as well, and you’ll be able to claim the best bonuses. Finding the right casino to spend your time will be more of an issue as to which casino you like the most rather than an issue of finding an online casino per se.

iGaming & Gambling Culture

Another important factor that contributed to the selection process was the iGaming culture that these countries share. Gambling is an important activity in all of the countries on this list, which has made room for the best online casinos to focus on creating world-class markets of bonuses and games for all of them. iGamers from these countries tend to be some of the most passionate in the world. With passion comes a high level of demand, and with high demand comes a high level of quality. People from these countries know what they want and they know which sites they can get it. Our top-rated online casinos available in these countries will ensure a high degree of quality that will permit you to spend your time at these fantastic online casinos.

Play at Mr GreenTop-Rated Casinos To Visit in 2023

The world of online casinos is vast and filled with plenty of sites that pack incredible rewards and world-class prizes. We want to help you find the ideal casino for you, so we've made a brief list that encapsulates what we love the most about the online casino industry:

The Best Online Casinos to Visit are Found at The Casino Wizard

We have managed to compile a massive list of the best online casinos that you can visit in any of these countries, which will ensure that you have the best experience in the world when playing online casino games from any of these countries. Naturally, that also means that you’ll have access to some of the best bonuses on the planet, as well as exclusive promotions and fantastic rewards. Even if you don’t live in one of these hubs of online gambling, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to find some of the best casino games in the world by visiting some of the fantastic online casinos available at these locations. Pro tip: should you not be able to visit casinos from these countries, you might want to try using a VPN and connecting via Germany or Canada. This will ensure you a high degree of game availability, which means that you can play the best games in the world even if you live in Africa, South America, or Oceania!

Last updated  January 27, 2023
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