Lightning Roulette Online — How to Play & Winning Tips

Lightning Roulette Online — How to Play & Winning Tips

The Full Guide to Lightning Roulette Online

Lightning Roulette could give you a profit of €500 with just one €1 bet.

This article aims to break down what is Lightning Roulette online, how you can play the game, top tips that'll help you win, and which are the best bitcoin live casinos to play from your computer or mobile phone!

What is Lightning Roulette?

Lightning Roulette is a live dealer variation of single-zero roulette developed by Evolution, in which you have the chance to participate in Lucky Number draws. These draws give multipliers to certain numbers, which only apply to straight money bets.

Lightning Roulette features an RTP of 97.30%, like most single-zero roulette tables. However, it promises a much higher volatility for straight number bets, which is the bets for which the multipliers apply.

It's a roulette game with extra bonuses that can turn out to be extremely profitable, but you’ll also need more luck than in the original game if you wish to get the best rewards out of it.

Lightning Roulette features an RTP of 97.30%, like most single-zero roulette tables

Lightning Roulette Game Features

In general, those of you who already know how to play traditional roulette will be able to get the hang of Lightning Roulette rather quickly.

Lightning Roulette online
The game assings multipliers of up to 500x to a few lucky numbers as the wheel spins!

The game’s basic rules are all very similar and the whole area will make you feel as if you were in a familiar environment. These are the things you can expect to find in this fantastic casino game:

  • Standard Roulette Features - The game will work just like any other roulette game, but it has one crucial variant: when numbers are hit by a lightning strike, winning a straight bet placed in any of these now-lit numbers will trigger a winning multiplier;
  • Lower Payouts for Non-Lightning Bets - To balance out the RTP, winning a straight bet on a number that isn't hit by lightning will reward you with a payout of 29 to 1 instead of 35 to 1 as it happens in a standard European Roulette game;
  • Lucky Payouts and Lightning Strikes - Lightning strikes happen after the wheel is already spinning - you cannot place roulette bets on lit numbers. Once lightning strikes, the amount of the multiplier will also show - it could be as little as 50x or as much as 500x!
  • High Betting Limits - You are allowed to place bets of up to €10,000 per spin, but the limit for a straight bet seems to be €2,000 or its equivalent in other currencies;
  • Everyone Plays at the Same Time! - As is the case in most versions of live roulette, multiple players can be at the same table simultaneously. You don't "take a seat" at the table; instead, you play with hundreds of others at the same time

How to Win on Lightning Roulette Online - Our Top Tips

It's impossible to always win when playing Lightning Roulette, but you can improve your chances of winning in this fun and highly volatile casino game by following some of my top tips on how to do so.

Just remember that straight bets are much more volatile than 50/50 bets, but part of the fun of Lightning Roulette online is taking advantage of multipliers. If you'd rather play safer bets, you may as well visit other roulette tables!

These are my top tips on how to win at Lightning Roulette online:

  • Make use of straight number bets - but do so as your budget allows. The main point of Lightning Roulette is betting on straight numbers if you want to take advantage of multipliers. Doing so means that volatility will be as high as can be, with a hit rate that could see you lose more than 30 rounds in a row during unlucky streaks. One multiplier win will make it worth it, though.
  • Try out systems like the Martingale or La Bouchere. Betting systems are not for everybody and could be detrimental in the long run as, statistically speaking, things could go sour sooner rather than later. However, playing with these systems could be a great way to play Lightning Roulette, but you wouldn't be able to take advantage of Lightning bets.
  • Take advantage of French bets. The velodrome-type bets will give you more single-bet choices and spice things up during a standard game of Lightning Roulette.

If you'd rather play safer bets, you may as well visit other roulette tables!

Best Lightning Roulette Online Strategies

Lightning Roulette is played very similar to a standard single-zero roulette game and other roulette games, so many strategies will work in both games. Naturally, taking advantage of the Lightning strikes is what makes this game fun, but some people may still prefer option to make standard bets in a game of Lightning Roulette.

These are my go-to strategies for Lightning Roulette online:

  • Employ standard roulette strategies. We have a list of easy-to-use roulette strategies that can be tried out in any type of roulette game of your choosing - including Lightning Roulette online. Be sure that you're acquainted to roulette statistics before you do.
  • Try your luck with straight-number betting. The most important aspect of this game is the presence of multipliers. If you're feeling really lucky, you can place straight bets on your number of choice.

Lightning Roulette Online Casino Bonuses

You can play Lightning Roulette online with bonuses in many of the world's best online casinos, but be wary of where you choose to play this legendary Evolution game: not all casinos are worth visiting, and not all bonuses are worth claiming. These are my top picks for the best casinos with quality bonuses to play Lightning Roulette:

1 Up to $500 / 5 BTC + 180 Free Spins Claim bonus
2 Up to 10 BTC + 1,400 Free Spins Claim bonus
3 $20,000 + 100 Free Spins Claim bonus

There are three types of casino bonuses that can be spent playing Lightning Roulette online. These are as follows:

  • Bonuses that can be used in Live Casino Games: Some casino bonuses are designed to be spent on live casino games. These are the bonuses to claim if you wish to play this game with bonus cash, such as the BC.Game Casino bonus;
  • Table game bonuses in top online casinos: Some casino rewards can be spent in all sorts of casino table games - regardless of whether they're virtual or live. Use these bonuses to play Lightning Roulette online, and other roulette games, with bonus cash.
  • Standard casino bonuses once you fulfill the wagering requirement: At the end of the day, every single casino bonus can be spent on Lightning Roulette online - you just need to fulfill the wagering requirements of each bonus first!
  • Roulette no deposit bonuses: Some casinos offer a roulette no deposit bonus designed for new players. You can use these rewards to play Lightning Roulette, if available for live casino play.

Best Casinos to Play Lightning Roulette Online

There are plenty of top-class casinos that host Lightning Roulette. Every casino with Evolution games is allowed to offer it, but that doesn't mean that every casino is as safe and reliable as top-rated gambling sites. In fact, it's of utmost importance that you know how to find the best casinos to play Lightning Roulette online.

These are some of our top tips on how to pick a reliable gambling site. They are the same guidelines that we used to tell you about the best casino bonuses to play online Lightning Roulette!

  • Preferred payment method: Always make sure that the casino in which you wish to play offers the payment method of your choosing. Some casinos take cryptocurrencies, while others only accept FIAT currencies.
  • The overall variety of live games: Don't visit a casino just because it offers Lightning Roulette. Make sure that the site hosts other games that you're also interested in playing to ensure that you have something to do when you get bored of roulette!
  • Licenses and safety: Check the validity of an online casino license before you choose to play on any gambling site. Ensure that the site has a UKGC, MGA, or Curazao gambling license and that the license itself is valid.
  • Bonuses and virtual casino games:  Check out which bonuses and virtual games the casino has before you play on it. You'll notice that every casino that I've recommended is home to a selection of more than 2,000 games to avoid you getting bored when you're done playing Lightning Roulette online.

You can play Lightning Roulette with FIAT currencies or cryptocurrencies!

Play Lightning Roulette Online at the World's Best Casinos

It doesn't come as a coincidence that Lightning Roulette is one of the internet's most popular live casino games. The live version of the "Lucky Numbers" roulette has become a mainstay in the world's best live casinos, boosted by the popularity of world-class developer Evolution.

Visit the world's best live casinos ro play Lightning Roulette online and enjoy the most popular version of live dealer roulette in safe and reliable gambling sites!

Last updated  October 2, 2023

Frequently asked questions

Lightning Roulette was created by Evolution Gaming and stands out as one of its most popular casino games.

Lightning Roulette is also offered in a non-live version, called First Person Lightning Roulette, and also developed by Evolution.

Lightning Roulette boasts a similar RTP to other single-zero roulette games, standing at 97.30%.

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