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Finding a good online casino in Australia could prove to be quite tricky. Operating a gambling website in Australia is illegal, and thus, many players tend to think that gambling online is frowned upon in the Oceania country. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth – online gambling is completely legal in Australia as long as the website isn’t directly hosted in the country but offshore. We’ve compiled a list comprised of the best online casinos that you can play from Australia, even though they aren’t hosted in Australia itself. Any site here is part of the crème de la crème of Australian gaming, so be sure to pay a visit!

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Spinia Casino

Betsoft, Big Time Gaming, Evolution Gaming, Microgaming and 6 more…

€250 50 Free Spins


T&C apply


One Casino

Evolution Gaming, NetEnt, Play'n GO, Quickspin and 1 more…

€10 Free 100% Bonus


T&C apply


Wildz Casino

Evolution Gaming, NetEnt, Play'n GO, Pragmatic Play and 2 more…

€500 200 Free Spins


T&C apply



Elk Studios, Evolution Gaming, Lightning Box Games, Microgaming and 3 more…

€200 200 Free Spins


T&C apply


Lanadas Casino

Microgaming, NetEnt, Quickspin,

€200 50 Free Spins


T&C apply


Lapalingo Casino

Betsoft, Big Time Gaming, Elk Studios, Evolution Gaming and 9 more…

€10 Free 200% Bonus + 20 FS


T&C apply


Mr Green Casino

Betsoft, Blueprint Gaming, Elk Studios, Evolution Gaming and 12 more…

€100 200 Free Spins


T&C apply

Best Casinos in Australia – Must-Have Features

Whenever you’re looking to play in an Australian real-money casino or in an Australian bitcoin casino, there are a few things that you must keep an eye out for if you’re looking to make a profit in the long run. For starters, promotions give you a good impression of what to expect from an online casino, so finding an Australian casino with great promotions could be the best path that you can take on your search.

There are other criteria that also need to be considered when looking for a new site, though. For example, you might need to find a casino that’s willing to pay you in AUD, or you might have to pay extra fees when transferring money between the website and your bank.

You might want to take notes or save this list somewhere, as the following bullet points will help you determine which casino is the best site for you.

Australia Player Safety & Security

One thing we always like to tell our readers is to keep an eye out for casino security whenever they visit a new site. One of the most relevant things about online gambling is that you’re going to need to share your information with a third party, so it’s highly important to make sure that your information is well protected against thieves – particularly if you use direct credit card payments.

Many modern casinos that operate in various parts of the world opt to use SSL encryption to protect user information. SSL allows the site to collect data from sources regardless of their origin and quantity, but it doesn’t allow other people to see who else is on the site nor to look at their information or location. As such, it makes it much more difficult for hackers to steal personal data.

However, player safety goes far beyond the protection of user data. Many people would consider that the best casinos in Australia offer very fair promotions and payment terms, even though none of these companies are hosted in Australia (not legally, at least).

The fact that the Australian government doesn’t allow online gambling companies to operate in Australian soil makes it a bit more difficult to regulate that each site is sticking to Australian laws, so be sure to prioritize user safety and experience when looking for a new site. In any case, the best online casinos in Australia can be found here are – no security research needed!

Variety of Games in Australian Casinos

Even though Australia doesn’t allow online gambling companies to operate in the country, there are still hundreds of companies that are willing to offer services to gamers on Australian soil. As such, the variety of games that you can find in an Australian casino is nothing short of massive. Many game casino providers allow people to play in Australia even when companies don’t have offices in the country.

This relationship with local gamers has increased as time goes by and companies have adapted into working in an environment where they have to reach out for the players and let them know that they’re there. Not having offices in Australia hurts business a bit, but online casinos do offer a large selection of games thanks to the flexibility of their providers in terms of limitations.

You’ll find almost any type of game in an Australian casino. There are some limitations when it comes to live dealer games, but even those can be found if you know where to look (many sites here at The Casino Wizard offer live dealer services for Australian players, for example).

Furthermore, gambling companies understand how important it is for players to access every type of game and, as such, you’ll find table games, slots, progressive slots, jackpot games, keno, blackjack, poker, and many other sorts of titles just by browsing the selection of sites that we’ve compiled for you.

Game & Software Providers

Even though none of the most prestigious software providers operate in Australia, the games that they develop are distributed to the country by many of the best online casinos in the world. In fact, some of the best casinos in Europe (which is the motherland of online gambling) are also available for Australian gamblers and are regarded as the best casinos in Australia.

Software providers play a key role in this play. They must authorize their games to be played in certain casinos as well as restrict some parts of the world from playing them. Thankfully, even though these companies are rarely seen operating in Australia itself, you may still play their awesome games if you’re living in the country.

The best casinos in the world are provided by the best software developers as well. Companies like Net Entertainment, RTG, Yggdrasil, Microgaming, and many others are becoming much more flexible in regard to who can play their games and from where. The globalization effect of online gambling has reached Australia, and many gamers have been hugely benefitted as a consequence.

Customer Support in Australia

Australia occupies quite a particular time zone in the globe. This makes customer support and access to it a little bit more troublesome than what it is in other parts of the world, depending on the casino that you choose to enjoy. For example, if you play at nighttime but your favorite casino is hosted in Europe, you might not be able to reach customer support until the next day.

One of the major and most important recommendations for gamblers that want to visit casinos in Australia is to find websites that offer 24/7 customer support. This greatly helps soften the blow for not sharing the same time zone, as the casino’s staff members will be willing to help you out at any given time.

The other simple solution would be to play online in the early hours of the morning if the possibility exists for the player. It’s all about visiting the site depending on the time zone at which it operates. This isn’t as convenient as finding a 24/7 casino, but in any case, you shouldn’t have to reach out to the casino staff as often as you think.

If you love a casino without 24/7 customer support, you might still find your experience to be quite enjoyable.

Casino Bonuses Australia

The lack of online casino offices in Australia doesn’t detriment the fact that there are many online bonuses that players can claim – including some juicy no deposit free spins that will let you play slots for free. Some promotions are very fashionable and will help your account value skyrocket if you use them properly. Many online casinos appeal to the Australian masses by offering the same bonuses that you find while playing in Europe, which tend to be quite high.

However, keep in mind that some European casinos can be played in Australia, but their bonuses are not eligible to be claimed by users in the country. As such, if you’re a huge fan of online casino bonuses and see them as a fundamental part of your playstyle, you might want to find a casino that offers promotions to suit your needs. You can still check out the best no deposit casinos for Aussies if you’re looking for free rewards.

In any case, the vast majority of online casino bonuses offered to players on a global scale will also be available in some sort of shape or form to every Australian gambler. You might find that certain free money promotions that are available in casinos in Australia offer a different sum of money when claimed in another part of the world, but this is all dependent on each casino’s individual policies.

The best way to enjoy casino promotions in a casino is not to mind about receiving different types of currency as forms of payment. Most modern global casinos offer various types of currencies and you get to choose which one you’d prefer when making a withdrawal, but keep in mind that some types aren’t always available, and you’ll have to account for that.

We love that the best free spin no deposit casinos for Australia can be accessed by gamblers from other parts of the world. You can also find basic free spin bonuses for Australia in other amazing online casinos.

Payouts & Withdrawals in Australian Casinos

Casino payouts and withdrawals are features that every gambler tends to keep as a priority whenever they look for a new site. The convenience of having their preferred payment method accepted makes even the less varied casino an appealing gambling destination for anyone who uses the payment options offered by the casino.

The vast majority of online casinos offer players the chance to withdraw cash in every type of globalized currency, such as the American dollar, the British Pound, and the Euro. However, you might want to find an Australian casino that offers AUD as a form of payment in order to make things easier for you.

In most cases, however, you’ll need to settle for another type of currency and exchange it to AUD by yourself, as the fact that casinos can’t operate in Australia can make it quite difficult for the company to access enough Australian dollars to give to every player.

Another great way for you to enjoy gambling in an Australian casino is by using an even more globalized payment method, such as Bitcoins or any other type of cryptocurrency. The easiest way for an Australian to make a monetary exchange to their local currency from any other type of cash is by using cryptos, and there are many online casinos that accept them as payments.

If you have access to cryptocurrency or if you’re interested in the topic, it’s highly recommended that you use this type of cash when gambling from Australia. Commissions and transfer fees are lower, and exchanging money as well as depositing is far easier than it would be with a regular bank transfer or card payment.

A wide array of payment features is absolutely mandatory – especially if you intend to play in an Australian high roller casino.

Multi-Device Support

The importance of multi-device compatibility will depend on what each player wants to do while gambling online. The vast majority of online casinos are made to be played on a desktop or any other type of computer, while many of them are also developed to be played on mobile devices such as phones and tablets. The best mobile casinos in Australia are fully compatible with most devices.

You might not find it important for your favorite online casino to be accessible via tablet, but if you’re hoping to play some games on the go, then you might want to find a casino with great mobile devices compatibility or an app that lets you play on the site wherever you go.

Most modern casinos offer mobile device compatibility in one of two ways (sometimes both): an app which can be downloaded from your device’s store, or in-site compatibly which lets you access the online casino from any mobile browser and have the site adapt to the size of your screen and other features of your device.

Generally speaking, you’ll find that most casinos in Australia allow players to visit them from mobile devices. Most of the sites that we’ve listed here at the Casino Wizard are mobile-friendly and great companions to carry with yourself whenever you’re traveling and the crave of placing a bet kicks in!

How to Choose the Best Casinos in Australia

Now that you have at your disposal all the necessary tools to judge the qualities of casinos in Australia, you can proceed to find out which of the sites listed here at The Casino Wizard are better suited to give you the experience that you’re looking for.

It’s important that you learn to prioritize and understand which features you need to find in an online casino and which of these features will make a site better suited for you. Remember that some sites might be poorly rated by communities because they don’t suit the needs of many, while they might be ideally made to suit yours.

Evaluate its Features

Make a list of priorities and see which features are more important for you than they are for other people. This is especially important if you intend to read reviews left by other players, as some things might not bother you as much as they do to other people. In any case, it’s always important to have a list of priorities at hand to be able to properly judge a casino and know if it’s the right fit for you.

Look for casinos that offer the exact features that you’re looking for, and try not to settle for a low-quality site. Remember that there are hundreds of online casinos out there, and even though not every single one of them offers access to Australians, you’ll eventually find one site that you’ll be able to call the best casino in Australia.

Most of the sites listed here at The Casino Wizard offer almost every single feature show in this list, so you can rest assured that your options are plentiful. Be sure to pick your favorite site and claim its bonuses!

The Best Casino for You

The most important thing to keep in mind whenever you’re looking for the best casino in Australia is to understand that not every player has the same tastes or likes. As such, your favorite casino might not be amongst the top-rated online sites on the planet. It’s important to conduct a thorough search of every Australian casino and make sure that it suits your needs.

Sites like LeoVegas, Omnislots, and Rich Casino are amongst the top-rated gambling sites for Australians, and the wide variety of casino games that they offer is a good proof of how great the sites are. Always keep in mind that having a versatile number of choices plays a large part in your enjoyment of a casino, so if you’re looking to stick around the same site for a while, you might want to consider visiting a site with plenty of options.

Always prioritize looking for casinos that have games of your choosing. You won’t have much of an issue finding a good Australian casino if you’re a fan of slots, but your search might need to be a tad more thorough if you intend to play table games or videopoker of the highest quality.

Site Ownership and Location

Another hugely important feature of Australian casinos is the location of the site. If you happen to come across an online casino that claims to be hosted in Australia, it might be better for you to move on to find another site. It’s highly likely than an Australian-based online site isn’t licensed, as no official licenses are issued to online establishment based inside the country.

Keep in mind that gambling in online casinos is by no means an illegal activity to be performed by Australians. The only illegal activity would be to how the site itself inside of Australian jurisdiction. You may freely visit any online casino and gamble your money there as long as it’s hosted somewhere else in the world. The best Australian casinos are hosted in Europe.

It’s also important to take a look at who the owner of the casino is. There are some large conglomerates that operate some of the biggest gambling sites in the world; usually these are the best places in which you can spend your time. Big conglomerated and large corporations tend to be the best casino website owners in the world, and they know a thing or two about what each player needs.

As such, sites owned by these companies allow Australian players to get the best out of the casino’s features without feeling limited by their geographic location.

Casino Updates

It’s very important to play in online casinos that are constantly updated. You should always visit sites that are periodically updating their features and introducing new promotions to be claimed by the online gambling community, as this shows total commitment from the casino towards its players.

It’s also very common for online casino game providers to continuously develop and release new games. Some of these games can be very profitable, and even if they’re equally as profitable as other options that you might find on any given casino, you might still want to try them out to see what they have to offer.

Your ideal online casino in Australia should be always constantly updated with every new thing that the online industry comes up with. If you feel like your favorite online casino lacks what it takes to be a long-term gambling location of yours, you might be better off looking at any of the other online casinos that offer services to Australian gamers.

The Importance of Choosing the Best Casinos in Australia

Australian gamblers don’t have access to as many options as European gamblers, but they do have a higher quality array of options than American players. It’s very important to thoroughly evaluate the features that each online casino offers and make a judgment call depending on your gut as well as on the thorough evaluation of these features before deciding which casino you want to visit.

Remember that not every online site offers to pay people in Australian dollars, so you might have to use alternative payment methods like cryptocurrency wallets, e-wallets, or even traditional wire transfers with international currency. Just be sure to keep an eye out for extra fees that might be charged for you, as you can end up overpaying for a transfer if your bank charges a large service fee.

It’s important to choose the best casino in Australia for you if you’re planning on staying there for a long time. Remember that casinos often become an important part of your gaming life, and you’ll want to be partnered by a quality companion rather than a below-average one simply because you didn’t take enough time to research it in advance.