What is a crypto casino?

A crypto casino, or cryptocurrency casino, is an online gambling site that accepts payments and withdrawals in cryptocurrency. These sites often accept Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Dogecoin as their main payment methods. Some crypto casinos also accept payments in standard currency, but they will give you much more lucrative bonuses if you make your deposits in cryptos.

What to Expect from the Best Crypto Casinos in 2021

Gambling with cryptocurrencies will always be one of the best ways in which you can spend your time and money in online casinos. These sites tend to offer many features that set them apart from the rest and keep them ahead of other casinos as iGaming options.

We have compiled a list of 4 reasons why we think that crypto casinos are among the best in the industry and why we know that you’ll be loving them:

All Sorts of Crypto Casino Games to Enjoy

If you’re a fan of online casino games, then you’re going to love trying them out with cryptocurrency. The best online casino games in the world can be played with cryptos as long as you play them in bitcoin casinos.

These sites will accept all sorts of popular cryptos as payment methods and you will be able to play the games using credits that have a representative value in the crypto of your choice.

Better Casino Bonuses than Other Sites

The vast majority of online crypto casinos will look to encourage you to make deposits. That’s why these sites tend to offer players the chance to claim significant sums of cash as long as they make their deposits using any sort of cryptocurrency.

You will notice that the bonuses even have lower payouts if the transfer or deposit is made with cash – you need to make the deposit with cryptos to take full advantage of it!

Instant Casino Payments

Another huge advantage that comes for people who look to make deposits in cryptos is that the payments, as well as the withdrawals, are made in a much quicker fashion. Some online casinos that deal with crypto payments tend to process your money in a very short amount of time, meaning that you could get your cash in just a couple of minutes.

The Best Interfaces

A common trend that has made its way through most of the Bitcoin gambling world is for crypto casinos to have incredible interfaces. They are easy to browse and everything in the casino seems to be impeccably presented.

Analyzing the Safety of a Crypto Casino

Now, it might seem like a great choice to visit a crypto casino and start playing with your money as quickly as possible, but there are a few things that you may want to consider before you make that first deposit in a site that seems to be a legitimate one.

Whether that is that you’re going to register on any site listed here or that you’re going to be looking for an online casino on your own, you need to be fully aware of how a crypto casino works and what makes it safe if you’re going to have a quality experience.

SSL Encryption is Still There

Even though online casinos use SSL encryption to protect user data and bitcoin casinos tend to be safe when it comes to their transactions, it’s still important that your preferred crypto casino is defended with quality SSL encryption. This will prevent people from stealing your data and your cryptocurrency details.

Bitcoin Wallet Payments Make Them Easier

One of the safest ways to transfer money to any online casino is to use bitcoin wallets. These wallets are extremely safe and only accessible by yourself, which gives you full control over what you do with the money and where your transactions are going. It’s impossible to mismanage your cash when you know what you to and the money is in your hands.

Fully Regulated Casinos Guarantee Safe Payments

Apart from crypto casinos being sources of quick payments and transfers, they’re also known as places where scams may occur – especially if you visit a site that isn’t properly regulated. Visit online casinos that have been properly licensed by the world’s most prominent authorities our you may find yourself in trouble and on the verge of being scammed.

Bitcoin Casinos and Crypto Casinos

Bitcoin casinos are the same, but we use the term crypto casinos to refer to sites that accept all sorts of cryptos as payment methods. It’s common for these sites to simply use the term “bitcoin casinos” because it encompasses most cryptos anyway, and the term is far more commonly used.

There are some sites that work with bitcoins only, though. However, the vast majority of online casinos found in The Casino Wizard accepting payments in bitcoins will also accept payments in Ethereum, Litecoin, Doge, and Bitcoin.

Both are the Same, But Cryptos are More Varied

In general, if you want to truly make sure that an online casino accepts all sorts of cryptos as payments, you may want to visit a casino that we list as “crypto casino” and not a bitcoin casino, just in case. Most of the sites that we have reviewed allow for both sorts of payments, but that way, you’ll be truly sure of what to expect.

Exploring Why Crypto Casino Bonuses are So Good

There are some reasons why cryptocurrency casino bonuses are a step above the rest. These bonuses tend to be among the most coveted offers in the iGaming world and they also tend to be so lucrative that players from other online casinos basically feel like they need to claim them and leave their old accounts in order to join crypto casinos instead.

There are two main reasons why cryptocurrency bonuses are so good and lucrative. These two reasons are as follows:

Much More Flexible Gambling Limits

These bonuses tend to come with gambling limits that are far more flexible because you’re going to find yourself trying to fulfill much heftier wagering requirements. This is both a pro and a con of these bonuses, but the fact that you can wager more money also allows you to win bigger rewards, which in turn makes these bonuses far more entertaining to claim and play with.

Casinos Want You to Use Cryptos

Online casinos that handle crypto payments will always prefer for you to use your own cryptos to pay rather than your money. That’s why these online casinos tend to give you better bonuses if you wager your cryptos – they will ensure that you know that crypto deposits are the way to go if you use their services.

Why You Should Gamble with Cryptos

If you’re still not convinced about whether or not you want to wager with cryptos, there are a few extra reasons why we can fully recommend you to do it and that we know that they will convince you once and for all.

Keep Your Identity Safe

Online casinos that deal with bitcoins and cryptos will allow you to keep your identity safe. Bitcoin payments tend to be secure and difficult to track, so you won’t have to worry about your identity or data being stolen if you decide to wager in one of these online casinos.

Low Fees (or None at All!)

Crypto casinos mean that no banks will get in the way of your transfers, which means that no payment fees will be involved if you decide to use the wallets as payment methods. There’s no need for you to have your money taken instead of having it wagered on your favorite games – that’s part of the magic of the bitcoin gambling world!

Instant Transfers – No Matter the Crypto that You Choose!

Apart from the transfers being untraceable and safe, there’s another reason why bitcoin payments are on another level when compared to other online casinos: they are quick and, in most cases, instant. You will get your money deposited in an instant and you will get your payment in a matter of minutes. It’s all about quickness and safety with bitcoin casinos.

Say Goodbye to Limitations

There are many limitations that come with online gambling in general. Country limitations such as users not being allowed to pay in online casinos with national banks, credit card limits that won’t allow you to overspend over a certain threshold in your favorite online casinos, and more.

With the best crypto casinos in the world, it’s time for you to say goodbye to the annoying limitations that are imposed by countries and entities. Take full control of your iGaming experience with the best crypto casinos in the world!

Crypto Casinos Need to be Provably Fair – Here’s Why

If you’ve played in legit online casinos before, then you know what the provably fair feature is. Basically, it ensures that all games are under a fair RNG engine that truly ensures customers that they have a chance to beat the casino – regardless of how slim they might be. It’s basically a fair way to ensure that players are not being scammed and that the online casino of your choice is operating in full fairness.

Naturally, crypto casinos need to have this process implemented upon them as well. Some crypto casinos don’t do it, and those are the ones that you need to avoid.

Play in the Best Crypto Casinos in 2021 and Earn Free Bitcoins Now!

Cryptocurrency casinos are here to stay. These fantastic sites have become the pinnacle of online gambling and they seem to be here for a long time, with many more of these casinos sure to be incorporated into The Casino Wizard in the near future.

As things stand, the best cryptocurrency casinos in the world have made their way to becoming flagship iGaming sites that we love to play at. You now have all the information that you need in order to enjoy them to the fullest – make the best of them and visit your online casino of choice now!