Our Full Guide on Crypto Casino Games

Our Full Guide on Crypto Casino Games

Crypto Games – Everything You Need to Know About Them

Playing crypto casino games has never been easier. The world of online casinos has taken a clear approach towards iGaming in what seems like an unstoppable turn. Every day, more and more casinos are offering crypto payments, which is allowing the world of crypto casino games to grow.

This exponential growth is followed by the adaptation of gaming companies and casinos to permit multiple cryptos to be used as currency in slots, table games, live dealer games, keno, and even when placing sportsbook bets.

Buckle up and get ready to learn all you need to know about crypto casino games – including where to play them, how to start playing bitcoin games, and how the setup process goes.

What are Crypto Casino Games?

Crypto casino games are online casino games that you can play with cryptocurrency (and there are many reasons why it’s a great idea to do so). They work exactly like standard casino games, but you can play them with major cryptos instead of standard money.

Among the most popular types of cryptocurrencies that you can use to play casino games, you can find Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Doge. You can also check out the best Litecoin casinos!

Types of Crypto Casino Games & Activities – What to Play with Cryptocurrency

The world of crypto casino games is vast. You will be able to play multiple world-class games when gambling in crypto casinos, which allow you to have the same level of fun that you would have on a traditional online website.

As things stand, almost every single game-type found in a standard casino can also be played on a crypto site. This is because developers give licenses to online casinos to host their games, so it’s up to the casino to choose and set up how the payments work.

These are the most common crypto casino games in the industry:


The world’s biggest crypto casinos are home to online slots that are popular on standard online sites. Visiting quality online casinos like BitStarz or mBitCasino will allow you to play classic games with bitcoin, such as Starburst, Book of Dead, Bonanza Megaways, and many more. Sherbet Casino slots are some of the best you can find, too.

Casino Extra games with BTC
Casino Extra slot games that you can play with BTC

Crypto Jackpot Slots

A common question that often arises when gambling online is whether you can play online slots with progressive jackpots using bitcoin. After all, rewards are always shown in regulated currencies, which means that crypto payments may seem difficult.

mega moolah slot

Crypto jackpot slots exist. In fact, they’re the same as standard jackpot games. Mega Moolah, for example, can be played with cryptos if you visit an online casino that accepts BTC and holds the Mega Moolah license. Payouts will be handled by the casino should you win the major jackpot!

Table Games

Table game sections are super popular in the crypto iGaming world. You can play poker, baccarat, bitcoin roulette, and blackjack in almost any reputable crypto casino.

king billy casino table games
Table games playable with BTC at the King Billy Casino - claim its bonuses to get started!

In fact, some crypto casinos even offer special promotions for gamblers to spend more of their time and money playing these sorts of casino games. You can use this BitStarz no deposit bonus code to earn free spins, or use the Casino eXtreme $100 no deposit bonus to play with a free chip in a reliable online casino.

Live Casino Gambling

The growth of online casinos into the world of cryptocurrency hasn’t stopped in standard casino games. You will also be able to play the best live casino online games in crypto casinos, as the licensing for these sorts of games works the same as standard slots.

mbitcasino live dealer games
The live dealer game gallery at the mBitCasino

If a casino that accepts cryptos is given the license to host live casino games, then you will be able to play them with cryptos. The company that gives away the license (like Evo Gaming, for example) only cares for the legitimacy of the casino. Payments are often handled by casinos themselves.

Ultimate Texas Hold'em is one of the most popular live casino games offered by Evolution, boasting a 99%+ RTP. You can use our guide to learn about Ultimate Texas Holdem strategy and play the game in reliable gambling sites!

Sportsbook Betting

Betting with cryptos is growing to become one of the most popular practices in the iGaming world. Crypto sportsbooks work exactly like a standard sportsbook, but you can pay with your cryptos instead of with regulated currency.

You will be able to place bets either live or in advance of matches occurring, and in the same events that you would bet in a standard sportsbook.

Eager to place sportsbook bets with BTC? Read our BetWinner review and pay with cryptos or FIAT!

Learn How to Play Crypto Casino Games

You know what they are and you know how many there are. Now, it’s time for you to learn how to play crypto casino games from the start. We’re going to guide youth through the process of getting started playing crypto casino games even if you don’t currently own a crypto wallet!

1. Find a Suitable Casino

First things first: before you register a wallet or even get your hands on your first cryptos, the most important thing is to find a suitable online casino in which you’ll be spending your money.

We bring you a list of the best crypto casinos in the world if you’d like to save yourself some time. If you’re looking for bitcoin casinos specifically, you can also check out a list of the best bitcoin casinos in the world, or you can check our article of mBitCasino vs. BitStarz to help you get a grasp of how two giants compare with one another.

2. Get a Bitcoin Wallet

You now know where to play, so now it’s time to get yourself a good bitcoin wallet. Get a trustworthy wallet service and be sure to open it and keep the information stored somewhere safe. We recommend you get all of your crypto wallet details in a place where you know you can’t lose them.

It’s better to open a wallet before you go to an exchange, as you will need both to then transfer your money to the online casino in which you intend to play at.

3. Open an Account in a Cryptocurrency Exchange

You have the wallet, now you need to find the means to get yourself some cryptos. The best way to do this is by purchasing it from a cryptocurrency exchange. Be sure to open an account in a trustworthy crypto exchange that sells cryptos accepted in your casino of choice.

Always check the accepted cryptos in your selected casino before you open an account in an exchange. You should also check the transaction fees of the exchange to ensure that you won’t be losing too much cash on transfers.

4. Buy Your Preferred Cryptos

Once your exchange account is all but created and verified, you will then have to purchase cryptos from any member of the exchange that you can find.

You may struggle to buy cryptos at first because of your newly created account, but once you find someone willing to sell you the money, all you need to do is make the payment and get it to your exchange account.

Remember to buy a crypto accepted in the casino in which you’re going to play.

5. Transfer the Cryptos from the Exchange to Your Wallet

Now that you have your cryptocurrency, you will need to transfer the cash to your crypto wallet. Remember: your wallet is crucial to transfer the money from your exchange to your casino account, and you will need both to get the money and to get it into your iGaming account.

Transfer the cash from the exchange to your wallet and open your casino account. Keep the latter on standby.

6. Get the Cryptos into Your Casino Account

Verify that your money is in your crypto wallet and visit the online casino where you want to play crypto casino games. This is the type where you’ll want to activate any bonuses, if available, or you may end up missing out on them.

In most cases, transferring money to a crypto casino account is quite easy. All you need to do is:

  • Log into your crypto casino account
  • Visit the cashier
  • Transfer money to the wallet address that you’ll be given
  • Follow any other specific instruction that the casino requires of you
  • Get the cash credited to your account!

7. Play Crypto Casino Games

Step 7 is the best step of the bunch! Now, you get to play any crypto casino game that you want. Simply visit the various sections of the online casino of your choice and start playing.

Be sure to play games with bonus cash if you have the chance, and avoid playing games with low RTP unless you find them entertaining. Remember to fulfill the wagering requirements of all bonuses before you cash out any winnings.

8. Transfer Your Profits into your Crypto Wallet

After you’re done playing, you will need to transfer the money out of your casino account and into the wallet that you want.

All you need to do is follow the same steps that you followed when transferring the money into the account, but in reverse.

Transfer the cash from the casino to your wallet (you basically only need to enter your wallet address and how much money you want to deposit) and the cash will be given to you in an instant. It’s an automatic process, so your cryptos will be transferred in a matter of minutes.

Advantages of Crypto Games – Why Crypto Casinos Are Better than Standard Casinos

Playing in crypto casinos is not only a fantastic way to earn some extra cash and get better rewards than in standard websites, but there are also many other benefits that come with crypto gambling. We’re going to look at the main reasons why it’s a good decision to play and gamble with cryptos.

Worldwide Availability

Cryptocurrency is not tied to a country, which means that you will have access to the multiple payment options of crypto casinos no matter where you live.

BitStarz Casino bitcoin website logo
BitStarz, one of the world's biggest cryptocurrency casinos

This is one of the main reasons why crypto casino games are so popular: you will be able to play them wherever you are, which ensures that you can visit these casinos even if your country of birth (or where you live) has gambling restrictions that would otherwise prevent you from playing online.

No Transfer Fees

Using crypto wallets to transfer money and play in an online casino comes with the major benefit of you not needing to spend a dime in transfer fees.

Even when you purchase your money in an exchange, you will be paying small percentages of your purchase as part of the fee. This makes it much easier for you to buy cryptos without the need of overspending on money that you won’t see again.

Keep in mind that transferring in and out of an exchange does cost some cash. Sites like Inmerion Casino allow you to play with no fees and use methods like Moonpay.

Better Casino Bonuses

Cryptos may be volatile, but online casinos are willing to take a gamble on them. If you are as well, then chances are that you walk way with a good profit. Bonuses given in cryptos tend to be much more lucrative than standard casino bonuses, so take full advantage of them if you have the chance.

How to Find the Best Casinos to Play Crypto Casino Games

Crypto casino games are starting to show up almost everywhere. The trend of global gaming seems to be taking a firm step towards cryptocurrency in general with the rise of NFT games, and crypto casino games are sure not staying behind.

That doesn’t mean that you should jump towards the first opportunity that you come across. Let’s look at the things you should look for in a crypto casino before you register on it and play its games, or you can also check out our guide to BTC gambling.

Check for Licensing

You will first need to look at the licenses of an online casino before checking any other of its features. Licenses will help you determine the level of legitimacy of a website, which in turn will allow you to see if bonuses are worth it and if your time is better spent elsewhere.

If you see that an online casino holds a license from the UK Gambling Commission, the Malta Gambling Authorities, or the Curacao Government, then you can rest assured that it’s a good crypto casino to visit. 

If you want to learn more about the most reputable gambling authorities that give licenses in the world, you can read our full article on them. You should always look at the casino license before claiming a bonus. We've written positive reviews about the Mirax Casino no deposit bonus, for example, but other rewards like the Lucky Creek $100 no deposit bonus look good on paper, but aren't worth your time.

Read Player Opinions on the Casino

Some players don’t settle for the licenses of a casino before deciding whether to spend their money on a website. If you’re keen on learning more about how a casino works, there’s no better way to do it than reading the opinions of people that have already tried it out.

You can visit the online casino that you want and go to external websites to see what other players think about these casinos.

You can also check our opinions on the casinos if you want to save yourself the trouble of looking for legit sites. We have ranked the best crypto casinos in the world for your convenience, and we've even made an Inclave casino list to help you choose the best gambling sites with Inclave.

Check the Selection of Games

Always check for the available games that an online casino hosts. A good selection of crypto casino games usually means that you will have many more activities in which to partake, giving much more value to the time spent in an online casino.

casino extra game gallery
Some of the top slots available at the Casino Extra BTC gambling site

Be sure to visit a selection of top quality crypto casinos and determine which one has the games that you’re looking for. Don’t settle!

See if Bonuses are Worth It

Online casino bonuses vary a lot, and that doesn’t change when we move into the crypto gambling world. Some crypto casinos offer extremely lucrative bonuses whilst other sites will lock their rewards behind some rather hefty terms and conditions.

Try to play in a casino with legit ways to get your hands on your bonus cash.

Provably Fair Algorithm

The Provably Fair algorithm is the only way for you to ensure that your money will be well spent in an online casino. It’s an algorithm that is instilled upon casino games that allows third-party companies to gather evidence on the legitimacy of a casino.

Sites with the Provably Fair algorithm ensure players bets to be fair. Sites with a license given by a reputable gambling authority have this algorithm.

Try to Find a Crypto Sportsbook Website

Sportsbook availability has become a massive aspect of online casino gameplay. That’s one of the reasons why so many crypto casinos are now accepting users paying their cryptos and spending them in sportsbook bets.

The BetWinner Hybrid FIAT & Crypto Sportsbook

You can see that these sportsbooks work like traditional casino sportsbooks. All sorts of bets and matches are allowed to be bet on. Check out the BetWinner sportsbook to try out your luck!

Number of Accepted Cryptos

Crypto casinos, back when they began to surface, came with some very basic requirements and the ability for you to barely make payments and withdrawals using bitcoin.

As the world of cryptos has evolved, so have the payment options in crypto casinos.

It’s important to find online casinos that accept various altcoins as payment methods to allows players more flexibility when it comes to how they transfer their cash in and out of their casino of choice.

Bonuses for Crypto Casino Games

The age-old question of crypto gambling is: Do crypto casinos offer bonuses for players?

The answer to his question is yes, but that’s not the only thing that you should know about crypto casino games and bonuses: these bonuses are also far more lucrative than a standard casino bonus, which is why they’re so coveted in the iGaming world.

Bitcoin bonuses are generally better, such as this $50 free bitcoin no deposit promotion. These are the types of bonuses that you will find in crypto casinos:

No Deposit Bonuses

Some crypto casinos, like mBitCasino, offer bonuses that you can spend on crypto casino games. These work the same as they do in a standard online casino, which means that you won’t be able to earn much money with no deposit bonuses but they do allow you to play fantastic games without spending a dime.

mbitcasino no deposit free spins
Get 50 free spins at mBitCasino upon registration!

They provide you with limited winning amounts and they come with higher wagering requirements. However, they’re worth your time and serve to test the waters of a new casino to see how it works.

Deposit Bonuses

Deposit bonuses are everywhere to be found in crypto casinos. You will be able to make deposits and get your deposits matched for quite large amounts when gambling on crypto websites.

king billy casino btc welcome bonus
Get up to 5 BTC at the King Billy Casino

Match deposit bonuses in crypto casinos give you much higher monetary rewards than they do on standard websites. This is a way for bitcoin casinos to encourage players to deposit more cryptos and to opt for crypto deposits rather than standard cash deposits. Try out the King Billy Casino sign up bonus to start off your adventure with a bang!

Hybrid Bonuses

Seeing as how many players aren’t willing to make large deposits during their first visit to an online casino, there’s a new popular trend that crypto casinos are offering players: instead of providing you with a match deposit of thousands of euros in BTC, you can claim smaller bonuses in standard currency or free spins instead of bonus cash.

Other Casino Bonuses

You can also find tournaments and other ongoing bonuses to play and earn extra rewards in the best crypto casino games in the world. It all depends on how much cash you’re willing to spend and the casino bonuses that these online casinos are giving away.

How to Avoid Getting Scammed When Playing Crypto Games

You may know how to play, but here comes the most important part: learning how not to get scammed when playing crypto casino games. Thankfully, a little bit of common sense goes a long way to avoid losing your money to scammers and thieves.

We bring you our four most trusted tips on how to avoid getting your cash stolen (or your info compromised) when gambling online in the best crypto casinos:

Choose a Trustworthy Exchange

The first and most important step that you will need to take to protect your cryptos is to open an account in a trustworthy coin exchange.

Binance, one of the most popular and trustworthy cryptocurrency exchanges

Exchanges are used to trade your money for cryptocurrency, but they’re very open. You will be trading with other people that want to sell, whilst you look to buy. As such, it’s crucial to create an account in a safe exchange with features that will prevent you from getting scammed.

These are three of the exchanges that we recommend to our readers. They offer multiple cryptos and they’re as safe as you need them to be:

  • Binance
  • Coinbase
  • Kraken

Protect Your Crypto Wallet

As we said, it’s better that you have a crypto wallet than keeping your cryptos at the exchange of your choice. However, you need to treat your wallet information with total care. If you lose the wallet info, then you will lose all of your cryptos!


You need to store your data in a safe place and be sure not to lose your access credentials. Always transfer your cash from the exchange to your wallet in a safe and prompt manner.

Peel Your Eyes for Phishing Scams

Phishing scams are extremely common in the illegitimate crypto gambling industry. Please keep in mind that online casinos will never ask you for your access credentials to either your exchange account or your wallet.

Stay away from casinos that do, as they’re scams. Be sure to only play in crypto casinos that allow you to transfer your money in and out of the casino with simple wallet transfers.

Passwords are Your Greatest Allies

Create passwords and enter double verification information everywhere you can. This is the best way to keep your data safe.

We even recommend keeping your passwords away from your computer or phone if you can. The best way to be safe about your info is to store your information in a personal log that you can keep in a safe space where you live. This will keep you safe even if you get hacked.

Only Claim Reliable Bonuses

It's easy to fall victim to an unreliable casino if you opt to claim just about any casino bonus. Profitable and lucrative bonuses need to be taken a close look at before you claim them! You can check out some of our no deposit bonus reviews to tell the good apart from the bad:

Online casinos from all over the world can accept any crypto that they choose as part of the user’s payment methods. It’s important to have an account in an exchange that offers multiple altcoins just in case, but the most relevant cryptos accepted by online casinos are usually found in most of the biggest exchanges.

These are the most common cryptos accepted by online casinos around the world:

  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • Dogecoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Bitcoin

You can expect other altcoins to eventually be accepted in online casinos around the world – especially as other cryptos gain more popularity. The growth of Cardano may be a clear indicator that online casinos may soon opt to accept is a payment method.

The Best Casinos to Play Cryptocurrency Games

If you’ve come this far, then you’re probably itching to play the best crypto casino games in the online gaming industry. You can’t just jump into any casino to do it, though! We’ve compiled a list of the best online crypto casinos in the iGaming world so you can choose one of the internet’s top sites to maximize your rewards:

Ads disclosure
1 mBit Casino
Visit сasino
2 BitStarz Casino
Visit сasino
3 Casino Extra
Visit сasino

Playing Crypto Casino Games on Mobile Devices – A Short Overview

Crypto casinos are generally compatible with mobile devices. Games are playable and features should work just like they do on a computer. That doesn’t mean, however, that you should play crypto casino games and make your deposits on the same device.

crypto casino mobile gaming

Casinos have the option to do the aforementioned. However, we recommend the following:

  • Create an account in a crypto casino on your personal computer
  • Be sure to complete the setup process of your payment method
  • Go to your phone and visit the casino or download the casino app
  • You can either make your deposit now or make it via your computer
  • Play on mobile!

Start Your Crypto Gaming Journey Now – The iGaming World Awaits

It’s not difficult to tell that crypto casino games seem to be the future of the iGaming world. With more and more people getting into cryptocurrencies as time goes by, the market is following a trend of growth that won’t stop for as long as bitcoin remain as popular as it is.

Now that you know all you need to know about crypto casino games, it’s time for you to choose how you want to shape your adventure.

Be sure to visit the internet’s best bitcoin casinos and start your journey using crypto bonuses. These rewards are far more lucrative than standard casino bonuses – be sure not to miss out!

Last updated  June 17, 2024
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