MaChance Casino Bonus: Choose Your Welcome Bonus + 20 Free Spins

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MaChance Casino

100% up to €250

✅ Get Your MaChance Casino 20 Free Spins HERE. Deposit €250 and play with €500 or deposit €20 and play with €80.

Visit MaChance and Claim Free Cash on Your First Deposit!

The MaChance welcome bonus is the flagship prize of the MaChance Casino, and one of the few bonuses that you’ll actually encounter on this website – apart from the casino’s loyalty rewards, of course.


In any case, this is one of those welcome bonuses that seem to be really good on paper but that you’ll have to know more about the fine print before you’re able to fully enjoy it. That’s why we’ve chosen to explain this bonus in thorough detail before you go on and claim it.

Take a closer look at the hefty rules that the MaChance Casino has put in place and be your own judge to determine whether this bonus is worth your while, or if you may be better off claiming another of our top picks for the best bonuses in the casino industry.

What is the MaChance Welcome Bonus?

The MaChance welcome bonus is a special offer that allows you to claim two different types of bonuses depending on what you’re looking to deposit:

  • You can deposit €250 and play with €500 (100% up to €500) or…
  • You can deposit €20 and play with €80 (300% match deposit up to €80)

The bonus is made to be spent mainly in slots, and comes with some rather hefty wagering requirements, but it’s the main MaChance bonus and one that will still pack your account with a lot of bonus cash to be enjoyed at your will after fulfilling the wagering restrictions of the offer.

The MaChance welcome bonus, the bonus cash obtained with the offer, and the bonus free spins, are all easy to claim.

However, you do need to be aware that only new accounts are eligible to obtain any rewards from this bonus. Older accounts or accounts that have already made deposits before are not eligible to receive it. Other MaChance bonuses should be claimed after this one has been spent.

MaChance Casino Free Spins

Visit the MaChance Casino and earn free spins on a random slot machine at the moment of registration and after making your first deposit. You will be able to spend all of those free spins on one of the site's most popular slots!

How to Claim the MaChance Welcome Bonus

There are only a few steps that you will need to follow in order to claim the rewards that the MaChance Casino gives to every new player that registers on the site. This is how you can claim the MaChance welcome bonus:

  • Create an account at the MaChance Casino
  • Validate your account before claiming the bonus (via email)
  • Choose an amount to deposit and which of the two bonuses to claim
  • Visit the Casino cashier and make your deposit
  • The bonus cash and free spins should show up in your account minutes after it’s confirmed!

Claim the MaChance welcome bonus as soon as you register on the site to make sure that you qualify for the account. Only your first deposit will grant you the money.

How to Spend the MaChance Welcome Bonus

There really is one way in which you can effectively spend your MaChance welcome bonus cash and the free spins that you’ll also obtain with the offer, and that is by playing slots. Here are our two cents on why:

  • We recommend that you spent most of the bonus cash on slot games, as they offer the best contribution rates towards the fulfillment of the wagering requirements. All of the money that you bet in slots will contribute towards the fulfillment of the wagering requirements
  • Avoid playing any table game with the bonus cash. Not only do these games not contribute towards the fulfillment of the wagering requirement of the bonus, but you can also lose all of your bonus money if you bet on table games with the bonus still active

MaChance Welcome Bonus Terms and Conditions

The MaChance Casino seems really good on paper; we’ll give it that. However, there are some rather hefty rules that prevent us from truly loving this offer and recommending it even more open to our readers. It’s a fantastic bonus, but is it one of the best welcome bonuses on the internet?

Visit the MaChance Casino and read the bonus rules if you want to know more, or read our breakdown of the site’s most important bonus terms and conditions to save yourself the trouble:

Bonus Wagering Requirement

This is our main gripe with the bonus, and arguably the main reason why the MaChance Casino hasn’t been able to become one of the most visited casinos on the planet. With a wagering requirement of 90 times the amount of your bonus, there really is a good chance that you won’t ever walk away with any profit after spending the cash on the casino.

Bonus Timeframe

Even though the site’s wagering requirements are insanely high, there’s something that makes the bonuses far more realistic to be enjoyed: there isn’t a specific timeframe in which you’ll have to spend the money – at least not one that the casino explicitly tells you, nor one that we have encountered thus far.

With no bonus timeframe, you’ll be able to take your time and do as you wish with the money and fulfill the wagering requirements at your own pace. It’s not the best of tradeoffs, but at least it makes the offer much better!

Bonus Restrictions

On top of those two rules, there are a couple of other restrictions that you should know before you claim this bonus, namely:

  • You can only claim one bonus at a time. Use the MaChance welcome bonus and be sure not to claim any other promotions or this one will get deactivated
  • Stakes from table games do not count towards the fulfillment of the wagering requirements
  • The bonus free spins must be spent and the income generated with the spins is also subjected to the same wagering requirements as the rest of the bonus

Claim Your Cash Now or Go for the Sportsbook Bonus Instead!

Are you happy with the bonus rules that oversee the MaChance welcome bonus? If so, go and pay a visit to this fantastic casino, create your account, and start earning that bonus money from day one and onwards.

Remember that the MaChance welcome bonus is the best way to get started on this casino, and the best way to start collecting points and earning experience to claim rewards on the site’s loyalty program.

Start your journey at the amazing MaChance Casino now and claim the welcome bonus to top off your account with cash and free spins as soon as you start off your adventure!

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