Bitcoin Casinos UK

Gambling with bitcoins is always fun and very lucrative, but finding the best sites to spend your digital currency can be quite a tricky thing to do. Here, you’ll find the best bitcoin casinos in the United Kingdom and the best bonuses that they offer to every player as well.

100% + 100 Free Spins 100% + 100 Free Spins


T&C apply

225% Up to $12,250 225% Up to $12,250


T&C apply

100% up to €200 + 10 Free Spins 100% up to €200 + 10 Free Spins


T&C apply

What are Bitcoin Casinos?

Bitcoin casinos are online casinos that accept bitcoins as a form of payment. Bitcoins are a very common payment method amongst casino players, as they offer safe and secure transactions, but they also offer the quickest payment method out of them all. Bitcoin transactions are processed much quicker than bank transfers, as it removes the issue of third parties handling your money. That's why many people consider these sites to be among the best casinos in Britain.

Most bitcoin casinos also have other payment methods available. The best bitcoin casinos in the world allow players to use other sorts of cryptos and even regulated bank currencies such as euros, dollars, or pounds. Bitcoin casinos are more popular than ever, and with the rise of the price of bitcoins set to undergo another boom, we can only expect this trend to keep growing.

In any case, bitcoin casinos in the UK have become more popular in 2019 than they were in the past. A few online casinos have been joining the big leagues and older sites are offering some incredible bonuses to compete with them. Which of these bonuses do you wish to claim?

Is It Legal to Gamble with Bitcoins in the UK?

The United Kingdom Gambling Commission, otherwise known as the UKGC, has spoken about the risks of gambling with bitcoins and has, thus, created certain restrictions when it comes to using cryptos to gamble online. However, gambling online with bitcoins in the UK is fully legal as long as the online casino offering the services is licensed and approved by the UKGC itself.

Being one of the most prestigious entities when it comes to controlling online gambling, the UKGC issues license that allow online casinos to operate legally within the UK and, in many cases, in other countries as well. Bitcoin gamble is only frowned upon by certain institutions because most online casinos that offer these activities to the public don’t ask for too much information, which can lead to money laundering.

However, some of the most prestigious online casinos in the UK are now offering bitcoins as forms of payment. Other sites have been explicitly created specifically for bitcoin gambles, and we have many of these sites available for you right here, at The Casino Wizard.

All of the sites that you’ll find on this page are fully licensed by the UKGC and are, therefore, available to be played within any country that belongs to the UK. Many of these casinos are available in other European countries too, so you might be able to play if you happen to travel abroad. Carry your digital currency with you and experience the magic and easiness with which you can bet with bitcoins online!

Bitcoin Casino Bonuses UK

If you’re looking for the best online casino bonuses that can be claimed with bitcoins, you’ve come to the right place. What you need to know about bitcoin bonuses is one thing – you will be assigned a bitcoin wallet in your online casino account, regardless of which bitcoin casino we’re talking about. They all operate quite equally. 

You only need to transfer money from your own bitcoin wallet to the wallet that your account is being given. This will allow you to make a deposit in your account in a matter of minutes, and the bonuses get processed in an instant. You can simply claim any bonus that you wish in less than a few minutes thanks to the speed of payment using cryptocurrency.

Do You Need to Deposit Cryptos to Play with Cryptos?

This depends on each casino. Some online casinos that handle bitcoin allow you to make deposits using pounds, but you may convert the money to bitcoins and withdraw it to a wallet if you have the means to do it. The money will be transferred in the type of currency that you requested using the site’s conversion rates. 

Most casinos will allow you to claim bonuses using cryptos or regulated bank currency, but in most cases, depositing cash with cryptos will result in better rewards. If you wish to obtain the best rewards a casino has to offer, stick to depositing bitcoins, lithium, doge, or any other available payment method. Using cryptos tends to result in more lucrative bonuses almost 100% of the time.

You may also choose to deposit other types of currency and spend it on the casino, so you can then withdraw it in cryptos. That’s the magic of bitcoin casinos – they usually allow you to play with the money in many ways, which gives you a lot of flexibility in the long run!

Last Edit: May 9, 2022