High Roller Bonuses

High rollers are the most valuable members of an online casino, as they represent the largest single-account income of a gambling site. Thus, it’s common for online casinos to try and keep these players on their side and avoid them moving into their competitors’ websites. In order to do this, casino providers have come up with exclusive bonuses that are aimed at serving these players, making them stand out from the rest. High roller bonuses include a large array of benefits for players willing to bet thousands of euros into casino games, ranging from special treatment and high roller invites to large deposit bonuses.

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The Privilege of Being Called a High-Roller

The most natural question that most casino players ask when they gamble a lot of money is if their bets are enough to consider themselves high rollers. Looking for a straightforward answer is not possible when asking this question, as every casino has different standards to judge who can be called a high roller and who can’t.

However, there’s a basic general rule for high rollers. If you’re looking to make deposits of amounts higher than a thousand euros and if your bets and wagers go over the hundreds, then calling yourself a high roller is almost a given. If you’re one of these gamblers, then you can rest assured that online casinos have created high roller bonuses just for the likes of you.

High Roller Bonuses and Their Types

High roller bonuses are a way for casinos to give special treatment to their most valuable players. Those who are willing to gamble a ton of cash are also those who are most likely to lose it – at least in the eyes of the casino. High roller bonuses encourage people with large sums of cash to bet it, but it’s a two-edged sword for casinos as it also gives high rollers better odds of winning large sums of cash.

Thus, these high roller bonuses are far more lenient and much less limiting than their low roller counterparts. If you’re looking to bet a ton of cash in hopes of making even more money in return, then high roller bonuses are what you’re looking for. They come in various forms, however, and it’s important that you fully understand them to know which are better for you.

Deposit High Roller Bonuses

Most high roller bonuses are given to you as soon as you make a large cash deposit in the site. They are different from regular welcome bonuses or low roller bonuses because the amount of money that you can get as a cash boost for your account is significantly larger. These bonuses usually give you thousands of euros worth of bonus money – all of which is subjected to wagering requirements.

Using a high roller deposit bonus is usually allowed in any part of an online casino. It doesn’t matter if you want to play slots or blackjack, these bonuses have far fewer limitations and restrictions than any other low roller bonuses.

Tournaments & Table Invitations

Most online casinos that support high roller gambling and offer high roller bonuses usually have VIP areas where this type of players can interact and play with each other, often betting large sums of money on each of their wagers. To encourage this, online casinos usually have special tournaments fully dedicated to high rollers and supervised by the casino’s most important members.

Poker Tournaments

Most high rollers love playing poker – that’s no secret. The traditional Texas Hold’Em might be the most popular table game which high-rollers prefer, but some online casinos also hold tournaments for high rollers who love to play all sorts of poker variations.

The entry for a high roller poker tournament is one of the most prestigious high roller bonuses that a player can receive in an online casino, and the potential to make a ton of cash is usually very high – as long as you’re better than your rivals, that is!

High-Stakes Blackjack

Those who love card games are often delighted by the thought of betting a large amount of money on blackjack. Blackjack is one of those card games that makes players feel in control of the situation if they know how to play, which has made it one of the all-time greats of the casino industry. High rollers absolutely love it as well, and they can get invited to special tables as part of high roller bonuses.

These high-stakes tables offer high rollers the chance to win big with wagers that go over the €100 each, and with regular blackjack rules in place, some lucky players might log off with winnings that stretch to the tens of thousands of euros. The chance to play on these tables is exclusively for those willing to bet a lot of money, though – high roller bonuses are not given to players lightly.

Tournament High Roller Bonuses

Although being invited to one of these tournaments already qualifies as a bonus per se, it’s also important to note that some casinos offer you the chance to earn bonus points when playing in high-stake tables. The more money you bet, the more likely it will be for you to earn additional cash that can be used anywhere on the casino.

Say, for example, that you’ve placed 25 €50 bets during the tournament. Each of these bets could translate into bonus money in the future, should the casino have policies like that. They’ll let you know about this when you get invited into one of these tournaments.

Faster Operations

Although bonuses are often associated with free cash or free spins, some casinos offer high roller bonuses that greatly benefit the player in other forms. For example, some pesky operations that take a long time to make (such as bank transfers, for example), are often facilitated by the online casino and the 7-day wait might turn into just a couple of days’ worth.

This high roller bonus improves the experience of a player in the casino, which makes them far more likely to stay playing there instead of going to other casinos where deposits and withdrawals take much longer to make.

Other gifts are also given much quicker to high rollers than to regular players. For example, high rollers looking to opt for a bonus will most likely receive it instantly, while other players might need to wait a few days.

Qualifying to be a VIP – Usual Requirements

Every online casino has a different ruleset to determine which players qualify for the VIP treatment of high roller bonuses and which players don’t. However, there are some general rules that will help you determine if you’re going to qualify for it – each casino enforces them to a different extent, but they tend to be very similar in all online gambling networks.

The Money That You Bet

The main factor used to determine whether you’re a high roller or not is the amount of money that you’ve poured into a casino site. High rollers are usually players that have spent at least a couple thousand euros every few days, and once they do it, it’s likely that they will start getting special treatment from the site.

Those casinos that offer high roller bonuses usually explain how much money you need in order to qualify for the VIP privileges. You can find all of this information in their terms and conditions sections, or they could also have it presented in a separate section made specifically to talk about high roller bonuses.

VIP Program Conditions

Casinos that support high rollers usually have a VIP program in place, which is what gamblers access in order to be considered high rollers in a casino. These programs are usually accompanied by a set of conditions that will determine which players are able to access it.

For example, a lot of casinos use longevity as one of their main VIP conditions. A player may not be allowed into the VIP program of a casino if the account isn’t old enough – even if he has bet thousands of dollars in the site. Some casinos give these high roller bonuses to players even if they don’t fulfill the longevity requirements, but this is usually done when the player has proven that they’re willing to gamble thousands of euros in the casino.

VIP Exceptions

There’s another benefit for high rollers that are already part of a VIP program in another casino when they’re looking to join a new one. If a casino notices that you’ve been playing on the site for a short time but you’re betting large amounts of cash and you already belong to the VIP program of another casino, the minimum wagering requirements of their VIP program as well as their other conditions might be overlooked. It’s likely that you’ll get invited to their VIP services very soon.

High Roller Bonus – What You Should Know

It’s important for high rollers to know what they’re getting into before they go and cash one of those amazing bonuses that await them. There’s some important information about high roller bonuses that might go easily overlooked, but it should always be present in the minds of every gambler before opting to choose a high roller bonus.

Always Use Personal Accounts

One of the most crucial aspects of high roller bonuses is using a personal account to withdraw and deposit funds from the online casino that’s offering the bonus. Most casinos will refuse to transfer money to accounts that don’t belong to you, even if the person who owns the account is your brother or one of your parents.

These safety measures are in place to save you and the casino a lot of trouble with legal disputes, so it’s important that your money is directly associated with you.

High Roller Bonus Cap

It’s highly likely that you’ll want to use your high roller bonus on slots or other jackpot-related games on the casino. However, if the bonus money that you receive has a cap on winnings, earning a jackpot would just be a waste of time. As such, it’s important that your high roller bonus isn’t subjected to any of these caps.

Low roller bonuses usually come with a cap, but reputable high roller bonuses shouldn’t have this in place.

Withdrawal Limits for High Roller Bonuses

Although most small bonuses have a low withdrawal limit, high roller bonuses should not have a limit on how much money you can withdraw, given how much cash you can potentially make. You should always lay in casinos that offer high rollers the chance to withdraw at least €10,000 a day, although this number varies with the amount of money that you’re willing to bet.

It’s always important to have a high withdrawal limit, though – if you manage to hit a jackpot, you’ll probably want to get your hands on that money right away.

The High Roller Bonus Reputation

A high roller bonus will always involve the use of a large sum of money, to begin with. Thus, it’s important that whichever casino you choose to play with your high roller bonus is of the highest reputation on the market. Don’t settle for one of those newly-founded casinos just because they offer a ton of benefits – while it might be true, it could also be the downfall of your deposit.

Sites are always looking how to get their hands on your cash, and it’s better for you to find a reputable casino provider and not settle for the best high roller bonus that you can find.

Keep Evidence of your Winnings

This is an issue that shouldn’t’ happen if you play in a reputable online casino, but it’s always good to keep evidence of your winnings whenever they happen – especially if you manage to hit one of those juicy jackpots.

Always take a screenshot of your win and make sure you write down the date, time, and any other relevant information that could be used to prove that you actually won big in a game. Some casinos might try to deny payment on winnings, so it’s better to keep your back covered just in case.

High Roller Bonuses and Where to Play Them

One of the most common questions that high rollers make to themselves is where to play the bonus money that the casino offers. There are some factors that you should put in a balance before deciding this, although it should always depend on what you prefer to do with the bonus.

Playing Slots

Slots have a high potential to make players a ton of profit thanks to their various lines and jackpots. However, they’re also one of those games in which many high rollers don’t feel safe, and some people might rather opt to play poker or blackjack instead.

Slots are a good choice if your high roller bonus isn’t accompanied by low withdrawal limit. In fact, one of the best places in which you can spend your high roller bonus is in a slot game that has a jackpot in place. If you manage to hit the jackpot with the free cash that the casino gives to you, your high roller bonus will have been put to good use.

Playing Table Games & Cards

A lot of high rollers really love to play poker, baccarat, and blackjack. Thankfully, every high roller casino has space for people who love these games, and high rollers are often encouraged to bet there in many cases. Expert poker players and blackjack aficionados can enjoy the benefits of their high roller bonus by playing in any of the casino’s tables.

In fact, there’s a high chance that high rollers can get invited to the special tournaments we discussed before by playing in these regular tables with their high roller bonus money.

The Science of Playing as a High Roller

To play like a high roller, all you need to do is follow a given list of steps that can be copied and applied in almost every online casino on the planet. As long as the casino offers a high roller bonus, you’ll obtain it in little to no time.

Getting Started

The first thing you’ll need to do is create an account in a casino of your choice. Then, make sure that the amount of money that you deposit is as high as it can be. Remember that casinos start judging whether a player is a high roller or not since the moment that they register on the site. Making a large first deposit gives the casino an idea of what to expect out of you as a player.

Placing Wagers

Make sure that you know everything about the bonus terms and conditions of the site and claim your high roller bonus as soon as it gets offered to you. It’s recommended that you start placing high wagers as soon as you receive the bonus – you’ll need to keep that high roller status going for you.

Withdrawing Your Cash

Make sure you meet all the criteria that the site has established for you to earn the bonus, and then simply withdraw your winnings once you’ve met all of the conditions.

Keep in mind that some things change if you have registered into the casino’s VIP services, or if you have been invited to join them. Requesting a withdrawal of funds when you’re dealing with a ton of money will be done much quicker if you belong to the VIP list of the casino.

You might also receive new offers and promotions when attempting to withdraw your money, as the casino will try to keep you from leaving the site.

High Roller Casinos and High Roller Bonuses

Even though there are some high roller casinos, which are purely focused on people who spend a lot of money, they don’t always have the best high roller bonuses in store. At times, you may find that regular online casinos with VIP programs have better offers than their high roller counterparts.

It’s always good to have a thorough look at all the offers and check out every casino before deciding where you’re going to spend your money. High rollers tend to be very picky with their online casinos, and it’s important to choose the best high roller bonuses available and not dive into the first lucrative offer that you find.

If you’re looking to become a high roller and you’ve already gambled in other online casinos, you may want to check out their VIP programs first. You might be entitled to some extra benefits if you’ve been using your account for some time.

The Life of a High Roller

Playing as a high roller in a casino will grant you more benefits than what you can even dream of as a low roller. High rollers represent more than half of the income of an online casino and being a member of a VIP program will let you understand just how important you are to these institutions. Undoubtedly, high rollers can lose a ton of cash (which is what casinos want), but the potential to make a lot of money is too good to let it slip.

Always keep in mind that a high roller bonus has the main goal of keeping you hooked into casino services, but the fact that online casinos are aware of the importance of you as a player means that you’re far more likely to end up happy with your bonus than low rollers.

Some online casinos take the importance of high rollers a step further and they can offer you bonuses that are tailor-made for you. For example, if the casino knows that you love playing poker, they might offer you free cash to be used in poker tables, or you may be invited to tournaments before you fulfill any of the mandatory requirements of the site.

Remember that you have a lot of privileges and the casino wants to keep you there. Contact support at any time if you have any troubles, and they will promptly help you resolve your problems.