High Roller Bonuses

High roller bonuses are bonuses offered to the whales and VIP players of a casino (simply called: high rollers). The following list will help you find the best high roller promotions of 2023 to suit your needs. Have a look and claim your favorite one here!

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High Roller Bonuses

High Roller Bonuses
Club Riches Casino
High Roller bonus
Minimum deposit: €15 Wagering requirements: 25xb T&C apply Play responsibly
Minimum deposit: €15 Wagering requirements: 25xb
Sherbet Casino
High Roller bonus
Minimum deposit: $20 Wagering requirements: 35xb T&C apply Play responsibly
Welcome bonus
Minimum deposit: $20 Wagering requirements: 35xb
Oshi Casino
Minimum deposit: €20 Wagering requirements: 45xb T&C apply Play responsibly
Minimum deposit: €20 Wagering requirements: 45xb
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What is a High Roller Bonus?

A high roller bonus is an online casino promotion meant to be claimed by players looking to gamble with much higher limits than what’s customary by the average casino member. These bonuses reward high rollers with much larger sums of cash than a traditional casino bonus and often allow players to wager with higher stake limits.

Understanding High Roller Bonuses in 2023

High roller bonuses are always going to be popular – and even more so this year. It’s easy to tell why these bonuses are so good when you take a look at one of the ones that we’ve listed on this page, but there are three main reasons why high roller bonuses are better than your average casino bonus and why we think they differ from the rest. These reasons are as follows:

Much Larger Prizes than Regular Bonuses

High roller casino bonuses will always allow you to play with much more money than your average online casino bonus. If you make a large deposit, some of these bonuses will allow you to claim hundreds of free spins and thousands of euros in free rewards.

Naturally, you will need to spend big if you want to claim big prizes. That’s just part of the high roller experience, though, and one that is worth it if you’re looking forward to compromising your bankroll. Check out the Jonny Jackpot Casino, for example, to see how a high roller welcome bonus looks like.

Money Expenditure is Bigger as Well

The amount of cash that you will end up playing with is much larger than what you would use in a regular bonus. High roller bonuses are not as limited to spending small amounts of cash as other online casino bonuses. For example, maximum bets are unlikely to be of just €5, as they are in most regular bonuses, and instead allow you to spend much larger sums of cash even in online slots.

This is to be expected because higher spending limits will make it possible for users to actually fulfill wagering requirements. It’s all up to you to decide how much money to spend, though. High roller bonuses are as lucrative as the bankroll of those who claim them.

Spend the High Roller Bonus in Better Games

You can usually spend your high roller money on amazing games. All you need is to make sure that the bonus of choice allows you to freely spend it on the casino that gives the bonus away or that the bonus itself can be freely spent in the best games that you have in store.

Always use high roller bonus money in games with quality return rates if you want to ensure maximum profit from your offer and the best chance to walk away with a ton of cash in winnings after fulfilling the wagering requirements.

Types of High Roller Bonuses

The iGaming world has made sure to properly reward high rollers across the industry. You only need to visit the best high roller casinos to see just how many of these bonuses exist – it might get to a point where you will truly feel overwhelmed with the massive number of rewards that the industry seems to have compiled. Among the most popular ones, you will find:

High Roller Welcome Bonuses

The welcome bonuses given away by high roller casinos tend to be among the most profitable in the industry. Rewards that provide you with hundreds of free spins and thousands of euros are common; provided that you can spend a decent amount of money to claim them, of course. You can claim high roller bonuses at minimum deposit casinos, too!

High Roller Loyalty Rewards

As a high roller, you will be entitled to claim a ton of loyalty rewards on your time in an online casino. If you decide to commit to an online casino for a long time and spend a lot of money on its services, you will be able to collect a ton of comp points, which will allow you to level up your casino account and subsequently get access to better loyalty rewards.

Players that love to be rewarded for their loyalty will certainly love high roller casinos.

High Roller Free Spins

High rollers will also obtain free spins that tend to be worth twice of what you usually expect to have on a regular bonus. High roller casino free spins can be worth at least €0.20 per spin, whilst regular bonus free spins can be worth as little as €0.10 (or even less, in some cases).

The vast majority of high roller free spin bonuses will also come in the amounts of hundreds, whilst non-high roller free spins may come in smaller amounts that could barely scrape 50. You can check out the best $500 free spins no deposit bonuses to claim high roller free spins.

High Roller Cashbacks

As a high roller, online casinos know that you’re more likely to lose a ton of cash than a regular gambler – especially so if you go on a bad losing streak.

As such, they have made sure to provide users with cashback bonuses that could give you back up to 20% of your money in free rewards. In most cases, cashback bonuses are just ways for online casinos to reward you for your time and efforts, as they barely come with any requirements if they have any whatsoever.

High roller cashbacks are some of the best offers in the iGaming world – even if you need to lose money in order to unlock them.

Pay Close Attention to High Roller Bonus Rules

High roller bonuses may be extremely lucrative, but that doesn’t mean that they come free of any rules. In fact, high roller bonuses tend to come with some very demanding rules that will ensure players need to work for their bonus cash and not just claim it easily like they would with low-paying bonuses.

Always read the rules of a high roller bonus if you want to make sure that you’re not caught off guard. Wagering requirements are a point that you will need to look out for when claiming these rewards in particular, as they tend to be quite high.

Learn How to Spend a High Roller Bonus

If you want to make sure that your high roller cash and free spins are well spent, then you might need to follow our advice on where to use your rewards. We have compiled a small guide on where to spend your bonus money:

High Roller Slots

Slots have a high potential to make players a ton of profit thanks to their various lines and jackpots. However, they’re also one of those games in which many high rollers don’t feel safe, and some people might rather opt to play poker or blackjack instead.

High Roller Table Games

A lot of high rollers really love to play poker, baccarat, and blackjack. Thankfully, every high roller casino has space for people who love these games, and high rollers are often encouraged to bet there in many cases. Expert poker players and blackjack aficionados can enjoy the benefits of their high roller bonus by playing at any of the casino’s tables.

The Process of How to Claim a High Roller Bonus

Thankfully, even though high roller bonuses tend to be really expensive to claim and, quite frankly, rather difficult if you don’t have a high budget, it is very easy to claim them if you have the money to do so. As such, there’s only a couple of rather simple steps that you will need to take in order to get your hands on all of the bonus cash. These steps are as follows:

  • Create an account in an online casino that offers high roller bonuses
  • Make sure that you have a high enough budget and the payment methods make you happy
  • Decide how much of the bonus you want to claim and activate it prior to the deposit if the casino requires it
  • Deposit the money
  • Claim the bonus rewards
  • Fulfill the wagering requirements and walk away with the cash!

Make Sure to Choose a High Roller Casino

Naturally, the best way for you to claim a high roller bonus is to make sure that you do so in a high roller casino. Never visit a site that isn’t part of the high roller community if you truly want to make sure that you claim the best rewards out there.

Some low roller casinos may offer very high bonuses, but that doesn’t make them high roller casinos. Having a proper high roller setup in place is what makes or breaks an online casino and differs the high roller sites from the average ones. High roller casinos with extremely profitable bonuses are difficult to find, but not impossible to enjoy.

High Roller VIP Accounts & Account Managers

High roller account managers are a thing that modern high roller casinos are offering as a way to improve the user experience for those who are looking to wager large amounts of cash in an online casino. These are specialized members of the casino staff that make sure to help out high rollers and be there for them whenever they need them.

VIP account managers can be extremely helpful and also amazingly useful because they will be sure to keep the high roller happy. You can ask them for help, bonuses, boosts, and more!

Their main goal is, though, helping out online casino members and ensuring maximum customer satisfaction for the high rollers of the site.

Exclusive VIP Bonuses

VIP account managers will often fill your account with VIP rewards that are tailormade to suit your needs. As such, you will need to keep your eyes peeled for any new additions to your account and make sure to enjoy them. Your VIP manager should get in touch with you if you qualify to receive any new VIP bonus, though!

Why High Roller Bonuses are Better than Standard Bonuses

What truly makes or breaks a casino bonus and why do high roller bonuses are better than their standard counterparts? There surely has to be a reason why standard bonuses are different from high roller bonuses and why these online casino promotions are so sought-after by the most prominent gamblers in the industry.

There are three main reasons why online casino high roller bonuses are must-have offers that will provide your account with the chance to earn the most cash in any reputable online casino. These are:

Better Games

High roller bonuses will be allowed to be spent in better games, as is often the case. Not all high roller bonuses allow the expenditure of the cash in lucrative titles, but many of these bonuses will let you spend the money in games with good RTP rates, or in games that are very fun to play or have skill-based modifiers that will allow you to truly walk away with a profit.

The best high roller casinos in the world provide users with a top-quality selection of bonuses that enables them to have quality return rates. Make sure to spend your money wisely and use it on these games and you will be good to go to claim the cash once the wagering requirements of the offer have been fulfilled. It’s really as easy as it sounds!

Better Payouts

High roller bonuses are meant to be claimed by those who are willing to spend a significant amount of money in online casinos. That’s why these bonuses come with much better payouts – even when the wagering requirements and bonus rules, in general, tend to be heftier and difficult to fulfill if you’re not a high roller yourself.

The bonuses have better payouts that high rollers and seasoned casino veterans are comfortable with. The offers are not only described as high roller bonuses because of their large payout percentages but also because they are meant to be claimed by people who know a thing or two about iGaming.

More Comp/Loyalty Points

High roller bonuses are meant to be spent by those who are looking to use a ton of cash in online casinos, which is why they tend to generate many more comp points and loyalty points than what you usually find with other bonuses. Make the best of your high roller bonuses and take your competitive points to the next level with the best high roller casino offers!

High Roller Bonuses FAQ

High roller bonuses are rewards given to players that are willing to make large deposits in online casinos. They are bonuses meant for the ones that spend the most when gaming online!

High roller bonuses can be claimed in regular casinos that have high-paying rewards, as well as in high roller casinos that specialize in providing those who spend the most with a platform to play with as much cash as they want.

High roller bonuses work just like a regular casino bonus, but the difference is that they match much more money from deposits and provide players with more free spins, as well as more lenient rules for them to spend their money whilst wagering to unlock the bonus rewards.

In most cases, high roller bonuses will very much resemble a traditional casino bonus but it will differ in the fact that the former comes with many more rewards than a standard bonus. For example, high roller bonuses will be able to provide players with enough cash for a high roller to feel satisfied with, which means that you’ll be able to claim thousands of euros in rewards. High roller bonuses tend to come with more lenient wagering requirements than their counterparts – particularly in the stake weights front.

In most cases, you will be able to bet twice as much with a high roller bonus than you would with a regular bonus. The average bet limit for a casino bonus is €5 per wager, whilst high roller bonuses tend to allow players to wager as much as €10 in each stake in order to provide them with a chance to fulfill the wagering requirements of these offers.

High roller bonuses tend to provide players with more than €400 in free money, as well as the chance to multiply their original deposit by more than twice its original value.

You can get high roller bonuses in high roller casinos or in some standard casinos that provide players with extremely lucrative rewards in exchange for large deposits.

High roller bonuses tend to be much better for increasing your reputation in an online casino and earning comp points, as well as providing players with the chance to earn much more money when gambling online in a traditional online casino. You will be able to earn more free spins, more money, and better rewards.

High roller bonuses have wagering requirements that are equal (or heftier, in some cases) to the ones that you will find in regular casino bonuses. They are more lenient in the sense that they tend to come with better timeframes and a much better way for players to earn all the rewards.

You should be able to spend the money of a high roller bonus in many of an online casino’s games. High roller free spins will usually need to be spent in games that the casino restricts you to play, but you will be able to spend your money on many other games that range from table games to, in some cases, live dealer games of the highest order. It all comes down to the rules of an online casino and how restrictive they can be. In most cases, you will be able to freely spend your money in any way you see fit.

Part of the appeal of a high roller casino is the fact that it offers lucrative bonuses to players. That means that the answer to the question is yes: all high roller casinos come with high roller bonuses. They would otherwise be standard casinos instead!

High roller bonuses can be earned in high roller casinos with lucrative loyalty programs. iGaming sites that encourage high roller gambling tend to have very lucrative loyalty rewards to be claimed by those who are willing to make large deposits in their favorite casinos.

Every single high roller casino that we have listed on this page is one that you would consider to be one of the safest and best to visit. These sites all come with fair wagering requirements and offer bonuses that make it easy for you to earn a ton of cash while wagering online.

Yes, all of the most reputable high roller casinos in the world offer high roller bonuses. Most high rollers need to claim bonus money to feel at home in an online casino, so they are rewarded with high roller bonuses almost everywhere they go.

You will need to make a hefty deposit if you want to claim the best part of a no deposit bonus. You will not be able to claim a high roller bonus if you don’t make a deposit first, as no deposit bonuses do not count as high roller bonuses.

The best casinos to claim high roller bonuses are the high roller casinos that we have listed on The Casino Wizard. All of these sites stand out as some of the best iGaming places on the planet, and with the rewards that they offer to those who spend a lot, you will be able to claim massive bonuses to spend however you want!

Enjoy the Life of a High Roller with the Best Bonuses in 2023!

High roller bonuses are must-claim offers if you’re a fan of high-stakes wagering. As such, we fully recommend you check out the ones that we’ve listed on this page and make the best of each of them. All of these offers are proven to be fair and reliable, given away by some of the best online casinos on the planet.

You will need to make an effort to claim these bonuses and spend them on the best games that these sites have to offer, as that will ensure you an experience of a lifetime that doesn’t come close to what you have experienced in other sites. Make the best of your iGaming journey and play with the best high roller bonuses now!

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