High Roller Casinos

High Roller Casinos are online casinos especially aimed at gamblers that are willing to spend large sums of cash while wagering online. If you are searching for the best high roller rewards and VIP programs, then the following list can help you find the most trustworthty sites of 2022 to suit your needs.

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High Roller Casinos

High Roller Casinos
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400% up to €2,400 Free Casino Credits
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Minimum deposit: €20 Wagering requirements: 20x(d+b)
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What is a High Roller Casino?

High roller casinos are online gambling websites that host games with much higher betting limits than an average casino. High roller games allow users to place stakes worth well over €100 per hand. Some high roller casino games, often found in live casinos, allow users to gamble upwards of €1,000 in games like blackjack, poker, and roulette.

Benefits of High Roller Casinos

High roller casinos aren’t only created for high rollers, contrary to popular belief. In fact, many high rollers casinos are actually made for every player to enjoy.

These sorts of websites simply offer special bonuses and promotions tailormade for that gambler who wants to wager large sums of cash. Therefore, it’s only natural that high rollers would prefer to play in one of these sites over any other casino with low limitations and tighter budget restrictions.

Here are a handful of reasons why we think that high roller casinos are among the best sites that you can visit in the iGaming world:

Wagering Limits

If you’ve played in online casinos before, you might have noticed how some games are very restrictive in terms of how much money you can place on each wager.

This can be quite inconvenient if you’re looking to pour a lot of money on the site, so high rollers are easily put off by these sorts of restrictions. Low rollers don’t really mind them, and if you’ve never gambled large sums of cash before, it’s likely that you haven’t even noticed said rules.

This is one of the main advantages of playing in one of these sites – you’ll be able to place incredibly large wagers and expect a decent sum of cash in return if you manage to win.

Game Wagering and Bonus Wagering

The top high roller casinos often feature games made by the best online casino developers in the industry.

These games tend to have different restrictions depending on the site, but some games are solely developed to be played with low wagers. The best high roller casinos tend to have variations of these games with less restrictive limits, or might also have games where high wagers are allowed and scrap the low wagering games.

Best Online Casino Bonuses

The best high roller casinos will also usually have the best online casino bonuses for players willing to deposit large sums of cash in their accounts. Most of the time, the regular no deposit bonuses of these casinos aren’t too lucrative. In fact, then no deposit bonuses of these sites tend to be directed to the regular low rollers who visit and not to those willing to make large money deposits.

Bonuses for High Rollers and Why They Outshine the Rest

High roller casinos have bonuses that are different from the ones that you will most likely find on other sites. In fact, high roller casinos will also offer users the chance to claim low roller bonuses.

These promotions tend to come in two forms: one that you can claim with a small deposit and one that you can claim with a large deposit. As such, high roller casinos ensure not to leave anyone behind whilst also giving users the chance to spend as much as they can if that’s what they want!

Popular Types of High Roller Casino Games

One common question that often arises when discussing high roller casinos is how the games work in these sites and how they’re different from their low-roller counterparts. The answer might surprise some – the games are very much the same. In fact, some games have different variations where one version accepts small wagers while the other has a crazy high limit.

The most popular high roller games in the best online casinos are the following:

High Roller Slots

High roller slot games are often very similar to the regular slots you find in most online and physical casinos.

There’s one giant exception, though – some of these games allow you to bet over €5000 per spin, which is an absolutely insane amount of money, but one that many high rollers are comfortable with. In fact, this sum is almost exactly why many people love high roller casinos – they allow players to decide how much they want to bet and how much they can potentially win.

High Roller Blackjack

There’s a reason why blackjack is so popular – the game allows players who know how to get around the game to make large sums of money and profit handsomely from their gambles. You can even make a ton of cash by playing blackjack in a regular low roller casino, so it’s only natural for high rollers to look for high roller casinos where blackjack is allowed to be played.

High Roller Roulette

Another very type of popular high roller game (and one of the best high roller games on the planet) is the traditional roulette and some of its variants. If you’ve visited a regular online casino before, it’s likely that you’ve noticed that the roulette tables have some strict limits when it comes to how much you can wager. High roller roulette will allow players to spend thousands of euros in cash if they so desire.

High Roller Poker

When it comes to high roller poker, videopoker is not the only option to choose from. Many high roller casinos (including the best high roller casinos in the world) have special tables set for their high roller to play in. Many high rollers like to join their fellow high-stakes gamblers in these bets, and you’ll be able to play in high roller casinos using your money against theirs.

What Makes the Best VIP Programs

High roller casinos tend to have some of the best loyalty programs to properly reward their VIP members. As such, becoming a permanent member of a high roller casino is a sure-fire way to get yourself acquainted with the iGaming world in the best way possible. Free spins, free cash, and rewards that are worth thousands of euros are there for the taking.

Raise the Stakes with High Roller Tournaments

The best high roller casinos are not all about online slots or table games. The PVP aspect also comes to mind when you think about the full and complete high roller experience.

Make sure that you visit the best high roller casinos and participate in tournaments, as the total prizes that you can earn will exceed all of your expectations and allow you to earn thousands of euros, dollars, pounds, or even bitcoins – it all depends on what you want to bet!

Take a Virtual Trip to Vegas with High Roller Live Casinos

If you’ve ever visited a live dealer casino, then there’s a good chance that you’ve noticed that these casinos have high roller sections. In these sections, you will be able to spend ridiculous sums of cash per hand, getting to some blackjack tables where they allow bets of thousands of dollars or euros per hand.

You will be able to spend as much money as you can possibly imagine on these high roller tables. They are exclusive, much like they would be in any land-based casino that allowed high-stakes gambling (all of them, really).

If that’s not feeling the thrill of Las Vegas from the comfort of your home, then we don’t know what is!

FAQ about High Roller and VIP Casinos

High roller casinos are sites that encourage high-stakes gambling by providing users with large bonuses, games with massive maximum wagers, and an environment that gives many benefits to those that are willing to wager amounts in the thousands every month.

Part of the appeal of a high roller casino is the fact that it offers lucrative bonuses to players. That means that the answer to the question is yes: all high roller casinos come with high roller bonuses. They would otherwise be standard casinos instead!

You can spend a lot of money in high roller casinos, as there’s really no limit to how much cash you can really use. The only limits come with the amount of cash that you can withdraw from your casino account at the same time.

Every single high roller casino that we have listed on this page is one that you would consider to be one of the safest and best to visit. These sites all come with fair wagering requirements and offer bonuses that make it easy for you to earn a ton of cash while wagering online.

High roller casinos are the best places to visit if you want to claim amazing rewards and get properly awarded for the large amount of money that you’re willing to spend.

High roller casinos don’t tend to have any winning limits. However, you do need to be aware that there’s a maximum amount of money that you can withdraw on a monthly or weekly basis, depending on the casino rules. High roller casinos have higher withdrawal limits than your average casino, though.

Some high roller casinos divide their games into high and low roller sections, but most casinos that we call “high roller casinos” are mostly sites that provide users with large wagering limits and larger monthly deposits and withdrawals.

Legit and reputable high roller casinos, such as the ones that you see on this page, are fully safe. Many of these sites are even safer than land-based casinos thanks to being regulated by some of the world’s most reputable entities.

The best casinos to claim high roller bonuses are the high roller casinos that we have listed on The Casino Wizard. All of these sites stand out as some of the best iGaming places on the planet, and with the rewards that they offer to those who spend a lot, you will be able to claim massive bonuses to spend however you want!

Every member of a high roller casino should consider becoming part of a high roller loyalty program. These are going to ensure players the chance to earn massive rewards just for being part of a casino and depositing money like they normally would.

High roller casinos with proper licensing and reputable reviews are some of the best online casinos in the world. It’s ready to tell these sites apart from the rest if you see the selection of online casinos that we have here for you at The Casino Wizard.

High roller casinos are also home to many low rollers, so most of them don’t set a minimum deposit amount below €10. However, you will need to make larger deposits if you want to claim high roller bonuses in these casinos.

Not all of them, but even standard online casinos can offer high roller bonuses to players and not be considered high roller sites themselves.

Some online slots are better to be played if you’re a high roller because they allow larger bets. However, there are no high roller slots per se.

Yes. You can quickly lose your high roller status in an online casino if you stop betting money on a regular basis. Those who have earned their high roller status will often need to continue wagering at the same level for at least the better part of a 3-month period if they wish to keep being seen as high rollers in the eyes of a casino. You will lose your high roller status progressively and not at once, though. Take full advantage of it for as long as you can and try to keep it if you want to keep earning rewards.

High roller live casinos and high roller live dealer tables are online casinos that have much higher gambling limits than an average live dealer site.

Play in the Best High Roller Casinos Today!

The best high roller casinos in the world are there for the taking. All you need now is to decide how much money you want to spend and get yourself on the way to claim the finest of rewards that the iGaming world has in store for you.

Make sure to take full advantage of these online casinos and always claim the promotions when you have the chance. If you can participate in tournaments, do so as well – if you prove to be the best high roller on the site, rewards will all but rain upon you.

What are you waiting for, then? The best high roller casinos in the world are there for the taking. Go ahead and play!

Last updated  September 13, 2022

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