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PlayGrand Casino Review

The PlayGrand Casino is certainly one of the best online casinos that you can visit if you want to play the best online casino games without having a site that is fully packed with hundreds of features on its landing page. This casino provides you with a traditional casino experience from the comfort of your home so you can focus on what truly matters: having fun and claiming bonuses week after week.

PlayGrand Casino welcome bonus

The site performs extremely well in most devices and makes it very easy for us to play whichever games we want, wherever we go or wherever we are. Bonuses are not aplenty and the VIP program does leave a bit to be desired, but you won’t really care for that when you’re playing in one of the best online casinos in the world. A fully licensed site, the PlayGrand Casino has an impeccable reputation that keeps it reputable in front of the eyes of all sorts of gamblers. With three casino licenses to its name, this casino is regulated very harshly and issues between the players and the casino are not something common in this digital gambling establishment. Play, have fun, and choose whether you’d like to be a high roller or a low roller. The PlayGrand Casino gives you the option to enjoy your stay as either of those.

Our Experience at the PlayGrand Casino? – How Did It Fare?

The PlayGrand Casino offers a very simple concept: you register, you verify your account, and you play. There aren’t any crazy bonuses (except the rather cool PlayGrand welcome package) and you won’t have to deal with anything other than your own time and bankroll when playing at the casino. There are hardly any intricacies other than having to fill in your personal information and that’s it. The PlayGrand Casino made the registration process much easier than we thought possible. The site loads pretty quickly and doesn’t come as an issue to load it on any mobile device that we had, which truly adds to the overall experience of the casino. It’s quite a simple site, though. There aren’t many options and the site’s menu isn’t anything out of the ordinary. Things do get a bit more feature-rich once you manage to register and get your account going. The menus have a bit more life if you will.

Its Simplicity Works Perfectly

As a truly traditional online casino, one of the things that will catch your attention about PlayGrand is how clear it is that the owners of the website have opted to keep the entire design extremely simple. If you’ve been playing in online casinos for a while, you probably know how many of them like to overpack their landing pages. When it comes to PlayGrand, nothing seems overpacked or even difficult to browse. Everything is within your reach but nothing feels overcrowded. The owners of the site have truly managed to strike a perfect balance between a feature-rich casino and an easy-to-brose website. This minimalistic concept, apart from being great for mobile phones and tablets, also makes the casino look like as if it was perfectly designed to fit small screens. It’s a shame that the casino isn’t a tad better designed (software-wise) to run in mobile phones – they’ve hit the nail in the head when it comes to the site’s design!

The Ideal Casino for Newcomers

We know that a lot of noobs are huge fans of online casino bonuses. PlayGrand bonuses are great even if they aren’t plentiful but, most importantly, these bonuses aren’t scummy at all. You will always be presented with the bonus terms on the same page upon which you claim the bonus, so you always know what to expect and you should never feel “tricked” by the casino. The simple features that this minimalistic website offers are also fantastic for people who need to get used to how an online casino works. If you’re still learning the intricacies of the iGaming world, the PlayGrand Casino provides noobs with a safe and heavily-regulated platform where they will be able to start their adventure without the pressure that other online casinos give. The minimum amount of money that you need to deposit to claim PlayGrand bonuses is €10, which just adds to our point; this online casino is absolutely fantastic for players who want to get started in the iGaming world without too much prior knowledge about it. It’s a great place to learn, claim bonuses, and win some money!

PlayGrand Casino Games Gallery – Dozens of Titles to Choose From!

The first thing that you often see when you join a new online casino is its gallery. We’re always up to play some games, after all, and the number of titles available will often dictate whether we want to spend our money on the casino or move elsewhere. Thankfully, the PlayGrand Casino encourages you to play with an enticing gallery of world-class games, created by the finest developers that the industry has to offer. The biggest names in the world if iGaming can be found at the virtual gallery of the PlayGrand Casino, ensuring a level of quality that not many online casinos are capable of offering. It is to be expected that companies like NetEnt, Evo Gaming, Red Tiger, Blueprint, and Quickspin, would want their games to be hosted on a casino approved by the national commission of Britain, Sweden, and Malta. What truly makes this game gallery great is the balance between variety and quality. Hundreds of high-quality titles are exactly what we often like to see in an online casino!

PlayGrand Casino games  

Convenient Categories to Choose From – New and Top Games + Provider-Search Feature

We always love to review online casinos with a fantastic game-search feature, and the PlayGrand Casino is exactly one of those. Again, that’s one of the many reasons why we can reassure you that this casino is amazing for newcomers and iGaming noobs. You can check out the game gallery and explore a large selection of titles in the easiest way possible. There’s no need for you to know which games you want to play. Just browse by new, top, or search for any developer that you know to be good. We can recommend you check out games by NetEnt as they are one of the world’s better-known developers and their games have made history in the world of iGaming. In any case, the fact that you can choose a provider, see which games are new, or even which titles are among the trending ones at the casino, are all features that one can’t help but appreciate and rate highly when your online casino knowledge is limited. It’s a great couple of features to have for newbies. What's even better is that you'll get to claim the best casino bonuses to play these games for free; not only here, but also in the best casinos in the world.


Branded slots, classic games, and some of the world’s most influential casino titles. The PlayGrand Casino truly has it all. If you’re a fan of watching those reels spin and get rewarded for it, then you’ll surely appreciate the large selection of online slots that the PlayGrand casino has amassed for all players to enjoy. If you’re looking for a quality branded slot, let us recommend to you the fantastic Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Megaways game. It’s extremely lucrative and extremely fun to play, as well as identical to the TV show that we’ve all grown to love. However, if you’re looking for other types of games, the PlayGrand Casino is also home to some industry classics like Book of Dead (you can claim free spins to play this game at PlayGrand) and Starburst, two of the world’s best online slots as well as the two most-played titles in the industry. It doesn’t matter what you’re looking for in the PlayGrand Casino – there’s probably a slot for it. Just check out the game browser and discover a gallery of the best slot games that will surely blow your mind.

PlayGrand Casino games  


There’s an exclusive section at the PlayGrand Casino where you’ll be able to see the site’s selection of jackpot slots. Naturally, as you can imagine, that means that PlayGrand is home to some of the absolute best online jackpots on the planet. The first thing that you’ll see when you click to see this section is the Mega Moolah slot, the progressive slot with the highest jackpot that you can win. This is the perfect introduction to this section, which comes packed with other amazing games like Mega Fortune, Star Spinner, Diamond Jackpots, and more. No other game offers a jackpot as big as Mega Moolah, but they’re all extremely fun to play anyway. See which one has a better RTP and enjoy your stay at PlayGrand!

PlayGrand Casino jackpots  

Table Games

Perhaps you don’t want to spend as much time playing slots and you would rather sit on a calm table and have a go at blackjack or roulette. If that’s the case for you, then you’ll be more than pleased to see the massive selection of table games available at PlayGrand. Blackjack titles are aplenty, as are the variants of roulette that you’ll be able to experience at this website. There are even other games like 100-bit Dice, which might not be as popular but still provide players with the chance to enjoy some absolutely fantastic wagering sessions.

PlayGrand Casino table games 

Even More Titles Await!

There’s a small section of games located at the rightmost part of the game browser of the casino that reads “Other Games”. That’s purely meant to catch your intrigue, though. We can certainly say that it worked for us! This section doesn’t have anything too special, but it is where you will find scratchcard games and video poker titles. Go there if you want to stray away from tradition and experience something different.

Live Games from Home! – The PlayGrand Live Casino Experience

Do not underestimate the live casino of the PlayGrand website. It comes packed with a ton of Evo Gaming titles, which once again reassures you that all games are of the highest quality possible. There are also many NetEnt games, complementing the variety that Evo Gaming offers with a couple of extra tables for the savvy gambler. Overall, we wouldn’t say that this live casino is extremely varied, but you will find everything you need if you just want to spend an afternoon playing traditional table games from any device that you own – against real dealers, of course!

PlayGrand Casino Bonuses and Promotions – Rewards for the Savvy Gambler

The PlayGrand Casino is home to a handful of cool bonuses that will boost your bankroll just a bit, with none of them being too crazy or profitable. Bonuses at the PlayGrand Casino are completely introductory and will help you determine how the casino works and if you’ll want to keep making deposits on the site. This isn’t a site where you’ll find seasonal bonuses or exclusive tournaments, either. The terms and conditions of all offers are extremely fair, which does give this online casino a huge edge over others!

PlayGrand Casino bonuses  

A Site Meant to Have a Handful of Bonuses – Play with Your Cash and Win Big

The PlayGrand Casino is fully designed to offer players a unique experience that doesn’t rely in the largest bonus offers that the internet has in store for them. On the contrary, as you will notice, PlayGrand encourages players to spend their own cash and gamble responsibly as part of their Responsible Gaming program. You won’t come across some of those ludicrous promotions that give you 600% match deposit bonuses of up to €5000. In here, you’ll be able to spend your own money and choose which of the PlayGrand small bonuses to claim.

PlayGrand Welcome Bonus Package

As we’ve said in this guide, this online casino isn’t going to be the one where you’ll claim the most bonuses on the internet. The rewards that you can claim on this site are mostly given to you as soon as you create an account and make a couple of deposits. As such, the PlayGrand welcome bonus package will reward you with small amounts of free spins as well as a match deposit bonus to double any amount of cash that you wish to deposit on the site.

Grand Moments – Weekly Rewards at the Casino

The only recurrent promotion that you will find at the PlayGrand Casino is the Grand Moments bonus, which is a weekly bonus that rewards you with 40% of every deposit that you make every Tuesday. It is a very limited bonus anyway, and it only grants you up to €40. As we’ve relentlessly said: bonuses are not the main selling point of this online casino.

Responsible Gaming at PlayGrand Casino

The PlayGrand Casino is not all about bonuses, games, and player incentives. This online casino has also shown a lot of commitment in the past when it comes to helping players keep hold of themselves. They are firm advocates of the Responsible Gaming movement and the site is fully supportive of players who want to keep control of themselves. The PlayGrand Casino has an RG section where they go over the problems of gambling addiction and provide you with tools to prevent you from falling into it. It’s honestly one of the best things about this online casino.

Reality Check Features

The PlayGrand Casino comes with the fantastic Reality Check feature, which is a responsible gaming feature that we’ve discussed here, on The Casino Wizard. It’s one of the best ways for players to keep a stronghold of reality and avoid gambling sessions that go on for a long time. You will be able to access this feature on your profile and set in-game reminders to prevent you from spending too much cash or too much time playing any given casino game. The Reality Check Feature will send a warning to your screen, reminding you of how much money you’ve spent or how much time you’ve been playing for. It’s up to you to stop once the reminded shows up, of course.

Self-Imposed Player Limits

Apart from the Reality Check feature, the PlayGrand Casino also offers a couple of other options that go a long way into helping players avoid losing cash and much of their time in the casino. Let’s take a look at what each of these features does:

  • Deposit Limits – You can set a maximum amount of money that you can deposit in the casino. Deposits larger than the amount you’ve set will not be processed by the casino. You need to set the deposit limits before making your first deposit on the site, though!
  • Session Duration – You can limit the amount of time that you spend on the casino by selecting a maximum amount of time that your sessions can last. These also come with cooldowns, which prevent you from breaking your own limits by cheating the system.

The PlayGrand Loyalty Program – Get the Grand VIP Treatment

The VIP Program of the PlayGrand Casino is extremely simple, so don’t expect too many crazy features or rewards when playing on this casino. In fact, it’s one of the simplest VIP programs that we’ve tried in recent years. You are entitled to receive rewards, but they are super simple and they are obtained by trading your points for money on the casino. It’s a shame that the casino doesn’t really come with a more complete VIP package, but there are enough ways for you to claim bonuses and the system is rather straightforward and easy to understand. Sure, there might not be a level or tier system that you can take advantage of, but it’s not really needed if you intend to visit this casino to play with your own money and not as many bonuses. We cannot stress this enough: if you intend to visit this online casino to claim bonuses, you will most likely end up being disappointed. The site thrives at offering players a straightforward betting platform in which they can use their own cash to obtain fantastic rewards, but the bonuses and VIP rewards are a tad underwhelming, to say the least.

PlayGrand Casino games  

How to Collect Loyalty Points

You will obtain loyalty points every time that you wager €10 on the casino. However, you will obtain a different number of points depending on which game you play with the money. There’s a small table that will help you determine how many points you’ll get for every €10 that you spend, which you can find in the casino. As you can see, the system is pretty straightforward. If you decide to play online casino games that require less skill and are rather dependent on the RTP more than anything, you will obtain more points. However, in other games, where you can choose different types of wagers and even choose if you would rather take low-risk bets, are naturally going to grant you fewer points. Keep in mind that the points will build up for as long as you want. You must decide when to claim them if you ever want to. They will not be removed from your casino account. However, the money does need to be used before 30 days pass.

Redeeming Loyalty Points

You can only redeem loyalty points at the casino once you have reached 200 points. By then, you will be able to get €1. Every 200 points represent €1 for the casino, and you can cash them out or redeem them until you get at least €1 worth of rewards. From then and onwards, you must claim them in batches of 200. You cannot redeem 250 points, for example. The casino allows you to keep a clear track of how many points you have, as well as how many points you still need to claim the money, by checking out your “My Account” tab on your PlayGrand profile. Keep in mind that the maximum amount of points that you can redeem on the website is 10,000 on a single day. You cannot redeem more than that – even if you have managed to collect them. You cannot redeem less than 500 either, as per the site’s rules. All of the bonus cash that the VIP program allows you to claim is still subjected to wagering requirements. You will need to wager 35 times the cash that you redeem using the loyalty points. If you redeem €10, you will need to wager €350 before cashing out the money to your bank account.

Playing as a High Roller in the PlayGrand Casino

The name of this online casino would suggest that the PlayGrand Casino is the place where you want to be if you intend to go “grand” and spend a ton of money wagering online. We were very curious to see if this was true, so we went on and studied the deposit and withdrawal limits of this online casino. As it is often customary in most of these sites, there isn’t a deposit limit per se that you can use on the PlayGrand website. The site allows you to deposit as much money as you want. That’s your problem, after all. However, it’s often the withdrawal limits that a high roller finds detrimental.

The PlayGrand Casino allows you to withdraw €10,000 per week, which makes it an ideal casino to visit if you’re a high roller and you intend to play with a ton of cash on this online casino. Even if you choose not to play with much money, it’s still great to see high withdrawal limits in case you happen to win a huge reward in a single month. For example, if you win a jackpot on Book of Dead worth €15,000, you’ll probably want to take out that money as quickly as possible. It would take less than a couple of weeks to do it at PlayGrand! This online casino is truly the place to visit if you want to play as a high roller using your own money. If you’re a fan of high roller bonuses, you might want to stick to other sites like BitStarz. However, if you intend to use your own cash to play, there’s hardly a better place than the PlayGrand Casino.

PlayGrand Casino Deposits and Withdrawals

The PlayGrand casino doesn’t offer as many payment options as other sites, but it does allow players to make PayPal deposits and withdrawals. We know how much some of you seem to love casinos that offer PayPal methods, so we were extremely pleased when we saw that PlayGrand was one of them. These are the payment methods that are accepted by the PlayGrand Casino: Maestro, MasterCard, Neteller, Visa, Skrill, Bank Wire Transfer, Boku, Sofortuberweisung, Finnish ebank, Trustly, Entropay, Interac, and, of course, PayPal. As it’s the tradition in many online casinos, some of these payment options are naturally unavailable for payouts. The PlayGrand casino allows the following methods to be used as withdrawal options on the site: Bank Wire Transfer, Neteller, Skrill, Visa, Maestro, MasterCard, Trustly, and PayPal. The options might be a bit too limited for our liking at this online casino, but it’s safe to say that there are enough options for you to pick any method that suits you best. The inclusion of PayPal adds a ton of weight to the quality of this casino and reassures you of the importance that PlayGrand gives to reliable payment options.

PlayGrand Casino Payouts – Are They Quick Enough?

The PlayGrand Casino offers much quicker transactions than the average online casino. They don’t hide the quick transaction methods to players that have become VIPs on the site. On the contrary, they’ve made quick transactions available to players of all sorts to encourage them to play at the casino at their own pace. High rollers and low rollers are seen with the same lens at the PlayGrand Casino. The casino takes the following amounts of time to process withdrawals depending on each payment method:

  • eWallets: 24-48 hours
  • Card Payments: 2-5 days
  • Bank Transfers: 3-5 days

In most cases, the transfers seem to be processed within the smallest margins. You should get your money pretty quickly if you choose eWallet payment methods, whilst bank transfers are also processed much quicker than in your average online casino. The payment times at the PlayGrand Casino have our seal of approval. If you’ve been reading our reviews for some time, you know how harsh we are when it comes to judging a casino’s withdrawal times. We’re happy to sing praises to the PlayGrand approach on this matter.

PlayGrand Casino for Mobile Devices

The PlayGrand Casino isn’t exactly what we’d call a fully mobile-friendly website, but the site does have a mobile version and the minimalistic design of the casino certainly helps your mobile phones and tables load the entire casino very quickly. However, the site doesn’t seem easy to navigate on a mobile phone unless you know which games you want to play. The lack of a complex design does wonders for loading times, though, and most older phone models shouldn’t have any issues with lag whenever you browse the PlayGrand Casino. All of the games that we tried to play on the mobile worked perfectly well, though. One thing we can advise you is to simply create your account on a computer and then play the casino on a mobile phone or tablet if you need to. Do not create the account on your phone as that will be too slow and a bit of a tedious process. You can take your gambling with you if you stick to the PlayGrand Casino, though. The site offers games from developers that have fully focused their efforts on creating multiplatform titles, so all of the games that you try should work perfectly on any device with access to the internet. Just be sure to have a stable internet connection if you intend to play games that use streaming at the PlayGrand Casino, though. If the streams lag, you may have some issues when placing bets on the site and it can be extremely inconvenient when you play.

How Good is the Customer Support at the PlayGrand Casino?

This casino’s customer support is nothing short of extraordinary. There have been a few complaints and disputes filed in the past, but the casino seems to have acted very fairly on all occasions. There’s just not a single one that has gone wrong in the eyes of the public, which speaks volumes for the PlayGrand Casino. Whenever players have had to issue complaints, the site has acknowledged any mistakes that might’ve happened in the past and duly refunded players whenever a refund was due. You can contact the site’s customer support whenever you’re in need of anything, though. You don’t need to issue a complaint to quickly. On most occasions, you should be able to resolve any issues by directly speaking with the staff using the website’s chat function. At the bottom of the casino page, you will also find some phone numbers that you can contact in case you happen to be unable to get in touch with the staff via the website chat. As a UKGC-approved casino, it’s no surprise that the customer support of this website is top-notch. We know how demanding the United Kingdom Gambling Commission seems to be!

Security and Fair Play at PlayGrand – A Safe Space for iGaming?

The PlayGrand Casino is a safe place to wager money online, and one of the safest online casinos that we’ve visited in recent times. What truly made us feel comfortable giving our personal info to this casino was the fact that the site operates in Sweden and Britain, two of the most demanding markets in the world as well as two of the most regulated when it comes to online gambling. Even though the PlayGrand Casino is hosted in Malta, this fantastic website has three different online casino licenses, which makes it one of the most regulated online casinos that we’ve reviewed. We always advise our readers to only play in casinos with reputable licenses, and this casino actually has three of them. It’s truly as safe as it gets. PlayGrand holds a casino license from the Swedish Gambling Commission, the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, and the Malta Gaming Authority. Each of these licenses, on their own, are reputable enough to be considered some of the best in the industry. Put them together and you have one of the best combinations of regulation licenses in the world.

Our Conclusion – Don’t Hold Back and Visit PlayGrand

The PlayGrand Casino is a safe online casino that is perfectly designed to be enjoyed by newcomers to the industry as well as veterans of the iGaming sector. The site offers a selection of simple bonuses and a traditional VIP program. It’s clear that the PlayGrand approach is a simple one, but we’d be lying if we said it wasn’t effective. PlayGrand operates under the assumption that no player likes to be oversold what they’re going to get, which is magnificent given that the website itself has some simple bonuses with clear terms and conditions and no unwritten rules that make the casino unappealing to the traditional gambler. If you’re a fan of traditional online casinos that keep things simple for the player and don’t aim to overcomplicate stuff, then you’re going to love the PlayGrand Casino. It truly has everything you need to have the best of online casino experiences. There aren’t any crazy bonuses or extremely lucrative rewards, but you’ll be able to have fun and spend your own cash without feeling the pressure that is so typical of many other online casinos.



PlayGrand Casino Pros

  • Wide range of game developers
  • Lucrative welcome bonus
  • Ideal casino for mobile devices
  • World-class responsible gaming features
  • Hundreds of available games
  • Fair terms and conditions



PlayGrand Casino Cons

  • Average VIP program
  • Lacks bonus variety



Casino Review by Matt


Matt is co-founder and online marketing expert at The Casino Wizard. He has a master degree in leisure management, and is an online marketing expert for more than 10+ years. He has been a blogger for Frankwatching and Emerce, covering webanalytics and search related topics.  Matt started his iGaming career as a former gaming geek and an online bonus hunter for poker games. Matt is always looking for opportunities for growth and willing to take the risk to push the limits in the iGaming industry.


Indeed. The PlayGrand Casino is home to a large gallery of games, upon which you'll be able to find and play live dealer games, the best jackpot slots, and some of the finest table games in the industry. You only need to register an account on the site to play, but you do need to make a deposit if you wish to play live dealer games at the casino. You'll be able to play jackpot games like Mega Moolah at the PlayGrand Casino, so jackpot hunters can rest assured that this website comes with everything they need to have the time of their lives.

Play N' Go, Red Tiger Gaming, Microgaming, NetEnt, Evo Gaming, Push Gaming, Blueprint Gaming, and Quickspin are just some of the main game developers that provide the PlayGrand Casino with games. This website is home to games made by some of the most prominent developers on the planet, but their selection of games also includes titles made my lesser-known companies than the ones we've listed here. When it comes to having a good selection of providers, not many online casinos come close to offering games from as many developers as the PlayGrand Casino. There are over 20 contributors that fill this website with content, all of which produce high-quality games, albeit in different volumes.

Yes, the PlayGrand Casino is on a mission to constantly add new games and offer them to players for free. The extent of their "new game" catalog is so large that they have a section of the landing page of the casino fully dedicated to offering new games to all players. You can always check out which titles they have available and play them to your heart's content. The PlayGrand Casino often makes new titles available to players a few weeks after they've been released. However, in some instances, you might notice that the PlayGrand Casino is hosting a game that cannot be found on any other website. That happens because this site has a few alliances with some online casino developers, which allow them to release certain games as exclusive titles for a couple of weeks before they're released to the general public. In any case, new games are abundant at the PlayGrand Casino. Take full advantage of this and see if you can claim a free spin bonus to play any new game for free!

Loyalty points at the PlayGrand Casino are collected upon playing certain games. Each game contributes differently to the total amount of points that you collect. The distribution of points that each game provides per each €10 that you wager is as follows:

  • Slots - 2
  • Scratchcards - 2
  • Bingo - 1
  • Video Poker - 1
  • Blackjack - 0.50
  • Roulette - 0.25

Every 200 points that you collect represent €1 of free bonus cash that you can claim. You can cash out at 1000 points, which equals €5!

Yes, absolutely. The PlayGrand Casino comes with a world-class loyalty program in which you'll be able to collect points as you play your favorite games on the site. You get to choose how many of these points you want to collect by simply playing and wagering at the casino until you reach your bankroll's limit. In any case, almost every single game on the site allows you to collect points. Each game gives you different numbers of points, though. You might want to check out the point distribution on how loyalty points work if you want to make the best of them.

The PlayGrand Casino accepts a plethora of the world's most popular payment methods. You can transfer money to the casino using regular wire transfers or you can pay the casino directly using your credit card or debit card. You may also use e-wallet services like Skrill and Neteller, but keep in mind that these two methods are not eligible to be used while claiming a bonus on the site. All payment methods at the PlayGrand Casino are safe, secure, and offer solid transfer solutions to players.

The PlayGrand Casino is a fully legitimate online casino that holds an online gambling license in Malta. It is one of the many casinos that operate within this jurisdiction, while also being regulated by the country's gambling authorities. Many of the games that you'll find at the PlayGrand casino are created by companies that do not operate directly within Maltese soil. However, many of these companies have their games checked by some of the world's largest gambling commissions. Many of them, including NetEnt, are regulated by the UKGC, making their games ooze in quality thanks to said regulations.

The PlayGrand Casino operates in some of the world's most recondite places. You should be able to play in this online casino in almost any country of your choosing. You can check out the bottom of the site to see how many languages are there for you, as well as which countries are supported by the PlayGrand staff. You can play their games in Britain, Germany, Canada, Australia, or even some of the Nordic countries. It's all about having an international reputation for the PlayGrand Casino, and we're sure you'll get to enjoy it. There are 5 different languages for you to choose from!

Deposit bonuses at the PlayGrand Casino will be credited to your account as soon as you make a deposit that complies with the requirements of the offer. You don't need to "claim" the bonus elsewhere – just be sure that the feature is checked whenever you're going to make your deposit. Do keep in mind that some of the bonuses offered at the PlayGrand Casino (most of them, in fact) are not deposit bonuses per se. Some bonuses might need to be claimed by clicking a link sent to your email, while some might require you to perform certain actions on the site. Read the terms and conditions to be sure that you're properly claiming each bonus.

The PlayGrand Casino allows you to claim some very cool free spin bonuses and you don't need to do anything other than making a deposit on the site in order to claim them. The more money you're willing to deposit, the more spins you're going to receive. You can divide your total amount of money into three deposits to get the biggest number of free spins that the site has to offer. With your first deposit, you can get up to 30 spins. Your second deposit will grant you a massive 50 free spins. Your third deposit can give you a total of 20 free spins. All of them also come with free cash, so you can get even more money to play at the best online slots if you wish!


50 Free Spins at PlayGrand Casino for You to Claim

50 Free Spins at PlayGrand Casino for You to Claim

Learn how to claim free spins at PlayGrand and enjoy the site’s best casino slots without spending a dime of your own money.

Get €40 for FREE Every Thursday at PlayGrand Casino - Deposit Bonuses for the Whole Year!

Get €40 for FREE Every Thursday at PlayGrand Casino - Deposit Bonuses for the Whole Year!

The PlayGrand Casino is currently offering weekly deposit bonuses for every player. If you wish to learn how to claim them, come here. Get €100 every week!