Slottica Casino BONUSES

Slottica Casino Pros

  • Live slot games
  • World-class titles sponsored by Novomatic
  • Bonuses worth thousands of euros
  • Hundreds of games
  • Virtual Sports available
  • Reward leaderboards all week long
  • Extremely fast withdrawals
  • South American online casino

Slottica Casino Cons

  • Customer support isn’t available 24/7

Slottica Casino Details

Casino summary

Deposit & Withdrawals

  • Deposit methods

    Visa, Mastercard, WebMoney, Skrill, Paysafe Card, EcoPayz, Skrill Rapid Transfer, Nordea, Zimpler, QIWI, Yandex Money

  • Withdrawal methods

    Visa, Mastercard, Skrill, Neteller, Perfect money, QIWI, Yandex Money

  • Minimum Deposit

    0 - 20

  • Maximum Withdrawal


  • Withdrawal limit

    €40,000 per month

  • Withdrawal times E-wallets

    1-24 hours

  • Withdrawal times Credit Cards

    1-24 hours

  • Withdrawal times Bank Transfers

    1-24 hours

Contact information

  • Live Chat


  • Support email

  • Support phone


Slottica Casino Review

The Slottica Casino is an overly complete website. Here, you will find some of the absolute best online slots, but that’s not all whatsoever. You can also gain access to world-class features like virtual sports, an amazing sportsbook where you can place bets on all of your favorite teams, a fantastic selection of table games, and a complete live dealer casino with the best games on the planet.


The Slottica Casino comes packed with a ton of fantastic features that make it a reliable online casino to visit, plus daily bonuses, tournaments, and rewards like no other website have to offer. The influence of Novomatic is more than clear in the virtual halls of the Slottica Casino, but it’s something that we can’t really complain about.

Novomatic makes this casino what it is by providing it with authentic and exclusive features that turn an otherwise above-average online casino into a world-class institution that players from all over the world can properly enjoy.

Our Experience at the Slottica Casino – A Fulfilling Experience Overall

We usually go into a lot of detail when we explain our experiences at any given online casino. However, with Slottica, we really feel that the casino does the talking itself. Registering at the site is done easily, but you do need to enter more information if you wish to withdraw money from the casino.

Aside from that, we felt that we weren’t ever bombarded with too many promotions even though the site does offer them. The Slottica Casino shows you bonuses at a decent amount, so there’s no need to fear being overwhelmed by what the casino has to offer.

Whenever we felt like claiming a bonus, all we needed to do was head to the site’s “Promotions” section and choose whichever one we wanted the most.

Games, bonuses, promotions, and everything you need seems to be within your reach when browsing the virtual halls of the Slottica Casino. There isn’t too much to dislike about it, and we know that you’ll love it. Discover it yourself and see why we say that!

An All-in-One Site for the Ambitious Player

This amazing online casino comes packed with everything you need to have the most complete iGaming experience in the world. From the best online slots to unique games like live slots; everything that this site has is what you’re looking for in the best online casinos in the world. You will never see us complain about the unique experience of Slottica.

We truly recommend it to players who have been trying to find the best online casino and they feel like they’re searching to no avail. Once you see what the Slottica Casino has for you, there’s no going back. It’s just too much of a perfect casino to let the chance slip.

Is This the Most Complete iGaming Website in the World?

If you’re looking for features that make an online casino one that you will always be able to enjoy, we don’t see anything that’s missing from the Slottica Casino. This website doesn’t only have everything that an online casino could have, but it comes with even more. The presence of Novomatic is not to be underestimated; it truly makes this online casino what it is.

The Live Slots available at this casino are unique and not common in many sites. They add that touch of diversity that many other casinos seem to be missing. There are many online casinos out there, many of which are world-class as well, so it’s hard to tell if this one is the best on the planet. What we can tell you is that it IS one of the best ones we’ve tried.

Slottica Casino Games – An Experience That You’ll Never Forget

There’s always something that seems to be missing from the game sections of all casinos that we visit. It’s impossible to have the perfect game gallery, after all, provided that players from all over the world have different games on their lists of favorites. However, if one casino comes close to perfection, that has to be the Slottica Casino.

Play at Slottica

This website has a gallery of games that range from basic online slots to the best live dealer games on the planet and includes table games of all sorts, shapes, and forms. Poker and Blackjack are extremely prominent on this website, as are all of the new titles that constantly get released to the industry.

It comes as no surprise that this casino is such a complete one, either. The large number of bonuses needs to spread be out among all of these fantastic games, making this casino one of the best that you can visit if high-quality options are what you’re looking for.


Online Slots

You’ll notice that the “Games” tab of the casino will instantly take you to the part of the site where all of the slots are shown. You can then filter the games by category, but it’s clear that Slottica makes a lot of emphasis on providing players with the best online slots on the planet.

In fact, the first page of the games tab comes with games like Book of Dead, Rise of Olympus, and Wolf Gold, three of the most popular online casino slots on the planet.

That’s not all for online slots on this website, either. There are hundreds of titles to choose from. Scroll down or filter them out even more with the subcategory tabs that’ll show at the top of your screen.


Table Games

You might’ve noticed that the Slottica Casino doesn’t have a scratchcards section per se. However, all of their scratchcard games are placed upon the section of table games. We’re not sure why they’ve taken this approach, but we presume that they did it because there aren’t as many scratchcard titles as there are in other online casinos.

In any case, the table games section also comes with a ton of variants of the worlds’ most popular table games. Titles like American Poker, Caribbean Stud Poker, Blackjack, 3D Blackjack, One-Deck Blackjack, and many more, are all extremely prominent in the virtual halls of the Slottica Casino.

This section also shows you all of the live dealer games that the site has to offer, but we’d like to break them down further in another section further down in our guide. Keep reading if you want to learn more about the live dealer offers of Slottica.



The Minigames section of the casino comes packed with other scratchcard titles, keno and many variants of the game, and even other classic titles like minesweeper. This is the place of the casino where you need to be if you’re tired of playing traditional games. It’s filled with cool titles that will help you find different things to do at an otherwise fantastic online casino.

We advise you to give these games a try: Heads & Tails, Max Quest: Wrath of Ra, and The Luckiest Year. You won’t regret it.


Live Slots by Novomatic

Probably the site’s most prominent feature, the Live Slot section is provided completely by Novomatic and it serves as a way to play slots different than what you’re used to doing. You will be taken into a special section of games that shows you a live stream of a handful of slot machines. You will be able to sit down at any of those, and play exclusively on it as if you were on a real land-based casino.

We have tried this section before and found it rather intriguing. It might not be as practical as playing in an online slot per se, but it’s still quite fun to try it out as its something different to the norm.

We don’t really see ourselves playing live slots for too long and we don’t think this is a concept that will catch on as the games can’t be played as quickly as you would play them on regular video slots nor does it seem worth it to overload your internet with a stream of a machine that replaces virtual slots for the sake of being a novelty.


The Slottica Sports Section – The Place for Sports Fans to Enjoy

The Slottica Casino is a gambling hub for sports fans from all over the world. Walking through the virtual door of this casino will allow you to uncover a world of rewards like no other, where you’ll be able to place wagers on virtual sports or on real sports to help calm your thirst for sports gambling with as much ease as possible.

Play at Slottica

There are also a ton of sports-themed slot games, all of which can be found at the slots section of the casino. If you’re a fan of online gambling and sports, Slottica does a better job at combining the two worlds than many other world-class casinos on the planet. This includes some of the major names like the 888 Casino and even the almighty Betsson.



The Slottica Sportsbook is available for players to place bets on sports matches from all over the world. It doesn’t matter if you’re a soccer person, a baseball maniac, or a basketball enthusiast; the Slottica Casino presents you with all the necessary features to have a fulfilling and satisfactory experience at one of the best online casinos in the world.

There’s a live section as well, where you’ll be able to place bets on live matches. However, what makes this sportsbook one to behold is the number of sports in which you can bet. Traditional sports are present on the casino, but so are the fantastic and more obscure sports like 3 on 3 Basketball, and even netball.

The live game tracker at the rightmost side of your screen provides you with information about the matches that you’re following, which allows you to make better decisions if you intend to place live bets. If not, you can check out each payline quite clearly and select the one that suits your interests best.

In terms of sportsbook quality, it is unquestionable that Slottica’s is up there with the best in the world.

Virtual Sports

If you’ve never placed bets on virtual sports in the past, you’re truly missing out on some of the best sports betting experiences in the world. Virtual sports are simulated sports that never end. You can bet on any sport at any given time of the day – and you get to do it live. The matches restart whenever they finish.

In fact, Virtual Sports have evolved to the point in which teams even play in virtual competitions and you can bet on the winner of any of them. There are football virtual world cups, for example, where teams advance through the group stage and different teams reach the final every single time that you watch the matches.

It’s super entertaining and it provides constant sports thrill to those of you who crave for it. Sports fans, rejoice! The Slottica Casino is one of the best sports casinos out there.

Slottica Casino Live Dealer Games

You can access the Slottica Live Casino by selecting the “Games” tab on the uppermost part of the browser and selecting the “Live Casino” sub-tab, which shows up after you’ve entered the game gallery. As such, there isn’t a “Live Casino” tab per se on the website, but the live dealer games are contained as a subcategory of the Slottica Game Gallery.

In any case, that doesn’t take away from the quality of titles that you will encounter at this fantastic casino. Unlike many of the best live dealer casinos in the world, this one isn’t provided by either NetEnt or Evo Gaming. Slottica has taken a completely different approach to the world of live dealer games and combined four different providers into one world-class casino.

Play at Slottica

Authentic Gaming, eZugi, Lucky Streak, and XProGaming are the main game creators that provide the Slottica Live Casino with games.

We’ve tried them out and we’re pleased to tell you that the games truly don’t lack the quality features that one can find in the best Evo Gaming titles. All dealers are extremely professional and the games almost as smoothly as the best in the industry.

With that said, it’s clear that the Slottica Casino hasn’t prioritized their live dealer section. There are a ton of quality games that you can play, but you’ll often find more games and unique contest games at any casino that is provided directly by Evo Gaming themselves.


Slottica Casino Bonuses and Promotions – A Fortune in Free Rewards

The Slottica Casino has created a large selection of bonuses to reward players that like to spend their time and money in any part of the casino. It’s not just all about those who play online slots – the Slottica website is also keen to reward those who would rather spend their time playing sports or even placing wagers in the site’s sportsbook.

With plenty of features to enjoy, the Slottica Casino bonuses are extremely adaptive. We have compiled a list of the three best Slottica bonuses to help you keep a better grasp of what you’ll find on the site.


Welcome Bonus Package

We think it’s truly fantastic and refreshing to see an online casino offering new rewards to players that visit the site and play Gonzo’s Quest. Most websites tend to offer free spins in other games, but the Slottica Casino takes a unique approach to welcome bonuses and gives you spins at another NetEnt title.

That’s not all, though. You can also claim deposit bonuses on your first three deposits on the site, which allow you to get even more cash to play your favorite games at the Slottica Casino. As you can see, there are dozens of games that you’re likely to enjoy – what better way is there to do it than using free bonus cash?

You can check out other of the best welcome bonuses in the world and see how they fare when compared against the Slottica welcome bonus itself.

Dozens of Offers – Daily Promos

If you visit the “Promotions” section of the casino, you will be able to find that many of the offers being published are effective on different days of the week. This, in turn, will help you get more and more rewards as you spend more time on the casino. The whole system is set up to help you claim bonuses every single day, ensuring that you will never get bored when playing at the Slottica Casino.

Furthermore, the Daily Promos of Slottica are updated constantly. They are accompanied by a large selection of monthly tournaments, raffles, and other great lotteries that yield prizes worthy of the best casinos on the internet.

Slottica might not have the strongest VIP program per se, but the rewards they provide to their players are translated into a furry of bonuses that make this casino one to enjoy for everyone that visits it.

Bonuses for Sports

The Slottica Casino has also made sure to offer bonuses for sports. Given that sports are a fundamental part of what makes this online casino great, you will find bonuses that allow you to place extra bets on the casino’s sportsbook. You do need to be aware that the bonuses for sports are far smaller than those you would get in the casino per se, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t worth it.

One of our favorite promos, for example, allows you to cash out a bet you’ve made before the outcome is known. If you think things have gone south and you don’t trust your team to make a comeback, you can use the bonus and get your money back instead of losing it.

That’s just one of the many sports bonuses that you’ll find at the Slottica Casino, though. If you love sports, this is the place for you to find amazing bonuses and bet on any franchise.

Slottica Casino Leaderboards – Multi-Million Rewards at Your Disposal

As soon as you log into the Slottica Casino, you will notice that there’s a special section on top of the site that reads “Leaderboard”. Click it, and you will be redirected to a section of the casino where you’ll find the “Tours and Lotteries” calendar.

Tournaments, lotteries, and raffles are important parts of the Slottica Casino. In fact, as you’ll soon find out, that’s exactly why they haven’t paid too much attention to the site’s VIP scheme – players are already getting rewarded day in, day out!

The Slottica Tournaments are always offering some absolutely fantastic rewards. The prizes of some tournaments go from basic sums of cash to staggering rewards that could surpass the millions. Besides, you could also earn other fantastic prizes like iPads, Airpods, or Smartphones.

In most cases, tournaments offer rewards worth a grand or two. That’s because the casino is always offering new bonuses to players, so they’ve taken what we call “the more the merrier” approach – the rewards might not be as big, but more players will be able to claim them than in other casinos. More chances always mean more winners, in a statistical sense!


The site also works with raffles that come with shared prize pools. You will be able to participate in these raffles in hopes of earning prizes worth €100,000 and even more! It all depends on the type of raffle or lottery that you choose to participate in.

Another thing we really like about these lotteries is the fact that even newcomers are allowed to join. There isn’t a weird restriction where only VIP members get to be a part of them. All players are equal at the Slottica Casino, and that’s invaluable to us.


Slottica Casino VIP Program – Consistency is Well Rewarded

The Slottica Casino offers a whole lot of amazing bonuses. Ironically, though, there isn’t a VIP Program per se. This online casino only lacks a proper VIP scheme, but we do think it is more than well compensated with the amazing number of world-class bonuses that you’ll encounter in its “Promotions” section.

If you don’t mind not having VIP rewards, then this is the casino for you. We know that lacking a proper loyalty scheme seems like a bold choice, but the massive selection of tournaments and bonuses more than compensates for its absence. There are tons of fantastic games that you can play and enjoy here, so don’t look too much into a VIP program or you’ll be missing all of those.

Slottica Casino Deposits and Withdrawals

Slottica isn’t the casino to visit if you intend to make PayPal deposits or have access to all sorts of payment options, but the site does have enough in its arsenal to keep gamblers from all over the world visiting this site’s virtual halls with consistency.

The following payment methods are all available to be used if you’re looking to make deposits on the Slottica Casino: Visa, MasterCard, WebMoney, Skrill, Neteller, Paysafe Card, EcoPayz, Jeton, Rapid Transfer, Nordea, Zimpler, Perfect Money, QIWI, Yandex Money.

There are other options that you can choose if you’re going to make a withdrawal, and they are Visa, MasterCard, Skrill, Neteller, Jeton Wallet, Payeer, Perfect Money, QIWI, Yandex Money.

All of the payment options (including the e-wallet services) are reputable, safe, and they serve their purposes extremely well. There’s no need for you to struggle to find a proper quality payment method when browsing the Slottica Casino and playing in its virtual halls.

As you can see, there are no bank transfers available at the Slottica Casino. This might seem like a bit of a downside at first, but since you can pay with credit cards and use those to withdraw your money as well, it’s far from an issue.

Slottica Casino Payouts

One of the main advantages of this casino not offering bank transfers as payment and withdrawal methods is the fact that it makes the casino’s payout speed much quicker. No payment method found in the Slottica Casino takes more than one day to get processed. As such, players always get their money within 24 hours of asking for it.

That makes the Slottica Casino one of the best online casinos in terms of withdrawal speed. Safe and quick payouts feel like a commodity these days, and it’s always good to know you can rely on a website as large as Slottica to provide you with your money as swiftly as possible.

However, such a good feature comes with the tradeoff of not having quality bank transfers as payment methods. If you’re okay with using e-wallets or credit card payments, Slottica’s payouts are there for you to enjoy.

Accepted Types of Currency

Another great aspect of this casino is the fact that they accept currencies from all over the world. Many South American currencies are accepted at Slottica, as well as the most popular types of currencies in the world in Euros, American dollars, Canadian dollars, Indian rupees, and more.

This, once again, demonstrates just how international the Slottica Casino is. Players from all over the world can join the site and use their preferred currency type in the casino’s services. There’s no need to make exchanges or lose money with inconvenient fees.

Slottica Casino Mobile Features – Slots on the Go

The Slottica Casino is an innovator when it comes to mobile gaming. In fact, the casino is probably one of the best that you can visit if you want to take your gaming with you when you’re out of your home. Here’s why:

The Slottica Mobile App

The Slottica Casino comes with an exclusive app that you can download directly from the Slottica Website. Simply visit the casino from aby mobile browser and choose the option to download the app. Opening the casino via the app will allow you to play the games much better, as the app makes the casino adapt to the screen of your device.

As if that wasn’t enough, Slottica also runs pretty smoothly on most mobile browsers anyway. We do recommend you download the app if you want to make the best out of your time at the casino if you play on the go. Furthermore, the app makes this casino one of the best mobile sites on the planet, given how many iGaming websites opt not to invest money on a mobile app.

Play slots, live dealer games, and even the fantastic selection of virtual sports using any mobile device thanks to the site’s mobile app. A true one-of-a-kind mobile gaming experience awaits!

Gamble Responsibly with Slottica

Even though the Slottica Casino doesn’t offer any exclusive Responsible Gaming features per se, the site does direct you towards third parties that work with players with gambling issues to help them out. You can use some of the third-party software offered by the Slottica Casino to exclude yourself from visiting certain gambling websites, which helps you deal with your potential addiction.

The site also offers a very complete guide where they go through all of the issues that come with online gambling and help you deal with them before they come to prominence.

You just need to click on the “Responsible Gaming” tab, which is located in the lowermost part of the website (find it by scrolling down to the bottom of it – it’s on the black tab at the bottom). You will be presented with a complete guide of RG features and advice on how to deal with problems regarding gambling addiction.

Customer Support at Slottica – Feel at Home

The Slottica Casino always has a small tab that follows your screen whenever you’re playing on the site. This small tab reads “Online Chat”, and it opens up a window where you can directly speak with the site’s customer support. The staff will answer you promptly, and it does need to be said that you can always contact them – regardless of the time of the day or your time zone.

We tried the support chat twice and, on both occasions, we got our answers within five minutes. There always seems to be someone ready to help you out at Slottica, which we think it’s an invaluable feature of the site.

The staff of the casino is very patient. It doesn’t matter if you’re a newcomer and you have no idea what you’re doing – they will gladly help you out with any issues that arise.

Slottica Casino Security and Fair Play – It’s the Place to Be for Slot Fans

The Slottica Casino only seems to be lacking licenses from the world’s most respected gambling authorities, which is why we aren’t ranking this casino as the number one on our site. That doesn’t mean that the website itself isn’t trustworthy; on the contrary.

This online casino is very trustworthy, but it only holds a license from the gambling authorities of Curacao, the country upon which the casino is operated.

We only wish for the Slottica Casino to hold a license from a more reputable gambling authority like the Maltese commission or the UKGC.

It’s not as big of a deal as it may seem, but it would add a decent amount of reputation to this otherwise incredible online casino. If you don’t mind too much about licenses, then go right ahead and visit Slottica. You aren’t likely going to run into any trouble anyway.

Our Conclusion – A One-of-a-Kind Experience Sponsored by Novomatic

Mobile gamers, slot fans, sportsbook enthusiasts, and all other members of the iGaming community are more than likely to have a complete and delightful experience at the fantastic Slottica Casino.

This website comes packed with all of the features that you need to have the most complete of experiences ever, and you can enjoy it from the comfort of your home or wherever you go thanks to the world-class Slottica Mobile App.

We know that many online casinos opt not to have a mobile app and, instead, ask their players to visit the site on their mobile browsers. However, the Slottica Mobile App makes the casino adapt to your device’s screen and turns this into one of the best mobile casinos in the world.

We also have to praise, once again, the presence of Novomatic in this online casino. It completes the site’s features with a ton of fantastic games and a plethora of high-quality rewards to be won at the live slots as well as in the regular casino video slots.

Those of you, who are looking to have a complete and one-of-a-kind experience, are sure going to enjoy what the Slottica Casino has to offer. Bonuses to claim, rewards to be won, and a whole lot of daily promotions await those who walk through these virtual halls!


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