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Office Dog
  • Playfulness
  • Intelligence
  • Loyality
  • Energy Level
  • Cat friendly
  • Food:Chicken Dog Candies
  • Hobby:Sleeping
  • Lucky number:1
  • Toy:Chewable Roulette Chip
Woof. Woof!- Yuki's favorite quote

Yuki -- the friendliest team member

Every workplace needs a friendly face, and that’s where Yuki comes in. Regarded unanimously as the friendliest team member, Yuki is a source of inspiration and The Casino Wizard’s good-luck talisman. He’s our go-to cuddle friend for sad days or happy days, an ever-reliable source of laughs, and the main source of positive contributions around the workplace.

Yuki is also the office member that gets the most love, although you could argue that the fact that he’s a dog gives him an unfair edge over the rest of us!

The Team’s Most Invaluable Member

If there’s one thing that everyone in The Casino Wizard can agree on, that is that Yuki has been the main contributor to the website’s success as the years have gone by. Having such a positive force driving everyone’s mood to the ceiling cannot be underestimated, after all.

His stellar behavior and constant need for cuddles make him an undisputed favorite around the place, while the gentle manner in which he asks for snacks has cost the team a piece of a sandwich or three. He’s probably gained a few pounds because of it, too! But don’t worry, Yuki is as healthy as ever – we make sure of it!

Last updated  May 1, 2023

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