1st Deposit Bonuses

First deposit bonuses are the most important deposit bonus that a casino can offer to its players, as it will give them a first impression of how the entity operates when dealing with deposit bonuses. Thus, first deposit bonuses are often the most lucrative for a player, or at least the most enticing that you’ll find in the casino. These bonuses vary a lot and they’re often included in packages, but they’re mostly comprised of bonus money that casinos add to the balance of a new user’s account.

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BetHard Casino

1st Deposit,Match Deposit,Welcome

100% Up to €100


T&C apply

VideoSlots Casino

Videoslots Casino

1st Deposit,Match Deposit,Welcome

100% Up To €200


T&C apply


1st Deposit,Match Deposit,Welcome

100% up to €200 + 100 FS


T&C apply

AstralBet Casino

1st Deposit,High Roller,Match Deposit

100% up to €2,000


T&C apply

Uptown Aces Casino

1st Deposit,High Roller,Match Deposit

Up to $2,500 + 50 Spins


T&C apply

Casino Superlines

1st Deposit,High Roller,Match Deposit

400% up to €1000


T&C apply



1st Deposit,High Roller,Match Deposit,Welcome

150% up to €1500


T&C apply

Betsson Casino

Betsson Casino

1st Deposit,Match Deposit,Welcome

100% up to €100


T&C apply

Casino.com Casino


1st Deposit,Match Deposit,Welcome

100% up to €400 + 200 FS


T&C apply

gowild casino

GoWild Casino

1st Deposit,Match Deposit,Welcome

100% up to €3500


T&C apply

The First Impression Matters

A first deposit bonus gives new players a first impression of any online casino. How a user deals and uses this bonus will ultimately determine how much they will enjoy the casino because, in a way, it’ll subconsciously affect their future experiences on the site, regardless of how different they could be from their use of the first deposit bonus.

Casinos understand this, and that’s why they’ve come up with many ways to present users with their first deposit bonus. The impact that a first deposit bonus has on a player will also determine whether the gambler becomes a loyal member of the casino or if they will start looking for other online communities to invest their money.

Players are also on the hunt for new experiences all the time, so finding an innovative offer goes a long way into making them join a new casino and deposit money into their accounts. Thus, the addition of all these facts makes first deposit bonuses the most important attractive offers in most sites.

Speaking about the first impression, there’s a reason why the best no deposit casinos in the UK are known to

The Presentations of a First Deposit Bonus

Sure, most casinos offer a first deposit bonus. It’s only logical that casinos are on an eternal search to lure new members into their services. However, not every online casino manages to do so. In fact, some offers that you’ll find are incredibly underwhelming, as they either have a ton of requirements as a way to prevent people from winning too much or they don’t give you much money at all.

Even though some offers can feel disappointing when you analyze them, others could almost literally blow your mind with the number of benefits that they give to players. It’s important that you understand how to determine which offers are better and always keep in mind that reading the fine print will ultimately show you the actual quality of a first deposit bonus.

There are various types of first deposit bonuses, but all of them follow a set of guidelines that each casino modifies in order to offer a unique experience to their players, in hopes that they won’t find anything similar in other online gambling communities.

Cash Match

Probably the most common type of first deposit bonuses, cash match bonuses are awarded to players depending on how much money they decide to put into their accounts. As its name suggests, a cash match first deposit bonus will match whichever amount of money you deposit and give it to your as bonus account balance, which can be wagered across different games and services on the casino.

A cash match bonus doesn’t include a set amount of cash on the offer. Other offers do have an amount of money attached to them, but these offers only tend to have a limit as to how much money the casino is willing to match.

For example, if a casino offers you a first deposit bonus in which they say your deposit will be matched by 100% of its value, they might also tell you that they won’t give you more than €400 worth of your deposit. If you decide to make a first deposit of €1000, your account balance (including the first deposit bonus on this example) would be €1400.

Spreading Your Money

It’s important that you spread your deposits in order to maximize the benefits of a bonus. If the first deposit bonus that you want to use has a limited amount of money to be wagered, you’d be better off depositing an amount up to that limit and checking to see if there are bonuses in place for your second and third deposits instead of pouring the entire amount into the first one.

Set Amount Bonus

Although the most common type of first deposit bonuses is a cash match, other casinos offer bonuses that trigger after you deposit a certain amount of cash. This means that there’s a minimum amount that you have to put in your account before being awarded extra money in your balance.

Some casinos do this to encourage people into depositing a set amount of cash, as cash match bonuses often trigger with amounts that go as low as €10. On the other hand, a bonus that only triggers with a certain amount of money usually requires you to make a deposit of at least €50.

For example, you might be offered a fixed amount of €100 as a first deposit bonus, but only if your first deposit consists of €150 or more. This encourages you to deposit the exact amount of €150, as you’ll feel too tempted to let the chance slip. That’s why it’s important to consider the wagering requirements of an offer before taking it.

Extra Percentage

Similar to a cash match bonus, some casinos like to offer an extra percentage of whichever amount you deposit in the site as a first deposit bonus with additional wagering requirements. As such, you’ll often find offers that give you 150% of your deposit as part of your account balance, sometimes as withdrawable money and sometimes as sticky cash.

Sticky Bonuses & Withdrawable Bonuses

Not every first deposit bonus is the same – even if they offer the same amount of money. Sometimes the cash might be withdrawn by the player after wagering it a number of times that’s determined by the casino, while other times the money is not withdrawable at all, and it can only be used within the online casino and, sometimes, only in certain games.

Bonuses that cannot be withdrawn by the player are called sticky bonuses. You’ll be able to use the money in games and the profits that you earn will become withdrawable once you meet the wagering requirements, as long as they don’t exceed the maximum withdrawable amount established by the casino.

The sticky money will remain in your account until you fully spend it. However, you’ll never be able to withdraw it.

On the other hand, most first deposit bonuses are given in the form of withdrawable cash, but the money will only become available for you to cash out once you’ve met the wagering requirements. Most casinos offer first deposit bonuses with a wagering requirement of around 30 or 35 times, although the number varies depending on each casino’s policies and on how much money they are willing to give.

Packages & Promotions

It’s common for first deposit bonuses to come in the form of packages. All of the methods that you now know are usually offered in conjunction with other special bonuses. The most common types of first deposit bonuses (and the ones that people love the most) are often cash match bonuses that come with free spins.

Packages have become an important part of online casinos and what they offer to new players, as they can limit the involvement of players in some games while also giving them enough freedom to play whatever they want with the cash balance that they will receive.

In most cases, free spins that come as part of a first deposit bonus package or promotion will only be able to be used in certain games. Usually, these games have a higher house edge than the rest of the slots on the site – especially when the free spins are valued at over €1 each.

However, some first deposit bonus packages might come with free spins that can be used in any game within a casino, as long as the player complies with the terms and conditions as well as the wagering requirements of the site.

First Deposit Bonuses versus Welcome Bonuses

Although first deposit bonuses are often seen as welcome bonuses, there are some differences between the two that can be laid down as soon as you read the conditions. First deposit bonuses are only activated when you first make a deposit into your online casino account, but there are many welcome bonuses that players can get as soon as they register into a gambling service.

First deposit bonuses are indeed welcome bonuses, but not every welcome bonus is a first deposit bonus – or even deposit bonuses at all. Welcome bonuses can come in the form of free money, but they don’t always require you to make a deposit. Some casinos give away cash to new players so they can get a taste of their site without spending their own money on it, although it does entice them into doing it!

So… What’s the Point of First Deposit Bonuses, Then?

Deposit bonuses are the most common type of bonuses, and there are plenty of good reasons for it. These bonuses encourage players into making a first deposit into the site, and even though the subsequent deposits might not come with a bonus, the success that a player has while they spend the money of their first deposit will determine how they perceive the casino.

First deposit bonuses play an even greater part than regular welcome bonuses in what refers to the importance of luring players into the casino. They will always try to make you feel comfortable with the services of the site, and it’s very likely that you’ll manage to make a profit from the bonus cash if you play it wisely.

However, as with any other casino bonus, this doesn’t mean that the casino is willingly giving you free cash. You’ll need to work for it, and the fight can be difficult at times. Be sure to look for casinos with lenient bonus conditions to maximize your chances of making a profit on the site.

Obtaining a First Deposit Bonus

When looking for a new first deposit bonus to get, always keep in mind that casino providers are competing with each other to lure more players into their services than the rest of the sites. Thus, it’s highly likely that you’ll find some offers that are far more appealing than others if you look thoroughly for them.

The best thing you can do to find the best offers is to use the opinions of experts as references, such as those you find here at the Casino Wizard. It’s always better to narrow down your search instead of diving in blindly into the world of online casinos without having an idea of which sites stand out from the lot.

When searching for a first deposit bonus, be sure to keep in mind what you want to do with the money when you first register into the site. Most first deposit bonuses that are comprised of pure cash offers can be used at almost any part of an online casino, which includes special sections like sports betting and live dealer games like poker and baccarat.

If you’re an online casino enthusiast, you should always attempt to get the best out of these bonuses by using them on services where you’re used to winning.

You can find these bonuses in the best no deposit casinos in the US and the best British no deposit casinos, once you’ve claimed the no deposit rewards on each site.

Presenting the Offer

There are many forms in which you’ll find a first deposit bonus. Every casino has a particular style – some casinos like to give first deposit bonuses easily, while others require a bit more work. As with most bonuses in online casinos, you’ll often find that first deposit bonuses that require more work are often those that give you better rewards, so it’ll be worth it in the end.

First deposit bonuses can be enjoyed in the best mobile casinos in the UK, as well as in the best bitcoin casinos in the US, as long as they’re available in the respective website.


After making your first deposit on a website, it’s highly likely that you’ll receive an email with a bonus code that can be inputted into the site – usually, you’ll find the option to do it on the cashier section of the online casino.

Some companies prefer to use codes for a couple of reasons. If you, by any chance, wouldn’t like to have the funds added into your account, then all you must do is make a deposit and ignore the email with the code. However, keep in mind that these codes tend to expire, and you won’t be able to retrieve after a while.

There are no benefits from opting out of a first deposit bonus, and their one-of-a-kind nature makes it a no-brainer to do your best in order to keep it and try to cash it out.

Instant Addition

In most cases, you’ll be granted the rewards of your first deposit bonus as soon as the casino finishes processing your deposit and acknowledges it into your account’s funds. Having the funds instantly added into your account saves you the trouble of having to input additional info, and lets you dive straight into the casino’s games with no bureaucracy involved.

If you’re unsatisfied with the bonus, you can contact support and ask them to remove it from your account. But beware! You won’t be able to use it again if it gets removed from your account! If you’re losing too much money, remember that the bonus is ultimately free and at least you’ll be learning valuable lessons that you can apply afterward when you bet with your own money.

Understanding Wagering Requirements

One of the most confusing things for new players opting for a first deposit bonus is how wagering requirements are enforced by casinos. Some players struggle to even know what these are, and why they’re present in almost every single casino bonus on the planet.

Wagering requirements are put in place by casinos to make sure that players use the bonus money on their websites and not simply withdraw it and either spend it or move on to another casino. As such, wagering requirements tend to be relatively high, but they aren’t impossible to fulfill – they’re just meant to keep you hooked to the casino for a while.

A wagering requirement is the number of times that you’ll have to wager your bonus money before you’re able to withdraw it from the site. Most online casinos that you find in Casino Wizard offer first deposit bonuses with a wagering requirement of around 30 times the amount of your bonus, which keeps you playing for a while but also gives you a good chance of making a withdrawable profit from it.

Terms & Conditions and Why They Matter

Every first deposit bonus has terms and conditions that are relevant to determining how good each bonus is. It’s important to have at least a basic understanding of these terms and conditions to know which are good bonuses and which aren’t. There are some basic rules that every casino applies, which can be used to evaluate a first deposit bonus.

Low Wagering Requirements

The best first deposit bonuses have relatively low wagering requirements. You should always keep an eye out for bonuses that allow you to withdraw winnings after wagering the rewards less than 40 or 50 times, tops. It’s also important that casinos give you enough time to do it – especially if you’re going to deposit a large amount of money and you don’t want to bet everything at once.

Territorial Limitations

Even though users from your country might be able to participate in an online casino, this doesn’t mean that their first deposit bonuses apply for you as well. At times, the bonuses are directed at people from Europe or Scandinavia, so even if you live in the US and you’re allowed to register in the casino, you might not be able to get bonus cash or free spins with your first deposit.

You can find all of the offers from any casino and determine if they’re available in your country by simply visiting the bonus terms and conditions sections located on every gambling site. It’s also very important not to use a VPN or a proxy to access an online casino, as this is seen as an attempt to cheat the system and you could end up losing your account.

Withdrawing First Deposit Bonuses

Withdrawing a first deposit bonus is always doable, as long as the bonus isn’t sticky and only after you’ve met the wagering requirements of said bonus. Keep an eye out for first deposit bonuses that have lenient time limitations as well as low wagering requirements and you should not struggle to qualify for withdrawal at all.

It’s also smart to see sticky bonuses as a way to make extra cash – do not count with those funds as if they were part of your account’s funds or you could struggle to keep tracks of how much money you truly have. In any case, a first deposit bonus is the best way for you to kickstart your wagers in a new casino and making a profit without risking any of your freshly-deposited cash!