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Are you looking to recoup some of your casino losses? Cashback bonuses serve the purpose of returning some players some of the money that they’ve lost in an online casino, sometimes in the form of additional account-based cash (or sticky money) or sometimes as a direct payment, in a way to thank them for their loyalty. Find the very best cashback bonuses here!

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Cashback Bonuses

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Cashback Bonuses
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What is a Cashback Bonus?

In online casinos, cashback bonuses are promotions that you can claim after having lost money while gambling online. They will often reward you with a percentage of the money that you’ve lost over a certain period of time (a day, a week, or a month). Depending on the casino, you may be able to directly withdraw the money to your desired withdrawal method or you may have to fulfill some wagering requirements first.

Types of Casino Cashback Bonuses

Although one might think that cashback bonuses are fairly straightforward, there are still a couple of ways in which these bonuses are presented to players. Your cashback bonus money will be given to you differently, depending on the policies of your favorite online casino.

Sticky Cashback

A sticky cashback bonus, much like a regular sticky bonus, is a form of bonus money which is given directly to your account, but it cannot be cashed out regardless of what you do. You can use the money to place additional wagers on the casino without having to spend your own cash to do it, though, which makes the offer very attractive on its own.

The amount of cash that a casino is willing to give as cashback money also depends on its individual policies, but sticky cashback offers tend to be larger than their non-sticky counterparts, particularly because of their binding nature. They do give you the chance to make a large sum of money back, even when they’re still subjected to the online casino’s bonus terms and conditions.

Non-Sticky Cashback

Non-sticky cashback money is one of the best ways in which a casino can reward loyalty to their players. Some casinos offer 10% of your lost money back, in which case it’s most likely going to be added directly into your account’s funds (as withdrawable money, of course).

Other casinos might offer you the option to make a direct deposit into your bank account, although they’ll most likely give you the money on their site as an attempt to get you to spend it there. It’s up to you to decide what you do, though.

Non-sticky cashback bonuses are often given to loyal customers, and there’s usually a limit as to how much money the casino is willing to give back. For example, you might be presented with a 10% cashback bonus of your lost money, but with a limit of €500 in place. In this scenario, if you’ve lost €7000 in the site, you’ll still only get €500 back.

These offers vary, but there’s usually always a limit in place. Spend your money wisely – even if the casino is offering to give you some of it back!

How to Select the Best Casino Cashback Bonus

As with any other casino bonus, not every game is included under a cashback bonus. Some casinos are only willing to give cashbacks to people that have had losses in slots, while other online gambling companies also offer cashback bonuses for blackjack and poker.

You must take a few factors into consideration before deciding which cashback bonus. After all, it doesn’t matter if you get your money back if you’re not going to be able to profit from the bonus or, at the very least, have fun with the cashback rewards.

Games that Count Towards the Cashback

Not every game in an online casino counts towards the cashback bonus rewards, even if the casino itself is offering cashback bonuses for your loyalty. Thus, some online casinos offer cashbacks for people who play slots, and there might be different bonuses in place for people who play blackjack.

The reach of a cashback bonus entirely depends on the policies put in place by the owners of the online casino, and the amount you’ll receive is always related to the amount that you’ve lost or bet in the casino.

Keep in mind that these bonuses might also be temporary – not every casino is willing to give you cashback bonuses on a regular basis, so make sure you bet as much money as possible while the offer is in place, as long as you can afford it, of course.

Cashback Timeframe

Some cashback bonuses are only given to players who bet inside a certain period of time. Thus, you might find cashback offers that refund you 20% of your losses in the month of March, for example, with a maximum cashback amount of €1000. Some casinos are better known for their generosity than others, so if you’re looking to make a large profit and you want safety insurance, it might be best to gamble when the bonus is offered.

Integrated Cashbacks

Some casinos have cashback bonuses as part of their user benefit policies. Not every casino uses cashback bonuses as a temporary option that keeps people playing within a certain period of time. In fact, there are cashback casinos that use cashbacks as a way to keep people betting by ensuring them that at least some of their money will be given back to them if they lose it.

Casinos with integrated cashback policies are usually associated with good user experience, but they also allow people to bet more freely, which also leads to more loses in the long run if the gambler doesn’t know how to control themselves. It’s important to see cashback bonuses as a reward and not a wildcard to bet more money than you can afford.

However, it’s important that you consider the efficiency of integrated cashback casinos. Some casinos might tell you that they always offer cashbacks, but their cashback bonus limits are very low. For example, you might only be entitled to a €50 cashback per month, and the amount could even be sticky. You should always read the casino’s policies before joining their ranks.

Understanding Wagering Requirements

Some cashback bonuses have wagering requirements in place – especially when the cashback bonus is offered in the form of sticky money. You might have to wager your cashback bonus at least 30 times before you’re able to cash it out. At times, the bonus itself might also be subjected to a certain frame of time in which you’ll have to bet all the money and fulfill the wagering requirements in order to withdraw your winnings.

You need to be aware of the timeframe put in place by the casino as well as the individual requirements for you to receive the bonuses. If you’re not able to comply with a casino’s cashback bonus policies, it might be best for you to move on to another site or look for another offer altogether.

Cashback casinos are usually lenient with their users, and the conditions that they put in place tend to be achievable and easy to handle. It’s still important to understand that some sites can be very strict with their rules and you might struggle to make a profit with your newly-received cashback bonus.

The Importance of Reading the Terms and Conditions

Familiarizing yourself with an online casino and its rules will allow you to take full advantage of the cashback bonuses and other cool offers that the site has in store for you. It will also help you determine whether the offers will end up being worth it for you or if you’ll be unable to comply with the requirements and given timeframes.

Always overview the conditions of an online casino before signing up for the sites. That’s the only way to ensure that you’ll be entirely pleased with their services and it’ll save you from having a bad time on the site if you disagree with the rules that they enforce.

Expected Earnings from a Cashback Bonus

One of the beauties about cashback bonuses is that you can make a lot of money back, using money that you’ve already lost. In fact, in some cases, you might be able to make more money than the amount originally spend using the funds from your sticky or non-sticky cashback offer, which makes the potential profit even more desirable than what you can get from other bonuses.

It’s impossible to tell how much money you’ll be able to make with a cashback bonus, as each casino has its own set of rules. However, non-sticky bonuses guarantee that you’ll at least make the returned amount in profits, but you can make much more if you decide to use the cash in the casino. All you have to do is judge by yourself whether betting the returned cash is worth it or not.

Cashback Bonuses and Their Potential

Cashback bonuses are a way for casinos to offer users the chance to recoup some of their lost investment. These bonuses serve as insurance for the player, and it gives them the additional chance to make a profit with cash that was originally lost. Although the amount that you can receive as a cashback bonus is often limited, it’s always going to be free cash at the end of the day.

Cashback bonuses will save you from suffering large losses if you’re a high roller, but they will also help you return some of your lost cash if you’re a low roller.

When it comes to the potential to make a profit and the easiness in which you can obtain a bonus, cashback bonuses are some of the best types of online casino bonuses on the planet. Finding one of these bonuses in a physical casino is much more difficult than you can imagine, so if you’re looking for the best cashback bonus, online casinos will always be your best bet to find it.

Last updated  March 23, 2024

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Bonuses - FAQs

All cashback bonuses can be withdrawn instantly or after having their wagering requirements fulfilled. It depends on the terms of each offer.

Not all cashback bonuses come with wagering requirements. Some casinos impose wagering requirements of 5 times the amount of money received, while others make the bonuses free to withdraw.

It depends on the casino. Most online casinos require you to lose at least $20 to qualify for a 5% cashback, whilst some casinos may give back up to 20% of your lost cash back if you've lost at least $100 on the casino.

Cashback bonuses are only activated upon losing, which means that they're not the best ones to activate. However, they do guarantee that you'll make some of your lost money back.