Free Spins No Deposit Australia

Free spins no deposit bonuses in Australia are incredible rewards. Australian gamblers, be prepared to receive the best free spin no deposit bonuses that can be claimed from your country and enter a world of rewards like no other. These bonuses all require no deposit for you to get them, and all of these casinos also offer top-tier deposit bonuses if you wish for the party to go on after you’ve had fun with your pokies!

Free Spins No Deposit bonus

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Free spins bonuses are always given by online casinos to provide users with the chance to play pokies for free. Australian casinos are home to some fantastic free spin bonuses that you'll be able to enjoy in the best online pokies that national casinos have to offer!


If you want to know everything about the best free spin bonuses in Australia, you should know the features that some of these free spins need to have in order to be considered the best free spins in the industry. Some casinos might offer free spin bonuses that simply aren’t good enough, and even in our selected list of the best free spin bonuses in Australia, some are better than others.

We want you to play with nothing but the best of the best, so we’ve compiled a list of features that free spin bonuses must comply with if they are to be profitable and worth your time. Granted, not every single free spin bonus can be perfect, but you might want to start with the free spin bonuses that come as close to being perfect as possible.

Free Spins with Low Wagering Requirements

One of the best ways for you to know whether you’ll end up with a profit after playing in an online casino with free spins is to check out the wagering requirements of the free spins beforehand. If you see any wagering requirement below 30x on a free spin no deposit bonus, then get down to business and start playing those pokies – you’ll likely end up with a decent sum by the end of your session!

This doesn’t mean that wagering requirements of 30x or more make the bonus unappealing, though. Anything below 50x is worth checking out. Even if you end up losing all the money, who cares?! You’re still trying out new games and you’re doing it with free cash. The best thing about no deposit free spins is that you always get to spend money without compromising the balance of your bank account.

Free Spins for the Best Casino Slots 

We already told you which are the most popular slots in which you’ll receive free spins and, as you can see, online casinos are not keen on giving away spins on games that you won’t like. On the contrary – you will be able to use free spins to play in some of the most popular online pokies that you’ll find on the internet and that alone makes them completely worth it.

Free spins are not only fantastic for trying out new games, but you’ll also get the chance to earn money that, with a little bit of luck, can be withdrawn to your bank account. Nothing to lose and much to earn – so what are you waiting for?

Where to Spend the Bonus Cash?

Free spins are often assigned a value by the online casino that gives them away. In most cases, the no deposit bonuses that you claim will be worth anything from €5 to €10, depending on the online casino’s rules. However, once you finish using all of those spins, you will be left with bonus balance that cannot yet be withdrawn (unless you’re playing in an online casino with no wagering requirements).

That bonus balance is often much less restrictive than the spins per se, and you should be able to use it in most areas of the casino. Try out your favorite online casino slots with this money or simply use it in jackpot games if the casino allows you to!

Free Spin Value

One of the things that will ultimately determine how much money you can generate with a free spin bonus is the value of each free spin. You will not find online casinos that allow you to give free spins their own value. 

You will, instead, get given any number of free spins with each of them being worth a predetermined amount. That means that you will be wagering a given amount of free money which is distributed among the free spins that you get with your bonus.

Most of the sites that you’ll come across tend to give their free spins a value that ranges from $0.10 to $0.20, but this depends on each online casino and how much money they’re looking to give away.

In any case, should you find an online casino that willingly gives away free spins that are worth more than $0.20, you should instantly go and check the wagering requirements that are imposed upon them. If they are low, waste no time and claim that bonus. If they’re a bit high, the bonus might still be worth it, as it’ll give you plenty of free money to spend on the site and try out fantastic games for free!


Given that free spins that require no deposit are often given away to players and they may only use them on specific games, we’re going to give you a small summary of three online casino slots that many online casinos like for their users to play and enjoy.

As such, many of the free spin bonuses that you’ll find on this page will be granted to one of the games mentioned below. Don’t worry, the fact that online casinos give you free spins to be spent on these games doesn’t meant that they aren’t lucrative; on the contrary, these pokies offer fantastic RTP rates and are extremely fun to play. 

Casinos want you to get properly rewarded in your first experience with them!

Book of Dead

If you’ve played in Las Vegas before or if you know a bit about the most popular online casino games in the world, then it’s highly likely that you’ll feel that you’ve played Book of Dead before. It’s based on the Book of Ra casino game, which was popularized in the gambling capital of Vegas. 

This fantastic game is one of the most popular pokies on Earth, with a very detailed Egyptian theme and in-game bonuses like no other slot can offer. If you’re keen to receive amazing rewards and get the bets out of your free spins, then choosing Book of Dead (even when gambling at this game is optional) might as well be one of the best decisions that you’ll make.


Starburst is another very popular online casino game that has as many paylines as any other lucrative game on the online casino community. Starburst might catch your attention with its fantastic themes and the ability for you to spin once and win multiple times, but things go far beyond there. This game comes packed with in-game free spins and a staggering RTP of 96.1%.

Starburst is the only game that is offered as part of free spin bonuses more often than Book of Dead, and there’s a great reason for it – players who try Starburst can rarely get enough of this fantastic game, as rewards seem to be guaranteed and fun is a given.

Wolf Gold

Wolf Gold may not be as popular as Starburst or Book of Dead, but one thing’s for sure – the game has been becoming much more of an important title for most online casinos since 2019. You’ll now see many more online casinos offer free spins in Wolf Gold, as the appeal of the game has captivated players from all over the world to try out the features of this simple slot with animal symbols.

Wolf Gold offers a similar RTP to Starburst, with it being 96%. Developed by Pragmatic Play, this title is sure to keep you hooked for hours to come!

Exclusive Games

Some online casinos have a selection of exclusive games that you can only enjoy if you visit these sites. The best pokies that you can play in Australia might be found there, depending on your taste for online slots! In any case, trying out exclusive games is always a great way for you to earn a decent sum of money (many exclusive titles have very good house edge) whilst also getting to try something new.

The most common type of exclusive title that you’ll find in Australia is the exclusive pokie. Mr Green, for example, is an online casino that has managed to develop quality exclusive titles that will allow you to use your free spins (or the free money that you generate while playing them) to enjoy the game to the fullest.

Not every online casino gives you the option to try out exclusive games, but given how demanding the average Australian gambler is, you’ll find many of these exclusive titles in the casinos that provide these fantastic free spin no deposit bonuses!


There are many types of casino bonuses that you’ll be able to claim as an Australian player. As such, why should you opt for free spin bonuses above others? Aren’t there better bonuses to be claimed? Well, there’s something that makes free spins so great, and that is the fact that they grant you basically the chance to play slots and then get money to use however you want. 

These are four reasons why no deposit free spins are the best type of bonus that you can claim in Australia:

Free Spins Allow You to Try Games for Free

Free spins basically grant you the chance to pick up any game and play it for free. Sure, some no deposit free spins are limited to be spent on certain games, but even then, the money that you make while playing with them can still be used on other parts of the casino, or even at other online pokies!

Free spins are the best bonuses for those looking to try out new games without taking any sort of risk, and without even feeling that you’re spending money – only winning it!

Withdrawable Free Spin Bonuses are Fantastic

Some no deposit free spins, albeit not all that we’ve included in this page, are fully withdrawable without spending any money on the casino in advance. In most cases, you will be asked to make a deposit on the casino before withdrawing any money (that’s a good way to verify that your payment method works). 

Once you’ve completed the wagering requirements of a no deposit free spin bonus, it’s likely that the bonus money that you’ve gotten will be converted to actual withdrawable cash, allowing you to take it out of your casino account and transfer it to your bank account!

No Deposit Free Spins are the Future

With each day that passes, more online casinos are opting to give players free spins upon registering on their sites. The free spins that you can claim grow by the day, and here at The Casino Wizard, we’ll always keep you updated with the best no deposit bonuses in Australia for you to hop in and play your favorite pokies. 

More no deposit free spins mean that you’ll always have access to the best casino rewards in the top online casinos in the world. What’s not to love about that?

The Best Pokies Can Be Played with Free Spins!

Something that places free spins in a class of their own is the fact that you get to play the best online pokies using them. You’re not limited to play unprofitable games that will end up with your losing all of your cash – even on a streak of good luck. You get to spend the spins on some of the world’s best online pokies, such as Starburst and Book of Dead, which almost guarantee you’ll walk away with money.

You’re playing for free, after all, so you got nothing to lose and literally a lot to gain if you choose to claim any free spin no deposit bonus in Australia!