Ugga Bugga Slot Review - 99.07% RTP in the Palm of Your Hands

Ugga Bugga Slot Review - 99.07% RTP in the Palm of Your Hands

Ugga Bugga is one of the best online slots in the world and one that has one of the highest payouts in the online casino industry. In fact, Ugga Bugga has the single highest RTP in the online casino world, which makes it an extremely popular slot that isn’t allowed to be played with many bonuses (online casinos would need to put a wagering requirement of x100 to make it fair!). In any case, the Ugga Bugga slot has been gaining a lot of plaudits lately, and we feel that it needs to be reviewed to help you get a better grasp of what the game is all about. Here, we’ll do you the honors.

The World’s Highest-Paying Online Slot?

Ugga Bugga comes with a massive RTP 99.07%, which makes it even higher than some of the world’s most profitable games and even much higher than what you usually expect to find in an online slot. To put things in perspective, roulette is often thought to be of the most lucrative casino games in the industry, and it comes with an RTP of 98.33%. That means that Ugga Bugga is, on paper, more profitable than some of the best games in the world. It’s up to you to choose whether you’d like to enjoy an online slot like this one (fewer bonus features, more pragmatic gameplay) or if you’d rather play a game with more entertaining mechanics but less profitability in the long run.

Ugga Bugga Gameplay Features – The Game’s Profitability Explained

Now that you know the basics of Ugga Bugga and why the game is so widely popular in all corners of the iGaming world, let us take a look at the features that add up to make this game so popular and profitable:

Strategy Matters – One Spin Consists of Two Parts!

In Ugga Bugga, all spins actually consist of two parts. You will place a bet and you will be able to spin the reels once, which will show you the different symbols as if you were playing a traditional online slot. However, you then have the chance to choose which symbols to ‘hold’, which means that some symbols will stay locked until you spin the reels once more. That second spin of the reels is not one you pay for – it comes as part of the same spin that you just made. This gives you the chance to win more money and multiply the chances, as you basically pay for one spin but you get two (and you get to keep the symbols that you want as well!). It’s a fantastic feature and the sole reason why this is one of the most lucrative slots ever made.

Low Volatility – An Ideal Game for the Casual Player

On top of the game being of a very high RPT, the title also comes with very low volatility. Almost every round will have you win some cash, which keeps the game going and your stream of cash flowing. It’s easy to win cash here when the odds to beat the house are 3% higher than in an average casino slot!

Why the Wild Symbol is a Fundamental Feature of the Game

There are Wild symbols and symbols that accept combinations with other symbols, which enables you to create multiple winning combinations and prevent the game from feeling stale even if there aren’t any special in-game bonuses to enjoy. If you get lucky enough to land a winning combination of three wild symbols in a row, prepare for your account balance to skyrocket through the roof – that’s the best combo in the game! On top of that, the game allows you to win up to 1,000 times your original wager if you happen to land many top-tier winning combinations in the multiple paylines that the game comes with. It’s difficult to achieve such a feat, but far from impossible.

Can You Play Ugga Bugga on Mobile?

Yes. Ugga Bugga is a fantastic mobile slot game that works perfectly on most devices. All you need is to have a phone with a mobile browser and a stable internet connection and you will be able to enjoy this fantastic online slot with no strings attached. Just keep in mind that you might want to try it out in one of the world’s best mobile casinos, though.

Best Casinos to Play Ugga Bugga

As one of the world’s most popular online casino slots, and having been developed by the masterful staff of Playtech, this amazing game can be found in some of the world’s best online casinos. We have made a list where we have curated the best online casinos where you can play Ugga Bugga so you can get a better grasp of the game and to help you decide where you can claim the best bonuses out there. All of these sites come with the option to claim world-class bonuses, but beware: most of the free spins that you can claim here are not available to be spent directly on Ugga Bugga. You might need to spend the bonus spins and then use the bonus cash to enjoy these fantastic online slots. It’s all up to the rules of each casino, though.

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Last updated  April 1, 2024
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