Mikki Mase

Mikki Mase

Net Worth $10 Million


  • Date of Birth:27 October 1991 (32 years old)
  • Country of Origin:United StatesUnited States
  • Game of choice:Baccarat
  • Last updated:17 Apr. 2024

Mikki Mase Profile Summary

NameMikki Mase
Birth NameMichael David Meiterman
Height1.70 m
Hair ColourBrown
Eye ColourBrown
Place of BirthLos Angeles
EthnicitySephardim / White
Source of wealthBaccarat gambling
Net Worth$10 Million

Mikki Mase's Net Worth in 2024: $10 Million

Controversial gambler Mikki Mase is an Instagram sensation and social media influencer whose gambling prowess earned him worldwide popularity. Outspoken and with no fear for the repercussions his worth may have, the self-proclaimed “Dirty Goth Boy” claims to have a method to beat the house’s odds on blackjack and baccarat in the long run - and claims he has been banned from Las Vegas because of it. His actual net worth is said to be $10 million, but since the source of his money is undisclosed as of the time of writing this article, it may be higher than that.

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What Does Mikki Mase Do?

Mikki Mase is a professional gambler who is currently banned from Las Vegas, as per his own accord. He is very outspoken about the way he lives and about his troubled past, the latter of which included jail time and being admitted into youth detention facilities. 

To overcome his Las Vegas ban, he bankrolls people and teachers them this strategies so they can beat the house consistently. Then, he gives them a cut of the profit. That’s, at least, according to his own story.

Currently, and according to Mikki himself, he is currently producing and acting in TV shows and movies in Hollywood - although his IMDB profile says otherwise. He also teaches people how to gamble.

How Did Mikki Mase Get Rich?

It is unclear how Mikki Mase (aka “dirtygothboi” on Instagram) actually got rich, but he comes from a very accommodate family. According to his own story, he used to work on a small tattoo shop in New Jersey, a job he got through a friend when he was 20, after leaving behind his young life of crime. Supposedly, he used his leverage and know-how to grow his wage to up to $500,000 per year, set up a pharmacy, and build up an empire of pharmacies across the US.

The actual source of his wealth, however, is unverified. He claims to be able to beat the casino, but his gambling method is unclear. Mase also states that most of his wealth comes from running rehab clinics.

It is suspected that his actual source of income is through some sort of inheritance or trust fund. Some say that he got rich by laundering money, scamming people on social media, or by cryptocurrency investments. 

How Does Mikki Mase Like to Gamble?

Mikki Mase used to be a big time gambler in Las Vegas Casino until he got banned from them. He claims to have figured out the way casinos “cheat” on players, seemingly having reverse-engineered whatever that is, and winning consistently because of it. 

In a time span of just over 3 years, Mase is said to have won $32 million in Las Vegas Casinos alone.

If what is being said, and what he claims himself, ends up being true, then the best way to describe Mikki Mase’s way of gambling is smartly. He knows how to overcome the terrible odds offered in most casinos

How Does Mikki Mase Spend His Money?

Just by looking at his Instagram account, it’s pretty clear that Mikki Mase likes to burn money, show money, and spend money. He lives a very lavish lifestyle, where luxury cars and high-stakes bets are just part of his everyday shenanigans. 

However, Mikki Mase has also spent a lot of money doing charity work. Some of his most notorious deeds include:

  • Building a school for the underprivileged
  • Creating the Shaken Hearts foundation, an organization dedicated to helping people with gambling addiction, substance abuse problems, alcohol addiction, and other disorders
  • As a Jewish man himself, he donates money to Jewish charities and built a synagogue

Mase also states that, upon his death, “most of his money” will go to charity

Gambling Stats

  • Biggest Win: On a single session playing casino games, Mikki Mase won $11,526,000. He has the pictures published in his Instagram, as one of his pinned posts. Profits seems to have been made in the MGM Grand Casino and the Las Vegas Sands Casino. 
  • Biggest Loss: Mase’s biggest loss isn’t known.

A Troubled Figure or an Urban Legend?

Is Mikki Mase a gambling icon or a conman? The Instagram influencer lives a very lavish life, filled with plane trips, poker games, and outlandish expenses, playing cards wherever he goes. How he funds it will likely remain a mystery for a long time. 

The main problem with telling the story of "pro gambler" Mikki Mase is that a lot of it comes from his own discourse. Only time will tell how accurate it all is - but we’ve done our very best to provide you with the most complete Mikki Mase bio on the internet

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Last updated  April 17, 2024

Facts About Mikki Mase

Five universities

Five universities

According to himself, Mikki Mase applied to five universities while incarcerated and got accepted into all of them.

Unreliable information

Unreliable information

A lot of the information about Mikki Mase is not confirmed and seems quite difficult to prove, which has led to speculation about whether he is a conman.


Mikki Mase seems to change his story quite often, or make small changes to his discourse that the internet has quickly picked up on. He also has a very controversial life.

Mikki Mase is a self-proclaimed professional baccarat player that is supposedly banned from Las Vegas, although a lot of his stories seem difficult to prove. To some, he is "the King of Baccarat".

Mikki Mase has an estimated net worth of $10 million, although some sources claim he is worth more than $50 million. 

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