These Playtech Slots Guarantee Up to 99.3% RTP!

Playtech is widely known as one of the world’s finest providers of high-paying online slot games. As you’ll see with our list of Playtech slots based on RTP, the company bases its main premise on rewarding high rollers. This is seen with how their games tend to pay out much more cash if you opt to make max bets.

Sure, that’s how most online slots work. However, Playtech games take that premise and elevate it to another plane of existence. You’ll notice that three of their games have a staggering RTP of over 99%, putting them on par with even the highest-paying skill-based table games.

Check out our list of Playtech slots and make up your mind to ensure that you’ll be well on your way to earn the best of online casino rewards from the moment you begin your journey and onwards!

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The Best Playtech Slot Games for Real Money in 2021

For the majority of these games to have the high RTP that they represent, you will need to make the maximum bets. Otherwise, the RTP of these slots may be higher (except for Goblin’s Cave). You need to be aware of this before you place any bets on any Playtech games, as the company has made sure to reward high rollers more than other players in the iGaming world.

Choose the games with the highest RTP rates if you’re looking for the best payouts in the Playtech world, and be sure to try out Goblin’s Cave if you love skill-based slots!

Slot NameVariance/VolatilityRTPTheme
A Night OutLow97.06%Women
Neptune’s KingdomMedium/High97.19%Mermaids
Jungle BoogieMedium97.40%Jungle
Alien HunterLow97.69%Space
Golden TourMedium97.70%Golf
Triple ProfitsMedium98.70%Bank Vault
Tropic ReelsMedium98.90%Tropical
Ugga BuggaLow99.07%Cavemen
Ocean PrincessLow99.10%Mermaids
Goblin’s CaveMedium99.30%Goblins

You can play all of these games in the best Playtech casinos that the internet has to offer. Which bonus will you claim to play them for free?

10. A Night Out – 97.06% RTP

This game’s rounds might not pay as much as other reel-spinning titles, but A Night Out is one of those games where you’ll constantly find yourself winning something – no matter how small that something is. This low volatility slot makes us want to keep coming back with its fun concept, colorful and fluid gameplay, and progressive jackpot chances.

Any game with a progressive jackpot and an RTP of 97% or above is always a must-try, so you may already have a glimpse of an idea as to why we love this title.

The girl symbols are the ones that payout the most, but you can check out the entire paytable when you open the game. Your main goal will be to connect various winning rounds and multipliers to make them provide much more cash than they originally would.

One of our favorite aspects of this game is that the wild symbols are rather flexible (easy to connect and they’re rather common – much more than in other online slots). On top of that, this fantastic slot pays out a massive x10,000 times the amount of cash in rewards if you manage to land 5 wilds in the same spin.

Paylines go in all directions, free spins are common, wilds are massive, and bonus games are ever-present. Is there really a reason why we shouldn’t love this Playtech masterpiece? If you find it, let us know – we sure as hell haven’t!

9. Neptune’s Kingdom – 97.19% RTP

This simple but very high-paying online slot will have you taking a trip to the depths of the sea to try and obtain Neptune’s treasure. It’s very simple to understand, as all you need to do is line up three symbols and get rewarded, much like it happened in the golden days of the slot industry.

There are no major minigames to be played here. As you will notice as this list goes on, these sorts of slots are the flagship type of game that you’ll be enjoying with Playtech. High payouts, no bull. That seems to be the approach of Playtech and we absolutely love it.

8. Jungle Boogie – 97.40% RTP

Jungle Boogie will have you chasing that sweet 4,000x jackpot, but we have to tell you: this isn’t the best game to get hooked to if you like your slots to provide you with variations on each line. There are not many bonus features on this game, if any at all. As such, your main aspiration with this title will be to earn that fantastic winning combination to unlock the crazy jackpot.

In fact, Jungle Boogie comes with three reels and one payline only. It’s as simple as online slots can get, but the varied online payouts are what makes this game a worthwhile title to enjoy. It’s going to feel different than any other slot game that you have played, though, so keep that in mind if you’re after a fun gambling experience.

The game is colorful and has some very catchy tunes that will accompany you during your ups and downs, though. It would be fair to argue that the whole upbeat setting of this jungle-themed slot adds to the overall experience and makes it even more worthwhile to some of its enjoyers.

7. Alien Hunter – 97.69% RTP

Alien Hunter can net you some staggering wins with its fantastic 5 reels and 25 paylines. It’s a great game for high rollers and those who love a good science fiction game, as you’ll be sent on a quest to capture those pesky aliens and reap the rewards of your success.

The best aspect of this game is the bonus round that can be unlocked with the egg symbol. You will be taken to a different part of the screen where you’ll have to open one of many eggs that will appear on your device. Choose wisely and correctly, as a good choice will net you some incredible prizes.

There’s another small minigame where you need to hunt a green alien, which follows a similar theme. It’s fun, but it can get a tad repetitive if you play the game too often.

It’s all about variety in this alien-hunting online slot. There are plenty of fantastic bonuses to be claimed and many rewards that you’ll enjoy using from the moment you start playing it.

It’s one of those titles that seems to cater both to the veteran of the iGaming world as well as to the standard low roller of the industry.

6. Golden Tour – 97.70% RTP

Golden Tour is the most profitable non-skill-based slot game created by Playtech. Its golf theme aims to put you in the same shoes as any other famous Green Jacket winner like Tiger Woods, whilst providing you all the fun that comes with playing a fantastic slot game.

You can trigger up to 5 scatters at the same time, all while providing you with the chance to earn a total prize of up to 5,000 times the amount of your standard stake. It all comes down to winning as much cash as possible with the Golden Tour slot, even when free spins are not really a common bonus to be found in this game.

You’ll be mostly relying on the 5-scatter trigger of a 10x reward, which is the single most profitable bonus in the game. Let’s call it a hole-in-one, if you may!

5. Triple Profits – 98.70% RTP

Triple Profits is the first skill-based slot on our list, and the first one of the most profitable games created by Playtech. You can read more about skill-based slots in the bottom section of this article, as well as in the FAQ.

Triple Profits is one of the best skill-based games and the fact that it has a whole percentile higher RTP than the sixth game on this list just shows how fantastic skill-based slots can be.

Triple Profits seems to target all sorts of audiences, but it’s definitely one of those games that industry veterans will enjoy the most. It is a huge throwback to the golden days of slot games but combined with the innovative concept of skill-based titles to turn it into one of the most popular and profitable casino games made by Playtech.

4. Tropic Reels – 98.90% RTP

Tropic Reels is your classic skill-based slot that combines the jungle concept with the “hold-the-reels” theme, providing you with the best chance for you to become one of the best earners around the Playtech casino in which you’re playing.

Most of the symbols found on this game pay above average and give you good return rates. This explains why the game has a medium volatility level even when it’s a skill-based slot.

One of the best aspects of this game is that symbols come in three different colors, but you can actually match them regardless of their palette. Should you match 3 of these symbols with the same color, though, you will have access to an even better payout. That’s the magic of the Tropic Reels game – there are just too many ways to win.

Tropic Reels comes with none of those mediocre filler symbols that we see in modern low-quality slots. You should expect your payouts to be among the finest in the industry if you decide to spend your cash in this game.

3. Ugga Bugga – 99.07% RTP

Ugga Bugga is a skill-based slot that could be argued to stand as the most played skill-based slot in the iGaming world. The title has been widely popularized by casino YouTubers and streamers, which has made it a fan-favorite among the iGaming community.

The game’s win table shows just how easy it is to win. Naturally, that also means that you won’t find yourself winning a lot of money on every round (some rounds might not even yield a profit). That’s to be expected with any low volatility slot, though.

As is also the case with the following three games on our list, Ugga Bugga is not a title that comes with many minigames, if any. Instead, the sole purpose and fun of the game is for you to keep hold of certain lines and use your instincts, as well as your knowledge, to keep those payments coming and your cash flow through the roof.

2. Ocean Princess – 99.10% RTP

Let’s be clear with a little something when speaking about Ocean Princess: this game only has a 99.10% RTP when you’re wagering with the max bets. Otherwise, if you place bets on the low end of the stake spectrum, Ocean Princess comes with a very mediocre RTP that barely scratches 96%.

As such, this is one of those games on the list that we truly recommend you play if you’re a high roller, but not so much if you intend to play as a low roller.

It’s also a skill-based slot, Playtech’s specialty, so we also recommend it to be played by those who love to take control of their online slot destiny. You’ll be able to choose which lines to hold after the first spin of every game, which means that you can get really lucky every spin thanks to this classic “second chance” that not many online slots give you.

With an under-the-sea concept, cartoonish symbols, fast-paced gameplay, and one of the best RTP rates in the industry, Ocean Princess is the high-rollers’ favorite skill-based slot. Give it a try and see what the fuzz is all about!

1. Goblin’s Cave – 99.30% RTP

Calling this game profitable might just be the understatement of the century. Goblin’s Cave is one of the world’s best skill-based slot games, which means that mastering the inner workings of this game will guarantee you a better return rate than almost any table game on the planet (with the exception of blackjack, that is).

As such, the popularity of Goblin’s Cave is as big as things get in the world of iGaming and one that cannot be underestimated. That also means that this title is not commonly found in most online casinos as it basically diminishes the profit made by the sites to an extreme 0.7%, which is much lower than the expected 4% that sites tend to get in regular online slots.

Nevertheless, Goblin’s Cave still stands as one of the most popular slots out there and one that is widely known by the most frequent casino visitors.

If you ever happen to come across this game in your iGaming journey, be sure to quickly read a guide on how to play it (being skill-based makes it different than other slots) and master its simple concept to try out your luck and see how much cash you can make with a little bit of luck.

Where can you Play Playtech Slots?

You’ll have to go to the best Playtech casinos if you want to enjoy these amazing slots in the top casinos that offer them. Thankfully, the Casino Wizard is not only your go-to place for the best slots in the industry – but we also bring you the best casinos to visit from the worlds’ leading game developers.

Make sure you click that link and enjoy the massive selection of Playtech casinos that we have brought you. On top of that, we also give you the three top picks that we have selected as the world’s best Microgaming sites to enjoy!

Top 3 Recommended Playtech Slots Casinos for 2021

Playtech casinos are always going to be among the best online casinos that you can visit. As amazing as these sites are, there are some that always stand out.

In our opinion, these are the best Playtech casinos that you can visit in 2021. Make the best use of them and be sure to watch those rewards skyrocket from the moment you claim any of the rewards available on these sites!

ComeOn Casino

The ComeOn Casino has a very high rating here in The Casino Wizard, and there’s a good reason for it: the site proudly stands as a flagship of balance in the iGaming world. Their bonuses are world-class yet simple and understandable, and the best Playtech slots enrich an already packed gallery that lets you enjoy all sorts of amazing games from many providers.

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SlotsMillion Casino

Another name that has been standing out in recent times, SlotsMillion is quickly becoming the number one slot hub in the world. Naturally, a site like this will be able to provide players with the best Playtech slots in the industry, so be sure to claim those rewards that it offers and pack your account with prizes that will let you swim in money if spent correctly!

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Casino Winner

The Casino Winner and its amazing Winner Circle are here to stay. This amazing online casino and its loyalty program will give you thousands of chances to play the best Playtech slots for free – be sure to spend your money in their fine games and reap the rewards!

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Playtech, the Skill-Based Specialist

One of the main reasons why Playtech is such a popular casino brand, and the main flagship feature in their slot line, is that they create the most popular skill-based slots out there. All of the games that you’ll find on our top 5 are among the most lucrative casino slots in the industry, and all of them sit atop of the casino world.

If you’re keen to try out this fantastic way of playing online slots, then Playtech is the best game developer for you to discover. However, we do want to warn you that skill-based slots do not guarantee return rates as the RTP of these games shows. You would need to master every decision and having it be the right one to have such a high RTP.

The fact that you can “hold” certain lines in these slots is what makes them more profitable than any other game on this list. That still means that you would need to make the right decisions more often than not. Do not get overly reliant on these games to provide you with the largest profits.

Playtech Slots FAQ

Want to know more about Playtech and what the company’s slot stands for? Worry not, we have the answers that you seek.

Where is Playtech legal?

Playtech is legal in almost every country that has no online gambling restrictions. You will need to make sure that your country has no prohibitions and you should be good to go.

How to deposit money to play Playtech slots?

You can deposit money using any payment method that your online casino of choice has made available to players. In most cases, you should be able to use e-wallet services, credit cards, and debit cards. Some casinos also accept bitcoins and other cryptos.

What are the best Playtech slots?

The best Playtech slots are the ones that we have listed here, as they provide players with the largest payout percentages and guaranteed return rates that put them above any other title in the industry.

What are the best Playtech casinos?

All of the Playtech casinos listed in this article stand as the best casinos where you can play games made by the company. They offer the largest variety of games as well as the best bonuses to play them for free!

What are skill-based slots?

Skill-based slots are online slot games that combine the randomness of slot gameplay with your own ability to influence the outcome of the game by making quick decisions. In most cases, skill-based slots allow you to “hold” lines when you spin the reels, basically turning gameplay into a two-step process that adds a different dynamic to the games.

Can you play Playtech slots for free?

You can play Playtech slots for free using the bonuses that we just talked about, or by using the practice mode option that you can access in most online casinos. Bonuses will allow you to win real money whilst the practice option won’ though – keep that in mind when gambling online.

Are there bonuses for Playtech slots?

All of the casinos that we have listed in this article are home to amazing bonuses that will allow you to play Playtech slots, as well as games from other developers, using free spins or free bonus money. It’s up to you to make the best of your time with these rewards.

Are Playtech slots fair?

All Playtech slots are as fair as they come. The titles are all regulated and you can expect to find the fairest return rates of the industry.

Is Playtech the best slot developer?

Playtech might not be the best developer in terms of size, but their game-makers do make a case for themselves thanks to the quality of most of their games. Quality takes relevance over quantity when it comes to Playtech.

What other games does Playtech offer?

Playtech is known to offer a wide array of amazing casino games. They’re mainly known for their casino slots, but you can play all sorts of incredible games when visiting their sites.

What is RTP?

The RTP, also known as the Return to Player rate, is the amount of your money that you are expected to keep after wagering for a long time in the same game. The opposite to RTP is what we know as the house edge, which is the percentage of your money that the house expects to keep after a session of gambling.

What is Variance and Volatility in slots?

Variance, or volatility, is the frequency with which you are expected to win in online slots. High volatility means that you will win less often, but with higher rewards in each round that you win

About Playtech Slots

Playtech, a company that dares to use the innovative slogan of “the source of success”, has made sure to innovate the iGaming market. They have become one of the world’s leading providers of casino games, which led them to become one of the highest valued gambling companies in the world (and the highest valued company in the London Exchange).

Playtech games are a mix of fun gameplay and incredible graphics, music, and sounds that will take your iGaming experience to the next level.

Playtech Slots and Incredible Bonuses Await – What are You Waiting for?

Visit the best Playtech casinos in the world to play these amazing games! It’s now time for you to decide which of these games you like the most and visit the casino that catches your eye with the most pull. Decide which casino games to play, claim bonuses to play them for free, and earn real rewards to take your iGaming experience to the next level.

Where will you begin your journey and what decisions will shape your fate? Life-changing rewards are in your hands!

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