Which Casino Has the Best Loyalty Program? - VIP Rewards Explained

2023 VIP & Loyalty Programs - Why Online Casinos are Great with Loyal Players

Loyalty rewards are part of what makes an online casino fun, and also why many people prefer to visit online casinos rather than land-based gambling establishments. Given that it’s much easier to collect user data when you’re playing in an online casino, the casino hosts often allow players to collect points based on how much money is registered as “spending” in their respective accounts. vip-program-crown-e1579175496748.jpg With that said, many online casinos tend to offer various ways for users to obtain VIP rewards.

Not all online casinos even have them, either, but the majority of the sites reviewed at The Casino Wizard are hosted by some of the world’s most renowned companies (such as the Betsson Group or White Hat Gaming), which ensures a quality VIP program and fantastic loyalty rewards. Which online casino VIP program is the best, though?

We have made a list of 5 online casinos, all reviewed by us, that provide players with world-class loyalty programs that stand out from the rest. Lastly, we’ll take a closer look at what you can expect to receive from a loyalty program, as well as which rewards are most commonly given out to players by their favorite online casinos.

See the bottom part of this page if you want to know more about what is a VIP program and what you can expect to get from it.

Getting sweet rewards has never been easier than it is at the Cookie Casino, an up-and-coming site that packs a world of rewards withing the wrapping of its sweet treats. The Cookie Casino reward program is unique to this list, as it presents players with a different way to claim rewards. With this bonus, you won’t be collecting points and watching a boring bar fill up. Instead, you will be able to advance on levels in an adventure-themed game, where each level represents a step you take towards reaching the end of the journey. The Cookie Way, as this journey is called, is filled with amazing rewards and bonuses to claim along the way.

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How it Works

As you wager your cash in the Cookie Casino, you will start getting access to better and better rewards. Each level that you advance will grant you CP (bonus points) that you can then trade for other rewards, as well as free bonus money that you get to spend in your favorite games of the online casino. The Cookie Casino doesn’t have a tier list.

Instead, it is divided into these levels. As you progress through the site’s ranks, you will find it more difficult to advance. Some of these bonuses can be extremely lucrative, though, ranging from 10 free spins and 25 CP on level 2, to €100,000 and 5,000,000 CP on level 30!

4. One Casino – The Club One

The VIP rewards that await at the One Casino make every player proud of being a member of the Club One. This online casino takes a more traditional approach by providing players with a tiered list of levels, where each level gets the player better rewards. You can gain access to some of the most fascinating online casino rewards right from the get-go thanks to the format of this program.

The first level is already good enough, as you will get €10 upon registration and the chance to progress through the ranks of the site using your newly-earned bonus money. Each level gets you incredible rewards, but you will also be able to collect points. The points that you collect on the site will enable you to level up your profile and access a better set of rewards. All levels also give you access to world-class deposit bonuses, starting from up to €100 per week on the first level of the VIP offer!

What You Can Get

Should you manage to make it to the last level of this online casino’s loyalty program, otherwise known as the Supreme Level (it requires 1,250,000 points!), you will gain access to a handful of fantastic rewards. You’ll get special bonuses on your birthday, on the sites’ anniversary, and you’ll even get access to quick payouts and better weekly bonuses!

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3. Wildz Casino Levelz

We’ve been long-time admirers of the fantastic features put together by the Wildz Casino, and the Levelz program is something we’ve discussed plenty of times in the past. The Wildz Casino offers a more simplistic format, where you’ll be able to progress through levels (which are actually called Levelz) as you play through the online casino’s offers.

The program itself is really cool and very fun and easy to play, but one thing we really enjoy about it is the large variety of bonuses that “boost” your progress through the site’s ranks. You will often get special level boosts that will take you towards 99% completion of your current levelz’ progress bar, enabling you to access better rewards sooner than you should.

Levelz Slot

That’s not all, though. There’s also a mini slot called Levelz, which you will be able to play once every time that you reach a new level on the site. The amount of money that you win on each spin will be proportional to the amount of money that you’ve spent in order to reach the level at which you’re at. It’s a super simple system, but one that truly works to perfection and offers a twist to the best loyalty programs of the iGaming industry.

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2. Loyal Casino – Loyal+

Given the name of this casino, one would expect it to have a decent set of rewards, at the very least. We’re happy to say that the Loyal Casino VIP programme, formally known as Loyal+, doesn’t disappoint in the slightest. The Loyal+ program enables you to receive fantastic weekly drops, which are care packages with free bonuses every week, as well as tailor-made bonuses and a custom account manager! The Loyal+ program is really simple. It’s based on the collection of points and progressing through the site’s ranks as you go on. The rewards aren’t anything out of the ordinary, but we know that some of our readers truly appreciate this simplistic approach!

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1. mBit Casino Rewards Program

The mBit Casino might be the only bitcoin casino in our list, but the site’s VIP program isn’t slacking by any means. In fact, we’d dare say that the mBit Casino has one of the best cryptocurrency loyalty programmes in the world. It’s no surprise, though, as this is also one of the best bitcoin casinos on the planet.

This bonus is very similar to the one you can get at the Loyal Casino, but it’s based solely on bitcoin rewards. You can get special bonuses that are also tailor-made for your account, as well as free spin bonuses and an account manager that will help you get the best out of your experience at mBit.

This site also has a VIP journey, though, which you’ll be able to discover as you move forward through the ranks of the casino. Each level grants you better deposit bonuses, cashbacks, and reload bonuses. It’s a very complete program that still manages to keep things simple for all players to understand. [

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What are Casino VIP Programs?

A VIP program, also known as VIP programme or Loyalty bonus, is the best method that an online casino has to offer rewards to loyal players without having them directly deposit money into their accounts in order to claim them. As such, VIP programs tend to be some of the most acclaimed rewards that an online casino can offer.

It’s only natural, though, that an online casino acts in a strict way towards deciding who can claim certain rewards on the site and who can’t. In most cases, newcomers will have access to extremely-limited VIP rewards, but they will be able to access better bonuses as they progress through the ranks of each casino’s program.

Furthermore, it’s not easy to emit a final opinion on whether a VIP program is worth it or not – especially when you look at it at first glance. You need to make a thorough analysis of each program to determine how good it really is. Thankfully, your friends at The Casino Wizard have become part of some of the world’s best (and wort) VIP programs, which has allowed us to nitpick our favorites to create this guide.

Are VIP Programs Fair and Worth It?

Most loyalty programs offer rewards that feel much less “out for the killing” than a traditional online casino bonus. That’s because you need to have proven yourself in front of the eyes of the website before actually receiving them, which also means the terms and conditions tend to be far more lenient.

In any case, the vast majority of VIP programs tend to be worth it. This is, of course, assuming that you’re playing at an online casino that holds reputable licenses and that stands out as a trusted source of iGaming. Each VIP program packs a different set of rewards, but we’ve managed to compile a list of the most common types of bonuses that you can expect to find in the online casinos that we’ve listed in this article.

It’s also important to note that, given that you don’t really have to deposit any money to claim these rewards (not directly, anyway), they tend to be very fair.

The Best Types of Loyalty Rewards

Online casinos are known to offer players rewards for doing various activities within each site. Even though all online casinos offer something different, many types of loyalty rewards tend to be similar from one casino to the next. We want you to know exactly what you’re getting into, so we’re going to take a quick look at the most common loyalty rewards that you’ll find in the world’s best loyalty programs.

Free Spins

In most cases, the first type of loyalty reward that you’ll get in an online casino is the popular Free Spin bonus. Each online casino offers these spins in different ways; some sites allow you to use the free spins on any online slot on the website, while other VIP programs allow you to spend them on exclusive slots only.

This will fully depend on the online casino that you’re visiting. In most cases, the further you progress on an online casino’s loyalty program, the better rewards you’ll be able to obtain. This also means that you will get more free spins as time goes on, or you might get extra loyalty points that you can then claim for free spins. Again, this depends on each casino’s policies.

Account Managers

Account managers are probably not the first thing that comes to mind when you join a loyalty program, but they’re far more useful than you think. Joining the loyalty program on almost every popular online casino will grant you access to an account manager, who will supersede your activities and make sure that you’re getting the best of the online casino of your preference.

Account managers are often unlocked after you’ve been playing in the same casino for a while, as they’re often locked behind the collection of a lot of points. Should you be able to collect them, though, you will gain access to one of the best rewards on the internet. Trust us – getting one of these managers is as worth it as it gets.

Custom Bonuses

Another extremely popular feature that online casinos tend to give away is the option for you to claim custom bonuses. An online casino always keeps tracks of your activity, which means that the owners of the site can use your personal play history to find out which are your favorite types of games.

Many online casinos use this information to give free spin bonuses to players, which they will be able to spend in the online slots that they’ve played the most. It all depends on what you do, but these rewards can often lead to some of the most satisfying bonuses on the internet.

For example, imagine that you spend the majority of your time playing Starburst and become a VIP member of the casino of your choice. You might obtain Starburst free spins now and then!

Free Money Bonuses

Probably the most common type of loyalty reward on the internet, free money bonuses are monetary rewards that you’ll get as you advance through the ranks of each individual casino. Free money bonuses allow you to spend free cash in any of your favorite online casino games, making it very easy for you to decide what to do with your money depending on the mood at which you’re on.

Free money bonuses will always be well received by players, as they are far less restrictive than free spins and can often be spent in the best table games of the online casino.

Casino-Exclusive Bonuses

Some VIP programs are especially fantastic because they offer rewards that are exclusive to the online casino on which you’re claiming them. For example, we’ve come across casinos that have a special “Wheel of Rewards”, a format that is becoming more and more popular as time goes by. You can often get spins for this wheel on certain occasions, which will allow you to obtain a random reward every time you spin it.

Online casinos with exclusive rewards tend to be far more prone to engaging with their players than other casinos, so keep an eye out for these types of rewards.

Visit the Best Casino and Claim World-Class Rewards Today

Now that you know everything about the world’s best online casinos for high rollers (as you can see, most VIP programs are synonyms of high-roller rewards), you’re ready now to head down to business. Choose whichever online casino you feel offers a better VIP program and start enjoying the finest rewards on the internet as you move on through each of these site’s levels.

Keep one thing in mind, though. VIP programmes offer better rewards to patient players. Don’t expect to dive straight into the action and receive the best rewards that the site has to offer, or even get your own personal account manager in the first few days of playing. The only way to achieve this is by becoming a high roller.

Regardless, low rollers and those who don’t intend to spend too much money in an online casino may still receive some fantastic rewards from each of these VIP programmes. It’s up to you to decide how long it takes for you to advance through all the ranks.

Last updated  March 28, 2023
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