What is a casino bonus code?

A bonus code is used to provide players with an exclusive casino promotion. These codes can unlock free spins or free money. They are meant to be claimed once per account, but the same bonus code may be used by various players if found on a website foreign to the online casino that gives the bonus away.

Types of Casino Bonus Codes

The world of online casinos is home to thousands of incredible offers, many of which need to be claimed with casino bonus codes. On this page, you will find some of the most lucrative bonus codes in the history of iGaming, but you need to know, first of all, the two types of bonus codes that you will find in the casino industry before you go ahead and claim them.

Non-Sticky Bonus Codes

Non-sticky bonus codes are the rarest and most sought-after bonus codes in the online casino industry. Non-sticky codes provide you with free bonus money that can be withdrawn from your account as soon as you’re done fulfilling its wagering requirements. These offers are rare but they’re far from difficult to claim or find if you’ve made your way to The Casino Wizard already.

Non-sticky bonus codes will come in two forms:

  • Bonus money which can be spent in most parts of an online casino
  • Bonus free spins that generate non-sticky bonus money, which you can withdraw after spending the spins and fulfilling its wagering requirements.

Sticky Bonuses Codes

Non-sticky bonus codes are offers that you can claim with a bonus code but that provide you with money that you cannot withdraw. Instead, you will need to use the bonus money in order to play in the site that gives it away, wager it all, fulfill its wagering requirements, and only then will you be able to withdraw the profits made with the money; not the money per se.

These are the most common types of casino bonus codes in the industry as they ensure the casino a minimum number of losses when giving away bonuses.

What Can You Unlock With Bonus Codes?

In general, online casino bonuses will always am to differ from the norm and provide you with a unique experience in all of the online casinos that offer them. That’s why bonus codes tend to take different shapes and forms across the iGaming industry, which is also why there are two main types of bonuses that you’ll find in different shapes and forms.

Free Spin Bonuses with Bonus Codes

Free spin bonuses with bonus codes are some of the most common free spin offers on the internet. Online casinos tend to spread these bonus codes across the online world for players to find them, claim them, and encourage them to visit each casino on their own, hoping to claim the bonus spins.

Bonus codes with free spins are extremely popular offers that will fill your account with free playtime in some of the best casinos in the world, allowing you to play slots completely for free!

Bonus Codes for Bonus Money

Bonus codes will not only provide players with free spins, though. Some online casino bonus codes will unlock free bonus cash that you can spend freely on each casino, or in limited parts of the website but with the hopes of unlocking the cash to be more freely spent later down the line.

We already explained sticky and non-sticky bonuses, but most online casinos will not tell you how an offer works until you visit their sites and claim it. That’s why you can read our reviews of bonuses here, or you can simply read the rules put out by a casino before claiming a bonus.

Forfeiting a Casino Bonus Code

In most cases, forfeiting a casino bonus obtained with a bonus code makes not much sense at all. If you’ve entered the bonus code, that means that you are eager to play with the bonus money and move forward in your journey to claim the best rewards that the site has to offer.

However, some online casinos will give you the choice to void a bonus if you’re not happy with how it works. Some sites don’t make it that easy, but you can always chat with the site’s customer support or send them an email if you want to fully void a bonus that’s already in your casino account.

Differences of Bonuses with Bonus Codes and Standard Bonuses

We’ll be honest with you: there aren’t too many differences between bonuses that are claimed without bonus codes and bonuses that need a string of text to be inputted in the first place. Both offers can be lucrative, non-lucrative, sticky, non-sticky, and more. However, there are a few small rules that do tend to be respected by these casino offers, which are:

  • Bonuses claimed with bonus codes are often more lenient with their rules
  • Bonus codes are used to promote a casino, which means that you may find bonus codes spread all over the internet that would otherwise not be found in the casino per se
  • These bonus codes tend not to be used to claim welcome bonuses, but they’re rather parts of major offers that allow you to claim bonuses after you’ve already registered in a casino

Why You Should Claim Casino Bonus Codes with Non-Sticky Money

As an online gambler, your main goal will always be to claim bonus cash that you can use in any part of the casino. Even though bonuses with sticky rewards can still be freely used in many parts of a website, your main goal as a gambler will always be to claim non-sticky money for one reason: it almost guarantees a reward after fulfilling the offers wagering requirements.

Non-sticky cash still has a set of wagering requirements and terms and conditions to be complied with, but you’re far more likely to make a profit with these bonuses instead.

Some of the best bonus codes that give you non-sticky bonuses are the Betsson bonus codes. Offers such as these one plague the internet - and you'll find the best bonus codes right here, in The Casino Wizard.

Claim the Best Bonus Codes of 2021 Now

Now that we’ve given you all the information that you need to make the best of your iGaming journey with the best bonus codes in the industry, the time has come for you to choose the best bonus to claim. Make good use of your newfound knowledge, choose an offer to claim, and input that string of text soon – the money is all but waiting for you!