What Online Casino Pays Out the Most?

Dunder Casino, Jackpot City, Spin Casino, and Videoslots are some of the internet’s highest paying online casinos. You can find many other amazing online casinos right here at The Casino Wizard!

The best online casinos in the world are also the ones that usually pay the most money to their users. The odds of an online casino often determine with how much money a user is able to walk away from the site after finishing a session of gambling, and these odds vary with each casino as well as with the many different types of games that it hosts.

You’ll want to play in an online casino that constantly offers good odds to players – particularly in their slot machines. The highest paying online casinos and the online casinos that pay out the most often have an average return-to-player percentage (otherwise known as RTP) of at least 95%.

Some games, however, might also offer an RTP of 90%, which is still acceptable enough, but you could do with much better odds when it comes to slot machines. In any case, the best paying online casinos might also be better off visited if you would rather play table games – especially against other players.

The most important thing for you to know is that each online casino offers different odds, and many different probabilities depending on the games that they’re offering. You’ll want to find online casinos provided by the best online casino developers in the industry if you truly wish to have a pleasant gambling experience in any of these sites.

Stick to online casinos that offer games developed by NetEnt, Microgaming, Amaya, Yggdrasil, Evolution Gaming, and companies of the same or similar reputation.

House Edge, RTP, and Payout Percentage

Have no doubts that every online casino has the ultimate goal of making a profit out of your bets. There’s no way around this. Every single online casino will always win, regardless of how much money some of their players might be able to walk away with.

As such, if you really wish to know how they manage to provide users with a fair gambling experience, you need to understand house edge and payout percentages before you visit any of these sites.

The house edge is basically the advantage that the house has over a player. As such, casinos often disclose the house edge in the form of a percentage, which is the amount of money that they can expect to keep from a player’s bet. Most online casinos are obligated, by law, to disclose the percentage in order to receive a legitimate gambling license from any reputable entity.

Let’s say that you see an online casino where the RTP is 97%. That means that the online casino has a house edge of 3%. Basically, the house edge is the exact opposite percentage of the RTP. A reputable and legit online casino often expects to keep around 5% to 1% of your money per bet. Casinos with an RTP lower to 94% might better be avoided.

Payout percentage has a similar role in the online casino industry. The only difference is that the payout percentage only applies to slot machines. As such, the payout percentage is the RTP that a player can expect while wagering money on any traditional slot machine.

Casino Games with Best Odds

There’s often a rule of thumb that will allow you to pick the best online casino games that you can play, with many of them also being the best casino games that you can play in land-based establishments. Roulette, Craps, Blackjack, and Poker tend to be the best games where you can wager your money against the house, as they have RTP rates of at least 97% in general.

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