The mysterious shroud that once surrounded online casinos is now gone. These websites are now becoming some of the most transited places on the internet, with millions of players in the world preferring to play online rather than in their local land-based casinos.


Newcomers, however, might not be so sure if their money will be well-spent in their favorite online casinos. We have managed to compile a list of 10 reasons why online casinos are objectively better than their land-based counterparts, as much as some gamblers still stray from the world of iGaming.

We know you’re thinking about getting started, and we’re sure that these reasons will be more than enough to convince you of why those thoughts are likely going to materialize into one of the best plans that you’ve ever had.

It doesn’t matter if you’re stuck at home, tired of visiting your local casino, or you simply want to try something new; the world of iGaming is there, waiting for you to open its large doorway and start enjoying its amazing set of rewards. Be sure to use 10 proven strategies to play and win as much money as you can before moving on to the world of iGaming on your own!

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A Large Selection of Bonuses

Online casinos have many advantages, but we think that one that truly takes the cake out of the hands of land-based casinos is the large selection of bonuses that they have to offer.

No land-based casino will offer you constant free spins in their slot machines or even free cash to play your favorite games. Online casinos do this brilliantly, as they provide you with thousands of euros worth of rewards to enjoy from the moment you visit them for the first time.

One of the main reasons why so many players opt to visit online casinos rather than spend time in land-based sites is exactly because of bonuses. Even if you fail to fulfill the wagering requirements of a bonus, you can simply withdraw your money and head straight to another online casino to claim more bonuses and try again. There’s no scenario in which you lose – it’s all a win/win environment for you.


Be sure to read the terms and conditions of the offers as thoroughly as possible, though. Some offers are deliberately created to be really difficult to claim, or just not possible at all. That’s fine if you don’t mind playing just for fun, but be aware that some offers are deceiving and claiming money from them isn’t possible.

Stick with claiming the best casino bonuses from casinos on our website if you wish to stay away from non-legit sources of gambling.

Take Advantage of Quicker Payments

Online casinos give you the chance to get your money in and out of the website much quicker. If you’re in a hurry to play or you simply feel that land-based casinos take too much time to give you your money back, then online casinos are by far the best option for you to enjoy.

It doesn’t really matter which payment method you prefer – all of them are processed quite quickly. However, should you choose an e-wallet or any other sort of digital payment option, you will have access to your money much quicker than you would via traditional banking.

Most online casinos give you the option to use PayPal, Skrill, or Neteller. If the quickness is what you’re after, there’s hardly a better option than any of them.

Some land-based casinos can take a long time to provide you with your money – even after you’ve traded in all of your chips after successful hours of gambling. Online casinos process your payment from the moment you make the request, which removes from the equation the time it takes for the cashier to send your request to other departments of the site.

There are online casinos that take a long time to process payment requests but, in our experience, online casinos take much less time on average than land-based ones.

Instantly-Available Games at Your Disposal

To explain why we’re adding this point to the list, we’d like to provide you with an example. Let’s picture that a Swedish company like the Betsson Group has just developed a killer online slot that everyone absolutely loves to play. The game comes packed with bonus rounds, mini-games, in-game free spins, and some of the best graphics in the industry.

It’s safe to say that such a game would be one of the most sought-after titles in the industry. However, in land-based casinos, there would have to be a huge setup process if you were to put this new game on any of their halls. You’d have to import the machine first (or at least buy the software) and then go through a lengthy process of adding the game itself to the site.

It wouldn’t be fun for anyone involved. That’s how things work in land-based casinos; that’s why games take longer to show up in your local establishment if they ever do.

Online casinos, on the contrary, have access to games from the minute they’re released and onwards. You might only have to wait for a game to show up at your favorite online casino if the developer has an agreement of partial exclusivity with another website (some online casinos reach agreements with developers to have new games as exclusive for periods of around two weeks).

Enjoy Multiple Payment Methods

Quick payments are one thing, but what truly fascinates us about paying in online casinos is the massive variety of payment methods that you’ll be able to access whenever you play. There are dozens of options available in the world’s best online casinos. Most of the time, they also deal with many more types of currency than their land-based counterparts.

You can always use credit cards (the old and faithful, if you may). However, online casinos offer a plethora of different options, where you’ll be able to choose the one that makes you feel the most comfortable.

Their e-wallet services, special online transfer methods, and some of the world’s most respected transaction entities are available to be used as payment options in online casinos.

Withdrawal options tend to be a bit more limited than payment options. In most cases, however, you should be able to use the most popular payment options as withdrawal methods as well. It all depends on each casino, though. Be sure to check out what the options are before you create an account so you won’t get any surprises.

Be Delighted with Constant Tournaments and Promotions

Land-based casinos do offer their fair share of promotions and tournaments. However, these are far more uncommon than we like. Some casinos simply don’t offer them whatsoever, as the main appeal of a land-based casino is to lure players in and that basically happens by just having its location set in a strategic place.

Online casinos are in fierce competition with one another. Luring people and convincing them to stay can be pretty difficult, which is why tournaments and promotions tend to be much more common in online casinos than in their physical establishments. Welcome bonuses play a huge part in making people stay at these sites, like the Unique Casino welcome bonus shows. Playing games with these bonuses, including the all-time favorite Starburst, is just something that can’t be done at the world’s best land-based casinos.

We have come across sites that provide players with a large selection of bonuses, whilst other sites offer fewer bonuses but far more lucrative rewards in each one of them.

Some sites like to offer constant promotions and tournaments, such as mBit and BitStarz, while others opt for a more traditional approach, such as Dunder or Loyal.

If you want a full breakdown of what to expect in the world’s best online casinos, check out our bonus section and our selection of the best casinos in the world. You’ll find what you’re looking for – we assure you.


Get Access to the Best VIP Rewards

Promotions are extremely entertaining – there’s no other way around it. Thousands of players claim welcome bonuses and weekly rewards every single day of the year.

However, there’s another type of bonuses that online casinos give and it’s one that you won’t likely find in any of the world’s best land-based casinos.

Sure, you might go to Las Vegas and get offered free complimentary stuff, but finding casinos with VIP programs is nearly impossible. In the world’s most renowned online casinos, you’ll have access to exclusive VIP programs in which you will be able to collect better rewards with each cent that you spend and with each game that you play.

Online casinos allow you to “level up” in their sites, in one way or another. Some casinos offer VIP programs in which you literally level up a small bar, which is done by collecting XP by performing different actions inside the casino. Other websites reward you for your consistency, whilst other sites give you extra money with each win.

There are hundreds of online casinos with VIP programs, but the cream of the crop can be found at our premium online casino section.

There are No Closing Times!

Picture this: you’re on a roll. You’ve been winning round after round at your local roulette table, and your luck doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. You’re making more money than you ever thought you could make in a casino. But wait, where’s everyone going? Why’s the staff turning off the lights? Why is the croupier telling you to stop?

Land-based casinos have closing times, and being forced to quit when being on a roll can be one of the most frustrating things that a player can experience. Thankfully, this is something that doesn’t happen in the world’s best online casinos. With no closing times, you’ll be able to try out new games whenever they come out, as we did with the fantastic Razor Shark slot back in the day it released!

There might be different times upon which the staff provides you with services, but the online casino will always be open to the public. Customer services and other features could be available at given times, but the website will always stay open overnight. If you wish to start playing at 3 am and quit at 8 am, you can do it.

If you have any complaints, just be sure to save them for the very next day when the staff is available once again. Until then, be responsible and enjoy playing until your heart desires!

You Can Play Games Anywhere You Go

Another one of the fantastic advantages that makes online casinos superior to their brick-and-mortar counterparts is the fact that you can play games anywhere you go.

It doesn’t matter if you’re sitting at the subway commuting from home, bored at work during a period of inactivity, or simply wishing you could be playing something cool when bored at home; online casinos allow you to play your favorite slots and table games regardless of where you are. All you need to do it is a stable internet connection.

In fact, online casinos are meant to work using as little data as possible, as to allow players to play using their phones as much as they want without having the latent concern of running out of MBs. Even the best games in the world, like Dead or Alive and the world-class Bonanza slot, don’t take much of your mobile data usage.

The only exception to this otherwise general rule comes with live dealer games. Live dealer casinos provide players with much heavier use of their data, as they stream live video in order to make the games work. We only recommend playing these games at online casinos if you have a good data plan or if you have your phone or device connected to the internet.

Online casino games are designed to work on most devices, but they do run much better in most computer browsers.


They have Regulatory Entities to Help You Out and Keep Things Fair

There’s a common misconception regarding online casinos which states that these sites aren’t to be trusted. We really don’t blame you for thinking that, as online casinos don’t provide you with any physical evidence of their trustworthiness and players are allowed to have their doubts.

In fact, back when online casinos were rising to prominence, it was really smart for players not to blindly trust them.

During the early days of iGaming, the industry wasn’t as nearly regulated as it was today. Even though there are still many scam websites out there, it’s far easier to determine which sites are scams and which sites aren’t.

There’s one easy way to do this, and it’s the one we recommend to our readers: check out the licensing of each website and the reputation that the giver of such license has. If you want to learn more about licensing and see which regulatory entities rank as the most prestigious in the world, we’ve written a complete list of the world’s most reputable gambling authorities.

If you see an online casino with tons of games from reputable providers and valid gambling licenses, you can rest assured they are as good as can be.

Every Game that You Want is One Click Away

You don’t need to walk from one place to another if you want to stop playing slots and instead focus on playing table games. There’s no need for you to get out of your chair and move elsewhere if you’re done with blackjack and you want to play roulette. It’s pointless to stand up from where you’re playing keno if you’d rather play some bingo.

Online casinos allow you to access all of your favorite games from wherever you are. Everything is always one or two clicks away, at most. If you’re playing any game on an online casino, you can simply close it, select a different category of games in the gallery, and have all the games presented to you as if they were in a silver platter.

Even if you’re a fan of sportsbooks, online casinos are the places to visit. Use our 10 best tips for soccer betting if you wish to maximize your odds of winning money at those games, or check out exclusive games like Bingo Jockey to try out something entirely different.

If you’re like us and you like to play many games at once, this is an invaluable feature. Some online casinos even come with multi-play capabilities, which allow you to play multiple games at once without even having to switch from one browser tab to another.

Why struggle and feel pressure at a land-based casino when you could play any game that you want from the comfort of your home?

Visit the Best Online Casinos and Enjoy the Best of the iGaming World

All of these things sound extremely tempting, right? Many of these features were parts of the reason why we started our magical journey towards some of the best online casinos in the world. It’s now time for you to check out the large number of casino games that exist and be amazed at just how plentiful the world of iGaming seems to be.

Don’t just blindly start your adventure, though. You could just visit any online casino and play its games, but what’s the point of doing that when there are hundreds of bonuses waiting for you to claim them? You could try playing with free cash in some of the world’s best online casinos, or use hundreds of free spins to play some of your favorite games on the internet.

Regardless of what you choose to do, the internet is big and has something to suit your needs. Check out our top-rated casinos and bonuses to start your journey with the right foot.


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