3 Slot Games at Betsson Casino that You Should Try if You Like Jackpots

3 Slot Games at Betsson Casino that You Should Try if You Like Jackpots

Check Out these Amazing Betsson Slots (Updated for 2024)

There is something magical about jackpot slots that keep so many people from all over the world playing them and coming back to them. The 3 best slot games at Betsson that you can play to win real jackpots and life-changing sums of money are among the most popular jackpot games in the online casino world.


The Betsson Casino provides users with many bonuses with which you’ll be able to play most of these games for free, too. There are plenty of reasons why you may want to visit and play at Betsson casino with bonus cash the best jackpot games instead of other casinos, and you’ll learn why in this article.

Take a look at these games, learn how much money you can win at the best slot games at Betsson, and play them now!

1. Hall of Gods

Hall of Gods is renowned around the world as one of the jackpot games with the most lucrative payouts, which explains why the title is so popular even though it’s not one of the newest games in the casino world.

Hall of Gods was created by NetEnt. With an RTP of 95.07%, it has an expected return rate that is higher than what you can expect to find in most online casino games with progressive jackpots and multi-million rewards.


If you expect high payout when playing Hall of Gods, then you really know what you’re getting into. This fantastic casino game comes with a non-jackpot max payout of 4,314 times the amount of your stake in a single spin, which makes it far more lucrative than most online slots.

Hall of Gods Features & Gameplay

Hall of Gods is probably one of the games with the most variants ever created in the online casino industry, and part of it is because this title comes with plenty of incredible features that can be replicated in other games – especially the game’s jackpot.

Expanding wilds, “pick wins”, and free spins are the main features that turn this game into a legendary, feature-packed game that is so popular among online casino fans.


However, the game’s jackpot remains the main attraction and the reason why Hall of Gods is one of the most played online casino slots to ever be created, as well as one of NetEnt’s most popular casino slots.

In general, you can expect the incredible Hall of Gods progressive slot to be packed with the following features:

  • Expanding Wilds turn a regular wild feature into something completely out of the ordinary by providing players with the chance to turn entire reels into a single massive wild, multiplying everything in its path and turning standard rounds into high-paying rounds
  • The Pick Win feature allows you to select a random prize and cash it out. These can be very lucrative, but they are difficult to unlock. This is also the way for you to access the game’s jackpots
  • Get those scatter symbols and collect free spins to bolster your winnings even further with the game’s built-in free spin feature!

Estimated Hall of Gods Jackpot Wins

The average jackpot payout of the Hall of Gods progressive jackpot is a staggering €5,000,000, but the maximum amount of cash that you can expect to win with this fantastic slot game is €8,000,000. That ism of course, as of the tie of writing this slot game review. If the popularity of the game keeps increasing, you can expect the payouts to be larger!

2. Joker Millions

Joker Millions is one of those new slot games that evoke the old days of gambling and keep the classic fruit concept as relevant as ever, with a ton of incredible features and high payouts to keep the game entertaining even for those looking for a fantastic experience.


Joker Millions Features & Gameplay

Frozen symbols and re-spins make this game a title packed with features that keep the title fun and easy to play, while the classic slot symbols that show the classic fruits still providing users with good prizes round of spins after round of spins.

These are the main features of the game:

  • Frozen symbols allow you to spin and win more by keeping winning symbols in place even after cashing out in them
  • Re-spin, which are basically free spins, make it easy for you to try your luck without spending money in the game and earn even better prizes
  • Elevated standard symbol payouts keep every round lucrative, even if your ultimate goal is to win the jackpot
  • A massive jackpot worth millions of euros keeps this game as one of the best slots in the world!

Estimated Joker Millions Jackpot Wins

Joker Millions has a relatively low jackpot to be won, at least when you compare it to most of the most lucrative slot games on the industry. However, on average, it’s still one of the best jackpot slots to play if you want to earn millions on a single spin.

The highest sum of cash that this jackpot has ever paid stands at €3,000,000, but there can be wins of as little as €100,000, depending on when the jackpot drops.

It may not provide users with as much profit as a game like Mega Moolah, but it’s still one of the highest-paying jackpot slots in the industry.

3. Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah is the jackpot game that has paid the largest amount of money since the online casino industry began, and the game still holds the Guinness World Record for the highest jackpot ever paid out by an online casino, sitting at $20,057,734 for a single spin of the bonus wheel!


Mega Moolah offers a rather small return rate on average, though. The game has an RTP of just 88.12%, which is far lower than what you can expect to get in any other online slot.

The game’s main appeal is the total jackpot, though. On top of its potential multi-million payout, there are also smaller jackpots that you can claim and potentially win along the way.

Mega Moolah Features & Gameplay

Mega Moolah has gained a lot of its popularity because of its massive Mega Jackpot, but the game is very fun to play and it’s easy to see why it became one of the best slot games of all time. The game is set up with a 5x3 layout, created by the fantastic developers of the Microgaming company.

Generally speaking, the gameplay of this casino slot game is nothing out of the ordinary, but it has all of the popular features that you can expect to find in the best slot games in the industry.

Scatters are there to be claimed, which provide you with extra free spins, and the game’s wilds make it easy for you to double your winnings based on how much cash you bet per slot. Make sure to place as many bets as you like, but try the game for free first to see if the concept appeals to you.

Estimated Mega Moolah Jackpot Wins

On average, the total amount of money that you can win at Mega Moolah varies greatly. This is because this casino game can give you its jackpot at random times, which makes it possible for different sums of cash to accumulate before the eventual payout.


Mega Moolah jackpots vary, with the minimum expected payout sitting at around €1,000,000, but with maximum payouts that could surpass the €20,000,000. The total amount of money that you can earn differs greatly, so check out the maximum win to be sure that it’s as high as you want it to be or play other jackpot slot games if you want the chance of a higher payday.

Why You Should Play Slots at Betsson

The Betsson casino hosts many of the world’s most popular slot games, so it’s a no-brainer to visit this casino and try them all out. Not only that, but the website is also home to some of the most popular titles in the industry, which will allow you to make use of your money in any way that you prefer.

These are some of the reasons why we recommend the Betsson casino to play the best jackpot slot games on the internet:

  • Betsson is reliable and offers top-quality customer support to all users. It's also home to many of our top 10 slots of all time!
  • The site hosts many casino bonuses, many of which will allow you to play games for free
  • Constant tournaments and promotions make it easy for players to earn extra cash by playing casino games
  • Betsson is home to the highest-paying jackpot slot games in the world, including Mega Moolah
  • The site also hosts a sportsbook if you want to try your luck in other areas of the casino

Visit the Betsson Casino now and discover why this site has gained the level of popularity that it currently holds, and make the best of your bonus money in one of the best casinos in the world!

The Best Betsson Bonuses to Play Slot Games

The Betsson casino is not all about jackpots and games. The site also loves to provide players with a ton of bonuses so they can try out most of their games for free, or with real money so they can then unlock their bonus cash to spend it in any area of the casino.

We are going to tell you all about our favorite Betsson bonuses so you can choose the one you like the most and get yourself acquainted to some of the most popular promotions in the online casino industry.

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Head Over to Betsson and Play the Best Slot Games with Insane Jackpots!

The Betsson Casino slot games are among the most played slots in the world, and that applies to almost all of the games on their gallery. Betsson is a very popular casino, so it doesn’t come as a coincidence that the site hosts all of the best slot games in the world.

With the jackpot slot games that we have listed here, you will be able to earn millions of euros worth of rewards and fantastic prizes that make it easy for you to boast your account balance through the roof and beyond.

Last updated  January 18, 2024
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