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As far as bitcoin casinos go, the 7Bit Casino is one of the best ones that you can visit in terms of bonuses and games. The site’s selection of slots is something out of the ordinary, though, and we wanted to write this article to tell you more about the best slot games at the 7Bit Casino with BTC jackpots that you can win.

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We are going to tell you all about the best BTC jackpots that you and win at the 7Bit Casino, many of which come with prizes worth millions of euros worth of rewards. There are plenty of games to play on the site, so you may as well go for the most lucrative ones from the get-go.

Just remember: jackpot games tend to come with low return rates, so be patient and keep your hopes up as you attempt to win as much money as possible in one of the internet’s best bitcoin casinos.

Greedy Goblins Jackpot Slot - Best 7Bit Slot by Theme

Greedy Goblins is a rather uncommon progressive jackpot game, as it comes with a staggering RTP of 97.22%. It’s rather high for any slot game, let alone a progressive jackpot title. That means that you can expect great payouts even if you don’t manage to win the game’s jackpot, and the small wins that you can get on this slot will allow you to play for longer.

greedy goblins slot game

Most of the features that the games comes with will be able to be hit rather frequently, which will also provide you with a chance to have more fun – even with smaller payouts as a consequence of the low variance.

Potential Payout

The Greedy Goblins slot has a very sweet potential payout 1985.1534 mBTC, which makes it one of the highest paying slots in the bitcoin casino industry. You will need some luck to win it, though, as the jackpot is shared among many online casinos that host this game.

The Slot Father BTC Jackpot - Best 7Bit Casino High RTP Slot

High payouts and mobs are often an appropriate combination, and the Slot Father slot takes it to the next level. The game’s 5 reels and 30 paylines combine to create one of the best BTC slots that we have played at the 7Bit Casino, and the sneaky gangster feature make it easy to get some fantastic prizes by chaining winning rounds and increasing lines.

the slotfather slot game

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Line 3 scatter symbols to earn the best rewards that the game has to offer, or use the free spins to get even more lucrative rewards!

Potential Payout

The Slot Father has an amount of potential payout money that is as lucrative as it gets. We all know that the mobs are often associated with money, but this game takes it to the next level with the incredible sums of cash that you can get.

The game boasts a potential payout of 1010.81651 mBTC, which puts it as one of the 7Bit Casino’s most lucrative jackpot games that you can win.

Treasure Room Jackpot Slot - Best Jackpot Slot 7BitCasino

Update September 2021: This jackpot is no longer available to be won

With an RTP of 94.09% and a massive potential payout with the game’s main jackpot, the Treasure Room slot is one of the best 7Bit casino games that you can play if you’re keen to claim a ton of cash in a jackpot slot.

The game comes with wilds and free spins, but that’s not all; you will also be able to obtain a staggering reward that could provide you with up to 5,000 in-game credits, and all you need to do is to land the sword and shield bonus.

treasure room slot 7 BIT

The game also comes with fair few chances to get rewards with the scatter symbol, which enhances the total sum of cash that you can get. The money is there for the taking, and there are plenty of chances to do it.

The potential payout may be massive, but there are many more ways in which you can receive your payday at the Treasure Room slot. After all, the rewards are not only meant to be found in the Treasure Room per se, but also in the many other rooms that you’ll find along the way. That’s why the game is as good as it is!

Potential Payout

Wondering why this game is known as Treasure Room? It’s not only because of its concept, but it’s also because of the potentially massive jackpot that you can win with just a little bit of luck. The game boasts a total prize of mBTC 1970.9609, making it the second-highest paying jackpot slot on our list.

Take full advantage of the Treasure Room features and win that money if you can!

Can You Play 7BitSlots with Cryptos?

You can play jackpot slots with any currency that you deposit on the 7Bit Casino, but keep in mind that the casino will convert the money to any required currency when you decide to play a game that is made to be played in cryptos.

This is not an issue, though. You can make your deposit in the 7Bit website with any accepted payment method and you will be able to play any casino game that shows up on the list. Compatibility with currencies will not be an issue that you face at the 7Bit Casino, so play with what you want, whenever you want!

Why Choose the 7Bit Casino Slots Over Other BTC Slot Casinos

The 7BitCasino may not be the most popular bitcoin casino on the planet, but there are still plenty of reasons why you may want to visit it ahead some of its closest competitors. We want you to take a look at some of these reasons here, so you can be sure that playing a visit to this world-class casino is worth your while:

  • The 7Bit Races are some of the best tournaments in the BTC gambling world. You will be able to play slots and points for the leaderboards at the same time!
  • This casino provides players with plenty of ongoing bonuses to bolster your account balance no matter when you play
  • There’s a large selection of games to play, on top of all of those world-class jackpot games that we just told you about
  • The game devs that provide 7Bit with games are among the most reputable and well-renowned names in the industry.

The Best 7Bit Casino Bonuses to Play 7Bit Slots for Free

It’s always good to play the best jackpot games, but casino bonuses rarely make it possible to play jackpot games for free. There are some 7Bit casino bonuses that you can try out if you like to play regular slots for free, though, and these bonuses make it possible for you to earn money that you will be able to spend in slots once the cash requirements are fulfilled.

You can find the best 7Bit Casino bonuses here, but you can start with the 7Bit Casino welcome bonus and start off your journey with a bang!

Play at 7Bit and Win Incredible Prizes Now!

All of the games that you’ve seen here will allow you to earn a ton of cash worth of rewards, so be sure to take full advantage of it all. These titles pack a punch in terms of bonuses and prizes, but you may need to be patient (or extremely lucky) if you want to walk away with a massive reward in a matter of minutes.

You know which games to play, so now it’s time to get down to business. Pick the ones that you like the most and set yourself on the way to the 7Bit Casino. These titles are there for the taking, so enjoy the best rewards at the 7Bit website and claim the prizes that you deserve!

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Last updated  August 25, 2022
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