The amazing Monopoly slot is all about turning a game that was originally made to mock capitalism and turn it into a money-making machine. It comes packed with great features, but the game mainly focuses on providing players with special round rewards that usually translate into extra free spins that you get to spend within the next few rounds.

Monopoly Big Event Slot RTP

The game doesn’t come with the best of RTP rates, but the Monopoly slot has an average RTP that stands at 96%. It is not particularly volatile either, so you can expect to make some decent money most of the rounds that the game has to offer.

It is made to be a game where you feel like you’re winning even when the rewards aren’t particularly high, and we noticed that we almost felt like winning even when we were breaking even in winning rounds. It does give you a good impression and a sense of excitement, though, which we fully appreciate in any casino game.

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Monopoly Big Event Slot Features – What Makes the Game One to Try

Monopoly Big Event might not be the most lucrative online slot in the world. But the game has a set of features that we’d be lying if we told you that we didn’t feel instantly hooked towards them.

You will be able to trigger many bonus features (there is a special bonus wheel that shows up when you land three scatter symbols in a single spin) and you will be able to truly earn yourself a ton of in-game rewards with just a little bit of luck.

Free Spins

Free spin rounds are a fundamental part of the Big Event Monopoly slot. You will be able to unlock the mas soon as you get your hands on one of the bonus rounds of the game. They are meant to provide you with extra free spins that you’ll be able to trade for your real money spins as you spend more and more money in the game.

You will have a better shot at unlocking bonus rounds if you bet more money on the game, taking the meaning of capitalism to the next level!

Bet Big and Get Rewarded

One of the main features of the Monopoly slot is that the best rewards that the game has to offer may be much more easily obtained if you decide to spend a large portion of your budget in the game. The more money you decide to gamble, the better odds this online slot will provide.

You will never come close to improving the RTP of the game as it happens in some of the best progressive slots in the industry, but you will have the chance to obtain some very good rewards while playing the Monopoly Big Event slot and unlock many more free spin bonuses than you would otherwise obtain.

Monopoly Big Event Slot on Mobile – How Well Does It Work?

Thankfully, being such a popular game, the Big Event Monopoly slot works perfectly well in most mobile devices that are able to run a browser. All you need to do is visit the page of your favorite online casino and play the game in their slot gallery. You will be able to play its base version on any mobile device.

The Best Monopoly Casino Game

If you’re looking for an online slot to play and you love Monopoly, then you’re going to want to give this game a try. It’s the best Monopoly slot game in the industry and one of the best branded slots that you’ll find.

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A Variant to Try – Live Monopoly

If you’re keen to try out this amazing slot game but you still feel the need to try out something different, we encourage you to give Live Monopoly a try. This fantastic contest game, created by Evolution Gaming, is widely regarded as one of the most popular live dealer games in the online casino industry.

The fantastic title consists of betting on the outcomes of a Monopoly wheel, where you’ll be able to earn different rewards depending on the likelihood of your bets. There are also bonus minigames that give the game a different feel and make it a much more fun title to play than traditional roulette or other casino games.

Where to Play Live Monopoly?

The best Evolution Gaming Casinos are the best places on Earth where you will be able to try the amazing live Monopoly game and put your skills to the test, as well as your luck. These casinos tend to be very highly regarded and the ones that we’ve reviewed on The Casino Wizard have proven to be among the best online casinos on the internet.

Discover the magic of live gambling and live contest games together with Evo Gaming. Bet, bolster your balance, and win!

Monopoly Big Event versus Monopoly Live – Which One to Play?

Even though it is a matter that relies entirely on personal preference, there are reasons why you may prefer to play a traditional game of slots over the Monopoly live version. However, if you’re truly keen to try out new experiences and if you’re a fan of online live dealer games, you need to give Monopoly Live a chance.

Not only is this game one of the best titles created by Evolution Gaming, but the game is also extremely fun and one of those online casino games that you could play for hours at a time.

You will need to learn how to play it, though, and even when it’s an easy title to pick up, it’s never going to be as easy as spinning the reels in a classic slot machine.

If you’re a fan of a more traditional playstyle and you would rather spend your cash playing a more relaxed version of the Monopoly game, all whilst still going for the huge wins promises in a title like Monopoly live, the best thing that you can do is give the slot game a try. It’s fun, easy to play, and it comes with all the features to provide you with a complete gambling experience.

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