The Best Tools for Responsible Gambling (Available Online)

The Best Tools for Responsible Gambling (Available Online)

The Best Tools for Responsible Gambling (Available Online)

The online gambling industry gives you access to Responsible Gambling tools to help you keep your head between your shoulders. These tools are widely available, both in online casinos and as standalone apps, allowing players from all over the world to prevent problem gambling and keepgambling fun.

Casinos with licenses from certain entities, such as the UKGC or the MGA, are required to give their players access to responsible gambling tools. Consolidated sites in the gambling industry take problem gambling seriously – that’s why it’s important that you only play on legitimate sites if you want full control of your gambling.

These are some of the main responsible gambling tools that we recommend at The Casino Wizard:

1. Blocking Software

Blocking software is ideal for people who can’t seem to stay away from their favorite gambling sites. Installing blocking software makes your browser incapable of loading certain sites by automatically detecting when you try to access them and banning you from doing so.

We strongly recommend you check out Gamban. The app, once set up, bans access from all gambling sites that it has access to. It has a complete database of websites across the globe that doesn’t only cover the most famous sites, but also lesser-known casinos, sports betting websites, and even cryptocurrency gambling sites.

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Apart from Gamban, we recommend using blocking software like Gamblock, Betfilter, and Betblocker.

2. Self-Exclusion Mechanics

Reputable online casinos allow players to self-exclude from their services. Depending on the casino, the ways to do this can vary. Generally, casinos allow you to self-exclude by either of the following ways:

  • You can reach out to the casino staff and ask them to temporarily restrict access to your account.
  • You can go into your player profile and select the self-exclusion option
  • You may also go to the “Responsible Gambling” section of the casino for further information on this matter

It’s possible to restrict access to your account by a few days, a few months, or permanently. This is one of the most drastic measures, yet stands out as one of the most effective.

3. Wagering and Loss Limits

Reputable online casinos that care for the safety of their players also allow them to set wagering limits and, most importantly, loss limits. Players can set them according to their budget, allowing them not to overdo it and stopping them from wagering money they can’t afford.

You should always create a budget before you gamble online. Make sure that the budget falls well within the amount of cash that you can afford to lose. Never go over your loss limit and make sure to set wagering limits in a way that it help you stretch out your budget and wager for as long as you want without overspending.

4. Time Tools

Time control tools are just as important as wagering limits. Tools like the Reality Check feature allow you to be frequently reminded of how much time you’ve spent playing a casino game or how long have you been gambling for.

Use these tools to set time limits for yourself. Try not to play over a certain amount of time to avoid becoming addicted to the activity. Take frequent breaks and set goals not to spend over a certain amount of time playing per day.

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Not all online casinos offer responsible gambling tools. Play in sites that do, like the licensed casinos we recommend in The Casino Wizard.

5. Deposit Limits & Transaction History

Online casinos will generally allow players to set deposit limits, either during the registration process or within each user’s profile. You can set daily, weekly, or monthly limits, which the casino won’t allow you to surpass by not processing any transactions that go over the designated limit.

Use these features, together with wagering and loss limits, to prevent going over budget. If you find yourself tweaking the limits quite often, you may want to seek help.

When to Get Gambling Help?

There are a few characteristics and attributes that could signify you need gambling help. We recommend looking for help as soon as you can if you feel you can relate to any of these:

  • Asking other people for loans to continue gambling. If you’re looking for extra money to spend, then it’s clear that you have a problem and should seek help.
  • Invasive thoughts about gambling. You should be wary of random gambling urges popping up from time to time. The more frequent they are, the more likely it is that you’re developing a gambling problem.
  • The feeling of having to wager more money to keep it fun. Are your regular bets not feeling like they “cut it” anymore? If you see yourself upping the stakes too often, something could be going wrong.
  • Not being able to keep away from gambling activities. You should be able to enjoy other activities that aren’t related to gambling without feeling a compulsive urge to place a wager or three!
  • Chasing your losses. Once you find yourself gambling more and more to try and recoup what you’ve lost, it’s time to get immediate help.

Where to Get Gambling Help

There are many responsible gambling institutions across the globe. The state of the modern gambling industry and how globalize it is requiring for the presence of responsible gambling bodies that give access to players from all over the world.

These are two of the most reliable gambling support services that you can contact completely for free:

We also recommend you reach out to any responsible gambling organizations that operate within your country. This could help you get personalized support and in-person help that is more tailored to your needs.

Please refer to our Responsible Gambling page to get further assistance as to which bodies to contact with based on your country of residence.

Keep It Fun. Gamble Responsibly

The most important thing about gambling is for it to remain fun. You should seek immediate help if you ever feel like it’s becoming a problem. Never be afraid to admit you have an issue and remember: there are thousands of people that are willing to help you out.

The Casino Wizard supports Responsible Gambling practices and wants you to be aware of them, as well as your rights as a player, before you partake in online gambling activities. We encourage you to read our Responsible Gambling guide to learn more.

Last updated  April 1, 2024
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