LeoVegas Welcome Bonus: Up to €1600 + 100 cash FS & 20 FS

LeoVegas Welcome Bonus: Up to €1600 + 100 cash FS & 20 FS Image
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LeoVegas Welcome Bonus: Up to €1600 + 100 cash FS & 20 FS Image

LeoVegas Welcome Bonus

Are you looking to enjoy some of that Las Vegas fun from the comfort of your own house? The LeoVegas welcome bonus is here to introduce you to one of the best casino sites on the planet. LeoVegas has an outstanding reputation that makes it a friendly environment for gamblers all over the world to unite and play with small bets or as high rollers.

The LeoVegas welcome bonus aims to offer every user the chance to get started in the site, and keep it going for the first four deposits that they make. The total offer, which amounts to €700 in total, will keep you entertained and stacked on cash for as long as you want to play in the casino. All you must do is comply with the LeoVegas rules – you’ll be surely pleased with the offer.

This article will introduce you to everything you need to know about the LeoVegas welcome bonus so you can get a better idea of whether you want to use it or not – and you won’t have to a lot of waste time looking for the answer!

How to Get the LeoVegas Welcome Bonus

Naturally, the first thing you’ll want to do when aiming to get this welcome bonus is creating a new account in the LeoVegas website. Simply fill all your personal information and wait to see if the casino staff ask you for any other relevant piece of info to confirm your identity. Don’t forget to validate your registration once you receive the email confirmation.

First Deposit Offer

The LeoVegas welcome bonus is comprised of 4 different deposit offers, all of which will help you amass an amount equivalent to €700 in the form of bonus cash after taking full advantage of them. However, the first thing you’ll want to do is obtain your first deposit bonus.

The first deposit offer consists of a 100% cash match bonus, which is limited to €50. However, the rest of the bonus deposits are far more lucrative. The fourth deposit bonus, for example, promises a match deposit bonus of 25% but it goes up to €300 in free cash.

What the LeoVegas Welcome Bonus is All About

The LeoVegas welcome bonus offers no free spins at the moment, but it does promise to match a large amount of cash – if you’re willing to deposit a lot of your own cash, that is. The site is known to be a trusted gambling partner for everyone, and their promotions are always paid in due time as long as you comply with their wagering requirements.

The current offer is made of four deposit bonuses – each of them matches a different amount of cash and it has a different ceiling when it comes to its limitations. The offer is very solid overall, and people are very likely to come out winning a decent amount of cash after the wagering requirements are met. Receiving the offer is also very easy, as the cash is credited to your account as soon as you make your first deposit there.

Every other deposit will grant you a match deposit bonus according to what the site offers. These are all the match deposit bonuses which comprise the LeoVegas welcome bonus package:

  • 1st Match Deposit Bonus of 100% - Goes up to €50 depending on your deposit
  • 2nd Match Deposit Bonus of 50% - Goes up to €150 depending on your deposit
  • 3rd Match Deposit Bonus of 25% - Goes up to €200 depending on your deposit
  • 4th Match Deposit Bonus of 25% - Goes up to €300 depending on your deposit

The current version of the LeoVegas welcome bonus is relatively new, so you must’ve registered on the site after the 12th of March if you are to qualify for the promotion. There are other cool bonuses in place, but this is their flagship promotion.

LeoVegas Welcome Bonus Terms and Conditions

LeoVegas offers a safe environment for you to wager all the free cash that they’re willing to give you. However, you do need to understand that some of their terms and conditions must be fully comprehended before you can take advantage of the LeoVegas welcome bonus. The following list of terms is made of the most important requirements of the site.

Furthermore, there’s an expanded list of all features on the LeoVegas website. We do encourage you to take a look at it as well, but if you don’t have time to do it, you can rest assured we’ve covered the most important points here.

Bonus Timeframes

Even though the first deposit bonus may be claimed at any given time, you need to do so within 14 days of your casino account being created. If you let more than two weeks pass, the bonus will become unable to be claimed with your account. For example, if you choose to make your first deposit in the LeoVegas casino three weeks after your profile was registered on the site, you won’t receive any bonus funds from it.

Furthermore, and in a similar way, you’re going to need to fulfill all the wagering requirements that this bonus has in place in 30 days. If you let more than one month pass after you received your bonus, the bonus funds will be removed from your account and you won’t be able to withdraw any winnings from the site – not even if you were close to fulfilling the requirements. This rule has no exceptions.

This cannot be overcome by creating a new account, as LeoVegas limits the number of accounts per player to one.

Wagering Requirements

Apart from the already mentioned timeframes, users are subjected to wager the bonus cash a total of 35 times after making their first deposit. This means that, if you make a deposit of €20, for example, you’d need to wager €700 before you’re able to withdraw the winnings from the LeoVegas welcome bonus.

The wagers must be made with real money in LeoVegas casino. You can’t use the bonus amount in LeoVegas to wager it – you need to directly use your own cash before you can withdraw the free bonus money that the casino offers to its players. The wagering requirements must also be met by using the money on slots.

Every other type of game has a 0% contribution rate to the wagering requirements of the bonus. Be sure to select the slots with the lowest house edge to ensure that you’ll end up a winner after the wagering requirements are met.

Withdrawal Rules

One of the main concerns that you probably have is whether you’ll be able to withdraw funds from your account when the bonus requirements haven’t been met. One of the negatives about the bonus is that you need to wager your own cash when looking to meet the site’s wagering requirements, but this also means that you can withdraw funds from your account at any given time – the bonus cash will just stay frozen while the conditions are met!

This does represent a breath of fresh air to most gamblers, as most online casinos tend to limit the amount of money that can be withdrawn from sites before wagering conditions are met. Furthermore, most online casinos won’t even allow you to pull money from your account before the wagering requirement has been completed. If you do so, you’d be forfeiting the bonus – thankfully, that’s not the case in LeoVegas!

Recreational Purpose

The LeoVegas casino clearly states that the bonuses are intended to be used in a recreational way. This means that, if the casino notices that you’re using the LeoVegas welcome bonus with the sole purpose of making a profit (or if you’re a heavy gambler that has been recurrent on other sites), they can withdraw the bonus from your account and limit your cash balance to whichever deposit you had made.

In any case, you still need to go all-in with your wagers as the requirements must be met within 30 days after the bonus has been received. The timeframe is large enough to allow you to enjoy your time wagering on the site, but don’t rest on your laurels!

Viva LeoVegas

The LeoVegas welcome bonus is an awesome way to introduce users to one of the best and most respected casino services on the planet. You’ll be able to try out every single slot game on the site and have fun while you gamble your way through the wagering requirements of the site.

Sure, you won’t be able to play other games while the wagering requirements haven’t been met, but the slots you’ll find on the site are nothing short of awesome. The amount of money that you get as part of the bonus also evens out the fact that no free spins are given away with the offer.

You’ll be able to play as many slots as you want by simply wagering your cash – the wagering requirements are low enough, which makes it easy for you to obtain a decent amount of money in return for your time!

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