Is online casino roulette fixed or completely random?

Online casino roulette uses a system that is very similar to that of online slots and other games that you find in online casinos: an RNG. The famous “random number generator” is what allows online casinos to exists and to be considered fair places in which you can gamble online, free of any issues with scams, misunderstandings, or casinos trying you trick you out of your money.

Online roulette tables are made with the intention of resembling real roulette as much as possible. However, whether it is that you’re playing traditional roulette or live dealer roulette in your favorite online casino, you will not have to fear for the integrity of your money as long as you play the game in fair and reliable online casinos.

Given that the game is made to work with random number generators, it is safe to say that online casino roulette is completely random. You need to play it on the best online casinos, though, as otherwise you might put yourself at risk of being scammed if you play on an unreliable site.

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