5 ACTIVE No Deposit Bonus Codes from Recommended Online Casinos

No deposit bonus codes & no deposit bonuses are some of the best and easiest ways in which you can unlock no deposit bonuses in online casinos. However, they tend to stop working quite quickly, as the bonus codes are quick to expire. magic-slots-casino-multiple-games-online-1265-695 We don’t want you to struggle to find working no deposit bonus codes, so we’ve compiled a list of 5 of the best no deposit bonus codes to claim in 2021. They are all given away by the best online casinos, so choose whichever one you want and earn the best rewards that the internet has to offer without making any deposits in advance!

Our Top 5 ACTIVE No Deposit Bonus Codes in 2021

Looking to claim incredible bonuses and rewards in 2021? There’s no need for you to make any deposits as long as you stick to using the bonus codes that we’re about to provide you. Bear in mind that the bonuses that we’ll be telling you about all come with strict wagering requirements that you’ll need to comply with if you really want to withdraw the money and profits to your bank account. Thankfully, it’s all as doable as it gets – these offers make it easy for players to enjoy their time at these casinos and claim real rewards in return.

What are No Deposit Bonus Codes?

No deposit bonus codes are meant to be introduced in an online casino, once you’ve registered, to unlock extra rewards and prizes to your casino account. As such, these incredible bonuses require not a deposit, but rather a small code that you need to enter in order for them to get activated.

Even bonuses that may not seem like they require a code initially may afterward ask you to input it. If you’re not going to claim one of our no deposit bonus codes, be sure to read the terms and conditions of any offer that you come across to ensure that you’re complying with the rules.

How to Win Real Money with No Deposit Bonuses

Even though no deposit bonus codes often activate bonuses that provide you with money, this cash tends to be added to your bonus balance. It's quite easy to turn it into withdrawable cash, though! Here are the steps that you'll need to follow:

  • Use all of the bonus money or free spins obtained with the bonus code
  • Find out which are the games with the highest RTP in the casino
  • Play the highest RTP games with to fulfill the wagering requirement quickly
  • Withdraw the cash to your account of choice!

Types of No Deposit Bonus Codes

No deposit bonus codes can unlock two types of bonuses. You won’t come across any cashback or reload no deposit bonus codes, so what you’ll be obtaining while using them is much more limited to what you would otherwise obtain with welcome bonuses or other sorts of rewards. There are two main types of bonuses that you’ll be looking to obtain with no deposit bonus codes, which are as follows:

Free Money Bonuses

Free money bonuses are rewards that give you bonus cash to play any game that you want to play. You may use them in many parts of an online casino, which allows you to truly make the best of the bonus money in what will feel like a non-restrictive environment. Try new games or play your favorite titles without spending a dime with free no deposit bonus codes.

These bonuses tend to come with large wagering requirements that may be difficult to fulfill. However, you will be getting free cash at the end of the day, which makes the offers worthwhile regardless of how much cash you’ll be forced to spend.

Free Spin Bonuses

Free spin bonuses are some of the best rewards that you can claim as a fan of online casino slots. These are also the most common rewards that you’ll get when claiming no deposit bonus codes, as you can see from what we’ve told you in our list. You will be able to play new online slots or let the reels spin with some of the industry’s classics, if that’s what you’re after (check these Starburst free spins bonus codes if you're keen to play a classic).

Regardless of what it is that you’re trying to do, free spin bonus codes are incredible and you should give them a god if you have the chance.

How do No Deposit Bonus Codes Work?

Even though no deposit bonus codes may seem confusing at first, using them is extremely easy. In fact, we’d dare to say that these bonuses are so easy to use that you won’t struggle to get them to work at all. Just follow these steps and you should be able to get them to work in any online casino:

  • Create an account in the online casino of your choosing
  • Make sure that you verify your account
  • Select the no deposit bonus code to activate your bonus
  • Look for the “bonus input” box that you’ll find somewhere in the casino (it changes location depending on the site)
  • Enter the bonus code
  • Activate the bonus and play!

Bear in mind that some online casinos may have codes that work differently. You may still want to read the bonus rules of each reward to make sure that they’re claimed similarly to these.

No Deposit Bonus Codes VS Bonuses with No Codes

Many of our readers often wonder the difference between these two types of bonuses – particularly because there are no deposit bonuses that require no codes whilst others do, but the essence of each bonus remains the same. There are not many differences between the two types of bonuses, but we’ll tell you a couple of secrets about them:

  • No deposit bonus codes are meant to be promotional, which is why you often find them in sites that aren’t part of the casino itself or receive them via email
  • No deposit bonus codes may be wrongly inputted, which could result in you missing out on the rewards but still register in the casino (a win/win for the casino and a loss for you)

Inherently, bonuses with codes and bonuses free of codes are the same. However, the way you claim each bonus changes drastically. You will notice that some casinos alternate between offering bonus codes and norma bonuses, much like it happens with the Betsson Casino bonus codes and how they shifted to become even better versions of themselves!

No Deposit Bonus Codes Terms and Conditions

Every bonus has different sets of rules that oversee them, but it’s only natural that bonuses that require no deposit will come attached to much stricter rules than bonuses that make you commit some of your cash to unlock them. The bonus rules of no deposit bonuses with codes and no deposit bonuses without codes are basically the same. There are four main types of rules and restrictions that tend to oversee these offers and keep them fair for all players to enjoy, from the amount of cash that you can withdraw to the limitations of games in which you can spend it.

Lesser Withdrawal Limits

Whenever you claim a welcome bonus that requires a deposit, you will almost always be allowed to withdraw as much cash as you want. All you need is to fulfill the wagering requirements and you’ll be all but set. However, whenever you come across a bonus code, you will need to be aware that the money that you can withdraw is often limited. Many online casinos set a profit limit of anything between €50 and €100 so you won’t be able to go on a lucky streak and walk away with a ton of cash without even having made a prior deposit on the site. This is a normal restriction to find and a very common one that you will need to expect if you truly want to claim no deposit bonus codes in the best online casinos. It doesn’t make these bonuses unreliable or not worth claiming, but they are certainly not as lucrative as bonuses that require a deposit.

Higher Wagering Requirements

Arguably the main difference between deposit bonuses and no deposit bonus codes is that you will need to fulfill much higher wagering requirements when trying to unlock the money generated with a no deposit bonus. Fair wagering requirements are also different depending on the type of bonus that you wish to claim, for example:

  • Fair wagering requirements for a deposit bonus would be anything from 15 to 35 times the amount of your bonus
  • Fair wagering requirements for a no deposit bonus would be from 50 to 70 times the amount of your bonus.

In any case, regardless of the type of bonus that you’re looking to claim, you can always count on our full guide on how to quickly fulfill wagering requirements. That way, you can ensure that you’ll have the best shot at fulfilling requirements and walking away with as much money as possible.

Game Limitations

It is common for no deposit bonuses to be limited to be used in certain games. For example, games with very high RTP are commonly not allowed to be played with the free cash that you get from these offers. However, online slots tend to be freely allowed to be played with bonuses unlocked with no deposit bonus codes. Some online casinos are stricter than others when it comes to policing the usage of bonuses, so make sure that you read the rules of each of these incredible no deposit bonus codes before deciding which one to claim first.

Bonus Timeframes

It’s very common for casino bonuses to come with at least some sort of timeframe in which you’ll be able to spend the free spins or the bonus cash. Welcome bonuses and deposit bonuses tend to come with lenient timeframes (some bonuses can be spent in up to 30 days), but no deposit bonus codes will often unlock bonuses that need to be spent within a week. You should expect to feel some pressure on spending your bonus quickly, but that’s to be expected considering that you’re not paying any money to unlock it.

No Deposit Bonus Codes to Avoid

Even though the vast majority of bonus codes will seem lucrative at first, there are some bonuses that you’ll be much better off not claiming. Some rewards are simply impossible to make yours, whilst others are hosted by casinos that don’t comply with basic guidelines to ensure player safety or a fun experience for you as a member of the said casino. There are two main reasons why some bonuses may be better off being left alone, according to our own experience. These two reasons are as follows:

Unfair Rules

If you come across a no deposit bonus code, it’s only natural to expect the money to be difficult to withdraw. Every online casino offer tends to come protected with a few restrictions that make it more difficult for players to get their hands on free money to keep the casino profits high. However, that doesn’t mean that an offer must be impossible to claim. Bonus rules always favor the casino, but if they make it impossible for the player to win any money at all, you will need to avoid the bonus code by any means. Expect no deposit bonuses to require a wagering total of at least 50 times the amount of your bonus, but anything above 70 is just a sham.

Latest No Deposit Bonus Codes – Where to Find Them?

We know that you’ll always look forward to claiming the best bonuses in the industry. There’s no point in claiming rewards that are either close to running out or that they feel outdated because of the prizes given to the claimers. As such, we’re going to tell you or two main tips on how to always stay up to date with the latest casino bonus codes, be it from your favorite online casinos or from new sites that you’re looking to discover.

Subscribe to Online Casino Newsletters

Online Casinos always have newsletters that allow you to keep up with the latest bonuses and rewards that they have to offer. These newsletters will allow you to filter out any promotions that have run out, as well as keep you updated on anything new that the casino is offering. In most cases, no deposit bonus codes can be found in these newsletters. Even if they aren’t found there, you will still learn which bonuses are not active anymore. It’s a fantastic way to know what to expect from your favorite casinos!

Leave It to Us at The Casino Wizard

If you’re still not looking forward to subscribing to online casinos or get your email spammed with new offers and promotions, then you don’t need to worry. We got your back! The Casino Wizard will always be on the lookout for new offers and promotions, and we’ll be keeping you up to date with anything new that comes up on each site. Don’t go around wasting your time trying to find the ideal bonus when we actually have the best bonus codes right here. Choose the offer that you like the most and claim it now!

No Deposit Bonus Codes FAQ

Let's take a look and answer some of the internet's most asked questions about no deposit bonus codes, how do they work, and why they are as popular as they are today:

Are no deposit bonus codes worth it?

In most cases, no deposit bonus codes tend to be worth it because they let you play for free without putting any of your money at risk. This allows you to play for free even if the offer itself ends up not being that good (i.e. not easily cashable).

Are all no deposit bonuses good?

Not all deposit bonuses are good. You must read their rules and requirements to determine whether the offer is worth claiming or not.

What games can I play with no deposit bonuses?

Most no deposit bonuses can be spent in online slots, but some bonuses let you play table games, live dealer games, and even place sportsbook bets!

Can I withdraw no deposit bonus money?

Most no deposit bonus codes give you bonuses that you can withdraw after fulfilling their wagering requirements.

What are wagering requirements?

Wagering requirements represent the number of times that you'll have to withdraw bonus money before you can withdraw it to your account. No deposit bonuses tend to have higher wagering requirements than deposit bonuses.

What is the maximum withdrawal limit?

The maximum withdrawal limit is the maximum amount of money that you can withdraw after playing with no deposit bonus money. Additional funds will be removed from your account.

Try Out the Best No Deposit Bonus Codes in 2021

You’re now on the verge of greatness. You know all about the best no deposit bonus codes, where to claim them, and how to make the best of them. That means that the world of rewards is at your gates. Be sure to make use of these bonuses to the fullest and enjoy the games that you’ll be able to play completely for free thanks to these codes!

Remember: these bonus codes tend to expire quite quickly. Don’t waste any more time and head to the best online casinos now to win!

Last updated  May 24, 2022
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