5 Epic Welcome Bonuses for German Players

German Welcome bonuses

Welcome bonuses are the best way casinos have to lure new players into their services. Thus, new casinos tend to have some epic welcome bonuses for any player willing to start betting using their services. Older online casinos also know how important it is to have new players join their ranks, so their welcome bonuses tend to be as good (or even better) than what you find in new casinos.

Here at Casino Wizard, we know how difficult it is to find a great welcome bonus – especially if you live in a country like Germany. To save you the time and trouble of looking for a new welcome bonus to take advantage of, we’ve made a list of the top welcome bonuses for German players.


We’re also looking after you during your time gambling online, and to prove this, we’ve included a list of things you should know about welcome bonuses and German bonuses in particular. Be sure to read through our entire article to get yourself accustomed to welcome bonuses, as well as to make sure you know what the best welcome bonuses in Germany are.

What is a Welcome Bonus?

A welcome bonus is a money-related offer that casinos make to players that are new to their services, in order to encourage them to try out their bonuses as well as to let them try out their services with some additional reward money. The practice of giving welcome bonuses has been around for almost as long as the existence of online casinos, but they have evolved with time.

At first, casinos gave a small amount of bonus cash to get their players started, but now, casinos are giving away free spins and matching the amount of your first few deposits with bonus account balance.

There are some epic welcome bonuses for German players that you can easily get right now, and the process of obtaining one is often as simple as just registering into a new site and start betting money. Some online casinos have taken the chance to offer welcome bonuses as a way to trap players into a spiral of bets that will ultimately cost them money.

To prevent you from becoming a victim of one of these sites, we’ve filtered out and excluded any malicious casinos from our list, even though their welcome bonuses might sound very tempting. Although you’re welcome to look for other welcome bonuses by yourself, we encourage you to stick to the sites we’ve recommended in this article.

Types of Welcome Bonuses

As we’ve said, there are many types of welcome bonuses that casinos could offer to new players. The most popular kind is the classic cash match bonuses, where a casino commits itself to match whichever amount of money you deposit in the form of additional cash. We’ll make a quick overview of what to expect for a welcome bonus as a German player.

Cash Match Deposit Bonus

Match deposit bonuses are a type of bonus where a casino agrees to deposit a determined amount of money into your account depending on how much money you deposit in the first place. Thus, cash match bonuses are one of the most popular types of deposit bonuses and the most offered type of bonus by casinos around the world.

There are many ways in which you can find cash match deposit bonuses. For example, some casinos like to offer their new users a cash match bonus of 100% on their first deposit. This means that, if you deposit €200, you’ll be getting a grand total of €400 in your account to kickstart your gambling life in the online casino.

Other casinos present similar offers in different ways. You’ll find some of the best welcome bonuses for German players are spread through the first few deposits you make on any given site. For example, some sites offer a total of up to €1500 as cash match bonuses spread through your first four deposits.

This cool method allows you to deposit money multiple times without feeling any pressure on the first bonus. However, you may find other types of cash match bonuses as well, some of which might even give you over 100% of your deposited money as additional balance for your account.

Free Spins Bonus

Free spin bonuses are popular bonuses given by most online casinos, which are meant to be exclusively used in a selection of the casino’s finest slot games. As such, these offers are only given by online casinos with a good selection of slots – free spin bonuses are often a good indicator that an online casino is confident that their slot games are some of the finest on the market.

Some of the best welcome bonuses for German players are shown as free spin bonus offers, and the ones we’re presenting today are the best free spin bonuses for German players that we’ve seen. Be sure to comply with every wagering requirement of the bonus, though! Some free spin bonuses require you to gamble your earnings quite a few times before you’re able to withdraw them.

Keep in mind, though, that the wagering requirements of the bonuses we’re showing you today are very fair considering how much money you can make out of the free spins. You might need some commitment to be able to cash all the money out, but it’ll be completely worth it in the end.

Things to Consider

Some of these bonuses sure sound pretty tempting, right? They are. In fact, they are designed to tempt players into a casino’s services. However, we do like to keep our readers in the know when it comes to casino bonuses, so they don’t get caught in a landslide when trying to cash them out. In order to do this, we’ve made a list of some of the most important things to consider when taking advantage of the best welcome bonuses for German players!

Be sure to read it thoroughly before moving on to any of the sites we’ve shown on this list.

Bonus Terms & Conditions

Every online casino has a page on its website dedicated to explaining the terms and conditions of every casino bonus. Thus, these sections are crucial to keeping players informed of what to expect with every bonus, as well as which conditions are fundamental to players and what they should keep in mind before opting to take one.

These bonus terms and conditions sections usually included basic things such as which countries are ineligible to participate in an offer. However, these conditions also dive into the specifics of each bonus, telling players how much time they’ll need to spend playing with a bonus or which games count towards the total wagering requirements of them.

Wagering Requirements

Every type of welcome bonus has some sort of wagering requirement, bar some extreme cases which are often not found in Germany (mainly because of certain gambling regulations). Wagering requirements are a method that casinos use to ensure that every player that receives a welcome bonus commits themselves to play in the casino with the money that they give away.

Wagering requirements also range in number. Not every casino demands the same wagers from their players, and some of these wagers might rise to over 100 times the amount of money that you originally receive, which is far from fair. The best welcome bonuses for German players might have some wagering requirements attached to them, but they’re easily achieved if you place your bets properly.

Free spin bonuses, for example, require you to wager a certain number of times the money that you earn with the free spins. For example, if you have a x30 wagering requirement in a 20-bonus free spin bet, you might make over €100 with your spins, but you’ll need to wager €3000 before cashing it out.

It might not seem fair at first glance, but you’ll be happy to know some games will allow you to earn that amount with the original bonus balance – if played properly, that is.

Required Time

Don’t be fooled by the amount of money or free spins that you receive from a bonus – you might lose all of it if you don’t wager it in due time. Some of the best welcome bonuses for German players require you to wager the bonus balance in less than two weeks, while others might give you up to a month to wager its entirety.

In most cases, the time required is fair and easy to reach. However, some casinos like to combine high wagering requirements with a very limited time, which often results in players being unable to fulfill the required conditions. These practices are often frowned upon, and the casinos that do this are not recommended at all.

We’ve filtered out those casinos that seem to care more about the money than their players, and we’ve only included the best welcome bonuses for German players offered by the online casinos with the best communities in the country.

21 Casino – 21 Free Spins Welcome Bonus

21 Casino is known to be restrictive when it comes to accessing the site from various countries across Europe. However, German players are more than welcome to take part in the 21 Casino community thanks to the availability of gambling services in the country.

In order to make people feel welcome at their services, 21 Casino is offering new players the chance to earn 21 free spins as soon as they register into the site. As you would expect, the offer is restricted to just one single person per household, as you cannot change your IP address nor trick the site with a VPN or you might lose the chance to cash out on the offer.

As with any other welcome bonus, you’ll need to meet the terms and conditions that the site puts in place for every player. Apart from being German (or at least living in Germany), you’ll need to wager the amount of money earned through the free spins a minimum of 35 times before being able to cash out the money.

The 21 Casino is currently regarded as one of the finest online gambling communities on the planet, and their services are used by thousands of people across the globe. It’s important to be aware of the list of countries that 21 Casino offers their services to, as well as every bonus terms and conditions that come attached to the use of their services.

Is the 21 Casino Offer Fair?

Overall, we feel that the 21 Casino welcome bonus is one of the fairest on the online casino community. The potential to make money is palpable – the wagering requirements of the casino are one of the lowest we’ve encountered so far, and although there are still some special conditions that you have to meet, the casino is willing to give players a lot of breathing room to help them earn bonus cash.

There are still some limitations that come with the use of the service, however. For example, you cannot earn over €100 when wagering with the bonus money. This means you won’t be able to withdraw any money over that amount, so always try to keep this in mind when applying for the 21 Casino offer.

888 Casino – €88 Free Cash Bonus

The 888 Casino is probably a name you’ve heard for a long time if you’ve been around the online casino community for over a decade. The site is known to be one of the first online casinos to fully take advantage of bonus offers, and also one of the first to boast a large catalog of games before many of the industry’s giants set up shop in the early 2000s.

As such, the folks at 888 Casino know what their player base wants. It’s always easy to encourage people into trying out a new casino with free spin offers, but there’s nothing more tempting for a new player than the chance to earn a decent amount of money with free cash. Match bonuses are the easiest method to keep people hooked into their service, but 888 Casino takes it a step further with their offer.

888 Casino is giving away €88 to every German player that registers into the services by creating a new account on the site. If you don’t receive an email notifying you of their offer as soon as you register, just contact their customer support and they’ll gladly set you up with your free €88 bonus.

The 888 Welcome Bonus Fairness & Other Bonuses

Many people from all corners of the planet trust the 888 Casino with their money, and the casino knows how to reward its community for their commitment. The free €88 bonus they offer is one of the fairest bonuses on the market, especially considering that it’s a no deposit bonus and not a cash match offer, as most casinos offer.

All you need to do is register into the site and contact the site’s customer support. Ask them to give provide you with the €88 offer and they’ll promptly add the funds to your account. You must, however, wager all the money offered by the site in the first two weeks after you receive it, or risk losing the bonus on its entirety.

You’ll also need to comply with the 888 Casino terms and conditions that the site has put in place. If you live in Germany, you won’t have to worry about region locks in your country, but other conditions still apply. As long as you comply with the wagering requirements of the site and you stick to playing the games covered by the promotion, you won’t have to worry about a thing.

LeoVegas Cash Match Bonus – Up To €1500 in Free Cash

LeoVegas is one of the fastest-growing online gambling communities on the planet. Although they haven’t been around for too long, the site is already known as one of the most reliable online casinos o the planet, and their availability also makes them one of the best online casinos in Germany.

The emblematic Lion that represents LeoVegas mimics the images and overall feel of what you find in Las Vegas. The whole site evokes the emblematic gambling city located in Nevada, and it’s the best place to go for those who want to feel the Las Vegas vibe at the comfort of their own home.

However, finding such beneficial offers in a place like Vegas could be far more difficult than it is in the LeoVegas online casino. They offer the best welcome bonuses for German players in the form of cash match bonuses and other cool, easy-to-get offers.

The LeoVegas Offer and Its Benefits

The LeoVegas offer is presented in a very popular way in which many online casinos are using today. They offer cash match bonuses that differ in percentage depending on the deposit you’re making. To paint a better picture of the offer and to help you better understand what you’ll get in LeoVegas, we’ll give you an example of the bonus.

The first deposit that you make on the site will grant you a cash match bonus of 200%, but it only goes up to €100. Then, the next two deposits will give you a 100% cash match bonus, but with a maximum amount of €500. The last deposit only matches 50% of your cash, and it goes up to €400 per deposit.

This helps you get a total of €1500 if you take full advantage of the offer, but those of you looking to wager less cash also get the chance to appreciate the offer thanks to their minimum deposit amount of €10. LeoVegas also offers users the chance to earn a ton of free spins as a welcome bonus in conjunction with the free cash.

It’s up to you to decide how to spend them, though! The site allows people to choose freely between a bunch of different games and options, all of which count towards the gambling requirements put in place for the bonus.

Casumo – 100% Up To €300 + 20 Free Spins

Are you a fan of cash match bonuses? It’s going to be very tough finding a better one than the Casumo Casino welcome bonus, as they provide you with up to €300 as a cash match bonus with your first deposit. This means, of course, that you’re only entitled to cash out on this offer once. You won’t be able to apply for the bonus again unless the site releases a new promotion for loyal players. Be sure to take full advantage of the Casumo Casino offer by pouring in as much cash as you can on your first deposit.

Here at Casino Wizard, we know how important it is for players to trust their online casino, so we’ve gone and investigated Casumo and how people appreciate the services that they offer. Thankfully, they’re one of the most trustworthy only companies in the gambling world, which makes their bonuses far more reliable.

Is the Casumo Casino Offer Worth It?

In general terms, it’s absolutely worth it. We don’t really understand why Casumo has set the amount to €300 specifically, but the casino has sure done an amazing job in catching the eyes of the public with such a peculiar number. What’s certain is that it’s one of the best first deposit bonuses that we’ve seen, as most tend to match the money you deposit up to around €100 or €200 tops.

Dunder Casino – First 4 Deposits Welcome Bonus of €600 and 200 Free Spins

The Dunder casino has one of the best welcome bonuses for German players on the planet, and certainly one of those that will help you make a ton of cash when you fully take advantage of it. Their welcome bonus is spread between the first four deposits that you make, meaning that you’ll have to adapt to the cash match bonus of each deposit if you want to get the full amount of €600.

Dunder has made their welcome bonus in a way where the fourth deposit you make in the site is the one that gives you the most money, but it only matches 25% of what you deposit. This might not seem too fair, as you might need to deposit over €1000 to get the full free €600 welcome bonus, but the wagering requirements of the site make it worth it to give it a shot if you can spare the money.

The site also gives you 10 free spins during the next 20 days after you make your first deposit on Dunder, making it an even richer bonus for you to take advantage of! You’ll be able to use the free spins on Starburst, one of their most popular slots, so be sure to get down to business as soon as you receive them!

Our Final Verdict

We know the struggle German players go through to select a proper and reliable online casino to kickstart their gambling experience, but with the list we’ve provided today you can rest assured that you’ll be happy with the services offered, and most likely you’ll also be pleased with the awesome welcome bonuses that you can apply for today.

Always be sure to stay informed of the site’s wagering requirements, as well as any other terms and conditions that may apply for the offer. However, all of these bonuses are as fair and transparent as possible – it doesn’t matter which of these you like, get your wallet ready and dive into any of these casinos now!

You can also visit the Wunderino Casino and get its top-class welcome bonus to start off your journey with a bang. That's a German-only online casino that will be available for you no matter which part of Germany you inhabit.

Last updated  September 13, 2022
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