No Deposit Bonuses – The Full Guide: What, Where, How & The Best Bonuses

No Deposit Bonuses – The Full Guide: What, Where, How & The Best Bonuses

What Are No Deposit Bonuses?

No deposit bonuses are free casino rewards that are given to players without requiring them to make a deposit, generally forming part of welcome bonus packages. They can also be obtained via loyalty program progression.

These types of bonuses also have a few exceptions and differ from deposit bonus simply because users pay no money to obtain them. As such, when you receive cash as a no deposit bonus, you’ll be getting much fewer credits than you would get for a regular bonus awarded to you by playing on a certain casino.

These are the best no deposit bonuses that can be turned into free cash:

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2 40 Exclusive Free Spins
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Best No Deposit Bonuses - Explained

Let's take a close look at the best types of no deposit bonuses that you can claim in the world's most reliable online casinos, which stand as some of the highest rated by The Casino Wizard staff:

1. 50 Free Spins No Deposit Bonus - 7Bit Casino

Bonus code: BITWIZARD

Spin the reels of legendary slot games in this online casino and start off your adventure with the epic 7Bit Casino 50 free spins on registration to boost your balance before you make your first payment to the site.

7bit casino free spins

Once you've spent those spins, continue exploring this casino's vast game gallery and play 4,000+ games, created by dozens of world-renowned developers.

Claim 7Bit Casino Bonus

2. 40 Exclusive Free Spins - BitStarz Casino

Bonus code: BITGATE

The world's best crypto casinos leave little to the imagination, as they aim to offer nothing but the best to their players. Embark on a unique adventure with the BitStarz 40 free spins bonus, exclusively provided by the Casino Wizard, and collect 40 free spins before you make a deposit on the site.

bitstarz casino slots

Spin the reels of legendary games and enjoy an experience like no other, packed with yournaments, VIP rewards, and weekly reload prizes.

Claim BitStarz Bonus

3. 50 Free Spins for the Vikings Slot - mBit Casino

Bonus code: Not needed

Branded slot games are always fun, and Vikings fans will surely love what these mBit Casino 50 free spins have in store for you. Spend the spins playing this epic slot game after verifying your phone number and play this epic slot with an astonishing reward.

mbit casino free spins

Arguably one of the best Bitcoin casinos to play online slots, mBit stands out as one of the highest rated platforms ever reviewed by our staff.

Claim mBit Casino Bonus

4. 20 Free Spins for Mega Diamond X - Mirax Casino

Bonus code: WIZARDMIX

You can enjoy a popular slot using a fantastic free spin bonus with the no deposit bonus Mirax Casino is offering to those who use our exclusive no deposit bonus code. You have 20 chances to spin the reels and win a prize of up to €250!

mega diamond x
Play the Mega Diamond X slot at Mirax Casino!

This is all but the start of your Mirax Casino adventure. The website packs a selection of high-rated casino slots that you'll be able to enjoy alongside hundreds of table games.

Claim Mirax Bonus

5. 100 Free Spins on Registration - Casino eXtreme

Bonus code: 100WIZARDFS

Create an account at the Casino eXtreme and collect 100 free spins for the Egyptian Gold slot game, one of the best casino slots created by Real Time Gaming, all thanks to the no deposit bonus Casino eXtreme is offering to new players.

casino extreme 100 free spins no deposit

Enjoy a limited but quality catalog of games and spin the reels towards glory at Casino eXtreme!

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No Deposit Bonuses - What You Should Know

No deposit bonuses are an important part of online gambling. These bonuses were introduced basically when the online casino scene was founded a few decades ago and have ever since become a very popular incentive to keep people hooked to a particular casino. They have quickly become some of the best bonuses on the internet, as well as some of the most claimed worldwide.

However, not every no deposit bonus is as good as others. Some of them have certain tricky conditions attached to them, which makes them much harder to cash out. The trick with no deposit bonuses is knowing where to look for them by playing in the right casino.

Starting out in the online gambling scene could be difficult if you don’t know which the best online casinos are, but we’ve made a list to help you decide where to start betting. You could also use this article as a reference if you want to try playing on a new website and you want to cash out that sweet starting no deposit bonus.

We’ll be covering the basics of no deposit bonuses, as well as where to find the best no deposit bonuses, the types of no deposit bonuses, the rules of no deposit bonuses, and much more.

How No Deposit Bonuses Work - Full Explanation

There are many ways in which a no deposit bonus can work – it ultimately depends on the reward that your online casino offers. The most popular types of no deposit bonuses are either free spins or free cash (which is often seen as account credit).

No deposit bonuses are usually given to a user before they make their first deposit in an online casino. However, some casinos could also offer no deposit bonuses tied to certain actions within the site, although these sorts of bonuses are far more uncommon than registration-related rewards.

Why do casinos offer no deposit bonuses, you may wonder? The answer is very simple: offering you the chance to use their services for free often means that you’re more likely to stay hooked to their site once your free spins or additional credits have run out. No deposit bonuses are a way to attract customers and reward new users with a cool bonus.

However, we recommend not seeing these bonuses as free money. Most of the time, the conditions that you’ll have to meet to cash out one of these bonuses are very difficult to achieve, meaning that you’ll need a ton of luck to walk out with the cash without spending extra money in a deposit.

Most online casinos also set a limit on the winnings you could make on a free deposit – for example, you might be given a €10 free cash bonus when you first register an account, but you might not be able to cash out more than €30 if you manage to earn it while playing with your free cash.

No Deposit Bonuses Dissected

The practice of offering player bonuses for taking actions inside an online casino has been very popular since the beginning of the 21st century.

Some online casinos have taken it a step further and offer bonuses to their users after registering on their site. Although these bonuses are not always seen in the form of money (some casinos like to offer free spins in certain games), players don’t need to deposit any money into the site before being able to use the free cash.

You can use this free money (or free play tokens) to try out the casino’s features before fully committing financially with your own cash. It’s a win/win situation for both you and the casino because if you like their site, that means you’ll probably become their customer.

Types of No Deposit Bonus

Casinos have many ways of rewarding new players and introduce them to their services. In fact, most of the no deposit bonuses that you see in most websites today have been standardized to a point where they’ve become a norm rather than an exception (as they used to be in the past).

Here, we’ve compiled and analyzed the most common types of no deposit bonuses.

Free Spin No Deposit Bonus

Arguably the most popular type of no deposit bonus, the free spins no deposit bonus allows you to play certain slot games for free in a casino website, and then wager your winnings according to the site’s policies. The games that you’re allowed to play usually favor the house more than others that you could try with a deposit, but it’s still a cool way to earn some free cash.

Online casinos often make you wager 50+ times the amount of free cash that you earn through a free spin bonus before being able to withdraw it. You could always walk out with free cash if you’re lucky, but having to wager such a relatively large sum of money means you might not walk away with rewards.

Cash No Deposit Bonus

Some casinos are way more straightforward with new users, and instead of offering a given amount of free spins, they simply fill your account with free cash that you can use to play any of their games to your heart’s desires. With these bonuses, you’re able to select how much money you want to wager, while free spin bonuses are often tied to a given amount of money per spin.

Some casinos offer over €50 as reward money, but we recommend choosing one that offers €30 or less. Lower cash offers mean you’ll be far more likely to walk away with the money, as casinos place much fewer limitations in these cases.

We’ve seen casinos offer you a free starting no deposit bonus of €8, and they allow a maximum withdrawal of €40 using those funds. If you’re lucky enough, you could make up to €40 with the original bonus and withdraw the cash without any strings attached.

Some of these offers can prove to be extremely lucrative, such as the One Casino no deposit bonus.

Free Play No Deposit Bonus

Although much rarer than the other two bonuses that we’ve mentioned, free play bonuses allow you to play freely for a certain period of time in the casino. Your earnings will then be considered as bonus rewards, which will also be subjected to the terms and conditions of the site.

Regardless, free play bonuses are the most popular types of bonuses, and users tend to look forward to receiving them over the other two we’ve discussed.

The main problem with free play bonuses is that casinos must cover their backs to make sure users don’t bankrupt them if they win big during the free playtime. As such, there are a ton of limitations in place when a free play bonus is offered. They are very fun to use, though, and we fully recommend them if you find one.

So, Are No Deposit Bonuses Free Money?

In a way, yes; no deposit bonuses are free money. But much like you could walk away with it, you could as well lose it and feel tempted to spend more money on the casino. That’s the catch after all, right? You commit to the casino by creating a profile on their website, and they give you some money to get you started.

Their goal will always be to keep you as a customer, though.

bitstarz casino no deposit
BitStarz Casino offers bonuses that can be turned into real cash once requirements are met!

No deposit bonuses are better seen to try out some games in a casino and to see how they handle your account’s credits. Try not to see them as a way to walk away with cash, but rather use them to see if you’d wager money of your own in a casino.

Choosing a Game to Play with a No Deposit Bonus

Most of the time, no deposit bonuses are tied to certain games when you receive them. This is particularly true when it comes to free spin bonuses: the casinos often choose their best games in these offers, in hopes that you might like them enough to keep playing after the reward money is over.

This is where the house edge percentage truly matters. It’s important that you study the house edge in the games where the free spin is offered. As you know, the house has the edge in every casino game, but try finding games with a house edge lower than 3% to have the highest chance of winning.

Some casinos offer their free spin bonuses in games where the house has an edge lower than 1%, although this is far more unlikely to see. The best examples are online casino bonuses that allow you to play games like blackjack, for example.

Free Cash Decisions

Most of the time, casinos that offer you free money to get started don’t tie it to a certain game. Thus, reading to find out which games offer you the best odds to win money goes a long way into determining whether you walk with more cash or you lose the first bet entirely.

It’s all about reading about the best no deposit bonus games that you can play, and which sites are offering the best bonuses. We’ve included some of the best no deposit bonuses at the end of this article for you to get an idea of where to begin. Always remember to stick to the principles of Responsible Gambling if you want to avoid unfortunate incidents.

Redeeming a No Deposit Bonus

Although you’d think most casinos would give you the money when you register, sometimes the process isn’t as intuitive as you’d wish. As such, some casinos make you follow some steps before you’re rewarded with the no deposit bonus when you first log in to the site.

We’ve compiled the most common methods to redeem a no deposit bonus, but you might also want to read the website’s terms and conditions before creating an account.

Using Bonus Codes

If you have a bonus code, you can usually cash it by selecting the website’s cashier and opting to fill in the code. There’s usually a section where you can do this, and it’s almost always located where the deposits are made.

Finding a bonus code for a no deposit bonus is different for all casinos. Some online casinos like to offer new users the chance to get started by giving away a free no deposit code in their blogs or other social media platforms.

However, you’re probably going to receive a code as soon as you log in for the first time on a casino website. Be sure to check your email after the registration process is over, as the code is very likely to be there. Most websites set a period of up to 48 hours for you to input the code, otherwise it will lose validity. Be sure to do it quickly to keep this from happening.

Automatic No Deposit Bonuses

Some no deposit bonuses are automatically given to your account as soon as you register to a new website. As such, you don’t really need to do anything but sign up for the services of an online casino and you’ll be entitled to receive the money.

Some no deposit promotions are given at a certain point of the year, often tied to a holiday. These are much rarer, as casinos usually offer deposit bonuses in these cases, but it’s still important to keep an eye out for these offers in case you come across one.

Talking to the Casino

Some online casinos put their no deposit bonuses behind a small wall, which is contacting their customer support through one of their offered contact options. Although this could seem tedious at first, it’s very easy to do. Some casinos like doing this to discourage users from using the bonus, and most of the time you could end up walking away with some cash when this condition is set.

Most casinos allow you to speak to their customer services by contacting them via email, live chat or even by phone. It’s up to you to choose whichever method suits you best.

When Do Casinos Offer No Deposit Bonuses?

There are two specific situations in which casinos tend to offer users a no deposit bonus. Although these bonuses are often related to new users completing the registration process in an online casino, at times they could be given for other reasons. There are other ways to get them apart from being new to a casino.

7bit casino no deposit free spins
Casinos like 7Bit offer free spins on registration, free of charge, and convertable into real cash

Be it for loyal players or newcomers, casinos are always looking to reward their customers as they look to keep them happy and using their service. You can take full advantage of this.

No Deposit Welcome Bonus

The main aim of a no deposit bonus is to lure new players into the site. Naturally, the most common way to earn one of these bonuses is to simply register into a new casino. Sounds simple, right? It is, but you need to analyze their terms and conditions first, as you might not be able to qualify for the bonus. For more info on this, scroll down to the Terms & Conditions section in this article.

Many of the internet's best welcome bonuses come with no deposit prizes attached.

No Deposit Loyalty Bonus

As with most things in life, loyalty is highly rewarded by online casinos. Players that have belonged to the same casino community for over a year might start receiving offers that aren’t tied to their account’s balance. The most common offers loyal players receive are often discounts and other deposit offers, but it’s not unlikely for a casino to reward loyal players with special no deposit bonuses.

In fact, loyal players often receive better bonuses than new players. This depends entirely on the casino’s policies and what they’re looking to achieve with the offer. The main point of this is that no deposit bonuses tend to form part of the best casino loyalty programs in the iGaming industry.

Loyal players could be offered the chance to play certain games for free, or even get a bonus amount of money to wager as they please. However, it’s highly likely that loyal players will receive a free spin bonus tied to certain games – a similar reward as the one offered to new players.

No Deposit Bonuses – Are No Deposit Bonuses Good?

Using a no deposit bonus is completely up to you. You can choose to give up the bonus at any given time, or you could even choose not to get it altogether.

However, why shouldn’t you get it? Are there any disadvantages that come attached to a no deposit bonus? The answers to those questions are entirely dependent on how you see a no deposit bonus. For example, if you see it as an opportunity to earn free and easy money, we encourage you not to take it and instead use your own money to wager on a preferred site.

On the other hand, if you see a no deposit bonus as a chance to try new games before fully committing to a casino website, then you should go for it. You can claim them at casinos that offer no deposit bonuses, such as the following:

Ads disclosure
1 mBit Casino
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3 BitStarz Casino
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4 7Bit Casino
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5 Casino eXtreme
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In fact, no deposit bonuses can be used in plenty of websites to try them all out before fully committing to one of them. Most sites offer free games to play without having to sign up, but you might want to try them with cash, which is what no deposit bonuses are for.

Furthermore, you should always try to use a no deposit bonus because most of the time you won’t be able to obtain it later down the road. Some no deposit bonuses, such as the Slotocash Casino no deposit bonus, are way too difficult to cash, so keep your eyes peeled.

Opting Out of a No Deposit Bonus

Most online casinos offer you the chance to opt-out of your no deposit bonus if you deem it necessary. If you’ve been granted a promo code to enter it and receive the bonus, you could simply not redeem it. On the other hand, if you must contact customer support, don’t talk to them.

Opting out before obtaining the bonus is the easy part, but casinos also offer the chance to opt-out of most bonuses even if you’ve already claimed them.

In order to opt-out from a no deposit bonus after having claimed it, you must be sure that you haven’t cashed any money out. You can’t just cancel the bonus and opt for it again, after all. Casinos have to cover their backs against cheaters, so be sure to act accordingly in relation to the casino’s rules or you could risk a ban (or, in some cases, even legal action taken against you).

To opt-out of a no deposit bonus, all you must do is talk to the casino’s customer service and they’ll happily aid you to dispose of the bonus cash or free spins given to your account. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to obtain the bonus again after opting out of it, so be sure of what you’re doing before talking to the casino.

Why Should You Opt Out of a No Deposit Bonus?

Some users tend to accept no deposit bonuses simply because they see it as free cash and too good of an opportunity to let it slip. Regardless, some of the rules that casinos attach to their bonuses could be very tricky and even troublesome for users. For example, some casinos won’t let you make a withdrawal from your account until the bonus is depleted or the conditions are met.

Some users might want to make a deposit sooner rather than later (even before the bonus is done), and they might find themselves unable to retrieve the money from their accounts if the bonus is still active. This isn’t too much of a common practice, as most casinos tend to separate the bonus money from your actual account funds, but it’s still something to keep an eye out for.

Likewise, some users might find too much pressure on the fact that they must bet the free money a given amount of times before you’re able to cash it out, in which case it might be a good call to opt out of a no deposit bonus.

Terms and Conditions of No Deposit Bonuses – Everything You Need to Know Fully Explained

As we’ve mentioned before, no deposit bonuses are always tied to certain conditions that you’ll have to meet before being able to withdraw it. In some cases, you might even need to meet certain conditions to be able to apply for a certain no deposit bonus. It depends on the casino, but these conditions are usually tied to which country you live in.

Before diving into the specifics, let’s first take a closer look at the most common terms and conditions that are tied to no deposit bonuses in most online casinos.

Most Common Terms and Conditions You’ll Find

  • No deposit offers are often limited to accounts registered between a certain period, although this time could vary from one a couple of days to a few years – it depends on the casino’s offer. For example, 32 Red created a no deposit bonus offer in 2014, and it’s still valid for new accounts that open today
  • People that reside in non-valid countries are unlikely to be eligible for certain offers. The most commonly available countries are Spain, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Ireland, United States, Netherlands, Canada, and Mexico
  • You cannot register with different accounts on the same site and expect to receive the bonus multiple times. If the casino catches you doing so, you’ll probably be excluded from the site altogether
  • Withdrawing cash from your account will often result in a full forfeit of your bonus unless you’ve met the casino’s other conditions first
  • You’ll have to wager your free bonus earnings a certain number of times before being able to cash out the rewards. This number usually varies from 20 to 70, depending on how big the bonus is and how much the casino is willing to give in
  • The offers are often limited to a certain period of time – you’ll usually have to meet the terms and conditions of the offer within two weeks before forfeiting the bonus

Understanding Waging Requirements of Bonuses

Before committing to a no deposit bonus, it’s important for you to understand the waging requirements that the casino has set in place for it. Most casinos will let you get a certain amount of money for free, but you’ll have to wager it a certain number of times before cashing it out. Each casino has a different number set for their bonuses, and you’ll need to look it out in their own Terms and Conditions.

Once you feel convinced by the offer of a casino, start looking for other bonuses in other online casinos to see how they compare to the one you like the most. Once you’ve evaluated all the bonus offers, simply select the casino that has the fairest terms and conditions and create an account on their site.

The Full Process of Receiving a No Deposit Bonus - How to Get a No Deposit Bonus

The process of receiving your no deposit bonus is relatively straightforward, but it does require you follow certain steps in order to get the best out of it (and to make sure you’re not missing out on any rules). To help you, we’ve created this step-by-step list which you can easily follow:

  • First, you’ll need to look for a casino with an offer that seems to suit your needs. You should know what works better for you once you’ve read our full guide
  • Create an account on your favorite online casino and make sure to apply for the offer Remember that some offers are not redeemed instantly – you’ll need to do it manually
  • Read the terms and conditions as thoroughly as you can to make sure you comply with the rules, as well as to help you know if you’re satisfied with the restrictions placed by the casino
  • You’ll be asked for your credit card details, but you won’t need to spend any money to get your free deposit bonus
  • Try to win as much money as you can with the bonus that the site gives you – be it free spins, free cash, or free play time
  • Be sure to comply with the requirements put by the website before attempting to cash out on your bonus, otherwise you involuntarily might forfeit it
  • Once you’ve met the wagering requirements, simply ask the site to withdraw your money and that’s it!

The Best No Deposit Bonus of 2024

Now that you know everything about no deposit bonuses, it’s time for you to decide which casino you’ll choose to start cashing in on the benefits of no deposit bonuses. Be sure to keep an eye out for your favorite type of deposit bonuses, so you can get a better idea of where to start your search for a new online casino.

Furthermore, be sure to see which games offer the best benefits and which games you like the most. Remember that no deposit bonuses are almost always tied to certain games – especially when it comes to free spins. Choose the best slot games and remember to consider the house edge of each game before opting for one site or another.

As a final (but equally important note), remember that high bonuses are often tied to stricter withdrawal conditions. Being awarded over €70 in free cash usually means that you’ll have to bet at least 50 times that amount on the site before you’re able to withdraw any winnings.

50 Free Spins No Deposit -mBitCasino

All you must do to get the mBit 50 free spins bonus is register on their website, create a new account (and provide your phone number) and message their support department. You'll be rewarded with a massive boost of 50 free spins to spend in one of the best branded online slots ever created – the Viking Slot game. It seems like a fair trade, doesn’t it? If you think so as we do, then rejoice – claiming the bonus is as easy as it sounds.


Our Final Verdict

No deposit bonuses are standard in today’s casino industry, but they’re also very good at making new and loyal users happy. The efficiency of one of these bonuses cannot be underestimated and you might find yourself hooked to a casino after having a go at their offer. We’ve provided you with a complete guide to help you understand everything you need to know about no deposit bonuses.

It’s up to you to decide which of the bonuses we’ve shown you today you like most or maybe set yourself out on a quest to look for your ideal online casino bonus. Regardless of what you prefer, you’ll be prepared to face the whole starting process of setting up a new account and applying for a no deposit bonus promotion after reading this guide.

Last updated  May 22, 2024
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