888 Casino in New Jersey Moves to Orbit Platform

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The 888 Casino is one of the biggest names in the industry of online gambling. Even though the site doesn’t generate as much revenue as other competitors, it’s still the preferred gambling option for thousands of players ranging from every corner of the world. The casino holds some very impressive licenses that allow it to operate in almost every gambling-friendly country on Earth.

The 888 Casino offers a relatively small selection of games when compared to what other competitors of the industry have in store, but the titles available on the site are of the highest quality and provide players with the chance to enjoy themselves and earn a ton of cash in the process. However, when a site reaches the size that the 888 Casino has managed to reach, it’s only natural for it to continue to look to improve. One of the main things that the 888 Casino has always seemed to lack is true authenticity in some aspects, such as the exclusivity of games and titles available on the site. The performance of the website tends to be excellent in most cases as well, but that can also be improved. Thankfully, the staff of the casino over at New Jersey has come up with a way to boos the casino’s productivity as well as to offer players many more games to play in an even friendlier environment than before. They’ve managed to do it by moving the casino to the Orbit platform, a much better piece of software that makes the site operate smoother whilst also expanding the game catalog.

What is Orbit?

The Orbit platform is a new platform developed by the 888 Casino that was released in early 2019, and has since then increased the success of the website to new limits. Even though the platform has just been released in New Jersey, it has been around in the European market for far longer than this. It entered the market in the first quarter of 2019, and it has had exponential success since then. The Orbit platform offers a series of features that enhance the user experience inside the casino as a whole. In fact, it would be unfair to claim that Orbit offers just gaming improvements – it makes the whole website function much better, thus making people want to play more and more as they spend time on the site. The efficiency of the platform is not to be underestimated, and the revenue of the 888 Casino has seen a level of growth that was unprecedented before the platform launched. Since the introduction of the Orbit platform, the 888 Casino has now reached a level of revenue that is to be expected from one of the largest gambling websites on the planet.

Orbit Platform – What Makes it So Great

The level of improvement that Orbit brings can be broken down into various features if you look at it in the most thorough of ways. The platform was developed to enhance user experience to the fullest, with as many changes as possible to those things that people didn’t like of the original software.

Client Improvements

The client of the casino has been widely improved with the addition of Orbit. New Jersey players can now access the site and watch it load faster than ever before. One of the things that allow this to happen is the way in which the platform deals with data sharing. For once, it improves the way the casino interacts with the internet browser, which makes things load three times faster than before. This applies to every type of browser as well. The design of the Orbit platform makes it very easy for players to access their favorite games without having to wait an eternity in loading times. The old 888 Casino website platform didn’t allow things to load as quickly, which in turn made it more tedious for players to enjoy. The way the platform deals with client data is a clear statement of intent made by the 888 Casino to enhance user-experience to unprecedented levels. Safe to say, with the success that it has had in Europe, the New Jersey market is in for a treat and will see sustained growth in a similar way to what happened to the 888 Casino in the United Kingdom.

Design Improvements

The design of the 888 Casino has also seen clear improvements with the introduction of the Orbit platform. You’ll notice how things can be clicked more smoothly than before – especially if you were an 888 customer before the site introduced this new service. It’s not only about visuals for the 888 staff, though – they have made sure to add a ton of new sounds and small effects that make it better for players to experience the full extent of the site. The new design seems to fit most screens even better than the previous one, so that’s just one more awesome feature that the Orbit platform brings to the table.

Loading Speeds – Making the 888 Casino One of the Fastest Around

The best thing about the new platform is that waiting times are almost completely removed from your experience as a gambler. You won’t have to sit around waiting for games to show, as it does happen in many other online casinos. In fact, in a majority of websites, you’ll find yourself waiting for the proper game icons to appear even if you have a great internet connection. That happens because of poor requests sent between your computer and the website, which makes the site process stuff much slower than it should, hence making it take even more time than ever for it to work well. The new way in which the 888 Casino deals with request makes things instantly pop up after you click them on the menus. You’ll notice how games, for example, will show on your screen almost instantly when you choose a catalog section. This makes browsing much more fun, and enhances the user experience to new levels.

The 888 Casino Orbit Platform on Mobile

Another great attribute that the platform brings to the table is the fact that its features are fully compatible with mobile, making even mobile gambling faster than before. However, do keep in mind that the Orbit platform isn’t as good when it comes to processing navigational requests from your mobile browser – you’ll need to download the official app if you want it to work as intended. In any case, you can access the 888 Casino from the comfort of your mobile browser and the Orbit platform will make it work faster, but you won’t be getting the best of it. Just be sure to download the 888 Casino app and enjoy the features that the site has to offer.

New Games

The 888 Casino Orbit platform also adds a ton of new games to the site, making it an even better option for those who love to see some variety. However, it’s natural for casinos to add new games constantly, which might make you wonder what is it that makes the Orbit platform games so special. Well, for starters, the games added to the 888 Casino with this platform are fully original and unique. Every title added with Orbit has been in development by the 888 Casino staff members and cannot be found in any other casino in the world. The 888 gallery already had some amazing and unique titles per se, but the platform makes sure to add on it by introducing over 30 new unique titles to the already plentiful selection of games that the site had to offer. As such, the total tally of games available on the casino grows to almost 240 slot games, and over a dozen table games as well as live dealer, exclusive titles. If variety is what you’re after, then the 888 Casino is sure to give you exactly what you need without compromising the level of quality thanks to the Orbit platform additions.

Success of the Orbit Platform

The Orbit platform has been directly involved with an increase in profits as well as user experience across the countries where it has already been implemented. Since the release of the Orbit platform, the casino has seen an increase of more than 70% in profits when compared to what they did the previous year. The number of features added certainly plays a huge part in the success of the platform, but the games that it offers also make it much more appealing to new audiences. In fact, much of the success that the Orbit platform has had is mainly due to the fact that users really want to stay after trying out the features of the site. It has to be said, though, that even though the increase of more than 70% is amazing and the site has grown very quickly, it still registers a bit below the expected standards for a casino of its size. In any case, the 888 Casino has certainly taken the right steps towards glory with the new changes included on the platform. It remains to be seen, however, how well these changes will go with the New Jersey audiences, as it’s more than clear that the 888 Casino is not currently amongst the elite in America.

With Orbit Comes Better Poker Games

Part of the process in which the 888 Casino has decided to add Orbit as a new gaming platform to the site will also come hand-in-hand with the addition of better Poker software to the website. As you may know, the 888 Casino has always been a household name for online poker players, and they want to keep improving on this aspect as well. There is a new platform that has been developed and introduced to the site in April called Poker8. Also developed by the staff at 888 Casino, this platform specializes in improving the way the 888 Poker system works and enhances user experience. The 888 Casino completely redesigned the way poker works, but seeing as most users were already content with many of its features (particularly on the main menus), the casino decided to leave some things unchanged that was originally planned to be changed. In any case, the way the Poker system works is much better now and the 888 Casino is once again seen heading in the right direction towards success.

The Major Changes to Poker8

The new poker platform complements the Orbit platform very well, and the design of the poker site seems even better than before. A major change was a much-requested removal of the annoying chat interface that made it difficult for users to concentrate and felt like the site was forcing constant chatter between players. The removal of the chat window that was constantly showing on the site has made it become much smoother and the Poker system has improved as a consequence of this. You can still access the chat window, but it must be done by actively selecting to do so. In fact, you can see how it has become much more like a pop-up that you get to open whenever you want. You also now have better access to play replays in-game, which will allow you to make even better decisions in the future turns. It’s all up to you to decide how to use it, though, but be aware that the new Poker8 platform adds a new button at the top of the menu that allows you to access this.

Furthermore, the 888 Casino has made sure that users are now able to customize their experience on the site more than ever with the inclusion of many new features that allow players to manually change how certain things look on the Poker interface. You can now choose from a large selection of new themes that will change the way the app looks, making it more visually appealing for your own taste!  

Last updated  May 24, 2022
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