Even though blackjack is one of the most popular games in the online casino industry, there’s still a large number of iGaming fans that don’t completely have a full grasp of the game. Some people are not even too sure of what certain blackjack terms mean, so we’ve decided to discuss all about doubling down in blackjack in this article.

Widely known as one of the most common and profitable plays in blackjack when played correctly, doubling down forces you to get one extra card and double your chances of a larger profit.

As you can imagine doubling down is a very risky move and one that we only recommend you to do if you know what you’re doing.

In any case, if you want to know all about the best blackjack tips and tricks which will also tell you scenarios where you should double down or split, you can check out our full blackjack guide to help you get started in one of the world’s most popular card games!

What Does it Mean to Double Down in Blackjack?

Doubling down is a blackjack play that allows you to ask the dealer to give you one more card, and one more card only, but with the added condition of you having to double your bet as well. This is a very risky play that veterans tend to use consistently whenever they have a better hand than the dealer or a hand that can get close to 21 with one card.

If the dealer has a low hand, then playing a double down could be considered a good play. However, you cannot double down after asking the dealer to hit once. You must do it in your first play, which means that you must know how to read the game properly if you intend to make the best of it.

5 Key Moments Where You Must Double Down in Blackjack

As tough as doubling down may seem at first glance, there are actually 5 main situations in blackjack where doubling down is a good move to make. You don’t even need to know much about the game to know that doubling down would be a smart choice, so we’re going to tell you some very simple guidelines to follow in order to always call a double down to perfection.

If You Have an 11 in a Table Where the Dealer must Hit Soft 17

There are some blackjack tables where the dealer must hit a soft 17. Even though this is not the norm (the majority of blackjack tables make the dealer hit up to 16), sitting at one of these tables will change the perspective that you have on doubling down in blackjack.

Always hit with an 11 if you’re sitting at a table where the dealer hits a soft 17. There is no hand in which you will be on a probabilistic disadvantage. Chances are that most of the time, you’re going to win. This is, of course, if the dealer has a low hand, to begin with. If the dealer’s initial card has a value of 10, you may still double down, but it’s a risky move.

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A 9 Against the Dealers 2 to 6

If the dealer opens up a hand with anything from 2 to 6 as its first card in a table where the dealer will hit a soft 16, then you must opt to double down if you have a 9, a 10, or an 11. Chances are that you’ll get extremely close to that 21 given the number of symbols that are on the deck, so you might be doing yourself a favor by doubling.

Of course, you may have that extra inch of bad luck and get a very poor card to go alongside your 9 (a 2 would be the worst-case scenario), but with the dealer having something low, there’s a very good chance that they will bust anyway.

This is especially true if you draw a card of a very low value – that’s one less of those in the deck, which means that the deal could very well draw two high cards in a row and bust.

One of the reasons why doubling down is such a good idea when the dealer has something so low is because there’s a good chance that the dealer will bust and, even if they don’t you may end up with a very high value high. You may even tie with the dealer, which wouldn’t be ideal, but you could set yourself up for a big win otherwise.

Low Dealer Cards Against Your Soft 16, 17, or 18

Does the dealer have a low hand and you have an Ace and another number that gives you anything from 16, 17, or 18? If so, then go ahead and double down. Worst case scenario, you end up with a low-value hand, but the dealer has a very good chance of busting anyway if they have something below 6 in their initial hand.

This is a very similar principle as to why you should double with a 9 if the dealer has anything from 2 to 6. It just makes sense to do it. There is a very good chance that you will either end up with a hard 16. 17, or 18, or that the dealer would bust.

You will either end up with a very solid hand or you’re going to win anyway because the dealer will go over 21. It just makes probabilistic sense to take the risk – do it and try it out for yourself.

A Low Dealer Card Versus Your Hard 10 or 11

If you have a hard 10 or 11, there’s a very good chance that the next card that comes in the deck will be a high-value card – especially a symbol. Granted, with a hard 11, you probably want to avoid an ace, but chances are that you may get a symbol as your next draw, which would be of massive help to your quest towards glory.

A low dealer card not only gives the dealer a good chance to bust but accompanied by you having a very good initial hand, it could mean an almost guaranteed win. It’s a no-brainer to double down if you have a hard 10 or 11 on most occasions, but it’s an even better thing to do if the dealer seems likely to bust with a hand from 2 to 6.

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In Hands Where You Shouldn’t Split and the Dealer Has a Low Card

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you shouldn’t split a hand but you still see the dealer having a very low card, you may want to take the risk and double down to try your luck.

We’re leaving this piece of advice for last because it does depend on how the player perceives the game to be going before taking the risk to place the bet. If you’re going to double down in a situation where you don’t have a high hand and the dealer has a lower one, you’re going to be taking a significant risk.

On most occasions, we would advise you not to do this. Be careful and mentally prepare for a loss.

Doubling Down in Blackjack – Expert Talk & Other Reasons to Double Down

Doubling down in blackjack might be seen as a risky move – particularly if you’re new to the game and you aren’t too sure of how the cards work. You only need to have basic card-counting knowledge to understand why the situations that we presented above would be ideal scenarios for you to double down, as they put you in a probabilistic advantage.

However, there are a few other tips and tricks that you must keep in mind before deciding to double down in a game of blackjack. We bring them here for you, and we urge you to keep them in mind whenever you decide to sit at a blackjack table.

You Can Double Down after Splitting

One of the most common rookie mistakes that we see is for people to be left in awe when they try to double down after splitting in an online game, only to realize that it is possible. You cannot split after doubling down because it wouldn’t make sense, but most blackjack games allow you to double down on any hand that you’ve split.

If you get a pair and decide to split it, what you’re doing is fundamentally playing two hands at once. As such, you would be able to double down and try your luck with a couple of pairs. It’s a risky move,

Doubling Down Means that the Situation is Positive for You

Always remember that doubling down is not a play to make when you’re looking to take risks. If you double down, you need to have an advantage on the table. Hands that may be portrayed as unfavorable are not the hands that you should double down at.

However, some veteran blackjack players may decide to take the added risk of doubling down in situations that we haven’t listed in this article. These are very unlikely to happen, but veterans are far more likely to take a risk and make it worth it than players that may depend on beginner’s luck.

It’s all about taking a huge leap of faith at the end of the day. That’s what doubling down is all about, and that’s why blackjack is one of the most thrilling card games that you can play in any online or land-based casino.

Remember You Can’t Double Down After Hitting

This may seem like a simple piece of advice, but you must be fully aware that you cannot ask the dealer to double down if you have already asked them to hit you with another card. Double down only when you seem to have the advantage of taking the risk of losing! You will fully depend on your first two cards to determine whether it’s worth it to do it or not.

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Play Live Casino Blackjack in the Best Online Casinos

Live Dealer games have become some of the most popular titles in the online casino industry. There’s a good reason for that, as well, as these online casino games make players feel like they are in a real casino without having to leave the comfort of their homes.

You can put all of this blackjack information into practice and play against real dealers using your desktop or mobile device. Learn when to double down in blackjack in a proper gambling environment. All you need to do is visit one of the following blackjack casinos and start your adventure there!

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The Best Casinos to Play Virtual Blackjack

We know that live dealer blackjack is not for everyone. As such, we have also collected a list of 3 online casinos that present players with the chance to enjoy virtual versions of blackjack to make the best of their casino experience without the added stress of facing real dealers in a digital table.

Here, you will be able to play blackjack at your own pace and decide when to double down in blackjack without the added pressure of other players waiting for your move. No timer is all it takes for you to make your decision at a slow pace.

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The Overall Best Blackjack Casinos (with Bonuses!)

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In these online casinos, you will find the best virtual blackjack tables as well as the best live dealer blackjack tables to enjoy. It is up to you to decide which online casino games you would rather play and sit down and enjoy them.

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