How do Slot Tournaments Work? - Full 2023 Guide

How do Slot Tournaments Work? Our 2023 Guide to Online Slot Tournaments

The world of online casinos offers many things to everyone willing to participate in it, but one thing that is not talked about enough is the presence of online casino tournaments in some of the world’s most prominent online casinos.

Mr Green Reel Thrill Tournaments

Let's take a closer look at what are casino tournaments and why they’re so beloved by people from all over the world. It will help you get a better grasp of what you can expect to find in online casinos that host them.

The Best Online Slot Tournaments – Our Top Picks

Before we get started with our guide, we want to show you which are the best online slot tournaments that you can play in selected world-class online casinos. Different rewards are there for the taking - choose the best slot tournament based on what you're looking for:

  • mBit Casino Races: Daily and hourly events that pit players against each other to collect points playing slots. Winners earn free spins with low wagering requirements!
  • BitStarz Casino Themed Tournaments: Special events where players collect points by playing slots as they try to reach the tournament's most lucrative spot by collecting more points than their peers. Rewards of up to €50,000 are there for the taking.
  • Battle of the Slots - Videoslots Casino: Exclusive tournaments where players sign up depending on which slots they want to play. Winners get free cash and free spins!

1 mBit Casino
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2 BitStarz Casino
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3 Videoslots Casino
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What are Online Casino Slot Tournaments?

Online Casino Slot Tournaments are competitions hosted by online casinos in which your objective is to have a better total score when playing slots than other players, in order to receive exclusive rewards that usually come with lenient wagering requirements or that are wager-free.

Slot tournaments make it extremely easy for players to get rewards if they’re constant and they play enough in an online casino. As such, we often recommend high rollers to participate in tournaments, as the chances for them to win are extremely high.

Slot tournaments have rewards that vary from site to site. Generally, the msot common slot tournament rewards are:

  • Free spins with low rollover or none at all
  • Free bonus cash (withdrawable)
  • Invitations to exclusive events
  • Real-life prizes like cars, phones, computers, etc

Types of Slot Tournaments

The best thing about casino tournaments is that they are extremely versatile. That means that you’ll find a type of tournament that fits your needs as long as you look for it on the right site! The main types of slot machine tournaments found in modern online casinos are as follows:

  • Ranked competitions: Events where players earn ranks and collect points to move up leaderboards or earn a higher score. Rewards are usually based on player score.
  • Leaderboard-based events: Events where players can see their current standings on a leaderboard. Higher-ranked players will collect better rewards than others.
  • Adventure/Level-up events: Competitions that pit players in a sort of "Battle Royale" event, where the lucky few that make it to the top will collect the best rewards available.
  • Slot-exclusive tournaments: Events that only let you play online slots, be it a selected casino slot, a handful of them, or slots made by a single provider. Other games don't count.
  • Network slot tournaments: Events that are hosted by a software provider and are available in more than once casino. They usually have better rewards than your average tourney.

Let's take a more in-depth look at the types of casino slot tournaments found in the modern gambling world:

Ranked Competitions

Arguably the most common type of online slot tournament, ranked competitions are found in almost every single online casino that offers tournaments as a way for players to stay hooked to the site.

  • Ranked competitions are usually leaderboard-based and are valid for more than one month, although the length varies from site to site
  • Although some of these events are exclusively slot tournaments, others let you play bingo, keno, or even table games
  • Winners get access to some incredible rewards that go from casino money to real withdrawable cash, depending on the offer of each casino
  • In most cases, Ranked Competitions mean for you to play in one casino slot in particular, which will have you collecting points as you play the game more and more.

Monthly & Daily Leaderboards

Some online casinos take a different approach with leaderboards and, instead of having you participate in specific games, you can actually spend your online casino money in any way you see fit and collect points across a certain period of time. Depending on how many points you collect, you will have access to better and more amazing rewards.

Adventure Promotions

Adventure promotions are those who are arranged in a sort of way where you start at the beginning of a road and have to work your way through different levels. In most cases, you can advance through these levels by collecting points, but some online casinos encourage you to take other actions in order to keep leveling up within the site.

Adventure promotions tend to have one major winner and multiple small winners.


Slot-Only Tournaments

Slot tournaments are special competitions where you will have to participate by playing a specific type of online slot or a collection of casino slots. We have seen many online casinos host promotions like this one, such as Mr Green and Videoslots, but we really can’t get enough of them.

What we really like about these promotions is that you get to try out new games that you would’ve otherwise not played, and you will also get to participate in fantastic prizes and incredible rewards that will get you some amazing bonuses if you can overcome other players and collect more points than them.

Network Slot Tournaments

Network tournaments are slot tournaments hosted by casino software providers, which means that they are available in more than one casino at the same time. They have unique features that make them more attractive than others, such as:

  • Much more lucrative rewards, that could see them pay out over €1,000,000 per month;
  • Frequent reward drops that give you more chances to win even if you're a low roller;
  • Shared rewards, which translated to worldwide glory!

Slot Machine Tournaments: Prizes That You Can Win

Part of the magic of online casino tournaments is that there are multiple ways in which you can get rewarded. Some online casinos take things the normal way and grant you bonus money or bonus spins that you can spend within the casino itself, whilst others take it a step further beyond and grant you with rewards that you can directly withdraw to your bank account.

You might be lucky enough to obtain certain prizes that are worth a determined amount of money, too! It all depends on the casino in which you’re participating.

  • Free Spins: One of the most common prizes given to players that don’t make their way to the top 20 spots of a promotion is a handful of free spins. Some casino tournaments allow you to claim some free spins that come attached to wagering requirements, while others give you wager-free spins!
  • Bonus Money: You may earn yourself a ton of bonus cash when playing in online casino tournaments. Some slot tournaments give the winner as much as €10,000 in prize rewards, but it depends on the size of the casino and the tournament's budget.
  • Special Prizes: Some online casinos offer special prizes for finishing in a good spot in your tournament’s leaderboards. You can earn yourself the chance to take a trip across the globe, or you might even have the chance to explore your own country while driving a new car.

Are Slot Tournaments Rigged?

No, slot tournaments aren't rigged - unless you're looking to play these tournaments in unlicensed casinos. Rewards from slot tournaments are paid just as stated in the casino terms and conditions. These tournaments are as beneficial for players as they are for the casinos, so there is no point in rigging them.

Why Play Slot Tournaments?

If you’ve made it this far, you probably don’t need any more convincing as to why the world of online casino tournaments is one that most players tend to enjoy. However, before we end this article, we’d like to overview the main points as to why playing online casino tournaments is a brilliant idea and why the experience is one that we recommend to all of our readers.

Easy Ways to Get More Money

Many people that participate in tournaments tend to already be members of the casino in question and they already spend a lot of money playing the games that are required to be played to win in each casino. Slot tournaments give these players the chance to earn extra money by doing the same thing that they do anyway!

A Twist on the Classic Casino Experience

There’s nothing better than trying out new games when you’re playing online, as they give you the chance to discover the beauty of new casino experiences without having to overspend too much money. You will be able to play slot games that you’ve never played before and you will even be able to earn exclusive rewards that online casinos often reserve for tournament winners.

Different Rewards for Veteran Players

Traditional gamblers have access to the same rewards that every other player, but casino enthusiasts that love to play unique types of games will absolutely love the way casino tournaments work. It makes it easy for all players to enjoy a new experience. Veterans, however, tend to have a slight edge in tournaments – especially when it comes to tournaments that involve table games.

How to Prepare for a Slot Tournament

Preparing for a slot tournament is much easier than you think. Since you get to keep the cash that you're wagering when playing the tournament, it's pretty much like playing slots but relying on luck to surpass other player scores. Here are some quick tips that will help  you prepare for a slot machine tournament:

  • Make sure that your budget is large enough to compete against other players
  • Look for a casino that offers world-class tournaments with good rewards. It's important that the prizes are worth your time, otherwise it may be better off just playing games on your own.
  • Read the bonus terms. See if there are max betting limits and other tournament restrictions before signing up for the event.

How to Win Slot Tournaments

Winning slot tournaments require strategy as well as consistency. Although luck also plays a mayor role in how your experience will go, there are some crucial slot tournaments tips that will help you get the best out if your experience while playing:

  • Sign up for a slot tournament that adapts to your budget. Some slot tournaments are exclusive to low rollers, whilst others accept players with all sorts of budgets;
  • Play high RTP games that are available for the slot tournament that you're signing up for. This will give you the best chance of winning;
  • See if there are high-roller benefits for the tournament of your choice, and try to get them if you have the chance.
  • Always place max money bets if the tournament allows for it - especially if you're playing a tournament with limited rounds.

Forget About Vegas Slot Tournaments: Online Slot Tournaments are Here to Stay!

Online casinos have taken the concept of slot tournaments and helped it evolve to a whole new level. Vegas casinos offer fantastic tournaments, but online sites help you compete against players from all over the world and participate for life-changing rewards or smaller prizes, depending on what you're looking to collect.

Pay a visit to world-class casinos like BitStarz or mBit if you wish to start playing in some of the most reputable casino tournaments in the industry. Don't miss out!

Last updated  March 8, 2023
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