Full Slot Tournament Guide 2024: Tips, Strategies & Top Picks

Full Slot Tournament Guide 2024: Tips, Strategies & Top Picks

Our 2024 Guide to Online Slot Tournaments

Online casinos offer many exciting features for players to participate in, including slot tournaments. These competitive events range from seasonal to branded tournaments from top slot providers. Players spin the reels against each other with the hopes of making it on the leaderboard.

Tournaments can have huge prize pools with thousands of dollars up for grabs. Keep reading to learn more about slot tournaments and how they work!

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Learn all about slot tournaments with our helpful guide!

What are Online Casino Slot Tournaments?

Online casino slot tournaments are competitions where players aim to score better than others while playing slots. They offer rewards with lenient wagering requirements or are wager-free. Some tournaments have prize pools of up to $1 million.

Players can pay a buy-in fee or enter for free. The aim is to accumulate the highest score or biggest wins within a certain time frame. High rollers often participate in tournaments as the chances of winning are high.

Slot tournaments have rewards that vary from site to site.

How to Choose the Right Online Slot Tournament

When selecting an online slot tournament, there are several factors to consider to find the one that best suits your preferences:

  • Evaluate the rewards offered, such as free spins, bonus funds, or withdrawable cash, to determine which appeals most to you.
  • Consider the entry cost and prize size, choosing between no-cost or low-cost entry tournaments and those offering substantial cash prizes or smaller rewards.
  • Look at the frequency of the tournaments, deciding whether you prefer frequent opportunities to win or less frequent events with potentially larger prizes.
  • If you prefer specific games or seek variety, select a tournament based on the game providers hosting the event.

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Play tournaments based on slots or slot providers you are familiar with.

Types of Slot Tournaments and How They Work

There are several different casino tournaments to fit every player’s needs. Here are the main types of slot tournaments available online:

Ranked Competitions

In most cases, Ranked Competitions mean you play one casino slot, which will have you collecting points as you play the game more and more. These tournament competitions allow players to earn ranks and collect points to move up the leaderboard or earn higher scores.

The rewards you get are based on your score. They’re often valid for a month or more but it varies depending on the site. Prizes range from casino money to real withdrawable cash, depending on the casino.

Leaderboard-Based Events

Some online casinos take a different approach to leaderboards. Instead of having you participate in specific games, you can spend your online casino money in any way you like and collect points across a certain period. You will have access to better and more amazing rewards depending on how many points you collect. Show up early and play through the event to maximize your chances.

7bit slot tournamet.jpg
7Bit's Free Spins Madness event

Adventure/Level-Up Events

These competitions pit players in something like a “Battle Royale” event. Start at the beginning of a road and work through the levels. You advance by collecting points. You may have to take action to continue leveling up. Make it to the top of the leaderboard to collect the biggest rewards. The trick here is to play as fast as possible to beat the rest. Adventure promotions tend to have one major winner and multiple small winners.

BitStarz level up tournament
BitStarz Casino has a great level-up event.

Network Slot Tournaments

Events that are hosted by casino software providers and are available in more than one casino. They usually have better rewards than your average tournament because they’re part of a larger pool. Get in on massive cash prizes or gifts like supercars or luxury cruises. 

Wild.io slot tournamet by BGaming
Wild.io hosting a Slot Mania tournament with BGaming

Free Roll Tournaments

This pay-to-play tournament that can comes with no entry fee. You get free spins to play on a specific game and any wins are converted into points. The more you win, the higher your point value and leaderboard rank is. You can win non-cash prizes like free spins or whatever prize corresponds with your position on the leaderboard. 

Buy-In Tournaments

Players pay a fee to the casino to participate in these tournaments. The registration fee is often included in the prize pool, which is usually higher the more people buy in.

Sit and Go Tournaments

These tournaments begin when a certain number of players register. Fewer people are playing, so chances to win are higher. Common rewards are cash prizes.

Reloader Tournaments

This tournament format lets players purchase more playtime. The games often last an hour, with each round divided into five minutes. Players who don’t make it to the next round can pay to advance.

Survivor Slot Tournaments

Survival slot tournaments are some of the most exciting, competitive tournament formats. There are usually three five-minute rounds, and with every new round, participants are knocked out. At the end of the last round, there are 10 players left, and they share the prize pool.

katsubet slot combat
Katsubet Casino's Slot Combat event

Slot Tournament Prizes and Rewards

Online casino tournaments offer many different rewards. Some online casinos give you money or bonus spins, while others offer rewards that can be withdrawn directly into your bank account. You might even win a specific amount of money. 

  • Free Spins: One of the most common prizes given to players who don’t make their way to the top 20 spots of a promotion is a handful of free spins. Some casino tournaments allow you to claim free spins that come attached to wagering requirements, while others give you wager-free spins!
  • Bonus Money: You may earn yourself a ton of bonus cash when playing in online casino tournaments. Some slot tournaments give the winner as much as €10,000 in prize rewards, but it depends on the size of the casino and the tournament's budget.
  • Special Prizes: Some online casinos offer special prizes for finishing in one of the top spots in your tournament’s leaderboards. You can earn yourself the chance to take a trip across the globe, or you might even have the chance to explore your own country while driving a new car. 
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Slot tournaments have some massive cash prizes on offer.

How to Prepare for a Slot Tournament

Preparing for a slot tournament is much easier than you think. Since you get to keep the cash you're wagering when playing the tournament, it's pretty much like playing slots but relying on luck to surpass other players’ scores. Here are some quick tips that will help you prepare for a slot machine tournament:

  1. Make sure you have a large enough budget to compete against other players.
  2. Look for a casino that offers world-class tournaments with good rewards, and has the slots you want to play. It's important that the prizes are worth your time, otherwise it may be better off just playing games on your own.
  3. Read the bonus terms before entering a tournament. Also, check for maximum betting limits and other tournament restrictions before signing up for the event.

icon Expert Tip
Make sure to check out what the buy in amount is and how many players are allowed to enter. This will help you figure out what your odds of winning will be, and how big the prize might be.

Strategies for Winning Slot Tournaments

Winning slot tournaments require strategy as well as consistency. Although luck also plays a major role in how things will go, there are some crucial slot tournament tips that will help you get the best out of the experience:

  • Sign up for a slot tournament that adapts to your budget. Some slot tournaments are exclusive to low rollers, whilst others accept players with all sorts of budgets;
  • Play high RTP games that are available for the slot tournament that you're signing up for. This will give you the best chance of winning;
  • See if there are high-roller benefits for the tournament of your choice, and try to get them if you have the chance.
  • Always place max money bets if the tournament allows for it - especially if you're playing a tournament with limited rounds.

Top Picks for 2024 Online Slot Tournaments

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1 mBit Casino
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2 BitStarz Casino
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3 Videoslots Casino
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mBit Casino Races

Enjoy daily and hourly events at mBit Casino that pit players against each other to collect points playing slots. Winners earn free spins with low wagering requirements!

mbit slot tournament.jpg
mBit has regular race tournaments with some huge prizes to be won.

BitStarz Casino Slot Wars

BitStarz offers special events where players collect points by playing slots. Reach the tournament's most lucrative spot by collecting more points than peers. Rewards of up to €50,000 are there for the taking.

BitStarz slot wars.jpg
BitStarz Casino's Slot Wards give you the chance to win massive cash and free spins prizes.

Battle of the Slots & Clash of Spins at Videoslots Casino

Videoslots Casino hosts exclusive tournaments where players sign up depending on which slots they want to play. Winners get free cash and free spins!

The ongoing Clash of Spins tournament lets players claim some of the 10,000 free spins available. Play against other players on pre-determined slots. Win the most money within the time allotted and claim big rewards.

videslots clas of spins.jpg
Videoslots has a couple of excellent recurring slot tournaments to choose from.


Online casinos have taken the concept of slot tournaments and helped it evolve to a whole new level. Vegas casinos offer fantastic tournaments, but online sites help you compete against players worldwide. You get the chance to participate in tournaments for life-changing rewards or smaller prizes, depending on what you're looking to collect.

Pay a visit to world-class casinos like BitStarz or mBit Casino if you wish to start playing in some of the most reputable casino tournaments in the industry. Don't miss out!

Last updated  March 15, 2024
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