The online casinos that you’ll find on The Casino Wizard are some of the most well-known and respected casinos in the online industry. Most of these sites are extremely trustworthy and you can rely on them to keep your money safe while you gamble it, as well as pay you the dividends that you earn while on the site.

However, there’s a common belief amongst internauts that online casinos are scam sites that are only there to take your money and never pay you your duly earned rewards. We won’t lie – there’s a good reason why people think that, but it’s not as fair as you might think. There are sites that are known to be blacklisted casinos because of their shady antics, and the actions of a few affect the perceptions of many.

As such, it’s important to know which online casinos you need to avoid and how you can determine the intentions of an online casino. Being in a trustworthy online casino is sure to guarantee (or even surpass) the same amount of fun that you’d get in a land-based casino. It’s up to you to determine which sites to avoid, but worry not – we’re here to help you make the right decision in regards to that.

What Determines an Online Casino’s Trustworthiness?

First and foremost, you need to know which practices determine how trustworthy an online casino is. There are certain things that every online casino does that might be done differently by untrustworthy sites, and those are the red flags that you need to keep an eye out for whenever you look for a new site to gamble your money on.

Keep in mind that all of these things are present in EVERY online casino, so we’re going to focus on explaining to you how these things should work, so if you come across something different, you might be better off moving on to another site. Trustworthy casinos do all of this with upmost respect and responsibility towards players, and that’s why they’re held in high esteem by their communities and the online gambling scene in general.

Payment Protection

Giving some online enterprise your hard-earned money might not be the easiest decision to make, so you need to make sure that the procedure which the online casino follows is the appropriate one to make every transaction as safe as possible. For example, if an online casino offers payments (deposits and withdrawals) with shady third-parties, that might be a sign that it’s not a good place to stay at.

However, if your online casino of preference uses known platforms or respected credit card companies and banks, that might be a clear sign that the online casino is a good and trustworthy source.

The most important thing to know is that your money will be safe when payments are processed, and that your personal data isn’t compromised at any given time. The latter can be quite difficult to determine whether it’s happening or not, but the most respected online casinos that you’ll find in most sites will offer some sort of warranty that your money is safe.

In any case, always check that the site that you’re on has the lock sign alongside the HTTP address of the website. This means that the site is encrypted and safe to browse, which in turn makes it highly unlikely that your data is being compromised. Unprotected casinos are better left alone.

Bonus Payments

Nothing can annoy a player more than online casinos that promise lucrative bonuses and then back out whenever a player rightfully earns the money. Make sure that other players have already claimed bonus cash on your online casino or preference to ensure that your bonus run won’t end up in heartbreak when the site pulls a crappy clause out of nowhere to refuse to pay you the cash.

You need to be very wary of online casinos offering you thousands of dollars in rewards. Sites like Uptown Aces or Jackpot City can be trusted – even with bonuses that surpass the €1000 in match-deposit cash. However, the same can’t be said about every site that you visit. Some sites might offer you promotions of over €3000 in rewards, but the wagering requirements might be impossible to meet.

If you see cases of other players having been paid before, then you can rest assured that the casino will keep its worth on the terms of the bonuses and you can consider it a trustworthy site. If you’ve seen or read complaints of players speaking out about the unfairness of a website, you might want to take a look at another site.

Payment Speed

In a similar vein to what we were telling you about bonuses, you might want to check out the usual payment speed of the online casino that you want to visit.

Most trustworthy casino takes no more than one week in giving you the money that you’ve withdrawn. It’s common for casinos to make deposited money available at an instant as they can check the deposit very quickly, but withdrawals require different processes to be made.

In any case, the withdrawal process shouldn’t take too long and anything over a week might start becoming fishy. There have been cases of sites that have taken over one month to pay users, and even if they end up paying up, that attitude is completely unacceptable and it’s better to avoid it altogether. Stick to websites that pay quickly and don’t play around with your cash – you’ll be safer that way.

Do keep in mind that online casinos take more time to pay if you request money during the holidays, and even though they have staff destined to work during certain off days, it’s understandable that a trustworthy site might take a bit more time to pay when not all employees are working.

Fair Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions of an online casino might be long and tedious to read, but this is the best indication of how trustworthy the site is. In the terms and conditions, you’ll find all you need to know in relation to how the casino operates, so reading them thoroughly could be an exhausting task, but it will save you all the trouble in the world if the site is not trustworthy.

The most important things to keep an eye out for are cancelation terms for payments (this is a big one!), bonus payment terms as well as wagering requirements, and any other thing that might suggest that the casino could use it against you to either not pay money that they owe you or simply that they will cancel promotions all of a sudden when things get too good for players.

Your experience in the casino is the most important thing when knowing whether to trust it or not, and if they somehow fall short on rules that make it fair for you, you’ll end up moving on to another site and binning the existence of the untrustworthy ones. Save yourself the trouble and read the terms and conditions – a bit of reading today will save you a ton of problems in the future.

Uniform, Non-Changing Terms

Speaking about terms and conditions, keep an eye out for any changes that might have been made to the existing ones. You can use sites like The Internet Archive to check out if an online casino has added or removed important clauses from terms and conditions.

Again, doing this can prove to be quite tedious, but you may also use special tools to compare what changed in any given text to do a quick search of alterations done to the T&C’s. Just like reading the terms and conditions, comparing older versions of the website with the current one is annoying, but your future self will thank you for investing time into it.

If you see a site with unchanged and fair terms, you can rest assured that it’s a trustworthy website. Some clauses are bound to change with time (especially if global policies make websites change their approach), but it’s always important that the fairness of rules stays the same throughout the entire existence of an online casino.

Consistency Towards Players

It’s important for every online casino to be as consistent as possible in the way they apply their rules and how they do it. Casinos must be consistent in the way they present games to players as well – the house edge of games must not vary.

That’s also a defining factor of the trustworthiness of a casino; if the site has a ton of games in which winning decent sums of money is viable, the casino is most likely a reputable gambling source. In any case, consistency isn’t only a matter of games. You need to find a casino that is consistently fair to players – that’s how you know you’re choosing right!

Check Out Its Licenses

Nothing speaks more about the qualities of an online casino than the licenses that it holds. The idea of licensing online websites became a necessity after so many fake sites were emerging in the late 90s and early 2000s, and it was one of the best ideas that have ever been had to secure the trustworthiness of sites that aren’t land-based.

This is why casino licensing entities have become so popular in the online casino community. These entities serve as a sort of “seal of approval dispatcher” to online casino websites, so when you see an online casino that is approved by any entity, you can check out the background of said entity to verify the integrity of the license.

If you happen to see that the casino is licensed by a lesser-known entity, you might want to avoid gambling money on it.

Player Reviews – The Importance of Past Experiences

Another huge factor that you can consider when judging whether to play on an online casino is the experiences of players that have already tried out the services of the site. For example, if you happen to visit an online casino that has had bad reviews on their bonuses, you can rest assured that those bonuses are better left alone.

However, casinos that are highly rated by players themselves are usually some of the most trustworthy entities in the world. The best judgement factor that you can consider are player experiences – that’s even more important than anything you can read elsewhere.

Check Its Rating on The Casino Wizard

Here on The Casino Wizard we have a large list of online casinos, all of which have been thoroughly reviewed and studied to see how they work and how they treat their players. If you see any casino here that has been given a quality rating, you can rest assured that the site is going to present you at least with a good quality standard.

There are some shady sites out there, and we’ve seen them in action – stick to sites that The Casino Wizard represents and save yourself the trouble of having your money ill-managed.

Review Casino Blacklists

Blacklists are there for you to determine how good and trustworthy an online casino is. Some blacklists might not be entirely right and they could use weak criteria to judge the qualities of an online casino. However, in general terms, if you see an online casino that is currently ranked in various blacklists you might be better off avoiding it altogether.

If your favorite website happens to be listed in some shady blacklist that no one has heard of before, that might be a trick from competitors to deter users from visiting the site. It’s all about judging the qualities of a backlist and deciding whether to trust it or not.

To ensure that your online casino blacklist is fair, you can check out the one we have available here at The Casino Wizard. We even have an article on how to determine when an online casino needs to be blacklisted, and why online casinos might end up in a blacklist to start with.


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