Are online slot machines rigged? Do online casinos cheat to make people always lose? This article dives into the world of online slots to explore just how they work and why some people think that they’re being cheated out of their money. Whether that’s true or not remains to be explained in this piece.

If you’ve ever wondered whether online casinos have their games rigged, then you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to tell you all we know about online slot mechanics and why things work the way they work. Once you’re done reading this piece, you’ll know the answer to whether online slots are rigged or not!

House Edge vs. Being Rigged

To start things off, we need to clear up the meaning of the house edge and why some people mistake it with the game being rigged. First off, the house edge exists in every type of casino game. There’s just no escaping it, unless you’re playing against other players and not against the house.

If you’re playing against the house, you have to understand that it will always have the advantage. You cannot have an advantage over it at all.

Different types of games come with a different house edge, though. The house edge is expressed in a percentage, and that percentage represents how much of your money the house is expected to keep after playing the game.

For example, a 5% house edge means that you should be expected to lose €5 for every €100 that you bet. The opposite of the house edge is the RTP, or “return to player” rate, which would be 95% in this example.

You cannot cheat the house edge, nor are there any methods to reduce it – at least in online slots. You can reduce it in blackjack, however, if you know the right strategies and understand how you can do it. We have a blackjack guide to help you out, in case you’re looking for it.

RNG and How it Works

All of the world’s most reputable slot machines have the outcome of each bet decided by the famous RNG, also known as the Random Number Generator, which makes every place feel truly random (because it REALLY makes them random).

As such, even though you might be going on a streak of bad luck, that doesn’t mean that the machine is rigged. It means that the RNG isn’t going in your favor, but that’s something to be expected when you have the house edge always against you.

They always say that the casino always keeps your money if you play long enough, and that’s one of the truest statements that you’ll hear when gambling online.

You need to keep your eyes peeled out for, however, the infamous PRNG. Also known as the Pseudorandom Number Generator, these things actually make you feel like the game is random when it really isn’t – it reacts to your actions and decides the outcome of each bet.

To save yourself the trouble of gambling in casinos with PRNG, you might want to visit the best online casinos in the world.

Few People Actually Win – Keep that in Mind when You Play!

One of the main reasons why so many people tend to think that online casinos are rigged is because they go on long losing streaks where they never see any profit from their bets.

When you’re sitting at home and you spend and spend money without any profits in return, it’s hard not to think that something fishy is going on behind the scenes.

However, something that many people fail to realize is that the house has everything set up in order for it never to lose. It’s not that online casinos are rigged, it’s that they are always made to make the house win. That’s now land-based casino work, too.

In fact, one could go as far as to say that online casinos are more heavily regulated than their land-based counterparts. That’s exactly because online casinos look to obtain legitimate licenses to make people trust them, as it would otherwise be difficult for people to trust an institution upon which they cannot physically see.

If you’re looking to play in the safest online casinos, you need to avoid visiting sites that don’t have proper licenses or sites that are not correctly regulated. However, legit online casinos are as safe (and often safer) than their land-based counterparts.

How to Avoid Playing in Rigged Casinos

As you can tell by now, there isn’t a legitimate online casino that is clearly rigged and none of them are truly rigged per se. The issue is that the house always wins and that means that the majority of players always lose.

When you see someone walk away with millions of dollars after hitting a jackpot, the house is making up that lost cash with the best of thousands of other players who didn’t share that person’s luck. For every winner at an online casino, there are dozens of losers. The same goes for land-based casinos.

Casinos will always make sure to advertise the cases in which people win, so you won’t have to see those who lose. That creates a false perception for players, which leads to them questioning whether these sites are rigged or not.

Thankfully, it is possible to win in the best online casinos and the issue is that many people aren’t taking advantage of the benefits handed to them by these sites. You should always use the best casino bonuses and make the best of exclusive rewards whenever you visit a new online casino – these are surely going to help you win a lot of money if you spend them wisely.

Play on Sites Audited by Renowned Authorities

A certain way to know that the online casino in which you want to play is legit is to simply look for online casinos that have been audited and licensed by the world’s most important gambling authorities. There’s just no going wrong here – if you pick a site that has reputable gambling licenses, you’ll be well on your way towards playing in legitimate websites.

Thankfully, all of the casinos listed on The Casino Wizard hold one, two, or all three of the most prominent licenses in the industry. These are the UKGC license, the MGA license, and the Curacao Government license. Either of these three is thought to be the most reliable licenses in the world as they are given by legitimate entities.

Regardless of which is the online casino that you want to visit, it will be a legitimate one with non-rigged slot machines as long as it holds one of these licenses.

Did you know? Casino licenses need to be renewed every year, and every single time a new license is given to these casinos is because they have been fully audited to make sure that no shady stuff is going on behind the scenes!

Avoid Playing in New and Unlicensed Casinos

You will often come across new online casinos that look legit, and they may as well be. Most online casinos get their licenses before they are released – particularly when the entity that controls the casino is a reputable consortium or a gambling group with a reputation to preserve.

However, not everyone acts that way. There are some new online casinos that get thrown into the market without having proper licenses, and it’s likely that the games that they host are also created by almost unknown companies. No respectable game developer would put its reputation on the line by giving these shady casinos the chance to screw players up with their own games.

So, whenever you see a new online casino, make sure you check out its license and dig further to see whether the number they’ve provided is a legitimate one (there’s always a license number disclosed by online casinos that actually hold licenses).

Unlicensed casinos are a no-go. Never play in any of these sites if you want to save yourself the trouble of going through something bad economically speaking.

So, Are Online Slots Rigged?

When it comes to legitimate online casinos, the clear answer is no. Online casino slots are not rigged. You need to make sure that you’re playing games from legitimate providers in the world’s most reputable online casinos and you won’t have to worry about the slots being rigged.

However, if you’re one of those riskier players that love to take risks and play in sites that they shouldn’t be playing at, then you can’t complain about it being impossible to win money in any online slot game.

Make sure that you play in legitimate websites and you can be confident that they aren’t rigged. Just remember – the house always has an edge over you. If you’re winning, go out on a high!


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