This highly volatile masterpiece, created by the brilliant slot minds of Playtech, has settled as one of the most played casino games in the industry and a title that takes you on a virtual journey to the jungle with the hopes of finding the hidden gems sought after by so many before you.

The game is actually part of the Fire Blaze Jackpot series of Playtech, which are extremely popular games that the company has created and a sub-brand that has become synonymous with profitability and massively large rewards.

Legacy of the Tiger is one of those games that comes with a very high RTP. If you’re going to spend your time playing online slots over any other casino game, then you’re going to want to check out Legacy of the Tiger to maximize your chances of a profit.

In any case, this very popular game is not as well-known by many as it should be. As such, we’ve made a complete guide of the game to help you get a better idea of what to expect from it. Read it, decide whether it’s the game you’d like to spend your time playing, and then head to the best Playtech casinos to enjoy it – we’ve listed them at the bottom of this list!

Legacy of the Tiger Overview

Scatters and free spins join forces to create one of the most multi-faceted, adventure-themed online slots of all time in Legacy of the Tiger. The game comes with 4 different jackpots, but none of them are as high as they are in other slots. That does explain, however, why this game comes with an amazing RTP of 96.59%, one of the highest in the Playtech series.

To be fair, Playtech has always been known to produce some of the fairest online slots in the industry with RTP rates that make us want to try out luck in them as often as possible.

As things stand, Legacy of the Tiger adds to Playtech’s own legacy with some fantastic gameplay features, fun graphics, and a very good RTP rate. Non-jackpot-related wins can take your total profit to up to 10,000 times the amount of your original stake in a single spin, though, so don’t you think that the game’s built-in jackpots are the only ways in which you’ll earn some extra cash for yourself.

The game takes you on an adventure deep into the jungles of Asia, where you’ll have to survive the attacks of tigers and attempt to obtain the prizes that lay deep within the jungle itself.

The graphics might not be as good as they are in NetEnt games, for example, but the gameplay is fun and the titles’ built-in jackpots will have you chasing a profit of up to €2,000 plus a massive multiplier that could turn your €1 bet into a €10,000 reward. Obtaining that prize is not going to be easy, but doing it will elevate your iGaming experience to the next level.

Legacy of the Tiger Basics

Legacy of the Tiger is a rather odd case. This game doesn’t really feature the best gameplay or graphics in the industry, but it has still managed to become extremely popular among gamers of all sorts. Newcomers and veterans love spending their time playing Legacy of the Tiger, and we find it very curious that it actually isn’t one of the most innovative slots out there.

The game’s cash prizes are clearly the reason why it’s so popular, but let’s take a look at the basics of Legacy of the Tiger anyway before we explore the game’s features.


Gameplay is nothing too fancy here, but the Legacy of the Tiger slot does deliver when it comes to simplicity above anything else. The board doesn’t look overcharged with symbols, which does seem to happen quite constantly when you’re playing online casino slots of other developers.

Here, you will be able to see everything within its 5×3 reel setup. We’ll dive into the multipliers further down in our guide, but this title comes with everything you need to have a fulfilled casino experience with decent gameplay features and core slot bonuses that stay true to the origins of the games.


The graphics of this title might seem a bit too simple for some of our readers, but we had fun and enjoyed the game with its simple concept. There aren’t too many animations other than the “fire” that you see in special bonus symbols, but it doesn’t really matter: it’s clear that this game stays true to the concept of providing a quality experience through rewards over graphics.

If you’re a fan of basic slot gameplay, you’re going to love the minimalistic approach of Legacy of the Tiger.


The audio of the game might not seem like it is anything out of the ordinary, but the lack of a proper music soundtrack gives you the ability to get immersed into what really seems to be an Asian jungle. There’s a slight musical background, but you’ll notice that the main aspect of the game’s sounds is that they are mostly jungle noises that you hear.

It really adds to the immersion of the game and makes it feel much more like an enjoyable title than it would be if it was just saturated by an annoying tune, an issue that does happen with many other games in the iGaming world.

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Legacy of the Tiger Gameplay Features

The main feature of this game, being one of Playtech’s jackpot titles, is the Mega Fire Blaze Respin. With it, you will be able to spin the reels and try your luck in hopes of winning one of the massive jackpots that the game has to offer – including a reward worth up to €300,000 if you’re lucky enough to get it. That, alone, gives you enough of a reason to try out this title.

This fantastic online slot is mainly based on the concept of spending your money to collect free spin rounds, though. These are going to be your main sources of income if you decide to wager your cash on Legacy of the Tiger. The game also has various multiplier rounds, which give you plenty of options to unlock even more lucrative rounds when playing this fantastic online casino slot.

The game also comes with four in-game jackpots that you can unlock to win ridiculously high sums of money, with up to €2,000 being up for grabs in a single spin. Every spin entitles you to win a jackpot, but the higher your bet is, the higher your chance of getting the top jackpot of the game.

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Legacy of the Tiger Developer and Where to Play

Playtech is one of the online casino industry’s best game providers. They create games that are specifically made to feel fair for the player, which is why so many of their titles have become fan favorites across the industry. You can notice how their titles often have a very high RTP, as well as some of the best payouts of the industry.

In contrast, their games don’t have the same level of graphic quality compared to the ones made by NetEnt or Microgaming. However, the best Playtech casinos tend to be among the most visited places by online gamers that are really looking to make the best of their casino experience without spending too much money in order to win sizeable rewards.

We have made a list comprised of the best Playtech casinos to help you get a better idea of which sites offer quality casino bonuses as well as the Legacy of the Tiger slot.

Make sure to pay them a visit and don’t forget to claim the welcome bonus of the casino of your choice – free spins and free money await those who wish to make deposits on these world-class casinos.

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Our Conclusion – Walk the Path of the Jungle and Unveil the Ultimate Prize

Legacy of the Tiger might not have the best graphics or the most fluid gameplay, but the title is as engaging as things come. It’s a fantastic casino game that comes packed with world-class features that make it entertaining to play and give you the chance to earn a ton of cash in rewards with a single spin.

This fantastic title combines the best out of the world of jackpots with the best out of the world of traditional casino slots. It’s a great game for every player. Unlike most of our slot reviews, we don’t only recommend this game to a specific type of player but we rather think everyone should give it a go.

You don’t need as much luck to win a lot of money as you need in other online slots. Give this one a go and check out the best gameplay features of Legacy of the Tiger to test your luck in one of the best online slots out there!


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