Created by Push Gaming, Razor Shark is a fun title with jackpot bonuses, special free spins, multipliers, and a very good RTP. Push Gaming has been rising to prominence in recent years thanks to the quality titles that they’ve been pumping out, and the success of Razor Shark was to be expected if you had been following the company for a little over two months.

The game does take a bit to load on a slow connection, though. This is important to know if you want to play Razor Shark on mobile phone with poor connectivity. In any case, the game excels at having quality graphics and a smooth, free-flowing interface.

We find it especially funny that one of the symbols of the game resembles the shark of Will Smith’s movie Shark Tale. We know they did this on purpose, and it comes as no surprise that many of the game’s symbols are very much resembling the popular Pixar film.

In any case, the game comes packed with a ton of world-class features and plenty to do. Let’s check it out and see what you can expect to find when playing the closest you’ll ever be to seeing Shark Tale as a slot machine.

Razor Shark Bonus Features – A Cheeky Treasure Hidden Between Fins

Let us first take a quick look at the game’s basic features. When playing Razor Shark, you will be facing a traditional video slot board with 5 reels, 4 rows, and 20 paylines. The game does let you place large bets as well as smaller ones, which allows you to claim some of the best rewards on the internet regardless of whether you play as a high roller or low roller.

In any case, the Razor Shark slot comes packed with shark symbols and an animated background, which is accompanied by an animated tune that sets the mood for the game. Overall, the game makes you feel the rush of adventure and experience bonuses and jackpot wins rather consistently, as long as you’re okay with its expected RTP of 96.70%.

Mystery Stack

The Mystery Stack feature is what makes this game unique and differ from the rest. With it, you will often get three of four hidden symbols in a spin, which will reveal themselves to you once the reels stop. All of these symbols will come in one reel (stacked in groups).

With each spin, one of the symbols will disappear and the others will remain. It basically locks a real for a few spins and rotates some of its symbols to make each round feel different and open a gateway towards more rewards.

In any case, the Mystery Stack feature makes the game feel much better and provides players with the chance to enjoy rounds with multiple payouts thanks to the stacks – especially when combined with bonus rounds and even more multipliers.

The feature could trigger a few gold sharks per spin. If you happen to get three gold sharks, you can trigger a reward worth 2500 times the amount of your stake. That’s one of the highest wins you can get on Razor Shark!

Other Features

The game also comes with free spin features collected when you get the scatters as well as wild symbols that will help you multiply your rewards on each spin. All you must do is play and pray for the symbols to show up, just like in any other slot game!

However, this online slot packs one extra feature that allows you to chain wins – the combination of Mystery Stacks with the free spins and bonus rounds. If you happen to get lucky enough, you could earn a reward worth 50,000 the amount of your stake!

Where to Play Razor Shark for Free? – Razor Shark Slot Free Play Sites

Razor Shark is one of the hottest casino games of the moment, but is it the one to suit your needs? We will be speaking wonders about this game because we truly think it’s fantastic, but we also know that all players have their own particular likes and dislikes, which means you might not find this game as appealing as the majority of us.

That’s where free play casinos come in. Most of the best online casinos on the internet will allow you to check out Razor Shark and play it completely for free, which will allow you to test the game before financially committing your cash to play it.

In any case, most of these online casinos also offer the game and allow you to play it using bonuses. It doesn’t matter what you want to do or how much cash you want to spend; what truly matters is that you try out the game before making a deposit specifically to play Razor Shark.

Top 3 Casinos to Play Razor Shark – Use Free Cash to Play Razor Shark

We’ve collected a list of three online casinos that offer free money bonuses to play the game. Keep in mind that LeoVegas doesn’t offer a free trial version of the game, which means you would have to spend your money to test out the game on the casino. The others, though, are world-class online establishments that allow you to claim bonuses to play for free and test out the game before doing so.

Our advice is for you to try out the game at Wildz or Videoslots and claim bonuses to play it there if you like it, before moving on to LeoVegas to claim an even juicier bonus and play the best online casino games on the site.

Check out what each of these casinos has to offer before making a final decision, though!

Wildz Casino

The Wildz Casino comes packed with dozens of online casino games that make this online casino shine and turn it into one of our favorite websites on the internet. However, one thing that we can truly say about this casino that makes it great is the number of bonuses and games that it has, makes it one of the finest online casinos that you can visit.

Wildz wasn’t inaugurated too long ago. As one of the newest casinos that we’ve reviewed at The Casino Wizard, Wildz quickly managed to become one of our favorite options to recommend to players from all over the world.

The casino is widely available in many countries, and with games like Razor Shark, Book of Dead, Lightning Roulette, and many more, it’s one to visit if you love variety in your titles.

You need to check out the Wildz welcome bonus first, though. You can claim free cash and 200 free spins to enjoy the best games on the site. Use the money to play Razor Shark for free, or spend the free spins on Book of Dead and use the bonus cash to play Razor Shark afterwards!

Videoslots Casino

The Videoslots casino is the place for you to be if you’re a fan of online casino slots, not just if you want to play Razor Shark in general. This online casino has a massive selection of slots at your disposal, many of which stand among the most played online casino games in the history of the industry.

videoslots casino bonus

That’s not all, though. With plenty of casino bonuses on offer, this is also the place to be if you love to play online slots and other fantastic casino games for free. Why use your own cash, after all, when you can simply play with bonus money that the site gives you? There’s nothing better than that!

Play Razor Shark for free at Videoslots and then use the bonus money that the site gives you to play the game with real cash. You can also try out other bonuses and rewards that the site has at your disposal, among which you’ll find some of the best slot tournaments on the internet. Check them out!

LeoVegas Casino

Keen to take the Razor Shark game with you while you’re away from home? If so, then we’re happy to tell you that the LeoVegas Casino provides you with a solid gaming platform in which you’ll be able to try out some of the absolute best casino games using any mobile device that you own. All you really need to do is open your mobile browser and search for the LeoVegas Casino – the rest will be history!

You can claim 50 free spins upon registering at this magnificent online casino, too. With these spins, you’ll be able to enjoy world-class slots and use the money won in them to play Razor Shark for free. You can then fulfill the wagering requirements of the bonus money and withdraw it to your bank account with no difficulty whatsoever.

It’s clear that the LeoVegas Casino makes things easy for players, but the only issue with this casino is that you won’t be able to try out the game before you play it.

As we said before, kindly visit any of the aforementioned online casinos to make sure that you like the game before giving it a go with real cash. It’s awesome, but trying it doesn’t hurt anyone!

Razor Shark RTP & Volatility – Razor Shark Technical Info

The massive jackpot that you can win on this game is not only its main selling point, but it also paves the way for its volatility. As it’s often customary in games with a high jackpot, this game comes with crazy high volatility that just doesn’t suit those who don’t like to take risks. In fact, when it comes to volatile games, this is one of the best we’ve played in recent years.

Its high volatility, accompanied by an RTP of 96.70%, will help you see massive wins even if they aren’t as frequent as in other games. High volatility and a fantastic RTP make for some absolutely sky-high rewards that could see you credited with massive profits. The gold coins will increase your chances of winning a ton of money. You’ll need a lot of luck to land four of them in one reel, though!

Razor Shark FAQ – What You Need to Know Before Joining the Fun

You now know everything there is to know about Razor Shark, except perhaps a couple of other things that you may find yourself asking when you play the game (or even before you play it). Don’t worry, though. We don’t want you to be running around aimlessly or feeling confused before playing the title. We’ve collected four of the most asked questions about Razor Shark and answered them for you.

Are the Razor Shark Features any Good?

Yes. Razor Shark has some of the best features that you’ll find in any casino game. From the best slot multipliers to rewards that could reach €5,000,000, this game provides players with the chance to earn exclusive rewards with its high volatility and RTP. It does need to be said, though, that this game is better played by high rollers.

Low rollers still have the chance to play with small amounts of cash thanks to the low coin value bets that you can place, but if you want to access the full profitability potential of this game, you’d be better off doing it with high-value bets. A low-value bet could still yield a profit of more than €5,000, though!

Can You Play Razor Shark on Mobile?

Yes. Razor Shark was developed by Push Gaming and it works on many of the world’s best mobile devices. All you really need is a mobile browser that works and you should be good to go, provided that you’re playing in a mobile-friendly online casino.

All of the casinos that we’ve provided you in this article work on any mobile device. Simply choose the casino that you like the most, create an account, and discover a world where Razor Shark will be the first of many fantastic online casino games.

Is Razor Shark Worth Playing?

If you love innovative online casino games and you like to play titles created by new developers, absolutely. This game is completely worth a shot. In fact, even if you’re one of those people who are completely obsessed with jackpots and you just want to try your luck and see if the Razor Shark slot is the one where you’ll make a killing in rewards, this game is worth it.

Razor Shark packs a ton of rewards and bonuses, but the one thing it truly has over other games is the fact that it’s an authentic, world-class title with dozens of different rewards to claim. Its masked reels make the game far more interesting and the multipliers engage with you round in, round out.

Should You Play the Game with Real Money?

This is one of those online slots that you know you have to play with real money from the moment you try them. However, as we’ve said in this guide, you might want to check out the game itself before financially committing to the title. If you like what it has to offer, then go for it and play with real money. The rewards you can win are massive, multi-million bonuses.

Razor Shark Software Provider

Push Gaming is a casino slot provider that creates some absolutely fantastic games, even though the company itself is relatively unknown. In any case, the titles that you’ll play from Push Gaming are sure not to disappoint. Razor Shark is one of the best ones to try out if you want a taste of what they offer.

Most of the titles developed by Push Gaming are filled with extraordinary graphics, smooth animations, and world-class rewards. Not many of them reach jackpots of up to 50,000 the amount of money of your wager, but it’s safe to say that this game developer is sure to provide you with some of the best titles on the internet.

Don’t’ judge Push Gaming for its popularity; give their games a try and see what the recent fuzz is all about. We know that you won’t regret it.

Razor Shark Biggest Win – Redefining the Meaning of a Massive Win

Razor Shark is mainly known for its mystery stack feature, but one thing that not many players know is that you can claim a jackpot worth up to 50,000 the amount of your stake. If you happen to get lucky as a high roller playing with €100 per spin, that would equal €5,000,000. That’s not very likely to happen (in fact, it hasn’t happened yet!) but the chance is there for you to claim a world-class bonus.

In most cases, the most lucrative jackpots that get activated at the Razor Shark slot tend to be worth sums of around 2,500 times the amount of your stake. These are still very big, but they aren’t multi-million big.

Players tend to get extremely lucky at this game quite constantly, so you can rest assured the bonuses that you’ll get to play this game could be easily converted into even more cash with nothing more than a little bit of luck.

The Casino Wizard Verdict – Swim with the Sharks and Prove Your Worth

With tons of fantastic rewards and a fantastic jackpot worth 50,000 your original stake, this is the one game to play if you’re one to treasure hunt under the ocean. Regardless of what you prefer, this online slot has an RTP of 96.70%, putting it up there with some of the best in the industry. This is the best Push Gaming slot, in our opinion, so we’re sure you won’t be disappointed with what it has to offer.

Besides, we’ve given you three online casinos in which you can play this game completely for free and claim world-class rewards to spend the money in any way you want. There’s no reason for you not to try it out and, if you like it, you’ll have three amazing bonuses to claim! Play Razor Shark for free and be the judge yourself – we’ve already given you our verdict: it’s just an awesome online slot game.

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