Arguably one of the most popular slots in the world, Reactoonz is basically found in most of the world’s best online casinos. It’s one of the most popular games on the planet and a title that has made its way to dozens of sites because of its amazing RTP, its catchy gameplay features, and the fact that the title is a sequel to an already popular casino game that was highly coveted in the industry.

As such, Reactoonz 2 has become one of those titles that seem to be found everywhere on the internet. No matter where you look, you’ll come across this game and probably feel tempted to play it.

Created by Play N’ Go and popularized by the iGaming community, Reactoonz 2 became a bigger sensation than the first installment of the game and it has grown to become a massive pop-culture favorite in the world of iGaming.

In this article, we’re going to give you an in-depth overview of one of Play N’ Go’s biggest hits. At the end of this piece, we’ll also tell you where you can play it and which are the best casinos to play Reactoonz as well as many other world-class Play N’ Go slots. Be sure to claim their awesome bonuses and play world-class slots for free. Rewards are waiting for those who dare claim them!

Reactoonz 2 Overview

Reactoonz 2 is a very peculiar online slot game that doesn’t follow the traditional 5×3 format of most modern online slots. Instead, it takes a 7×7 grid to the next level by creating a unique grid that has become akin to innovation in the industry.

It actually takes the idea from the first installment of the game, which shared the same setup, but takes it a step beyond with new and fresh gameplay features in combination with an amazing total win potential of up to 5,083x in a single spin. That means that a €1 bet could become a jackpot of €5,083 with a little bit of luck!

You’ll be chasing the impossible while playing Reactoonz 2, though. You’ll notice that there are two ‘meter’ bars on the right side of your screen.

Your goal will be to fill them up by landing diverse symbol combinations, which could end up giving you an extremely high sum of cash in a single spin after doing so. It’s not easy to do, but a few good spins in a row could help you build towards that x5,083 win.

Things can change in a heartbeat when playing Reactoonz 2, though, and that’s why we love it.

This game comes with a ridiculously high level of volatility, which means that winning rounds tends to yield a huge profit. Its default 96.20% RTP is also one to behold, even though it’s just above the industry standard level of RTP for most casino games.

Reactoonz 2 Basics

Reactoonz fantastic gameplay features and graphics sure look entertaining at first glance, but we want to take a deeper look into the game to see what the fuzz is all about and why it has become such a great title that even made the first one look like a subpar game.

We’ll be breaking down the gameplay, graphics, and audio features of Reactoonz to see why we think this is one of the most popular games in the industry. Afterwards, we’ll take a look at the gameplay and the features that make you able to win a lot of money in this popular online slot.


Gameplay in Reactoonz 2 is as rich as it can come in an easy-to-understand online slot. It’s easy to tell which combinations trigger each type of bar to fill up, and it’s also easy to get filled with anticipation as you hope to get the best combination to trigger. Everything seems to flow very smoothly and it really makes for complete gameplay that is easy to understand and really easy to enjoy.

As things stand, Reactoonz is one of the smoothest games when it comes to gameplay that we’ve ever tried. It’s difficult not to love it.


The game’s graphics are completely out of the ordinary and it really creates an experience that feels even better than what we had with the first game. All of the symbols (aka the Reactoonz) are all animated, which means that even when you’re not spinning the reels, you’ll see how all of the little creatures move.

The whole experience is quite endearing and we feel that the fun gameplay is very well complemented by such amazingly drawn graphics. If you’re not into minimalistic slots, you’re going to love this game


The music of Reactoonz 2 fits the game almost to perfection. It’s futuristic and themed like the way the slot feels. The sounds that the game has, when it comes to spinning the reel or matching symbols, are also on point. Out of all the latest online casino slots that we’ve tried out, the audio of Reactoonz is definitely up there with the best.

We often advise our readers to put on their own music when they play, but Reactoonz 2 makes it worthwhile to keep on the game’s sounds.

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Reactoonz 2 Gameplay Features

The Cascading Wins feature is what truly makes this game great. Every time that you win a round, winning symbols will disappear and new ones will come out, building up the progress bar with each win that you manage to chain on a single spin. This is the main feature of the game and one that is key to unlock the rest of them, which are multiple variants of Wilds.

Wild symbols will start replacing other Reactoonz on the board with each time that you manage to fill up the Wilds bar, and that will subsequently help you land the crazier wilds that the game has to offer (like the Gargantoon Wild, the game’s best feature).

Triggering various wilds in a row will lead you to obtain some absolutely ludicrous cash prizes, but it’s not easy to have enough luck to land those symbols together. You might need a lot of patience, as well as a lot of luck, to get your hands on all of that bonus money.

Even wild symbols that aren’t next to each other still help you out, as they sometimes destroy each other and fill up your Quantum bar to advance your progress towards the biggest wild unlocks of the game.

Check out the game’s rules before you start – they’re not difficult to understand at all.

Reactoonz 2 Developer and Where to Play

Play N Go is not one of the oldest developers of games in the online casino industry, but ever since the company introduced itself to the iGaming world, back in 2005, it has proven to be one of the main developers of quality games on the market.

The magic of Play N Go is that their games are very easy to get into, which means that they’re perfect for newcomers. Even titles that seem complex at first glances, such as Reactoonz 2 itself, are actually easy to understand and you often get the hang of them after reading the instructions and even before playing a single round of their slots.

We have come across some absolutely fantastic online casinos in the past, many of which still stand as some of our favorite ever gambling websites. In this list, we’ve managed to filter the best Play N Go Casinos to help you get a stronger grasp of where you can spend your time and play Reactoonz 2 as well as other of the company’s finest games with free money bonuses and cash rewards galore.

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Our Conclusion – Discover the Reactoonz and Rejoice in Rewards

If you’re one of those slot players that just completely love the graphic aspect of a game, then we couldn’t recommend anything other than spending some time playing Reactoonz 2. This amazing online slot is fun to play and provides players with the chance to earn a ton of cash in a single spin, but it also makes every round feel engaging by producing colorful results with each time you win a spin.

It’s a very fun game, overall, and one that we really recommend every slot fan to try out at least once. In fact, the second installment of Reactoonz is so good that we can honestly tell you to just skip the first version of the game if you still haven’t played it. This one is much more worth it and gives you a better chance of making a profit.

In any case, if you love slots, you’re going to love Reactoonz 2. Just remember that this game isn’t a classic online slot but it’s built in a 7×7 grid with various multipliers on the sides. It’s not for the classic slots fan!

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