The 10 Best NetEnt Games of 2020

Online casino aficionados have probably heard and played countless of NetEnt games in the past. Every seasoned veteran of the online casino industry knows that NetEnt (fully known as Net Entertainment) is one of the household names that stand out from the rest of the online casino game developers. As such, the best NetEnt games are often seen as the best casino games that you can find. The company offers a wide variety of game types as well as gambling options to suit the needs of various users, which means that you’ll find NetEnt games in almost every type of online casino. Some of their games even have variations to suit high rollers, which allow players to gamble large sums of cash in some of the best NetEnt games found on the Internet. In any case, NetEnt games can be found in the most popular online casinos on the planet. We’ve made this article to comprise the top 10 NetEnt games and explain to you why these titles are so sought-after by the majority of online casino players. If you’re a fan of online slots, videopoker, or even if you’re looking for the best casino games overall, then you’ll find comfort in the best NetEnt games listed here!

Jack and the Beanstalk Slot Game

You’ve probably heard of Jack and the Beanstalk fairytale from those days back when you were just a kid. NetEnt has managed to turn a traditional popular story into one of the most popular slot games on the internet. In fact, if you’ve visited some online casinos before, you’ve probably already seen the art of this game shown around in the sites – many casinos use NetEnt’s Jack to showcase their slot sections. Jack-And-Beanstalk-Slot-Game-1280-720 As you might already know, Jack is a small boy that sets himself out on a search to find riches and earn himself a fortune – the problem is that the riches belong to giants, and he has to steal them! The game loosely takes you through the adventure of Jack and aims to represent his success when you find yourself netting rewards on one of the best NetEnt games out there. This game is a five-reel slot with 20 paylines for you to wager on. It allows you to select large ranges of wagers, making it ideal for the low roller as well as for the high roller. You can place wagers of just €0.20 per spin if you wish (which is what you often get with Jack and the Beanstalk free spins), but you may also place wagers of up to €100 each!

In-Game Free Spins

One of the best features of this awesome game is the inclusion of easily-obtainable free spins while playing the game. You can earn yourself free spins by netting 3 treasure chest icons in one spin! You’ll be able to use them and keep playing with the money earned from the mas you see fit, or you may withdraw it from your account if that’s what you choose to do. This reward may also be obtained in the form of a Walking Wild bonus, which nets you a re-spin every time that you manage to land a prize in any selected payline. The Walking Wilds feature makes the Jack and the Beanstalk slot game one of the best online slots on the planet as well as one of the best NetEnt games of the year. Wondering what’s even better? Your free spins have a multiplier attached to them! This makes your rewards go up to three times what they would be originally worth if you manage to earn free spins on the game.

Jack Hammer 2

If you love games with a lot of paylines and reels, then Jack Hammer 2 is the best NetEnt slot for you. The game comes packed with 25 different paylines as well as 15 reels, and a theme that makes it very popular amongst a wide variety of gamblers. The game is set around Jack Hammer, a superhero that aims to save the day of a city in a comic book-esque universe. Jack-Hammer-Game-Bridge-Lights-1600-900 Your goal is to join Jack Hammer and stop the evil doctor from destroying the city by netting payline wins in this incredible slot game. Many people think that Jack Hammer 2 is not only one of the best NetEnt games on the planet, but also one of the best online slots that you’ll find in any online casino. This is especially true if you’re a fan of comic books! The art of the game is only matched by its epic sounds and incredible rewards. It reminisces the days of the early comic book era and takes you back in time while also helping you earn some decent money along the way. What’s not to love about the awesome Jack Hammer 2?

Sticky Win and Free Spin Features

The Jack Hammer 2 slot game comes with an awesome sticky win feature which lets some icons stay after you net a payline win. That means that you can potentially get a lot of rewards if you get lucky just once! Symbols combinations might also net you a lot of money in the form of extra rewards, but you’ll need to be lucky and bet on various paylines in order to get them. This awesome NetEnt title also includes the option to earn up to 30 free spins in-game! You’ll be able to use all of these spins continuously to make a lot of profit on Jack Hammer 2, potentially earning hundreds in rewards. You’ll get the free spins by simply getting a scatted of 5 free spin symbols on your paylines. The game will instantly reward you with the spins and you’ll continue using them as if they were part of your regular balance.

Guns N’ Roses Online Casino Slot

Arguably one of the most popular NetEnt titles, the Guns N’ Roses slot game comes packed with an incredible and selectable soundtrack that includes the best songs from the popular rock band, as well as the option to earn a huge sum of cash in rewards and a galore of bonuses that will keep you hooked for ages. Rock gambling fans tend to feel that the Guns N’ Roses slot game is one of the best overall casino games on the planet, and many people find enjoyment in the game almost exclusively because of its soundtrack. Rock classics like Sweet Child O’ Mine are there for your enjoyment while you gamble whichever amount of cash you want. The game is not all about music, though. You can profit very decently out of the slots with its multi-reel system and the number of bonus possibilities that the game has in store. The icons are representative of Guns N’ Roses and the members of the band can be found as images as well – you even get the chance to use each member as part of the bonuses! You can play the Guns N’ Roses slots with as little as €0.20 or as much as €100. The amount of money that you want to gamble will dictate the price of your spins, and therefore gambling more money means that you’ll also be able to rock on some better profits.

Game Features

The Guns N’ Roses slot game has one particular attribute that makes it one of the best Net Entertainment casino games in the world: its random bonus feature. You can receive a series of different rewards by simply spinning away and hoping to get lucky with a randomly selected bonus. Some features are overlays in the game setup, which will allow you to make large sums of cash if you happen to land some symbols in the right locations. It’s up to you to decide which of the 25 paylines to choose among the 5 reels available to every player! There’s also a spinning wheel that can be used to earn a large sum of cash if you land an epic bonus.

NetEnt Live Casino

The NetEnt Live Casino is Net Entertainment’s live casino service, which can be played in some of the most well-known online casinos in the world. You’ll be able to find a large selection of games in casinos powered by the NetEnt Live Casino service, and most of them are amongst the best live dealer games that you’ll find online. NetEnt-Live-Casino-Woman-Cards-1600-900 If you’re a fan of Texas Hold’Em, traditional Baccarat or any other popular table game, you’ll be pleased to know that NetEnt produces some of the highest quality table games on the planet. NetEnt has definitely not fallen behind with the recent hype going around live dealer games, and theirs are preferred over many other industry greats thanks to NetEnt’s professional-looking games. You’ll find that NetEnt titles differ from the rest in their slick presentation, serious yet friendly-looking dealers and an interface that makes even the best live dealer game developers tremble. The games are incredibly fun and allow hundreds to play at the same time. However, even though the NetEnt Live casino games are amongst the best NetEnt games, they can’t be played for free.

Why Choose NetEnt Live Dealer Games Over Others?

Net Entertainment is contested by other top-quality game providers, some of which can be found here at The Casino Wizard. However, there are a few reasons as to why you might prefer their Live Dealers games over its competitors:

  • Everything is done on-camera and the dealers and croupiers do it as if you were sitting right in front of them, which gives an overall feeling of immersion that is very hard to match by other games.
  • The services of NetEnt are available at any given time. You won’t have to log in to your favorite casino to play the best NetEnt games at certain times – it’s up to you to choose when and where you want to try their live dealer games!
  • You can obtain other rewards in the NetEnt Live dealer service! That means that you can get rewards for other NetEnt games (such as their best online slots) by simply wagering some cash in their live dealer services. The rewards will be valid for every other NetEnt game found in your online casino!
  • The portfolio of NetEnt is almost unmatched by any other online casino. You’ll find a large variety of online casino games, all of which can be played on the go or on your computer. Possibilities are endless with the awesome NetEnt service!


If you’ve taken part in welcome bonus packages before, you’ve more than likely heard about Starburst. This game is offered as a part of free spin promotion by many of the best online casinos in the world, and there’s a good reason for it – the game is fun to play and offers users the chance to obtain countless rewards by spinning away some cash in the slots. The game was released in 2011, but it’s still considered as one of the best online slots in the world, let alone one of the best NetEnt games of 2020. If you’re a fan of slots, you’ve probably played it before, but if you’re new to the online casino scene, then this classic of a game should be one of those must-try’s on your list. starburst-slot-2-1700-500 Starburst offers stunning visuals and a large variety of paylines, which make the game appealing to gamblers of all sorts. You can win up to €50,000 with this incredible game, so be sure to wager as much as you can and cross your fingers – your lucky day might be around the corner!

Mega Fortune

Mega Fortune is another one of those popular online slots with a name that floats around the best online casinos on the planet. Every NetEnt casino offers Mega Fortune, not only because of the visual connotation of riches that attracts countless players, but also because of how fun the game is to play. If you’re keen to enjoy your time in an online casino, then this NetEnt game might be what you’re looking for. Mega-Fortune-slot-game-640-400 Did you know? Players who have enjoyed Mega Fortune have also received some of the best casino rewards in the history of online gaming. This game honors its name by offering players very large payouts when meeting certain parameters in game, all of which can be done by playing your regular bets and staying a little on the lucky side of things. If you’re a fan of slots and money (which you probably are if you’re here), then Mega Fortune is probably one of the best NetEnt games of 2020 for you and your wallet!

Gonzo’s Quest

Join Gonzo in his adventure to find treasure with the popular Gonzo’s Quest slot game, which is easily one of the most played slots across the internet. In fact, Gonzo’s Quest is almost as popular as Starburst in welcome promotions, as many casinos choose this game to reward players with free spins and other awesome prizes. The game isn’t made for those who love large bets, but it still allows you to wager up to €50 on your spins. The cartoony artwork makes the game appealing for all sorts of audiences, with all kinds of adults reporting having a lot of fun in the game. The game has been around for quite a while, but it’s fair to say that it has properly withstood the test of time – even after years of its original release, the game remains as one of the best NetEnt slot games of 2020 and one of the best slot games that you’ll find online. If you happen to help Gonzo fulfill his goal and find El Dorado, then the number of rewards that await you are nothing short of incredible. Stay committed to the game and keep on spinning – the money is yours for the taking!

Special Game

There’s a special game included within Gonzo’s Quest where a lot of Mayan symbols show up and explode when you hit the right combination in your paylines. Depending on how many of these symbols you manage to get, you will obtain different multipliers for your paylines. As such, you might even obtain x5 per spin if you’re lucky enough, or as little as x2 if you’re a little less lucky. You can also earn a bunch of free spins (up to 15 free spins!) with the Mayan symbols. Gonzo is in a quest to find treasure, and even if you don’t manage to hit the big jackpot, there are plenty of rewards to be earned along the way!

Divine Fortune

Divine Fortune is a game tailor-made for those people who love mythology. The game embarks the player in a quest for riches with one of the best styles of artwork that NetEnt has to offer. Collect the right mythological creatures and watch your bonuses pile up and become incredible rewards! The game even comes packed with a special bonus mode, which can be accessed by spinning special characters in the screen. You’ll be able to use the bonus games to earn extra rewards – all of it within the incredible Divine Fortune slot game. The best thing about Divine Fortune, apart from its art, is the feel of the game. You can almost feel immersed in the incredible world of Ancient Greece when spending time with this incredible title. Be sure to select your paylines accordingly and let those rewards become large sums of cash. The game also comes with a jackpot which is very difficult to get, but it nets the player enough money to settle down for the rest of their life. You just need to be lucky with your paylines and keep playing the game – the next spin might grant you enough money to travel the world!

Scarface Slot

If you’re a fan of this classic film, then you’ll love the incredible slot game that NetEnt gas managed to craft in its honor. This game puts you in the shoes of Tony Montana, the legendary gangster that has become a legend of the film industry and one of the most recognizable names in mafia films during the last three decades. Scarface-Slot-Game-Bonus-Money-740-585 Your aim will be to earn as many riches as Montana does in the film, but thankfully you won’t have to pull any of his illegal stunts to do it – just stick true to your guns and let the cash flow in one of the best NetEnt slots of 2019. The game allows you to earn free spins and a special bonus called “Say Hello to my Little Friend”, which is Scarface’s most famous quote. The bonus gets activated when you land a stacked wild on the third reel. The best thing about this game is that, when the bonus is activated, the game plays the famous related scene from the movie on your screen!

Twin Spin

If you love games with a lot of ways to win, then Twin Spin is exactly your type of slot. This game has 5 reels for your enjoyment, alongside over 240 ways in which you can earn rewards depending on the type of spins that you choose to play. The game can expand a few extra reels, which gives you a lot more options to wager on as well as many more possible winning scenarios. It lets you wager as little as €0.20 on a single spin, but you may also choose a larger wager of up to €125 – you choose how much cash you want to wager according to your own needs. You’ll find a couple of Twin reels which offer a symbol repetition feature in the game, which allows your profits to be doubled thanks to the availability of more winning lines created by these reels. However, this does come with an added consequence – the game is fully dependent on its extra reel feature (honoring the Twin Spin name), which means that you won’t find any extra bonus rounds or free spins while wagering in this game, which is one of the best slot games in 2020!

Last updated  May 24, 2022
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