The Best Bitcoin Casinos in 2020

Crypto Betting at World's Best Bitcoin Casinos

Crypto betting has become very popular since the rise in cryptocurrency popularity. Naturally, the most common type of crypto betting is done with Bitcoins, the most well-known type of cryptocurrency on the planet. There are many sites that you can visit to gamble your Bitcoins, so we’ve compiled a list of the best Bitcoin casinos for you to get a grasp of where to gamble your cryptocurrency.

Furthermore, we’ll also let you know a few other important things that will improve your overall gambling experience. There are a few key differences between betting with regular money in contrast to what it is to bet with cryptocurrency– we’ll also tell you everything that you should know of this before diving into the world of crypto gambling. Bitcoin is easy to move, sell, and transfer, which has made it very easy for people to gamble with this currency in recent years. However, if you’ve heard of Bitcoin gambling before, you probably know that it’s also a currency that’s very easy to steal. In order to keep you safe from robbers and shady sites, we’ve made this article to help you out.

A Short History of Bitcoin Gambling

When Bitcoin first came into the scene, it was hard to imagine how far it would go. In fact, many of those who had the chance to heavily invest in Bitcoin over a decade ago probably let it slip, unbeknownst to the idea of how big the online currency market would grow. Likewise, it was impossible to predict the impact it would have in online gambling. Casinos are well known to take their due time with bank transfers, given how delicate they are. There’s also a huge problem when it comes to verifying that the user is the same person to whom the casino is transferring the money. Gambling Bitcoins became a widespread practice when the first decade of this century was on its latter side. As such, many online platforms where starting to show, but the options of betting where rather limited. The most common types of games that you would see everywhere where simple bets that users mainly placed on dice rolls and other basic gambling styles. However, the potential was there to be seen, even in the early days of online gambling. When Bitcoin started growing in value, it was evident that the gambling market was nothing but on the rise. Many sites saw the opportunity to evolve into more complex platforms, and they started registering legally under gambling laws of European and American countries.

The Growth of Bitcoin Gambling

It didn’t take long for the basic games to shape into much bigger casino games. Online casinos started working together with game developers to create direct Bitcoin betting options, and they started receiving payments directly in Bitcoin which became available as funds in their casinos. In fact, a lot of people use casino sites to quickly exchange their Bitcoins into other types of currency. The ease with which users could change their cryptocurrency into traditional money made it too easy for casinos to start growing. People who had the cash in hand in the form of Bitcoin could quickly transfer it to these growing casino communities and gamble it on the spot. The only thing that remained for casinos was to enlarge their repertoires of games. The best Bitcoin Casinos in Canada are extremely popular, and they're also filled with dozens upon dozens of games. Originally, since Bitcoin betting wasn’t a fully supported practice, casinos tended to offer simple games, which would also allow for quick bets. With quick bets, casinos knew it would be easy to pay their players if they had to shut down by any chance. When the practice of cryptocurrency gambling began, a lot of betting communities where chased down and closed. However, as the practice became more and more supported, the casinos started including richer games like blackjack, roulette, and even live poker.

Bitcoin Gambling – Where We Are Today

After almost a decade of proper support and evolution, Bitcoin gambling has reached a level of development that no one could’ve seen coming. The new online betting sites that use Bitcoin as a way to trade cash for account balance resemble even the most popular traditional online casinos in the world. It would’ve been ridiculous to even think this at the beginning of the 2010s, but Bitcoin casinos have become a very popular mean for gamblers to play and withdraw their winnings very quickly. In fact, the best Bitcoin casinos are equally as good as any other traditional casino on the planet.

Why Bet with Bitcoins

Any online gambler knows how annoying casinos get when it’s time for you to deposit or withdraw funds. This isn’t their fault, though – there’s a lot of bureaucracy around the world of betting, as it does serve as an easy way for criminals to launder money. Many people use betting platforms as easy ways to legalize otherwise illegal funds, which proved to be a problem when online betting began. Bitcoins are an entirely different issue, however. Even though the best Bitcoin casinos do have a lot of registration requirements and they need you to verify that the funds are yours (as well as that you are who you claim to be), withdrawing funds and depositing them into your account is much easier than in any traditional casino. This is because Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are entirely dependent on what you do with them. You don’t need to have your transactions approved by a third party, nor does it require bureaucratic confirmation each time you want to move your money around. As such, betting with Bitcoin is a quick way to move your money around and bet it wherever you want without having to wait an eternity between transactions.

Low Fees

The absence of a third-party entity approving transactions also means that fewer people need to get paid (and fewer people are profiting from each transaction), which means that the fees you pay per transfer are much lower than they are in other traditional gambling platforms. If you’ve ever bet in another online casino, you probably know that some of the fees that you must pay are a bit high. Thankfully, a lot of these inconvenient issues are completely scraped when using a Bitcoin-based betting platform. The fees that you pay for Bitcoin transactions are basically non-existent. Given the number of people that use Bitcoin, the platform itself doesn’t require you to spend a bunch of cash in fees, and the wallets are also competing with each other to make sure that people use their services. As such, you benefit greatly as you’re the one that ends up paying much less than others. The average fee that you’ll pay per transaction is much lower than a single euro. In fact, most wallets and casinos help you get to an all-time low average of just €0.05 per transfer, a fee that is almost impossible to match by any credit card company given the fees involved in dealing with banks and other middlemen.

Fewer Frauds and More Speed

Bitcoins are also very well attached to whoever owns them, which means that casino players themselves have much less to worry about when it comes to fraud attempts. As you may know, cryptocurrency earns its name because of the cryptographic nature of the money. Everything is encrypted, which means that it’s encoded behind lengthy numbers that are almost impossible to crack. Addresses are not the only part of the process that is encoded behind a cryptographic value – the private keys used in transfers are even lengthier, which in programming mean that they’re much harder to decode. You, as a user, are much safer betting with Bitcoin that you would be when betting with your credit card. This is generally an issue, though – most prestigious online casinos work hard to ensure data safety for their users. There are some companies that like to share your information, though, and this can be fully prevented if you decide to use Bitcoin over traditional bank transactions. The process of transferring cash is much quicker as well, thanks to the lack of third parties having to confirm each transaction or authorize them.

Best Crypto Exchanges and Wallets

Exchanges and wallets are a good way for you to keep your Bitcoin monitored. An exchange will help you convert your Bitcoin into some of the most widely-used currencies on the planet, such as dollars or euros. It’s important that you know how to use wallets and exchanges before gambling Bitcoins, so we’ve made a list of the three best Bitcoin wallets and exchanges for you to take a look at.


Trezor isn’t a crypto exchange by any means. However, they do specialize in keeping your Bitcoin safe from third parties from stealing them. Trezor is actually a small device that you have to plug into your computer, which will then allow you to access your Bitcoin storage once you complete the two-factor authentication process as well as their other security proceedings. The platform will surely keep your cash from being stolen, and even the most talented of hackers will have a hard time cracking whichever security information you put into your device.


Electrum is a non-physical, software-based wallet that you can install in most modern devices to store your Bitcoins. As such, you don’t need to purchase any third-party hardware to keep your Bitcoins safe. There are some problems that come with using a software-based app: you’ll have to keep your computer as safe as possible because losing it could mean you’ll lose access to your Bitcoins as well. We’re recommending Electrum because recovering lost cash is much easier than it is in other platforms such as Trezor. Electrum offers hardware recovery options that you could always keep around if you’re looking to change your computer (or if you fear for your personal data being stolen). It’s one of the safest wallets out there.


We’re including Mycelium because of the mobile factor that it brings. It’s one of the few and very safe mobile crypto platforms. However, the whole app is very difficult to use – you’ll need to know what you’re doing if you want to get the best out of your Mycelium experience. Many Bitcoin experts like to use this app as a way to trade and stay anonym, as it permits users to do whatever they want without having to fear for their data. Being a mobile app means that safety is crucial, and the app has strong protection against theft (even if your phone is stolen, they’re going to have a very tough time getting to your Bitcoins).

Bitcoin Vs. Other Crypto Currencies

If you’re here, you probably already know why using Bitcoins might be a better choice than other cryptocurrencies. However, if you’re still unsure whether you should invest in Bitcoin or other altcoins, we’re going to make a quick overview of the benefits of Bitcoin.


Although many people had predicted that Bitcoin was going to catastrophically fail and plummet to zero in value, that never really happened. Bitcoins are widely regarded as the safest cryptocurrency on the planet, as the security has been tested for over a decade and it has never failed in a way that messed with Bitcoin owners. Even though most cryptos are very hard to decode or steal, Bitcoin has been tested through the years and surpassed tests that banking software has been unable to withstand.


Given that Bitcoins were the first cryptos available on the market, almost every single crypto exchange in the world allows the use of Bitcoins in their services. In fact, most wallets are originally formed to work with Bitcoins, even though they have branched to use other types of currencies after their rise in popularity. A large number of Bitcoin users on the planet also made it a much more attractive choice for casinos to provide a gambling platform for this cryptocurrency. It’s not only the most widely-used cryptocurrency on planet, it has also allowed the existence of some of the best Bitcoin casinos to rise and prosper.


mBit is widely regarded as one of the top Bitcoin casinos on the planet. Their services are well perceived by the community because of two reasons: the first one is the huge number of games that they offer, which surpasses some of the best online casinos out there (even those that don’t accept Bitcoin payments). The second reason is the security features of the site – you can freely move your money without having to worry about your anonymity being compromised. Another one of the huge advantages of the mBit casino is that they offer very attractive welcome bonuses. Players can be sure that they will get a large cash match bonus, which sometimes amounts to more than 1 BTC per deposit (during your first three deposits, that is). The value of how much money you get depends on the flow of the Bitcoin value, but it’s always good to have the chance to get a lot of money for free, to begin with. The casino has a lot of features and a bunch of wagering options that you can freely choose once you begin your gambling life on their site. We’ve made a short list of the best features that you’ll find in one of the best Bitcoin casinos on the planet.

Live Games

The mBit casino gives you the option to play live games with real dealers on the site. Many users like to feel present when playing in an online casino, and mBit gives you the option to do just that. It’s one of the few prestigious Bitcoin casinos that does it.

Sports Betting

The site gives you full control over sports betting, as it has access to a bunch of professional sports that you’re free to bet on. They also give you the chance to bet on political results, as well as some of the most prestigious competitions on the planet.

Full Website Support

You can access this casino anywhere, as long as you have a computer with a working internet connection. mBit doesn’t require you to do any external downloading, which means you can dive straight into the games regardless of how much time you have at your disposal. They have safety tools built into the site’s software as well, keeping you safe even without downloading any software.

Fortune Jack

Fortune Jack is one of the oldest casinos that has been taking payments in Bitcoins. The site allows you to fully use your Bitcoins to the maximum of their capability, as you can play with Bitcoin account balance as well as withdraw and deposit money in BTC. Many consider it one of the main responsible casinos in helping grow the Bitcoin gambling business, and as such, it’s also one of the most trusted Bitcoin casinos in the world. Another thing that makes Fortune Jack a very peculiar casino (apart from their wide selection of games), is that the site strictly deals with Bitcoin. You won’t be able to make any withdrawals or deposits in other currency. As such, every game is designed to work with Bitcoin values, and all of their cash bonuses are also shown in the form of Bitcoin instead of the regular cash matches that you see online.

Payment Options

As mentioned, Fortune Jack could be very limiting for players looking to gamble some Bitcoins and then cash out on their earnings in the form of currency. However, since our review is focused directly on Bitcoin casinos, then this one seems to take the first spot in Bitcoin payment versatility. We do recommend using another casino if you want to withdraw or deposit earnings in euros, dollars, or pounds, but you’ll have a very hard time trying to find a better casino that Fortune Jack when it comes to dealing with Bitcoin purchases and withdrawals.

Bonuses and Other Advantages

The Fortune Jack casino is also sure to offer their players a bunch of welcome bonuses and various advantages, in the form of competitions, that you can find on their site. For example, new players are met with crazy welcome bonuses of up to 1.5 BTC per deposit (having a cash match of more than 100%). They also offer newer players the option to receive free spin bonuses to try their luck and earn some free Bitcoin in their slot games.

Handling Cash Amounts

This site has a very peculiar way of dealing with money. Everything you see on the site is listed in its Bitcoin value, which means you won’t necessarily know the exact amount of certain things unless you look them up (or you’re very quick converting the value of Bitcoin into actual cash). Some people see this as a disadvantage, but it’s not as bad as it seems – in fact, it’s tremendously beneficial given the volatility of cryptocurrency. Some jackpots may show that your winnings will amount to 1000 BTC, and if the value of Bitcoin sharply rises, the jackpot will grant you a far larger amount of money.

Game List

Fortune Jack offers an incredibly large selection of games, with over 200 different pieces of software for you to choose whichever one you like. You can try your luck in their slots (which you might need to do to match their deposit bonuses) or you could play with live dealers if you want to feel like you are in a physical casino. Some of their most popular games are developed by Evolution Gaming, one of the giants of the online casino game market. They also grant you access to a large repertoire of games made by other popular developers, as well as poker, roulette, and other table games.

7Bit Casino

7Bit is a very versatile casino that allows players to withdraw, deposit, and gamble different types of currency as they see fit – and they’re mainly known as one of the best online casinos for Bitcoin wagers on the planet! Just like the last couple of casinos that we just reviewed, 7Bit offers you the chance to play live games as well as various slots and table games. The casino has been growing in credibility ever since their first games where released, as users have learned that 7Bit takes good care of their personal data and no leaks of information have been reported since the casino first went live. 7Bit Casino allows players to fully check by themselves how reliable their games are – they have a system in place which you can use to check their fairness by testing it using the Provably Fair user protection system.

One-of-a-kind Customer Service

One of the most important things that catch the eye with 7Bit is that the casino is fully open to help customers and resolve any disputes quickly. In fact, they’re one of the highest rated casinos in what refers to customer support and customer satisfaction. Very rarely you’ll hear a complaint about 7Bit, mainly because they’ve always made sure to keep their customers happy. This isn’t only referring to bonuses, though – the casino has managed to help people resolve serious cash disputes in the past. 7Bit knows they have made mistakes, and they have promptly taken action to help people solve any issues by sacrificing some profits to do it.

Plentiful Game List

The casino provides its users with a ton of games to choose from. Just like our other two reviewed casinos on this list, you can find almost anything that you want and you’ll be able to play it using your Bitcoin balance. All of their table games are listed within the same tab – including every live game that they have available to their users. As you would expect, you can access 7Bit right now and play their selection of blackjack, poker, and roulette games to start earning some cash with your Bitcoins. They also have a special section in places called Races, where you can go head-to-head with the most successful users of the site. Those who come out on top of the competition can earn lucrative rewards – you’ll be able to withdraw and deposit profits in Bitcoin as well as in euros or dollars.

Bit Starz

Bit Starz is not often heard amongst the popular online casinos, but it has grown to become the go-to option for many Bitcoin gamblers all over the planet. The best thing about Bit Starz, apart from their top-notch customer service and their games, is the fact that you can access everything very quickly. The interface of this site is one of the best we’ve ever seen in any online casino – including some of the most popular ones that you’ve probably heard before. The site is also packed with a ton of bonuses which you can take advantage of. They have a lot of different bonuses and they’re not limited to simple deposit bonuses – you can find bonuses for specific games. For example, if you love one of their slot games, you might find bonuses that boost your profit for that specific game on their promotions.

Bit Starz Promos

Finding a casino with fair promotions can prove to be quite a daunting task if you don’t know where to look. However, Bit Starz has a lot of user-friendly bonuses which don’t require you to do anything like other casinos. In Bit Starz, the bonuses are directly granted to your account as soon as you qualify for the bonus. You can, of course, opt out of the bonuses as this is a legal requirement, but you don’t need to ask the website to participate. They simply give you the chance to do it.

Banks and Withdrawals

Most Bitcoin sites don’t offer you the chance to withdraw or deposit in any other form of payment but Bitcoins. However, Bit Starz allows users to deposit their cryptocurrencies as well as to deposit or withdraw in any of the most powerful currencies on the planet. They offer popular payment options along with their Bitcoin offers, such as Neteller or Skrill. It’s up to you to decide whichever payment option you prefer, as well as what you’re willing to deposit on the site!

BetChain Casino

BetChain is an extremely game-rich casino, boasting a selection of almost 3000 games for you to try your luck with. This casino also comes equipped with the Provably Fair user protection system, so you can fully trust every game to be as partial as possible with your money. Their selection of slot games is nothing short of amazing and you can find the most popular slots on the planet on this site. You can bet and play in any of their table games using your Bitcoins. In fact, Bet Chain is known to be one of the most popular Bitcoin casinos on the planet, with a great reputation that precedes them.

Law Compliancy

Bet Chain has earned a legal reputation that many casinos fail to boast. They are known to comply with almost every mandatory and non-mandatory online casino regulation. This is truly important when it comes to Bitcoin sites, as distrust tends to generate a lot of tension between casinos and their customers.


Another positive aspect of BetChain is the large number of slot games that they have at their disposal. Every single game accepts Bitcoins as a form of gambling – if you love slots and you have a few Bitcoins at your disposal, you might want to give this casino a shot!

Best Bitcoin Casino Welcome Bonuses

We selected the best Bitcoin Casino welcome bonuses for new players available online. See which casinos have the best welcome offers, register online and win big!

1 mBitcasino
Up to 5 BTC + 300 FS T&C apply PLAY
2 BitStarz Casino
5 BTC / €500 + 180 FS T&C apply PLAY
3 Betchan Casino
Up to €400 + 120 FS T&C apply PLAY
4 7Bit Casino
€100 (or 1,5 BTC) + 100 FS T&C apply PLAY

Our Final Verdict

The services we’ve shown you today are some of the highest rated and most respected Bitcoin casinos on the planet. Their game categories are very similar and what they offer shares the same level of high quality. However, they do present you with a different selection of games which gives a lot of versatility to each service and allows you to pick whichever website you like the most. Every website that we’ve reviewed today is also well-known to be good with their customers, and it’s hard to find complains that could deter you from using their services. This is especially significant for sites dealing with Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies, as customer services need to be top-notch for you to be sure you won’t be scammed. If you want to start gambling with your Bitcoins, you can be sure that you’ll maximize your profits by visiting any of the websites we’ve shown today. What are you waiting for? Take a gamble and start earning money now!

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