It has been proven that casinos are here to stay. We’ve recently published some articles you may have read, where we show data proving how land-based casinos are even lagging behind in certain countries, as they cannot hope to beat the earnings brought by their virtual counterparts. Online casinos have also continuously improved over the last few years, striving to adapt and transform in an era of boundless technology.

Gaming software in online casinos never seems to cease getting more comfortable to use thanks to technological advances, and are enjoyed by players all around due to the many sign up bonuses they can offer.

Since the industry is ever-changing and we know you all like to stay up-to-date, wanting to know what’s what when it comes to the future of online casinos, we are here to discuss just what new trends may possibly be important to pay attention to in the near future.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is hardly an entirely new concept in the online casino industry. This type decentralized virtual currency and online gambling sites appear to be a match made in heaven at first sight, as they allow for higher levels of security, anonymity and privacy. Furthermore, experts have been claiming for a couple of years now that cryptocurrency was about to take the place of the most common mean of exchanging money, but reality still hasn’t  aligned with these predictions.

This does not necessarily mean that this will never come to pass, however. What we do believe in is the fact that the popularity of Bitcoin casinos will continue to grow, although not as quickly as some have expected. Throughout the rest of 2019, we may start seeing an upswing in the use of bitcoins and other kinds of cryptocurrency, as players get more used to the idea and realize all the possible benefits.

A different kind of slot games

Slot games are still a staple of gambling in general, and this is no different in online casinos. These games consistently earn top place in profit earnings in online venues. However, innovation is still always possible, and slot games are becoming more complex every year. Similar to the Japanese phenomenon of pachinko machines, slot games are seemingly become more graphically intensive and visually pleasing and they might start implementing some sorts of simple, yet immersive narratives into the game itself. All in all, you could say that slots would benefit from emulating video games a tad bit more, and it seems that casinos have caught onto this fact. We may see more and more complexity from slot machines in the coming months and years.

Online gambling with a social component

No one can deny the simple joy of playing from the comfort of your own home, with a few simple presses of a button. Not having to drive a long way to get to a brick-and-mortar casino is consistently a huge plus, as well. Nonetheless, humans are still social beings and they crave social interactions. In a sense, online gambling is still no different when it comes to this. All of this is why casinos started experimenting with the idea of having actual, real-life dealers live streaming games for online gamblers to take part in.

This recent form of online gambling serves to effectively bridge the gap between online gaming and land-based casino gaming, allowing for comfort, ease of access and the joy of seeing other people without being too crowded. No more being surrounded by cold faceless avatars that represent other people. We think that 2019 might just be the year where we see this new hybrid form of gambling gain traction. Someday it could even be the new normal.

We’ll have to wait and see on these trends before we know if we were right about them. However, we are sure you can agree that speculating about the future of online casinos is always an interesting thought experiment.


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