Web's Most Complete Starburst Slot Game Review - The Best Online Slot?

Fun, highly-rewarding, and most importantly: one of the most played games on the planet. What is it that makes Starburst such a popular online casino game? How is it that so many people from all corners of Earth enjoy playing this fantastic title? The phenomenon that is Starburst is truly one that you need to analyze and overanalyze if you intend to get serious with the world of iGaming. The game is currently offered to be played for free with the most fantastic Starburst no deposit free spins given away by world-class online casinos. We want you to know why this game is so popular and what makes Starburst one of the best online slots on the planet. That’s why we’ve written this in-depth and fully complete review of one of the finest creations of NetEnt – if not its finest altogether. We’re also going to tell you where you can play Starburst for free, as well as real-money casinos that give you amazing bonuses that you can spend on this game to earn even better and more lucrative rewards. It’s all about Starburst today – and you’re coming along with us!

Starburst Gameplay Review

Starburst's main pull is its gameplay and there’s just no doubt about that. The game is rewarding and profitable, but most importantly, it keeps you hooked to its colorful graphics and one of the best soundtracks that you’ll come across when wagering online. As a popular online slot, Starburst offers players the chance to enjoy exclusive sounds and a relaxing music track that transports you into a completely different realm to enjoy an exclusive experience like never before. https://youtu.be/VNTNCP-iL50 The game flows very smoothly, too. The symbols slot into place quite pleasingly and you’ll be able to earn your bonuses and rewards super quickly if you wish thanks to the slot’s instant-play feature. Set how much money you want to bet, the coin value of your wagers, and watch those reels spin – you can get some extremely lucrative rewards with just a little bit of luck! The game comes with two types of winning ways: you can win from stacking symbols near each other or getting adjacent reels from the first to the last one. The game gives you plenty of options to win and it’s easy to see why so many people seem to love it. You’ll find yourself winning plenty of rounds while playing Starburst, too – the game comes with low volatility and makes for a fun experience for low rollers and high rollers alike.

A Game that Stands the Test of Time

Even though Starburst was released in 2012, the game has remained as one of the best fan favorite slot games for almost an entire decade and its popularity doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon. It has managed to hit a very tough spot in the industry in which online casinos are very happy with the monetary benefits that the game yields to them and players don’t feel anything but pleasure when getting their Starburst rewards. Starburst has evolved into a cult game, one which iGaming players from all over the world will recognize if you bring it up to them. In any case, it’s a very fun one to play with a theme that everyone seems to love.

Starburst Bonus Features – A Game to Enjoy Playing and Profit From

Themed as space/futuristic slot machine, Starburst offers players a ton of features that adapt to its design and make everything fit together quite well. The game offers payouts for getting the same symbols on a payline (just like other slots work) but it also comes with a fantastic bonus wild feature that makes the game appealing and easy to cling into.

Stacking Wilds

The Starburst slot doesn’t have a free spin feature per se, but re-spins are extremely prevalent and make the game what it truly is. You will trigger a re-spin option whenever you manage to land the wild symbol in the middle three rows. If you happen to fill all the three reels in the middle with wild symbols, you will have a high chance of getting the coveted x500 payout. You can keep getting more and more wild symbols on each re-spin; the spins will never stop until no more wild symbols appear. Your main goal will be to get the BAR symbol in the leftmost and rightmost reels together with the wild symbol in the middle three reels. This will allow you to obtain the best rewards that the game has to offer and get that x500 bonus payout on your account.

Where to Play Starburst for Free? – Starburst Slot Free Play

Starburst can be played for free in many of the world’s best online casinos. In fact, Starburst is the online casino game that most players play for free in the iGaming industry. The sheer popularity of this game makes it extremely appealing to newcomers as well as to older players that have become veterans in the industry. You will find many online casinos that promise players amazing rewards as well as the chance to play the game for free, but not many manage to deliver in both of those promises. Most NetEnt casinos available at The Casino Wizard allow you to play Starburst for free, with the only exception of LeoVegas, which does require you to register before trying out the game.

Top 3 Casinos to Play Starburst and Enjoy Exclusive Bonuses

Not only have we managed to compile the 3 best online casinos to play NetEnt for free, but we’ve also narrowed down your search to only include online casinos where you can also claim extremely lucrative NetEnt bonuses to let you get the best rewards, bonuses, and benefits, all of which are fully withdrawable after completing the wagering requirements of each respective offer. In any case, if you’re looking to claim exclusive bonuses and use them in one of the best games that the online casino community has managed to produce, you’ve come to the right place.


Those of you who love to wager with bitcoins will absolutely love what the BitStarz Casino has to offer. Not only does this online casino let you make deposits and withdrawals with bitcoins, but it also gives you a massive reward worth up to 5 BTC upon registering and making your first handful of deposits on the site. As one of the best bitcoin casinos on the planet, BitStarz is home to most of the NetEnt titles. The casino is sure to provide players with exclusive benefits that range from free spins at the best NetEnt games to free money bonuses that you can spend anywhere you want in the casino. Regardless, if you want to play Starburst using your cryptos, there’s no better place to do it than the BitStarz casino. Various deposit methods, multiple types of cryptos, and many other exclusive features await at this fantastic site. 

Play at BitStarz


As the internet’s largest home to online casino slots, the Videoslots casino is a safe bet if you want to find a quality casino in which you can play Starburst. The casino is, by far, one of the best options for players who love online slots and can’t get enough of any of these games. We would suggest you check it out and claim free spins upon registering and depositing, which will give you the chance to play the game for free. In any case, you’ll hardly find a better casino than Videoslots to play Starburst and other of your favorite online casino slots. It’s also a fantastic place to find new games to play, so once you’re done with Starburst, you’ll have many other ways in which you can spend your time and money!

Play at Videoslots


As the flagship casino of the almighty Betsson Group, the Betsson Casino stands as one of the best online casinos on the internet. You can claim exclusive offers and rewards to play the best online slot games, plus you can also play every single game for free as long as it doesn’t involve any live dealer gambling. The Betsson Casino is a hub of online casino games that serves as one of the internet’s best online casinos. Do not miss out on playing Starburst here, as the bonuses will allow you to enjoy the game without spending a dime of your money. All you’re going to need is to make a deposit and then use the bonus cash that you’ll get to play the games that you want. Betsson packs a massive welcome bonus that will help you kickstart your journey with fantastic rewards – don’t miss out on it!

Play at Betsson

Starburst Technical Info - Starburst RTP & Volatility

With 5 reels and 10 paylines, Starburst has a base RTP of 96.10%. This extremely popular online casino game is just about “average” on the list of games in which you can expect a return for your investment, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s extremely fun to play nonetheless. The game has just about a low level of volatility according to most sources, but we can assure you that it’s somewhere between low and medium. Most wins on Starburst tend to come in small sums of money, but you can also win a ton of cash at the game if you’re lucky enough (it has a high max win). You can bet as little as €0.10 per game or as much as €100 if you want. The game is ideal to be played by both low rollers and high rollers alike.

Starburst FAQ – Things You NEED to Know About the Game

We’re going to answer four of the internet’s most asked questions about Starburst, so you can clear out any doubts that might be left after reading our complete guide on the game. Bear in mind that any additional questions that you might have might be specific to certain casinos, in which case you can read our in-depth guide on all of the best online casinos. This will help you clear out any other doubts that might pop-up. You can also play the game and get fully free of any future questions on your own – you won’t regret it!

Why is Starburst So Popular?

Starburst is popular for a group of reasons. First and foremost, the game is very simple to play and it works as an embodiment of the online slot industry. Basically, if you love Starburst, you’re going to love the concept of slots. The game introduces players to online slots with a fantastic and simple theme accompanied by a soundtrack like no other online slot has. We believe that the music used in Starburst, in combination with its low volatility and how it induces you to play for hours, are the main reasons why Starburst is one of the world’s most popular slot games. The second reason is that Starburst is developed by NetEnt and most reputable online casinos offer games from this company. Since everyone has them, it’s only natural that NetEnt pushes for one of their main titles to be the flagship of most online casinos. Starburst is extremely fun, which further emphasizes our point!

How Do You Play Starburst?

All you need to do to play Starburst is to place your bets and click a button. It’s extremely simple. However, understanding Starburst and knowing why certain bets are triggered and others aren’t is something that can be learned by playing the game for 15 or 20 minutes. It doesn’t have as many features as other online slots, so you can pick it up really quickly.

Does Starburst Have any Autoplay Features?

Yes, when it comes to automatic play, Starburst allows you to set the game up and watch it be played on its own. This is an ideal feature to have if you intend to bet a certain amount of money and try your luck without overdoing it, or if you already know how much cash you’re going to bet and you simply don’t want to click the “spin” button over and over again. In any case, Starburst comes packed with automation features to help you get the best experience possible. Be sure to make full use of them.

Can You Get Starburst Free Spins?

You can get free spin in Starburst in the best online casinos, but the game itself also rewards players with free spins if you happen to get lucky with the symbols that appear in your reels. With in-game free spins being a huge part of what the game is about plus the chance to claim free spins in the best online casinos, Starburst is one of the best games to play for free. Not only that, but the game can also be played with free bonus cash in many of the world’s largest online casinos. It’s up to you to decide which online casino to visit and discover the large number of rewards that you can win by playing the Starburst slot.

Starburst Software Provider – The Mastermind Behind the World’s Most Played Slot

Starburst was developed by NetEnt, a company that is widely known for developing many of the world’s most played online casino slots. The fact that most of these games are present in the halls of many of the world’s best digital casinos is a statement as to what NetEnt has managed to achieve ever since it helped the online casino industry grow to its current state. NetEnt was founded decades ago, and it has been providing the industry with games since its birth in the late 90s. As one of the main software providers for online casinos, it has managed to create dozens of titles that can now be found in the best online casinos in the world. The company has also grown to develop fantastic online games for live dealer casinos, but the NetEnt staff is still mainly known for its involvement in the creation of Starburst, the world’s most popular online casino slot.

How Much Money Can You Earn? The Biggest Win at Starburst

Starburst isn’t one of the NetEnt games with the highest in-game jackpots, but it does offer the chance for players to earn a reward worth 500 times the amount of their original stake. The game is fully subjected to a random number generator, though, so you can expect the wins and losses to be pretty consistent if you play it in the long run. Keep in mind that Starburst is not a progressive jackpot slot. The main objective of this game is to earn rewards for each round. If you want to try out a game in which you can win large jackpots, it’s better if you try your luck at one such as Mega Moolah. In any case, large wins are possible on a single spin when playing Starburst. You just need to know how to manage your bankroll to make sure you don’t run out of money in the process!

The Casino Wizard Verdict – A Unique & Rewarding Experience Like No Other

There’s not a single doubt in our minds that Starburst is the best game you can play if you’re just getting started into the world of online gambling. As an introductory title, Starburst serves its purpose fantastically well. You will get the hang of online slots very quickly and you won’t need to do anything but spin the reels a few times to understand how the games work. Apart from that, the game is also extremely fun and one that you can enjoy regardless of your experience in the online casino industry. Many veteran players enjoy playing Starburst as well – the game is easy to enjoy if you’re only looking to have fun for a bit or play slots for free. Starburst allows you to choose how to play it, when to play, and with which currency or crypto to play it!

Last updated  May 24, 2022
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