Don Johnson

Don Johnson

Net Worth $5 Million


  • Date of Birth:10 May 1962 (62 years old)
  • Country of Origin:United StatesUnited States
  • Game of choice:Blackjack
  • Last updated:17 Apr. 2024

Don Johnson Profile Summary

NameDon Johnson
Birth NameDonald Johnson
Height1.85 m
Hair ColourGray
Eye ColourBrown
Place of BirthSlaem, Oregon
Source of wealthBlackjack gambling
Net Worth$5 Million

Don Johnson’s Net Worth in 2024: $5 Million

Don Johnson is a corporate executive and professional advantage blackjack player that won millions of dollars in Atlantic City casinos. He has been inducted into the Blackjack Hall of Fame, and is widely regarded as one of the most successful blackjack players of all time. His exploits came to prominence after an iconic $15 million winning streak, achieved on a single night by beating the Caesar’s, Borgata, and Tropicana casinos in Atlantic City. He is worth an estimated $5 million.

I would’ve gone for ten million, but they ran out of money

What Does Don Johnson Do?

Currently, Don Johnson works as the brand ambassador for Luc Belaire, the famous champagne brand. He also works for the Santa Anita Park and Gulf Stream Parkracetracks, an industry in which he has been working for over 20 years.

He still frequents Las Vegas and goes to different events. Johnson is also appearing relatively frequently in different podcasts, sharing his stories about how he became one of the select few to beat the house. 

Don Johnson is a businessman over a blackjack player, even if the latter is what he is mostly known for. He was inducted into the Blackjack Hall of Fame in 2017.

How Did Don Johnson Get Rich?

Johnson made most of the money he had before playing blackjack by working as a manager in Philadelphia Park, the famous racetrack that became a casino a few years after his arrival. 

He then moved on to become a State regulator in four different states, and went on to create a firm called Heritage Development. His company developed software specialized for racetracks, which allowed to keep easier track of bets and wagering. 

His trajectory gave him the bankroll and expertise required to become a blackjack expert. 

How Does Don Johnson Like to Gamble?

Don Johnson plays blackjack under conditions that are more favorable than average - even if the casino still has a theoretical advantage. He knows how the industry works because he’s work in it himself. So, in his most famous winning streak, he negotiated with casinos to let him play under certain conditions with the promise that he would bet large amounts of money himself.

Johnson played blackjack under these rules:

  • The dealer would stand at soft 17
  • Doubling on any two cards
  • Splitting hands up to four hands
  • Refunds of 20 cents for every dollar lost

That would still leave the house with a house edge of around 0.26% - but, as Johnson says, the most important thing is to be better than the dealer. He would take girls and pornstars to his gambling sessions to distract the dealer. He would create a party scene by the table, all with the sole intention of having the dealer make a mistake. 

If the dealer made a mistake, Johnson would make the dealer give them a free bet. After all, those were the rules of the game. Those free bets would end up giving him an edge over casinos.

How Does Don Johnson Spend His Money?

Just by taking a quick look at his social media pages, it is clear that Don Johnson spends money going to events all over the US. He frequently attends social events and does a lot of networking with big names throughout multiple industries, including famous people like Steve Aoki and Afrojack.

Unlike other people who have made it big, Johnson seems to remain a very friendly person and does not flaunt a lot of his wealth in extravagant ways. A quick peek at his Instagram page will let you know that he has a lot of money, but you won’t see him standing on top of multi-million dollar cars. 

Gambling Stats

  • Biggest Win: A 12-hour winning streak that saw him earn $6 million at the Tropicana Casino in Atlantic City is one of his most famous gambling exploits. This, coupled with $4 and $5 million wins in other locations, saw him earn $15 million just from Atlantic City casinos alone and had him banned from Caesar’s
  • Biggest Loss: Don Johnson is an advantage gambler, meaning that he only plays where the odds are significantly stacked in his favor. His most famous stories are about winning money. Since he gambled big, it’s likely that he lost over $75,000 on single hands, but it never made headlines because he always recouped it afterward

Don Johnson, Blackjack Legend

Despite the fact that Johnson is a persona non grata in most casinos, he never do anything illegal to win the money he won. He just took advantage of a system that is set up in a way that makes the player lose.

Now, the next time you hear the name “Don Johnson”, the first thing that’ll come to mind may not be the acclaimed Hollywood actor, but the man who took Atlantic City casinos for $15 million.

Online casinos offer blackjack games at favorable odds, even if not as favorable as those that were presented to Don Johnson during his famous Tropicana run. Play live blackjack in reliable casinos and put your skills to the test!

Last updated  April 17, 2024

Facts About Don Johnson

Blackjack Hall of Fame

Blackjack Hall of Fame

You can find a picture of Don Johnson in the Barona Tribal Casino, home to the Blackjack Hall of Fame.

Daily win

Daily win

On average, his expected win per day was $125,000.



His strategy revolved around quitting when he hit a profit of around $2.5 million.


During his most famous spell back in 2011, Don Johnson won $6 million at the Tropicana Casino, $5 million at the Borgata Casino, and $4 million at Caesars Casino. He is banned from the latter.

Donald “Don” Johnson is a professional blackjack player and advantage gambler that earned $15 million playing blackjack in Atlantic City. He is not to be confused with Donnie “Don” Johnson, the famous actor and Hollywood figure.

Don Johnson has an estimated net worth of $5 million.

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