5 Great Online Casino Sign up Bonuses for 2022

Sign up bonuses tend to be extremely common in the world’s best online casinos. These tend to be extremely popular because they allow players to make the best of their time in any of the best online casinos from the minute they register, providing users with bonus spins, bonus cash, and overall a great time to play for free and make real money whilst enjoying themselves. Every year, countless new online casinos attempt to make their way to the top of the industry by presenting users with lucrative rewards upon registration. This undoubtedly draw thousands of new players to each site, but few of these bonuses are actually worth your time and money. Thus, we have decided to create a list of our top picks of must-have bonuses of 2021, where you’ll be able to claim incredible rewards as soon as you create an account on any of the best online casinos.

Casino Sign Up Bonuses - Our Top 5

Sign Up Bonuses are a type of bonus that we often refer to as welcome bonus. Most of these rewards are non-sticky. These are bonuses that become available as soon as you create an account in any online casino that is currently offering the bonus itself. These bonuses may be claimed by making a deposit in any of these online casinos or they may be otherwise claimed by simply registering and picking it up as soon as your account is confirmed. Sign up bonuses may fall into one of two categories: deposit welcome bonuses or no deposit welcome bonuses.

  • Deposit Welcome Bonuses require you to make a monetary commitment (often small - €10 to €20 as a minimum) to claim bonus cash or bonus free spins to your account
  • No Deposit Welcome Bonuses need you to register and you’ll have your money or free spins credited as soon as you do. These are the most sought-after bonuses in the industry!

Without any further ado, though, her are 5 of the best online casino sign up bonuses that you can claim in 2021:

1 100% up to €1,000 + 200 Free Spins Claim bonus
2 50 Free Spins No Deposit Claim bonus
3 100% up to €500 + 200 Free Spins Claim bonus
4 €10 Free + 100% First Deposit Bonus Claim bonus

Deposit Bonuses VS No Deposit Welcome Bonuses – Which are the Best Sign-Up Bonuses?

Let’s take a closer look at the best types of welcome bonuses that you’ll come across on the internet so you’ll have a better idea of the rewards that await at the end of each tunnel. Sign up bonuses can be categorized into no deposit bonuses and deposit bonuses, but there are different reasons why each type of bonus might be claimed in different situations. In any case, we haven't really prioritized any type of bonus when making our list of the 5 best Casino sign up bonuses in 2021. We have selected bonuses that rank among the best of the best – whether these require you to make a deposit or not.

No Deposit Bonuses to Play & Deposit Bonuses to Win

The best way to know which type of bonus to claim is to first understand what you’re looking to achieve with each type of bonus. For example, if what you want is to win a lot of money while playing online, then you’ll want to go for a deposit bonus. Deposit bonuses will always be the best ways for you to claim a lot of cash and they also kickstart your journey towards real-money wagering in any online casino of your choice. Magic-Slots-Machine-Bonus-1200-675 [button link="https://thecasinowizard.com/recommends/videoslots-casino/" title="Play at Videoslots Casino"] If you’re new to the online casino world or if you want to try out a new online casino, you’ll always want to go for the no deposit bonuses instead. These bonuses reward you with free cash and free playtime free of any strings, which means that you won’t have to worry about what happens with the cash or how you spend your money. It’s all free, after all. Play with no deposit bonuses if you don’t mind what will happen with your rewards or if you’re only looking to play for fun. Use deposit welcome bonuses from the get-go if your end goal is to commit to an online casino and remain loyal to its services.

Uncertain of a Casino Quality? Always Go for the No Deposit Bonus

Another great way to use no deposit bonuses, and one that doesn’t really work well with deposit bonuses given its nature of commitment to a casino, is to simply use them to test a site that you’re unsure about. This won’t work with sites on this list because they’re already proven to be reliable after having been audited by leading gambling regulators and double-checked by us. However, if you set yourself on a journey to find the best sign-up bonuses for 2021 on your own, then you’ll want to use this simple trick to make sure you’re not being scammed. No deposit bonuses allow you to try out how an online casino works with bonus cash, how lenient are the rules, and where you’ll be able to comply with the bonus terms of a deposit bonus if you decide to claim it.

Are You a Fan of Free Spins? No Deposit Bonuses

If you’re looking to claim the best free spin bonuses, then you will be able to find some of the best ones out there without you having to make any deposits whatsoever. As such, fans of online slots could rejoice in the fact that the best sign-up bonuses in 2021 will allow you to claim free spins without having to make a previous deposit to enjoy them. Of course, deposit sign up bonuses will give you many more free spins than what you’d get with a no deposit bonus, but that doesn’t mean that the latter are not great options to enjoy if you’re looking for a top-quality, stress-free experience. In fact, no deposit free spin bonuses tend to be among the best sign-up bonuses because they don’t come with any monetary attachments!

Looking for Money? Go for Sign Up Deposit Bonuses

Now, if what you want to claim are bonuses that come with free money that you will be able to spend more freely, then you may opt for a sign-up deposit bonus instead. That is because no deposit free money bonuses tend to come with a lot of limitations (unless you claim a fantastic offer like the free €88 offered by the 888 Casino). In the majority of cases, though, you will want to claim free money bonuses in the best deposit casinos in the world if you truly want to make the best of your gaming experience.

Check the Terms and Conditions to Win

A must-do whenever you’re playing with any type of bonus is to check the terms and conditions of each offer if you truly want to win cash when playing online. The terms and conditions will define how much money you will win or lose at an online casino and how possible is it for you to actually claim the money after using it. For example, fair online casinos tend to keep their terms and conditions accessible to all, which means that they will be able to be fulfilled and the bonuses will be able to be withdrawn. No bonus comes with wagering requirements that are easy to fulfill, though. All of the wagering requirements of the world’s best online casinos tend to come with a degree of difficulty that makes it almost impossible for the majority of gamblers to win. Lucky gamblers will walk away with a profit, though. The terms and conditions include the following important points:

  • The wagering requirements of a bonus
  • How much cash you’re allowed to win with a bonus
  • How much money you’re allowed to spend whilst fulfilling the terms and conditions
  • The timeframe of the bonus, which makes it possible for you to actually profit

Bonus Wagering Requirements – How to Know if They’re Fair

If you’re looking for the best online casino bonuses, then you’ll want to make sure that the wagering requirements of your offer of choice are fair in all senses of the word. Fair wagering requirements tend to be anything from 15 to 35 times the amount of your bonus money. That makes a bonus fairly easy to claim or, even if not as easy as other bonuses, it does mean that you’ll have a much better chance of walking away with cash than in any of the other bonuses in other reliable online casinos. You may still come across certain sites that provide you with wager-free bonuses, though. If you happen to find a bonus that doesn’t have any wagering requirement, then you can rest assured that it’s a bonus that you’ll want to claim as soon as you can.

How to Quickly Fulfill Wagering Requirements

Thankfully, even if you come across bonuses that have strict wagering requirements or rules that aren’t as easy to fulfill, we’ve made a full guide that will allow you to quickly fulfill bonus wagering requirements in the world’s best online casino. There’s no need for you to be an online gambling expert to make the best of a casino bonus. In fact, you don’t even need to be as lucky as you need to be in online slots with progressive jackpots. All you need is to follow our guide and you’ll be able to get your hands on bonus money sooner rather than later.

Welcome Bonuses and Bonuses on Registration – The Sign-Up Bonus Differences

Among all of the bonuses that you will come across whilst gambling online, you will be presented with these two choices of bonuses to claim and you must choose wisely if you wish to select the best type of bonus for you to have the experience that you’re after. We are going to list a few reasons why you may choose to claim either of these bonuses.

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Stress VS Lucrative Rewards

If you’re not one to get stressed out over a casino bonus, then you may be better off claiming one of the best welcome bonuses out there. These bonuses require you to make a payment to claim them, but they also come with much better rewards than their no deposit counterparts. No deposit casino bonuses have terms and conditions that are much more difficult to fulfill, and even though these bonuses tend to be less lucrative, they also make it easier for players not to get stressed out when using them (you won’t be throwing away any of your money).

Better Rewards at the Best Casinos

Regardless of the type of bonus that you choose to claim, you will find yourself presented with the best rewards if you visit top-quality casinos like the ones that we’ve shown you here. For example, if you take into consideration that sites like Videoslots are much more prone to offering quality bonuses that online casinos that you’ll find on the internet, you will be able to claim the best sign-up bonuses on the internet – whether they are no deposit bonuses or welcome bonuses per se.

Claim the Best Casino Sign Up Bonuses in 2021

You’re now fully aware of the best bonuses that you can claim in 2021, which means that you’re ready to set yourself on a journey towards the world of riches that awaits in the best online casinos of the year. Just be sure that you’re registering in sites that you haven’t visited in the past if you want to make the best of your casino experience, though. All of the bonuses that we’ve mentioned in this list are meant to be claimed once, which means that recurring players will not be able to make the best of the bonuses at all. Now that you know how to be a competent player and how to make the best of your time in the iGaming industry, it’s time for you to decide where to start. Choose an online casino sign up bonus that suits your needs and discover the magic of the world of iGaming in the best of its forms. Don’t wait any longer and visit the best casinos in the world right now!

Last updated  May 24, 2022
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